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  1. The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

    Name/IGN: KingNate42Age: 18Time On Atherys: 5 or 6 yearsExperience with PVP across gaming: Gw2, League, archeage, and other mmosWhat you will bring to a new pvp system: Ideas new and oldAbility to take no for an answer: Thats fine
  2. A'therys Horizons

    How are guilds going to function in the rework?
  3. A'therys Horizons

  4. A'therys Horizons

    Just do it right, that's all i have to say
  5. Pvp Towns

    This will just be a list of pvp towns that keep pvp on 100% of the time to let players know who is willing to be raided and or fight. Format- ______ Name: Nation: Coords: ________ ALL: Name: Vlahar_Fortress Nation: Ar-Selukk Coords: 5000, 13900 --- Name: Luminas Nation: Ithero Coords: 2475, 8900 --- Draken-Thul Vrovona North of capital on the new road. 11440 6568 --- Name:The Lady's Hand Keep Nation:Ithero Coordinates:4800 10800 ---
  6. Future Heroes Update

    I literally put at the end of my first couple of replies that all of them would be opinion based, but seeing as you ignored those and decide to flaunt your administrator tag by calling my thread "cute and all," comes to really show one of the main problems with the server, that being biased and ignorant staff not willing to cooperate and listen to the community. You may be an admin and all and you can maintain your ego as a "big deal," but i really am confused why you have the position as administrator when you cannot even understand the idea of an opinion based thread supported by someone that has seen the exact same thing happen in the past.(basically a debate) Feel free to reply.....or not, as you have already humiliated yourself to a point where you seem to have the intelligence level of a 10 year old. (Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. )
  7. Future Heroes Update

    You brought up the point of not forcing RP and builders to do something they dont like, i have brought up the fact that suggestions should be relative towards only enticing people to want to pvp, not being forced to. As for simplicity, that is why the introductions of the base Knave, Squire, Initiate, and Acolyte classes are in. They allow for a new player to learn heroes and while over time (leveling and talking to other players) should be able to grasp the idea of a more complex heroes system. (just read your second paragraph and agree to bring back the tier system) Ending paragraph is the reason i created this thread (This implementation is a repeat of past failures which i would hope the server would avoid) ----- Devs literally do what they want because there are no avid pvpers giving them suggestions because they are shunned by a majority of this new atherys. The implementation of this update is supposed to be "new," yes, but if you look at most of the actual class designs, most of them are the exact same. My recent activity level does not matter as this whole thread was composted upon opinions; it just so happens i am an old heroes pvper who knows the true potential of heroes and what the team could do if managed correctly in order to provide a new and fun implementation of heroes. ----- Not that i can see into the future, its the fact that ive seen the exact same thing happen in the past and am trying to stop it from happening. Saying simply "not worth the effort," worries me as your position as an administrator, considering that the implementation of already existing skills and modifying their damages and mana costs per say, seems pretty easy over the single week that i have looked at heroes premium in NetBeans IDE and Notepad ++. The idea of creating these base classes being designed for future improvement is fine, but there is an already existing heroes set up, with classes that just need tampering, not the refinement of four active skills. Of course along the way i would hope you would add skills to these classes, but in the current state of releasing them and only having 4 active skills is not even worth calling it an "update," its almost like a restart instead of progression. And believe me these classes would be fine if there were an implementation of say a map wipe and exp level wipes, but we both know that wont happen. ----- Saying that you do what you are assigned to do is exactly the problem i am bringing up with the current heroes management, they are disconnected from the community as a whole and wanting/creating classes they want, not what players want (very opinionated) The pre made skill packages that you guys have but are not utilizing are of much more quality compared to many of the existing skills the team plans on putting on future classes.(sorry) and simply changing the name of the skill makes it unique enough to the general population of the server that have never experienced them, they are just not unique to the heroes team. ----- Yes conquest is a good idea, but the only problem with it is utilizing it with the actual classes. If the classes are boring, (which i believe they are while looking at the development) they wont be used; if the classes are made new and enjoyable to the pvp community, which currently does not exist due to the previous events, they will probably be somewhat popular to some degree. Conclusion: You need to create more interesting heroes classes in order for many of the new mechanics to be utilized, such as conquest.
  8. Future Heroes Update

    But it is a complete repeat of the past T4 implementation, which I believed essentially doomed the server. And after reviewing the new class wiki along side talking to some of the devs, it is an exact repeat of what is going to happen. Revamp with hardly no new content will lead towards no progression. Just saying "new classes" will have people on board but the class development itself is nothing to really look forward too, alongside almost no new pvp content besides conquest is being put in. Conclusion: heroes dev team is not open to community suggestions and is being managed poorly and requires new managment (opinion based) possible and easy fix is recreating atherys v1 classes and updating its previously existing skills, or creation of completely new classes. yes I realize time and effort have been put into the current development, but what's the point of continuing this work if the outcome will be a negative one?
  9. Future Heroes Update

    Point of this thread was to come to a pass that would satisfy all communities alike. (helping the pvp community actually become a thing again without disrupting other communities being rpers, builders, and pvers that you all hold so dear.) But being an admin saying "this thread again," is counter productive and also comes to show another one of the reasons the pvp community left was the staffs representation of the stereotypical "testosterone driven pvper" It is negative towards the community and drives people away. So if you would like to express your opinions on this topic, please go ahead, because i cannot delete your counter productive post, and am sure you will not delete it for me (also weren't you the person that told me to create a post about pvp two days ago after our discussion on the server?) edit: put pvpers instead of pvers at one part
  10. Future Heroes Update

