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    A very old former Solemnus of Roreg Logh. Now with a body too weak to fight, but one that refuses to leave this world, he acts as a watchman to the other children of the land, and guides them along their paths.

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  1. Chicken noob, cheese should have always been the first option.
  2. Hello hello~
  3. Dont fall for his tests, they'll kill you dead. Sincerely, Xathas underling.
  4. I still can't feel my face!
  5. Wish me luck the rest of this week. This is gonna be rough.

    1. Burn


      good luck:')

    2. Dannie


      Thinking of you man

    3. GodOfGales
  6. Due to our primarily subterranean life style, most Loghecs use fish farms set up independently from rivers and oceans that are carefully maintained, or we stick to a vegetarian diet out of simplicity as keeping up our farms is easier than maintaining healthy livestock in a environment with no natural sunlight. Yolu looks down on the excessive destruction of any life past what is required.
  7. By the blessings of yolu, none of the species killings nor changes will ever stick. Our jungles and caves are eternal.
  8. Fyi if you require a hardline into Loghec government for status and such, just Skype me. denamger be the Skype. Wish you well!
  9. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. Denied.
  11. Watching the server grow, period. Also helping sanctum kidnap an ithero nation head. Hehe
  12. Canceling the pvp event for tonight, not enough people. If anyone wishes to help plan another one, feel free to contact me via skype, skype name is denamger. I'd like to try and get some more pvp events going now the lags been removed!

  13. Skirmish event is still a go! The more the merrier!

  14. So we just updated to 1.11 and the lags better but I'd like to try and test the limits of the improvement in PvP. Tonight I watched over a 2v2 courtesy of Gressy, Trance, ThatGuy, and Xinkc, who were patient enough with my ineptitude at setting it up to fight with as many skills as they could and it went pretty well. I'd like it if I could get a 5v5 or more started to see what the limit is before pvp lag sets in. So I am going to do my best to set up a skirmish between any players willing to participate between 2-6 P.M. Central Time. This isn't a serious event and I will do my best to make and supply everyone with the basic equipment they need to fight with per each class requirements, so i can watch and compare to the lag levels from pre-update. I will do my best to be on in order to set this up in a good location so we can see if we have our PvP back, and I'd also like feedback from any players who'd like to participate afterwards. Im a non PvP players but this is a fundamental part of our server as much as anything else, the sooner we're stable, the better for us all. Again, thank you to Gressy, Trance, ThatGuy, and Xinkc for helping the first event. Thank you from The Elusive Forum Darklore. Also if anyone has any personal feedback from their own experimenting with the new update and how it reacts during PvP, feel free to comment and leave said feedback here. Cheers. Again, I will try and host said event between 2-6pm Central Time.

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