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  1. What up my dude! Been a long time ^^ Still waiting on those vocals for the carter fan song haha
  2. Howdy old comrade ol' pal ol' friend
  3. It happens, its all a roller coaster with numbers
  4. I know its not ^^ Looks like more effort has been put into it recently than in a long time.
  5. Howdy lads and ladettes, my name is Snavillus, or just Snav for you friendly type. I'm just a guy who pops in sometimes to see if my old friends are around from the V1 days. Not too much to say about me, i live in a cave underground as a hermit as is my sacred duty as the final resting account holder for Fendel. I joined way back when in the V1 days and joined a town in Ithero after some wondering. Shortly after I became a mayor of my own town (Repping those Freyport peeps babbbyyyyy!) Soon after became a sage briefly before becoming a full on mod, which i served for around 2 years? I don't remember. I took the honor of playing as Fendel for the back half of that due to its former being inactive. I was mostly just a goof who liked to play pranks on people and did treasure hunts and stuff. Other than that I helped build the V2 world before quitting sort of in mass exodus fashion with others due to being burned out. Now-a-days I just pop in to say hi to people. Shortly after leaving I was a key piece in building up other MMO type servers before going off grid for a while doing IRL type stuff (Being an adult is gross). I hope to be around to chat with ya'll occasionally
  6. this guy

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