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  1. Question for PvPers about Arenas

    Ok here is the updated version, as always any feedback and suggestions are gladly taken.
  2. Question for PvPers about Arenas

    Missed you too now that town pvp is off
  3. Hello everyone! As the title says I am trying to figure out how the general populace feels about the design of PvP arenas. As someone who is quite mediocre when it comes to PvP I am not qualified to judge what is mainstream or balanced so as the poll asks do you prefer slight obstacles in an arena or do you prefer a flat area with no cover but with plenty of area to maneuver. I have attached pictures of the arena in order to give more of an accurate idea of the size and shape. Thank you so much for your input! Edit: I'm currently working on finishing the nasty looking glass tree and due to the votes I am setting up a more elaborate battleground. Thanks again for your votes and input and I'll post an update photo once I finish the improvements.
  4. Town Arena Submittion Thread.

    Would blocks above or below the arena be world guarded as well, or will only the individual layer be impossible to modify?
  5. The Return Of The Screenshot Comp

    Palmyra, happily (but slowly) progressing since 2015
  6. Good Evening A'therys

    I know I am not the most vocal, active or contributing member, but as someone who as been here for years I believe I speak for many players new and old who love playing on this server, we're a community and as such we are with you regardless of what happens because we have gotten this far and it has been one hell of a ride. Thank you for everything you and staff do, it has made this more then just another server.
  7. Idea's

    I always thought it would be fun to have horse races that follow a set track through a town. This event could take place multiple times in different towns throughout atherys. This would be a fun non-pvp event that would also show off some beautiful towns in the server as well as provide an interesting challenge to the people racing.
  8. I give this guy a heart attack. ~ Magni

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Cause you're so bad

  9. A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    My first day of V1 I joined Aloreh and was lost as I possibly be when I happened to walk in front of Storms of Thesse during a raid. I huddled in one of the little tents set up outside the gates until the killing stopped and I poked my head out. Keems then saw me hiding and walked over before calmly explaining the server to me. Then a few days after that my group of friends started a town called Ashinguard near Alderheart and Willows Deep. Though the town may not have been the best looking, building it and meeting the nation members was fantastic. Then Blackhawk came over while he was still High Mediator and welcomed us to the nation with diamond blocks. It's been a fun journey since September 2012
  10. Sign Shop And You (An In-Depth Guide)

    Thank you very much for writing this!
  11. A Few Builds I've Been Working On

    Thank you for the feedback everyone, I will definitely try to use all of the tips you have given me and I see where ya'll are coming from with the cluttered feel. so I'll try to work on using it more as a compliment to my builds rather then trying to use too many materials. Thanks again for taking the time to help me become a better builder!
  12. http://imgur.com/a/30q8e Just A few things I have been messing around with on creative. Any feedback is very appreciated.

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