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  1. Coming from the guy who mutes real PvPers on the forum real encouragement.
  2. Feels good my dudes And I spend most of my time showing off my iq age ratio. You feel me this could be good or bad aylmao.
  3. Read the original topics and see why this wouldn't work why would you post here and not have read anything which you obviously didn't?
  4. So @lnShane I'm glad you were willing to say something and I thank you. Now as for the last suggestion you made I can tell you why it won't happen. The leveling perks boost gaining more skills open ended MMO style I take is what you are going at. The reason it won't go through is based on the fact that most of our PvP community is from or has played herocraft which does something similar. That all of them hate because it leads to huge misbalances in fights. You'd be better off arguing for earnable items with stat improvers on them because of this. That way the game would be more open ended and balancing is easier because being strong has a price on death. Though @lnShane they cant really balance because most of them don't test or know how to troubleshoot issues so doing a change this big is passionately known as a joke to us.
  5. No No No First of all what you wrote above I re-read and it makes a little better since however no. Secondly..... No Its not the server became based around comps because of people like you blatantly ignoring the facts with profit in mind. Yes have you played a role based mmo game? Or a moba or you know any title where fighters have roles. They are disadvantaged based on the role they play I think you know but, blatantly ignore it. I do think you show what I think about the classes is true that they do not do their intended job as well as they should and are so streamlined they work like gods or dog shit in every situation. The role of a healer in every game is for the group fight. I don't see this as a problem if you spec for only team fights then that's your choice. If you don't spec for them or if you can't find one guy who does your going to be weaker but, hence in my suggestion you can swap at shrines or every 24 hours with the debuffs on swap. So you can "respec" for the situation it will just have a lasting impact. No the idea is you make it hard enough to deter this. If you think people will seriously walk 2k blocks from a capitol to swap classes to run back to a team-fight you are stupid. They will adapt a new style and fight with classes that they like I can't promise you this however based on the fact most people complain about a 20 block run my bet is on they won't. What will happen is that some people will purposely save their swap (outside of shrines) for a teamfight to happen and then swap before but, if you make the debuffs strong enough it won't be directly before making the fight have another segment of reseting and regearing which you aren't a pvper I am sure you wouldn't understand this. Yes. Metas are a part of the game. Counter classes are a part of the game. Swapping to the meta for only team-fights/competitve situations and to a counter class for a singular situation or a singular person is dumb beyond belief it forces many players to master many classes they will use for specific fights. As for an example which I noticed you used pessimistically. Rogue raiders shouldn't be punished for being rogues by guys swapping to warriors instantly after they arrive. Warriors defending shouldn't be punished for playing warrior in the idea of protecting their town because people swap to mages everytime they raid them before the fight. in the current system both of these are true if you don't think so you haven't been fighting much. Yes this is my point you seem to miss with some pessimistic stupid I can't do what I want crap. The chances of you losing right now on the server if you are not a seasoned pvper vs a seasoned pvper is like extremely high because he swap to your closest main counter he has of you if he sees you as any threat then proceed to break you in half. If this was implemented at least you may have the advantage of a class-style counter-class matchup in your favor just based on your preferences. This sentence is better used for me then you @lnShane I don't hate this it is crippling to the server. Fights at the moment usually take around I will say for all intensive purposes an hour to get setup and they last maybe for all intensive purposes with rogue chasing and trying to finish off tanks (when they are tanky) 5 minutes. I mean come on man who wants to put in this kind of time for such little reward. This would be an idea that maybe is useful. However it wouldn't stop counter changes just a engage & disengage scenario would be added. @I played on a heroes server with this once. You would be in a situation you would see a guy scouting you he'd run away then come back later as a huge tank if he saw you were playing raw dps classes and a group of tanky healers to kill you. It just adds another step to counter comping and isn't a big enough deterrent to stop it. More time invested per even shorter fights because you can't prepare for what is coming in this circumstance. Ever heard of this dank new meme called alt-accounts this is how you get naked scouting. @Sund_Wixius found a job for you my dude if not @Ishaan giving him the package. @lnShane None of this was meant to offend you if you did take it as such. However next time you state something so backwardsly like you are disagreeing with me to the fullest extent don't get mad when I lump it together I am reading a lot of post trying to get some constructive feed back. As for your solution people keep in mind you don't want to add slight deterrents because it will only lead to longer lead ups. The solution is major deterrents forcing players to commit to decisions making them major and overall eliminating some of the process so that the damn fight time - preparation time ratio isn't so bad. If you think fight time to preparation time isn't a big deal go ask some of the old players why they quit the server? Its hard to justify investing as much time as one would into a standard mmo game and having such a crap endgame payout no matter what they due based on one fact. Time required to enjoyment or reward. Some people don't find idle standing in town fun but, maybe that is just me?
  6. This poses the same problem if you read what I said you would still have the ability to swap away from shrines however it would not be a suitable way to do so. So if you want to swap outside shrines its a 12-24 hour cool down and if you want to swap in a shrine its a instant reset as long as you are in the shrine. Meaning if you want to complain about walking realize part of the problem with the server at the moment is there is no foot pathing. No need to walk places just warps, summons and ports I think a few places with PvP frequently crossed would be helpful wouldn't you say so? That is the point lnshane you shouldn't be switching mid-raid this leads to comping and counter-class playing. For example I show up at your town as a rogue you swap to exemplar and plague so that the chances of killing you are zero. Then I swap to a mage and you swap to a lurker and a mountebank see the problem here mate. Combat becomes a game of preparation for hours and fights for seconds as if you fight a main counter your lifespan will be very very short. This wouldn't fix the problem as people would still abuse the fact and literally build bunkers to hide under towns to wait and swap. This would just make the "preparation time" between fights 10x more and make it painful to ever find a fight. So my thoughts on shrines are yes only shrines nations are too readily accessible and if you want to return quickly to fights after swapping its back to instant or just as bad as instant. Shrines should be placed by staff after a meeting with players who have a actual clue whats going on and who is active. For example the nation heads probably other then mine because he has no clue whats happening but, they would place these on the map in their nations where they think it is actually trafficked area. If you do not want to do class specific ones then the number of them needs to be very low or they will be empty all the time and players will do the strategy of afking a alt in them because there is no threat of death making it yet again a system of instant swaps. As for those of you who go against this idea. Above this server is not meant to be based around counter-comping every fight this is part of the reason why the server never feels balanced and your class either feels really strong or really weak. The game is based around a 1 class system where you are supposed to play and learn the class hence this is why people want the classes streamlined because they spend no time learning the class they play and tend to just rotate to another instantly. A players inability to swap to a meta-class or a counter-class should not dictate his success on the server this will make new players quit.
