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  1. When I saw that name "Gideon" I was like damn is that screwthispuzzle!??! (inside joke)
  2. Are you the real devinemine101
  3. Your comments never cease to amuse me
  4. K

    Another high quality comment from our lovely community
  5. Would make sense to why you don't have an education.
  6. Man gotta love these quality comments that you see on the forums nowadays
  7. Grind at Sanctum, get killed, pray to the gods you gets your items back before clear lag. Good days...
  8. "Try now" ~dannie 2k17

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    2. Xathas


      I'd just like to point out that Dannie and Jess have been running daily check-ins of the TPS in staff chat. 

      Despite what you seem to think based off of the snarky comments, our admin team is doing their best to keep the server as efficient as possible.

      Please show respect; particularly as you've done nothing constructive towards the situation other than whining about it.

    3. Herr Moose

      Herr Moose

      stick to lore section and not to HR lol 

    4. Aroth2000


      Now try

  9. Most people have signs in their town that goes straight to the capital + conduit port.
  10. - Please don't add player exp, people would just exploit it. - @Chrisblox Please don't make the neither island be overly full of ores, like back in v1, which ended breaking the economy. Regardless, I can't wait for the Nether Island!!! - I think thats a greats way to stop pvp hopping
  11. There's one more you have missed.
  12. Its been one year and my Dreadnaught still hasn't released yet!?!?
  13. Love the post @Sellt, really shows the direction of the server! We don't plan to do a v4 anytime soon, but if you looked at the existence of V2 and V1, they booth existed about 2 years (v2 a bit less), and evo had lasted for 1.25 years. With the the heroes team cleaned up, our first goal is to fix the bugs and balance classes, but without a coder we can only balance. If you have been looking at the forums, you would see we are releasing patch notes, mainly after each team meeting. Chiv role as being the "leader" ain't like previous roles of heroes team leader, where they make the final decision on everything. Chiv is more of a slave manager who takes care of organizing meetings, docs, etc Spencer left on his own terms, there was no direct person who was the cause of it.
  14. As you may know bow classes are quite broken, we plan to make bow classes viable in this patch and possibly upcoming patches. Saboteur Bow damage 6 -> 40 Trueshot Bow damage 5 -> 40 Warden Bow damage 15 -> 40 ~Ruins

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A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft 1.10 Roleplay/Pvp Server. We are committed to bring enjoyable content for all players, which since 2012 has grown into one of the greatest communities within the Minecraft community.

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