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  1. This looks really awesome. Gonna look forward to your blog posts.
  2. Nice double post
  3. #FreeRoreg
  4. I could see that being a problem, hence why I wanted the ability to escape the jail. You could add a rule that allows nations to use the jails only if they've made a law or treaty that's been reviewed by staff, preventing unfair laws to be adopted and executed. The jailers themselves should only be government officials, either just the nation head or a select few, who should make it clear that it is only for RP and nothing else. Probably easier said than done, though. Anyway, thanks for bringing it up with staff.
  5. Basically an RP mechanic to make RP matter more and have an effect on actual gameplay.
  6. Kidnapping other NH
  7. Are jailbreaks a feature that could be added to it? Hard to do it alone but easier with outside help. Otherwise it'd feel a bit dull to just be jailed and wait out your sentence.
  8. I got all the nation banners. You can have each free of charge. Only thing I ask is for you to bring a correctly coloured banner for copying. Aloreh: Light blue Ar-Selukk: White Roreg Logh: Purple PS. Roreg has been due to change its banner for some time, so the one I have might not be relevant later.
  9. Politics is syncretic by nature. No one holds a pure ideological view. As Red proved in his post, he's not socially conservative but fiscally (less government spendings). His social views are conservative, but only on a personal level, making his social stance (in terms of politics) liberal. What I'm trying to say is that (as you pointed out) viewing politics through a two axis spectrum (or god forbid a linear spectrum) is not very informative and sometimes creates false perceptions of political ideologies and peoples stances towards them. The chart Owl posted (which comes from https://www.politicalcompass.org/) has two axis but combines three. The left vs. right is the economic spectrum, which measures economic freedom and taxation. The second is the authoritarian vs. libertarian. It measures both social and political freedoms. This may create confusions for drey, who wants to limit democracy (political freedom) but may not wish to limit people socially. Although I love the Libertarian vs. Authoritarian scale as it's an improvement on the traditional left vs. right, it still isn't good enough. As a side note, the OP quiz is bad. If you are an american and want better insight on your political views, I'd recommend https://www.isidewith.com/
  10. You can make leather out of zombie flesh. Just go farm some zombies.
  11. Current yora wealth asks for an email and not a number.
  12. pls inv
  13. I think I wasn't clear enough in my message so I'll explain a bit more in-depth in what I meant. The authoritative entity is the nation meeting. At least one of them. I agree that you need a certain person who is responsible for different operations or projects to ensure that information and responsibility is centralised. When it comes to "equal opinion" that is the case in democracy. And in the democracies, mob rules. Having a separate board decide wouldn't do much help, so having the majority decide would be the best. Clashing opinions will always exist. Now you could do this in a thousand different ways (figure of speech), but I agree with Blue's overall idea of trying to run the nation in a different way. It might work and it might fail.
  14. Doesn't have to be. If you run it via the nation meeting (which involves everyone) and delegate responsibilities, I think you can run it quite effectively. I think if the Itheris want to, they can run the nation this way pro tempore. It'd be an interesting experiment as well.

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