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  1. Hah "Razor's Edge" and pirates. Nice one
  2. K

    Another thread from the A'therys peanut gallery.
  3. @ultravioletpixie
  4. Im in class rn, give me 4 hours or so hours - ill write a bit about my PoV on this.
  5. Its okay ma belle petite fille
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this video
  7. Iceland looks like a cool place! Sounds like a nice trip you had
  8. Just thought i'd share this - Civ 5 is a pretty cool game - and with this Humble bundle you can get Civ5 with all the good DLCs as well as Civ:Beyond Earth (heard its shit though). @MisChiv might want some new friends to play Civ5 with aswell, so check it out. https://www.humblebundle.com/civilization-bundle
  9. Reserved for when I'm two man raiding with Jupi, I like me some Urthkeep
  10. A New Halion: An Introduction The purpose of a new Halion is to provide a unique experience to A’therys in the form of a new guild system of a sort. The new Halion will not run like any traditional A’therys guild, where players are expected to join the town and do whatever a guild expects them to do. Halion is going to be very different than this traditional guild setup, in the sense that: Any A’therys player will be able to take part in the activities within Halion without many restrictions whatsoever and without the need for an A’therys player to be stripped of their town, nation, governmental position, etc. Halion this time around will revolve around the concept of many self-autonomous sub-guilds that are each led by players (the guilds do what they want, apart from the default duties the guild was founded on). For example, “The Brewer’s Guild” (names not written in stone, some need fixing) will be led by a single person. That single person in charge of “The Brewer’s Guild” will decide on how the guild’s entire organization functions and will do whatever they’d like with the guild (within the guild’s archetypes bounds, ex. Brewing). Halion will provide a place for these guilds to take place as well as other things the guilds might need. As for regular members: Any A’therys player can choose to join any one of these sub-guilds OR can choose to create their own guild in the form of a player-organized guild/organization within Halion. Halion will provide proper building arangements for the guild/organization to run (for example, if a mining organization “Destruct Mining Co.” needs a storehouse to store various materials, they can have it within Halion). This will be only a fraction of the things and functions Halion will provide, covering about every archetype of the server and more. A list of the various sub-guilds that will be located in Halion (however, they may not be added from the start, we will start with about 4 or 5 of these): Halion Building Management & Supervision Department (Halion Organizational Guild): Just to police the building of Halion and the districts within Halion. New Player Department (Halion Organizational Guild): Provides for the recruiting of new players (if they get ignored from the start) to be introduced to various aspects of the server and introduced to various towns and nations. Mercenary's Guild (PvP/Contracts): This will allow for the facilitation of mercenary contracts to PvP towns as well as to PvPer's who may reside in Halion. Halion's Army: Optional PvP force which resides in a PvP-toggled portion of Halion. Halion Knight's Guild (PvP/Training): Schooling of various properties associated with PvP including specific heroes classes, raiding, raid leading, etc. Trader's Guild (Merchanting/Contracts/Auctions): Involves player contracts and general merchanting within A'therys in the forum of contracts and more. Auction House: A Carol-themed auction house to hold regular auction events. Halion Lottery: A new lottery system never-before-seen on A'therys that will take place in Halion. Halion's Bank: Manages the Halion's funds and resources to be distributed to the various guilds. Architect's Guild (Building/Contracts): Will allow for the facilitation of build contracts involving structures, boats, and redstone. Halion's Historical Society (RP/Lore/Contracts): Will allow for the facilitation to lore help and contracts relating to creating RP characters, Town Lore, etc. Pantheon of A'therys (RP): Involves the RP of the the third calling and Cazmiro the Beloved. (someone correct me if this is wrong, it just involves the huge cathedral in Halion) Halion Brewer's Association (PvE/Brewing): Involves the Brewing plugin & the discoveries and experimentation induced by it as well as the running of Halion's Tavern. Any Questions? Want to help with the project? Reply below or send me a PM.
  11. I honestly don't know how some of you guys can already be complaining about Halion. Many of you don't even know how Halion will work at all except for the select few I've told. Basically, Halion will be no traditional guild whatsoever, you guys are complaining about traditional guild structures. No need to worry, Halion and I don't plan on stealing precious members from your town, nation, ect. Halion as a guild this time around is going to be just an EXTRA thing to do, no need to join the town or give up nation governemental ranks or anything - you would join Halion to have something to do besides jumping around that varies throughout all of the archetypes of the server. Expect a multiple forum threads on the topic of Halion throughout the weekend and next week. Don't hate me until you see my idea.
  12. WOOOOOooooooooooo NATION KILLINGGG!!!!!

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