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  1. Look at all the new red names Did you guys break my mobs yet? And thanks for all the hi guys good to see you also! I guess there is no @Gasfiend around anymore is there/
  2. Hey guys long time no see!! Just poking in to see how things are going, I hope Selt is treating you right. For those interested I apologize for my abrupt departure I had quite a bit of personal and work things that lead to me being over committed and I was unable to spend anytime on Atherys. I hope you guys are doing well and I do miss the community. Hope all goes well and I see you guys are making some progress. Have a great one!
  3. Well Happy New Year Folks, I am slowly getting back around to working on things as @Edd has been slowly trying to kill me. For our first change I wanted to remind everyone that LWC locks will automatically unlock after 30 days of inactivity. This will run every time the server starts (usually every day) and remove any locks that are 30 days old and have not been touched. This will help us keep ticket request down and keep LWC being more efficient (just ran the numbers and we had 10,000 locks already and unlocked 212 locks not been touched in 30 days and 190 locks not even belonging to anything, which means the blocks were broke but not unregistered) So enjoy the unlocks and look for more things to come!
  4. @Nathan
  5. Oy so much for vacation. We disable it to deter the simple use of it. That would be like us saying well we aren't going to blacklist anything but if we run by you using it then we will enforce it. Blocking the scripts stops people from doing it. It is only those that really want to cheat that will get around doing it, and then get caught and removed from the environment. So enough back and forth it is blocked for a reason and will remain blocked. We have looked at other methods for the party invite piece and it is on our to do list, however we have many things on our to do list that have higher priority. Not much work to accept party invites. Don't be lazy.
  6. I am saying if you are breaking one of the rules then you are doing wrong. Either by using a different Macro client bypass or using a different method to achieve the same results.
  7. Sorry on Holiday. You guys are missing the point. We don't want scripts and such period. I know you can bypass it, and as I said if we catch you abusing it then it is against our rules. Sadly we have seen time and time again people exploiting things when we make them available for non exploitable purposes. Ultimately if we could get away with it I would block macro mod all together. But sadly with things like heroes we can't do that. So again just in case it isn't clear: No auto fire scripts (meaning you don't have to do anything it just automatically runs i.e. auto eat, auto target skills, etc etc etc) No more than three skills in a single bind (this is a concession on my part I would limit it to 1 but have agreed to 3) No looping scripts or commands where you turn it on and let it run While I am well aware you can bypass all the blocks we have put in place they are there to help deter it. Again we have seen time and time again people don't respect the rules and will use exploits to gain whatever advantage they can. So until this is changed in our community we have to block things that can be exploited.
  8. You do realize that while of course you can make scripts that spam skills and fire on commands today they are still against our rules. We specifically blocked echo and scripts for the following reasons: We do not want auto fire scripts, i.e. (you called it out specifically) someone uses a skill near you, the message displays so you automatically target skills at them based on the name in that message We do not want looped scripts, meaning you turn on a script to run on a loop an instead of actually you know using skills and planning you just point at a person and wait for your skills to fire We do not want a mass spam of skills just because you don't want to wait for the cooldown of skills so you fire skills on a cycle until they pick up. So again there are many ways to get around echo and other things but you know there are also many ways to x ray and fly hack. We consider them both cheating and when we catch them we usually take action.
  9. Coke it is. In Texas if you say hey I want a coke they will ask you what kind (even if they don't sell coke)
  10. Where it's at! I got two turn tables and a microphone.
  11. Yeah we aren't specifically blocking anything on it. So go to the mod and figure it out. I had a dynmap of it for a while but decided to pull it to help LAG.
  12. We are so advanced here at A'therys that we are bringing you updates created in the future.
  13. It has been done! Lets see if it makes a difference or if it just sits around and calls people names like @Gasfiend
  14. So this one went down in the time of what I like to call the wild wild west where the controls weren't fully in place. This is technically impossible now with our proper configuration. I know this is on our list to resolve just don't know how we are going to do it. But rest assured (as some of you have figured out) you can no longer claim a plot within 5 plots of another town

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