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    Its unknown when Zorin was born. Nobody ever witnessed and infancy stage of the child. In 7C261, Zorin was caught trying to steal metal from some workers who had begun construction on Monas Roth. A couple had found the him and agreed to keep him safe from the hard labors of building the once broken capital back up and not turn him into the authorities if he would give the metal back and come and work for them in their home and to help out around the house. A couple of years had past and Zorin began to feel as though he was being trapped. Berlith had become restless and a little bit psychotic meanwhile Stroen was always away from home working in the capital city or was stuck at home in his chair and neither of them would communicate much with Zorin other than to order him around for house work and arrands. So to remedy this Zorin set out to travel the great lands of A'therys and start up his own life. Eventually he settled in the land Ithero in the town of Salacia with a few travelers, who upon his arrival, treated him like a real friend, almost that of blood. He felt at home and did not want to leave. To this day Zorin wanders around the island of Salacia and the many greats lands of Ithero searching for adventure, wealth, friends, love, and a home of his very own. 

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  1. Im just chilling around....killin time....what are you lot up to?
  2. Dont be. Vnthy is just trollin around
  3. I have found a rather odd and suspicious message from the Gods at the North East of Qhal-Rahav. What could it mean....why is it there....I need answers!
  4. Theres a Daggerlander living in my town as well as an alliance with a Loghec. do what you will Vizier.
  5. I know something that I should or should not know. But I digress. No matter what happens Ill be here....

  6. I have been mulling over some thoughts for the past couple of days and Zaris is not the way I dreamt it to be when I started it. From this day forward there will be no hostilities in the Tribe Of Her Beauties Tears. All nations will be welcome without bias. Be it Loghec, Alor, Itheri, Daggerlander, or Vrovonic, everyone is welcome in Zaris and can seek help, guidance, tools, and goods in Zaris. My government may see this as herecy or some sort of betrayal. However, if this is the case and they wish to come after me over these rules of my tribe and town then you may strip me of my position but Zaris will be what it was meant to be. We shall not faulter, we shall not stand by. That being said....good day, Dheran Yav-Zorin
  7. My character story has so many grammatical errors but im too lazy to fix it....but id love to watch @the_KINGsRansom try and read it and enjoy the ensuing cringe fest xD <3 love you King

    1. Sund_Wixius


      Needs more memes

  8. so ready for the new update <3
  9. So excited for 1.11 finally being introduced. I hope we can keep the shulker boxs as a means of storage. If not oh well. I miss you Atherians <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zorin


      Give it time Dan give it time. I havent had a server to build on because Pixies server is outdated and I dont have the address to Reds Server right now cause hes never on when I am. 

    3. Dannie



      And yes we are keeping Shulker boxes. :) 

      Also, ask ultra to install a plugin called ViaVersion. Allows clients which are above the server version to connect.

    4. Zorin


      thx dannie you rule <3

  10. Are you a furry?

    1. Zorin


      I am a furry #furrytrash :D

  11. The bad part is, is i could totally see you buying a plot just to build that .....I love you Gales I swear im just tired
  12. Of course it is
  13. 900 each! What a steal!
  14. Ive been away....scheming and stuff of that nature. Dont try and guess. Im just doing me....kind of....sort of.....meh 

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      What about the events that will make us cry and laugh?

  15. Im not going to lie and say I read ALL of this but I skimmed it over and from what I hear Im in favor of what Ive read.

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