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    A Daggerlander hailing from the southern island of Sakrudos, a wimpy Douglas moved to the state of Harrow in the mainland to employ for work; he is currently ​laboring to clean the stables of mutant bunnies, oil the massive gears and washing blood and petrol off suits with lavender-scented lava detergent.

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  1. where've you been you sly dog? i'm having lots of mindless, brain-dead fun without you.

  2. My condolences and sympathy for his family and friends. I've never met Alex in person, nor have talked to him. I deeply regret not doing so. A'therys now has a missing piece in it's community. He'll be remembered, definitely, without fail. May he be in a better place. (Edit: If his family can't afford a damn funeral, lets chip in to make sure he gets the best fricking one A'therys can offer, in his memory.)
  3. Lovely, lovely ideas. Now let's cram a kid full of creative wisdom~;D
  4. Encouragement worked too well :P
  5. Oh birch! That seems to be a really good idea. She doesn't read English, so she just built it out of the block palette and the blocks I gave her. Never thought of letting her use it, my bad. Thanks mate. She tried doing the ears with the fence gate, but it floated a bit and she being the little prissy brat, dismissed it ;D. But I think I should encourage her to use her imagination more, she's too logical sometimes I'll definitely tell her about diversifying colours and such, she doesn't know the concept so I'll teach her some. But most importantly I'll tell her the advice the most fiendish masked person on the server gave her about her work. If she improves it, I'll bring out more pics to show how much your advice helped her <3
  6. So with school starting for me, I've been hoarded with a crap ton of work. Knowing this, my 5 year old niece takes advantage and plays on my mc account building random stuff on creative. One of her builds included her favourite animal, a snow leopard. She made a 'realistic' size, because she didn't want a large statue, just a small homey one (Still was the size of a direwolf). However she wants to improve it further; for example she only put whiskers in, but ears would be nice as well. I think it looks pretty good, but she's a stubborn one. Since I'm no expert at organics or even statues, I've come here to ask for feedback for her. Sideview1, Sideview2, Front, Back, Birdseye. Schematic download: (Dropbox) Thanks for the feedback mates.
  7. Back from a massive reading marathon. Re-read all of the Discworld novels, the current Mistborn series, Dune, Warhammer novels, read new ones like Malazan, Song of Ice and Fire (forgive me, only watched the show, but imo books are way better), and for fun all the Magic Treehouse. Also a crap ton of embarrassing light novels and rational/pony fanfiction.

  8. Your banner frightens me.

  9. Since its just a submission to the talent contest it was meant for just a one time thing so he doesn't post anything else:( the guy is pretty shy when it comes to things like this (lol) from the fact that he made the video private, but lots of encouragement is coming in for him to display more of his skill. But I'll relay your words to him, he'll be happy to know this
  10. Dear denizens of A'therys, A friend of mine has submitted his awesome piano performance as an entry for a talent show; thus I am here shamelessly asking for support in the form of likes out of my own accord so his wonderful talent can be recognized. Nevertheless if you do not see any reason to hit the like button, that is all fine and dandy as well, but it would be great if you could take a minute or two to enjoy his music; as that is what he wants the most. Link to entry: https://youtu.be/m083DQK5PZ4 Thanks for the support!~ (。◕‿‿◕。)
  11. Link to schematic here. Locations of paintings and itemframes included in folder if schematic does not copy them. Includes: -Everything specified -3 Hidden rooms (PM if cannot find them, all of them have a opening/switch) -Bathrooms -Garden (made by @Sellt ;D) Mostly designed by me but I had help from @Ravyhn (making things look WaYyyY better), @lnShane (Lord of Banners and Functional seating), @Gauth Ironstaff (helped me with redstone) and @Rynelf (Work pressure and reminders xD); the build wouldn't exist if not for them.
  12. The fact that a morbidly terrifying puppy is hunting down heretics and uses the word 'huggles' is making me even more scared of Vrovona. The Vrovonic government is genius at instilling fear.
  13. neds more memes. I farted a couple of times during that vid and I need dubstep to combat my fluid and graphic bowels. But brilliant and great casting. Never noticed I wasted 25 minutes and 36 seconds of my life while watching that vid. Cracked up at that onexD
  14. Ewwwwww default. But I must say you should do more commentaries. Your voice reminds me of Etho~
  15. Why not we all just snort some Cyridon white magicks up our nostrils and wait till the meeting details are posted, then we can talk about vacation homes and what's relevant to this matter, mmkay?~

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