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  4. seems as if the project is dead... no status updates, no nothing.

  5. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Question: What is the mechanic going to be specifically, cause nobody has said at all in this whole thread what it's going to be. Like I said earlier in this thread, talking about the addition specifically would help people discuss the mechanic instead of spewing chaos. All the staff has said so far is that it's going to be for RP, completely optional, and that's about it.
  6. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I think we had many productive conversations in this thread though.

    what he said
  8. y u always wholesome
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      dexter is a great show. have watched all of it.

  10. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    You just said it... maybe you do in fact need more help because your less experienced? And if you want to do your own stuff and don't want to listen to anything, why didn't you just pack your stuff up and fight the other team by yourself? If you are unwilling of being part of a team - that wins and loses together - why even bother? Why didn't you suggest modifications to allow for multiple exits to your team's box? Did you suggest to your team that a box was a bad idea in the first place? All of these things are part of being a team - that dies together or perseveres together, what you're just telling me is that you don't want to be a part of a team - and are unwilling to do so. You can RP by yourself and just create lore and stuff all day, but you have to interact with some comrades in order to PvP in some situations... especially a large team fight... that's just how it works. When you're a part of a team or group, that group makes the decisions together - if the group doesn't want to listen to your decisions or your suggestions, so be it, suck it up, and move on. It can also happen that the group might like your ideas and suggestions - then COOL, they like it, you get to keep it. Yeah, it happens in some PvP situations that you CAN do stuff by yourself and persevere, but not all the time. Respect and experience does take a role in whatever you do in your team or group, don't get me wrong, if you're the CEO of your company and make the chief decisions (the IGL role in PvP teamfights) - you can and probably will take some advice from your COO (someone you trust and respect) and incorporate their suggestion into your idea. But, if there's a the whiny loser that's just your minimum-wage worker that bitches all the time - his input might not be valued as much until he builds up himself in terms of respect and experience - that's just how it works. ... This is... this is all wrong. Since you don't have experience in PvP (and you won't cause you refuse to, and have said you don't have much) why do you sound like your talking through great experience? 1) Finding a way into a group is incredibly easy if you were to try - just join any town or nation that has a centralized PvP force and *poof* you're in a group. 2) If you were to find a group and immediately have a huge say in what that group is doing you are either a) already have a ton of experience in PvP or b) join an exceedingly new group that knows nothing about the state of PvP on A'therys. The amount of respect and experience required to have some kind of voice is a little over fighting in one team fight that, apparently, you didn't have your way in. Try me, I have maybe almost 5 or 6 years experience now on PvPing in A'therys - why not listen to some noob in a team fight that has never PvPed before? If they make a valid point, so be it, it's valid, and should be treated as much. 3) There ARE team fights that noobs DO IN FACT strategize and "see what they come up with", but sadly, these do not happen to be major team fight PvP battles. If you were to take part in inter-nation, inter-town skirmishes or just a skirmish with another town THEN maybe the "noobs" would be able to do this. I know for a fact @MisChiv and co. had gone to some towns in Ithero about mid-EVO to teach "noobs" how to PvP where they fought and strategize for themselves. This is just one of many examples. Again, it does happen, just not in major team fights. Next, what the hell are you saying that RP isn't the same? It's the exact same way. I've taken part of governments, RP events, and the like, and it's exactly the same - and I'm speaking from experience here. The RP community, yes, might let their members be a bit more independent than PvPers, don't get me wrong, but they still RP off the basis of server lore, that Xathas now creates, and that OccidentalAnvil created before him ASWELL as the guidelines to play a role. For example, If I'm playing a Dheran of Selukk (which I was) I would have to play as some sort of Selukk-based character and have to adhere to that. Hell, I've even made a government/organizational structure once AND it got proposed to and approved by the staff team here, provided that I make some amendments to it (I never made them on that document, did it on another). If I were to make and propose the structure for a PvP group and how decisions would flow - it would be pretty much the same exact structure. Anyone can make free decisions anywhere - no matter what archetype of the server you're playing - and I do support this. But if you're starting to RP as a magical fairy frog or when I jokingly RPed as "sand" - people won't necessarily take your ideas or suggestions seriously.
  11. I Miss Everyone

