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  1. Being close to the capital has benefits in real life so why not atherys?
  2. I like this idea
  3. Lock and myself after getting married at Halion. A truly spectacular day of my life that I will never forget.
  4. Was super fun, thank you!!
  5. Welcome back! Hope to see you around
  6. Loved it!!! Looks like a lot of fun, good job on the video
  7. Forum Name: LogiMadZ IGN: LogiMadZ Bracket: Mage
  8. Make a ticket and it gets refilled
  9. Yes the server is meant for pvp, it is also meant for roleplay, merchanting and building. A lot of pvp causes people who come to the server for these things to not be able to enjoy it, hence the pvp toggle. Also a few manners would go a long way to being taken more seriously by me, no need for name calling etc
  10. I lav him rlly <3
  11. "Never pvp with this stupid toggle in place" if you came on the server you would see that isn't true at all, there is lots of raiding happening in ithero recently, (you've even been part of some from what I've seen!). Maybe you should find out a little more information before calling someone's suggestion dumb when what you have just said there is completely incorrect.
  12. The most beautiful person on atherys? Is this a trick? It must be me

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