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    Akel Foresight
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    (This is just a quick mock up for something to be here. Still working on full thing) Akel Foresight was born to a nomadic, fortune tellers of Ar-Selukk. He was transported between countless tribes and cities before he could walk the harsh, stinging sands on his own two feet. The Foresight family was well off and lived a comfortable life for their nomadic lifestyle. Akel was fortunate enough to be home schooled early on his life while traveling with his parents. Although he didn't many friends due his constantly changing lifestyle, he enjoyed his life with his family. While in the midst of traveling between towns, Akel asked his parents if they could tell his fortune. His father accepted his request and told his fortune. While he expected to see his son follow his footsteps and continue the family business. However, he saw glimpses of his son, fighting in battles and waging in nation wide politics. When his divination was done, he knew that his son would not be able to fair well if he were to stay traveling with him and his mother. At the age of 12, Akel was sent off to live with his uncle in Aloreh, to learn of the sword and the ways of a diplomat. Akel stayed in Aloreh for 10 years, training under his uncle and receiving a formal education. He had a natural talent in the way of combat and the sword, and his workings under his parents gave him the tactfulness and charm to live comfortably in Aloreh. At the end of his ten year tutelage under his uncle, he began to feel wary of the nation. He missed the colorful arts and dances he graciously enjoyed in Ar-Selukk. He longed to feel the heat of the sun and the noise of the cities. But more than all, he wanted to be with his parents again. Akel expressed these feelings to his uncle, and decided to return to Ar-Selukk to continue his path. His uncle approved, believing he was old enough to make his own decisions. With his years of training and combat, he returned to Ar-Selukk to continue his journey as an explorer until he settles down to find his fate.
  1. I went into the atherys modpack folder to find the crash reports folder. I'll message em to you. Until then, I can mess with optifine
  2. Alright, there is no crash report. It just throws me off the client and back to the technic launcher. I'm not sure if it has anything with me moving to fast after spawning, but I'm not sure.
  3. Let me log on and spam /home for a bit
  4. By default resourcepack do you mean the texturepack? Because if you do I am using Vanilla minecraft textures.
  5. When I do /golevel, I do no crash. And I'm not sure if anything at home spawn is crashing me. We don't have redstone works going on or anything of the sorts.
  6. What's up guy
  7. The Bio is only 40 letters long.
  8. I noticed while using the A'therys Modpack on Technic that I crash occasionally when I use the /home command(1/5 times usually). The crashing seems to only happen when using the /home command. It throws you out of the entire client. Is there any fix to this?
  9. I remember a person named Boomer. Was the town in Aloreh? If so, I was with that group of people heh.
  10. They just shut it down again due to problems.
  11. I keep getting the "Invalid Session: Try Restarting Your Game" thing
  12. Well it never was completed I believe. We just left it floating and didn't complete it. Was about a year or two ago, so I doubt people will remember.
  13. I actually joined like 2 days ago and didn't see this thread, so here we go. Hi, I go by Aekely. Just a guy with a face who likes this server. Can't wait to shake things up in A'therys and explore. (I think I actually played on this server before however. I can't recall though. Does a town trying to become a floating Island sound familiar to anyone? If not, guess I'm mistaken.) I really like how active the community seems to be on here and I'm excited to do some RP, PvP, dig into the lore and participate battles and what not. If you ever catch me in game, say hi, I'll be sure to respond. See you in game and around the forums.
  14. I'll be getting the game. I'll drop in and play some time.

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