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  1. What format are you trying to play, Standard, Modern, Legacy , EDH? There's competitive for just about every format in MTG, StarCityGames is a really good place to purchase merchandise and also get good competitive deck ideas.
  2. @Barnie
  3. If it comes to further bloodshed, I may awake from my meditation in Sakura to raise arms against these so called "bandits".
  4. Unfortunately a large number of PvPers have RPed their way into buildings just to kill Roleplayers who were just trying to include them in their situation, better safe then sorry (dead).
  5. What is this even?
  6. 5/5 IGN
  7. Sakura's Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom.
  8. Id love to join in you can watch Sakura's one man build team at work.
  9. Hey, those are my trees!
  10. news

    Don't let your stinky army touch my trees.
  11. news

    I love this, you should have different writers join you to write different columns weekly.
  12. I am not going to lie, I might not be able to resist the temptation to break this, on accident of course.

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