    Alright here are some things go talk about: Implemntation of things no one asked for; yes the implementation of Areans and conquest are for the pvp community, but at the time no one wanted them. What is the point of having arenas if there are only 4 fluid pvpers on the server willing to use it. The same will come for conquests. This is a repeat of another server owner (kainzo) who is implementing things only they see fit to help and is completely not in tone with the community. So yes I do want a heroes update, but not one that literally takes away diversity. What will be the point of arenas if you play a healer class with four skills? It is boring and counter productive. conclusion: dev team is doing the things they want instead of the thing a majority of the people want. (The amount of people that visit the forums is so much higher because most are veteran pvpers awaiting a positive change. Events: I have suggested an event that was used previously on the server that advocated any community on the server to pvp in a healthy way, but literally was brushed into a dark corner. This coming back to the Staff/event teams doing things they want instead of things the community wants. (The event was sterling oddesy by the way) and yes, I do want a fun version of pvp delivered to me on a silver platter, only because I am of no authority on the server and time and time again have been put to the side as "one of those guys." As for rp'ers and builders being compared to the pvp community is not possible. The pvp scene was bigger and depends on updates from devs, while the rp and building is done within those community itself. With the server being advertised as an rpg server, and you wanting it to be filled with no competition and conflict is against the base rpg genre. And why wouldn't the server advance the pvp community when it has proven time and time again that it is the largest and most beneficial community. People even seeing the server having 10 people on turns them away. This being pvpers, pvers, builders, and rpers, all alike. So bringing back the pvp community to even 33% of what it was benefits everyone.
  11. Future Heroes Update

    I find fighting player owned towns more fun because: The chance of getting better loot is higher, unlike conquering this npc town which i might get another plain set of armor/food/weapon (the reward for conquest does not seem that enticing) It starts positive competition between towns. Dg and Cw being prime examples. Yes at certain points in time it got out of hand, but allowed a constant flow of pvp and paranoia, fitting the rpg feeling of conflict, which the server has been missing for a while
  12. Future Heroes Update

    The main point of this thread was to show mainly that this future heroes update will not help the server as it is building off of a server population that atherys no longer has (basically that its a waste of time and effort to be creating classes) . There is really nothing "new" being put into the server for the pvp community. Yes there is conquest going to be put in, but after the first week, i guarantee that almost no one besides maybe 2 players will go to them. Conclusion: Create new mechanics bolstering future pvp, while NOT discouraging rp/pver's. To put it simply, make it so pvp towns/pvpers have more benefits than creating a town that residents hides underground all day. This only makes sense because it is a risk/reward system, when currently there is only the risk and almost no reward.
  13. Future Heroes Update

    Agree with first paragraph. Brought up CW because with the servers recent player counter, 8 man pvp towns are a large thing. Then this also reflects on how the new heroes update is progressing towards large scale team fights, when there is no large scale team fights to be occurring in the future. That is why i feel that the hero development team of atherys has taken two steps back; conclusion(opinion)- heroes is progressing in the false sense that this update will cause players new and old to come back to the server making these classes viable to play, when the server population in reality will stay the same, causing the classes to feel out of place, possibly even more so than they do currently. And as for the implementation of new skills, the server has had availability to skill packages released by the true heroes dev team, but are not being put to any use. Yes this means that skills on here would be similar to skills on the dev's heroes server, but even putting a new name on it makes people excited. This is a very short process and allows for the development of skills to be easy, but the heroes team for some reason neglects to use this technique. Conclusion- There are a ton of skills available to the heroes team that they refuse to use, and by doing so restricts class design to a bare minimum, creating boring classes. I am aware of the development of completely new skills being created, but with so many already existing and being open to modification that have not seen the light of day to a large percentage of the atherys community, why are some classes getting borderline 5 or 6 skills (that already were on some existing classes previously) per while the server needs to feature classes not so condensed to fit the appropriate population? Like i said, it seems the heroes team is going backwards from an already disappointing state of a heroes design; and by saying so, what good would come from implementing these classes then? Please feel free for anyone to respond to my opinions made on this thread
  14. Future Heroes Update

    About the conquest: I do agree that at first this will be fun for pvpers (if there are any) to experience, but then once that gets old alongside this new heroes update (which i will talk about later), essentially kill open world pvp. When i first joined, open world pvp was the main thing that interested me so long ago (opinion based), and feel that it has been slowly and slowly brushed to the side at the point of today where it lays nearly non existent. At the time of CW coming back, wouldn't this be the best time to capitalize on open world pvp instead of the mini game of conquest? About the heroes update: You defined this as low learning curve, which is accurate to what it will become, but is that something that really entices people? Seeing how this current update basically refines classes to a point one of the classes has only four skills, and beyond that the four skills the class has already existed previously. How is this healthy to advertise as an revolutionary update that has taken months to progress, when in reality some of the classes have the same exact skills? (yes, i know some classes have new skills). Most of all, is it not important to create these classes according to the current population of the server? Please feel free for anyone to respond to my opinions made on this thread
  15. Future Heroes Update

    If someone could move this to not under RP, i would appreciate it.

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