  7. One could still have a warp sign where they could tp to spawn then swap then /home couldn't they seems a bit easy to work around.
  8. The way heroes is set-up on the server was and still should be based around World of Warcraft. You pick a class and reap the benefits of it. However people have become accustomed to having so many that full on removing them is out of the question this will work better then the redundant system in place at the moment.
  9. Longer cooldown on summon make it hurt them to use summon however make it a group summon with a port so that people can't use it right before a fight to catch people off guard. @Joey402MC
  10. They literally a gazebo in a random environment I think we can get a bit more in-depth.
  11. Lets get started quickly as everyone is busy so basically a big problem on the server at the moment other then lag before you say it. Is grouping players when they are all geared but, trying to arrive at the fight. Conduit atm is a class new players are basically forced to master in the hopes of being able to arrive at towns for fights. Lets see my idea for fixing this. Conduits have a few skills I think need changed as they are not updated to A'therys and are still based off the old system. Lower Fireball to the equivalent of what 25 damage is making it still do damage but, not be a competitor to haruspex in damage. I don't understand the hp system with a crap load of health Mass Piggify needs removed. Web stays piggify is fine Both blinks need buffs making it hard to kill but, not overly powerful in head to head combat. Teleport is single targeted teleport: Lower the cool down. Summon: Returned to group summon/party summon. - this would make grouping for team fights much faster rather then a 5 minute fight after an hour of preparing it would be a 5 minute fight after 15 minutes of preparing. Not allowed in PvP not allowed in enemy territory is possible to prevent different commands in towny. I. e. try to home from and enemies town. Probably needs a minute long warm-up. Portal just needs better locations to go to maybe the shrines :? if the new ones are added.
  12. Intro We are going to look through the different solutions I have come up with based on what I have read and what I think people want as a majority on the server. I will try to keep this much more clean then the last one. My Impressions People clearly want to have the masteries system changed however, not removed. The idea of completely removing the system is better backed then leaving it as is however the case EULA makes the idea of removing them not a reality not to mention the fact that players like myself have dumped money into leveling every class on accounts I think I am at 4xs over. This is a dream not a reality is my conclusion on the removal. Changes Suggested Masteries will stay however people must pay a sum of money to change between classes accompanied by a longer cooldown on swapping. 2. Location swapping. Where a player would need to be in a specific location on the map to change classes such as a capitol or one of the shrines. 3. Redeemable item swaps. Players would kill mobs and earn tokens or items that have the ability to swap. I will finish this section just mentioning the fact that these can be combined in a effort to make it more challenging to do this. My new Solution We create a new set of shrines based around the lore of the gods so for example Vrovona has shrines in different nations that players may swap to warriors. These would be place around the map in locations that make sense not to many as players from what I have read feel this should become some what of a hot spot. Meaning players who wish to switch travel to these shrines may do so as they wish and change making them go out of their way to swap classes. Along with this I would say add a cooldown to your class changes probably around 1 hours (negotiable) while in the shrines. I think you should still be able to swap outside the shrines however with a extended cool-down 24 hours preferably. Players will have a warm-up to swap classes and it will have a de-buff effect directly after they swap classes. Technical Mumbo Jumbo I know you guys Heroes: Set the cooldown timer to 24 hours by default in heroes. Add the effects of a warm-up and after use de-buff in heroes both are done in the same place as the cooldown. Building the Shrines: Make the shrines by the way of contest entry on the forums so they feel like something worth while seeing. Only Allowing Certain Trees per Shrine: Set Worldguard around the shrines only allowing the /class change [warrior classes] in the warrior area for commands this is possible as different areas can deny different commands think about skills in the capitol. Time Limits: This is tricky however I have come up with a plan. Make a NPC in the shrine that resets your cooldown to 2 hours not sure if this is possible or if swapping in shrines will ultimately become automatic(no cooldown) however to prevent people from leaving alts and other useful tricks PvP should be on in these. If need be use the quest plugin along with a npc to reset the timer. Hope this lightens up the topic a bit there will be a voting thing in the top to get a more generalized idea and I hope to see more constructive commenting below. Note: I have no idea where to put the shrines. Maybe we take the shrines and push them somewhere else.
  13. @Foe I will pay you respect if you make one of these supporting me as OverLord of Monas Roth. or one dissing Rhykker take your choice.
  14. Punish people for building their town to where they can't interact with the population without playing a class that can travel. People make decisions. Stupid ones at that. Punishing is a strong word for this consequence is a better word. So I build my town so far out that people do not want to come out see it, explore it, talk to me or raid me so I cannot swap classes on demand while I am here. Hmm. Hrmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Note this is still not my idea for the solution because if you are that far out you effect no other players anyways. I think a long cooldown. Like 3 years long cooldown is the solution.
  15. Who's fault is this?

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