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  1. Deus Vult!
  2. Black Desert Online I'm guessing?
  3. Yiss plz
  4. Same error message for me
  5. I am "biased, dismissive, ignorant and apathic" because I reacted with skepticism to a problem I had not heard of. And then dumped some anecdotal evidence? I do wholeheartedly agree with you that there should be more effort from the community in welcoming players than just saying "hi". Also +1 for both the evaluation period and the Alliance chat. That could prove for some great merchant, RP and PvP coordination. EDIT also if the GC evaluation period does not work out we're gona need some kind of help chat.
  6. @HelloImWeirdDid you get a pass with Alpe d'huzez with it, if yea did ya do the reaaaaly long black one? That is such a nice trip! Love the GoPro stuff This is from when i went a few years ago
  7. GMT +1 here, I have no idea what is wrong with global chat. Welcoming new players and normal chatting, after PvP you might see some lighthearted banter. Yet "an avenue for toxicity" is not how I would ever have described Global. This may however be dependent on what players are on in specific time zones. The you can just leave argument is solid. "would be the equivalent of having a dead global chat except for a handful of people" Is an Illicit generalization. I think it is also beneficial for new players. Whenever there is a small number of players you have someone to talk to, especially as there might not be anyone online in your Nation chat at that time.
  8. I usually don't write much but found it time to start logging some of my own Characters Lore. This snippet would have taken place around the beginning of V2, whilst I was still an Elder in the Mages Guild and liaison to Aloreh. So some organizations might not exist anymore. I'd love some feedback on style and spelling as English isnt my mother tongue. Thanks in advance! Yavhei 66 Tide's Flux AU259 "Land Ho!" shouted the lookout. "Where away?" I answered. "Dead ahead, Captain." Carin and I left the quarterdeck and quickly made our way to the bow. As we stood waiting for land to heave into sight, Carin said, "Can you feel that trembling each time we hit a wave? It's that keelson, if I know how a ship's made, and I do. We'll need to put in at a shipyard for refitting in Methes." I watched as the thin strip of land in the distance grew clearer in the afternoon light. While not bright, the day was relatively fair. "We should have time. I'll want to return to Methes as soon as I am convinced that he understands the Cyridon Spire will stay neutral in this mess, but even if he agrees at once, it will take some time to convince the Admiralty.” I waited in silence as the distant landfall began to resolve in detail. In less than an hour we could clearly make out the sights of Calastore’s towers rising into the air, and ships at anchor in one of the harbours. “Well,” said Carin, "if you wish an official welcome, I'd better have your banner broken out and run up the mast.” My hand on his shoulder held him back, “Wait, Carin. Do you see that ship by the harbour's mouth?” As we closed upon the harbour, Carin studied the ship in question. "She's a beastly bitch. Look at the size of her. The Lord Admiral is building them a damn sight bigger than when I was last in Itheri waters. Three-masted, and rigged for thirty or better sails. From the lines of her hull, she's a Man o' War, no doubt. I'd not want to run up against her with less than three Thesse class Frigates. You'd need the rowers, for those oversized crossbows she mounts fore and aft. She would quickly make a hash of your rigging. If sending warships like this to the Alor waters, High mediat-". “Not my concern.” I interrupted him with a harsher tone than I meant to. “Mark the banner at her masthead, Carin,” I said, Entering the harbour. We passed near the ship. On her bow was painted her name, The Broken Beam. Carin said, "An Itheri warship, no doubt, but I've never seen one this size under any banner than the Lord Admiral’s.” Atop the ship's highest mast a blue banner emblazoned with a golden spear snapped in the breeze. “I thought I knew every banner on these seas, but that one is new to me.” “The same banner flies above some of the taverns, Carin,” I said, pointing towards the city. My expression turned grim, “Unless I say otherwise, we are traders from the Merchants Guild, nothing more.” and made my way back into the captain's cabin.
  9. http://www.planetminecraft.com/banner/roreg-contest/
  10. So why is that PvP Event cancelled, can someone explain that to me? I'm not an avid PvP'er but would probably have joined in as I think events like these are a good way to bring different sides of the server together. I get that (and agree with) people that are upset it wasn't at all thought out, and that the nation heads should have been involved with planning it tough. Its nice for RP'ers as well to be able to talk about events like this even if you didn't participate in them. And I think that it ads to the server's atmosphere as a whole.
  11. There's a part 1...?
  12. Welcome back dude!
  13. That's thinking in false dichotomy's there. Also note your message only criticized that we didn't provide him with what those specs mean, and didn't actually provide him with anything useful. But anyway @Michiegamer With those specs you can probably play games like GTA V at 60fps on medium settings. Its a solid laptop!
  14. I'd say build one as well. You get get the components via tweakers.net (I assumed you're a fellow Dutchy). Its a lot easier than you might think. And otherwise any computer store will probably gladly help ya with it. For the same price a PC you built yourself is gonna be way better than a bought laptop.

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