    Is he supposed to be?
  12. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    It can be because the diary hasn't even covered what "Optional RP PvP System Thing" even means I suppose - a random number generator (dice) system is what they had in the past. As I just mentioned, I think confusion is coming from the fact that how an "Optional RP PvP System" would be done - as nothing mentions how it would function and of the specificities of the mechanic - so people are just speculating stuff. In the past, it was a random number generator mechanic (dice) that nobody contested because it was a perfectly acceptable mechanic. I believe that PvP IS for everyone, contrary to what some believe - it's possible to take an approach to PvP that isn't necessarily picked on as much or anything - I did it every day when I PvPed, yes, there are trolls and people who want to see you burn down in flames - but you can just simply ignore those people - they aren't worth it. When I had joined in v1, people rarely paid attention to me until I had developed my heroes' class and learned my stuff (what to do, what not to do) - simply by going at PvP alone or with a trusted adversary. I believe, yes, it is important to learn on your own what to do and what not to do in the sense that mistakes go, but, it can be better if you have the help of a friend or a town member already experienced in your class, ect. to teach you the ropes. But the main thing to learning PvP and training and the such, is that, you have to have a drive to do it. I don't think that this is an entirely incorrect thing to do, I DO ENTIRELY agree with the fact that new players and new people to PvP need to learn what to do/ what not to do on their own in terms of mistakes in the long run - but probably not in the heat of a battle - where information needs to be quick and setting up your teammates for success quickly is mandatory. It's also completely okay if someone tells you what to do if you don't necessarily know what to do - it can even help you in the long run - it's much easier and quicker to have someone tell you how to correctly do something then to learn it all by yourself. Why do you treat someone helping you from making a potential mistake as a bad thing? If your sitting there cutting carrots and have a bad enough form that'll probably lead you to cutting a finger - should I let you cut your finger? That'll teach you for sure. I don't see how this is necessarily bad - they told you to not do something because of a potential mistake (in this case, you would have probably gotten blown up with projectiles before the fight even started). They probably didn't tell you that you had to stay in a box or you had to stay in one position - it's your fault for dying, not the entirety of PvP. They didn't tell you that you had to change your entire playstyle - just change the means to do it. In this case - you made a mistake by staying in a box (oops, someone didn't tell you) and instead of learning from your mistake (as you claim) you're just going to use it to flame PvP? Nice one, dude. In my opinion, PvP is maybe a bit elitist, but, any person with a drive CAN make it to those "elitist" ranks. It's not difficult to stay on the sidelines and say "heh PvP is so elitist I don't like it" then actually having the drive to become the elite. If you think about it, anything really has an "elitist" factor to it, RP may be elitist in that some people may be better at writing lore or coming up with characters - but with the drive and experience, anyone can become the elite and be part of the "elitist" group. Again, it's SO EASY to just sit by and just say "they so elitist tho" then actually doing something.
  13. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I mean, I don't view PvP that way - this is probably why I don't flame, get mad at losses, ect. Some people who decide that they want it to be super-competitive (as you mention) in my opinion, is fine, if people want to be the best of the best and want to be regarded that way, I don't see a problem with it - as long as they do it in a respectable way that doesn't mean lowering your peers or competitors' feelings or anything. What I DO feel brings people to not enjoy PvP so much is just simply material losses (me and Sanders had theorycrafted about this at one point, amongst other things) - material losses weren't such a huge problem in v1 as it was in v2 and vEVO due to the abundance of resources, yora and about everything (this is probably why people refer to v1as a sort of "golden age" because things were pretty carefree concerning PvP and material losses - there were always more). In general, I think people don't like PvP due to maybe some of atmosphere associated with it, but, mainly the turnoff to PvP are the material losses that go with it.
  14. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I mean you're not wrong, but the other way around needed to stop too. But, don't get me wrong - I like lore, I like RPers and I like all the stuff associated with it - but it plagues me that some people what to be alienated to only one archetype on the server and not touch any others. I think staff should push people more to enjoy every single archetype of the server - not just allow them to stay hoddled in the RP archetype. I've enjoyed A'therys for so long only due to the reason that I HAVE played and enjoyed every archetype and role associated with the server, meaning, I've been a mayor, been a salesman, took part in running governments, and yes, I have RPed in events and just casually. I mean, yes, there's always going to be that one archetype that people favor more than others, but travelling and enjoying other archetypes of the server should be a requirement of the server - kind of how PvP and Merchanting or Building and Merchanting are both necessary to enjoy an archetype completely. I don't know what you guys are gonna end up doing - but, something to circumvent an entire archetype of the server just for RPers sounds like bullshit.

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