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  1. Also if anyone wants the mp4 file let me know.
  2. Was testing a plugin in After Effects and used the A'therys logo for the test. Here's the result, thought someone might enjoy it here. Might take a while to load.
  3. Thanks for the info, you'll see why I asked in a post coming right about now. Although I didn't need the actual font for it in the end.
  4. Does anyone know the name of the font used for the general A'therys logo. I'm testing some things, and could use it.
  5. You asked, and so you shall receive in plenty. It was in reference to this last part. You say a future for the server is being worked on, and why it will be here in one years time will be revealed. This hints at a change of how things are currently. I got curious and probably took things a tad too literal. I've been here for many years, and times change, but I've never seen this few active within the community or server. Logic dictates that a change of course is needed. You can do a plethora of things in A'therys, and to a newcomer it's pretty overwhelming. Personally I see Atherys as maybe an MMO type of deal, but it seems, from the latest figures of people playing, it needs a shift to be competitive on the minecraft scene. That being said this server was always unique, and quite niche as well, which could also be the issue, as it's not as easily definable as the regular prison, skyblock, factions run-of-the-mill server seen elsewhere. So having a clear definition that's relatable, would in my mind, require it to be branded/marketed in a new manner. Can the general player answer the question 'What is A'therys Ascended?' in a simple manner... I know I can't. It's relative and not a set thing for everyone. Saying an openworld survival PVP/RPG/Build server doesn't explain much either, as it's pretty much everything in the book. And even so, people usually seek one of the three things and go for a server dedicated to that exact thing. I reckon minigames (not counting gazamogames lol) servers are still so popular, because you get instant gratification from a short input of time. Building a town takes time and it took time for PVPers to get into a quick fight, despite the arena, which didn't deliver the same thrill as ganking ByTheBurnside. This is where Conquest hopefully enters and delivers. The town thing is unavoidable without a place for creative building, however that disrupts the survival aspect. With the openworld and freedom that A'therys delivers, the MMO genre is what resembles it the most. The quest lines during the winter holiday event were excellent, and super refined, despite being ol' fetch quests. Having that aspect incorporated into the server, but based on the A'therian lore would reestablish this statement. It's also undeniable, that to get into the world of A'therys you need to be invited into a town of possibly established players - as it stands now. With fewer on, finding such a town is tough, which is where the race is lost before it even starts. Can a new spawn solve that? History has deemed that's not exactly the case, but it did improve with every iteration. Hopefully the latest one will enlighten, and not confuse. There are new players joining, that was always proven. But as soon as they enter they ask 'What do I do now, I'm a newbie dewbie?'. People need more handholding in the opening phase. A solution I wouldn't mind, if I was a new player, was a town that was always accessible, not the capital, and slightly prebuilt. Maybe it's ran by a group of npc's that guide you? People go to that town to recruit, why not. One could even say: 'Hey you! Yes you! There's a scoundrel wreaking havoc in the mountains killing our precious sheep. Hunt him down!' accompanied with minute to minute updates on ByTheBurnside's coordinates. I was always more of a bystander enjoying the ride, so take this with a grain of salt. I hope I explained my reasoning somewhat though. TLDR:
  6. Is this hinting at a rebranding of the server? All I can say is that A'therys with its outstanding builds, this well-designed site, comprehensive lore and now conquest soon is the most polished it's ever been imo.
  7. A long time coming. This looks really good, and hopefully it'll be as fun as it appears to promise - I'm definitely stoked.
  8. I thought I was gonna get that peek last thursday mike, Eo sad.

    1. Eojinn


      Eo happy. Saw the trailer, great work!

    2. mercymike


      Hahaha sorry old chum ;) you'll see it in game soon enough

  9. I thought 12 was a typo, until I saw the number pop up again! Lunacy; I use 4 eggs for one omelet alone, are these omelettes for ants Sellt..
  10. Good to see you're still as weird as ever.

  11. are you asian 

  12. Today I discovered a cool open source voxel editor and decided to take it for a little spin. Naturally my go to is oriental stuff - surprise, surprise. Potions: It has an internal renderer that can toggle; emission, glass and metal. You can get some interesting visuals. Katanas: Old Guy and Hannya Mask: Sushi and Sake: For those interested the editor is MagicaVoxel.
  13. Any news to be had about the content team yet ol' sport?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Eojinn


      Cool to hear it's still an ongoing thing, however the content team has directors, I thought you headed the department?  

    3. redninja685


      Nah I am its administrator, I am not officiating anything, just organising it and helping where management is needed and be that link between staff and the entire team. 

    4. Eojinn


      Is it still a pick and choose system, or did that change, since you said it's different now...

  14. It's sunday, sit back and relax with some ice cream. Tunes for the Golden Girls:

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