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  1. Now I must collect them all!!! It's really cool to see the items with all the effects like this. I love the idea of fun new loot. Keep it coming Xathas!
  2. Funny, this dungeon looks oddly familiar. I can't imagine where I have seen anything like this before...
  3. Hey Snav! Good to see you again. I started playing again recently and I'm thinking of resurrecting the Fendel account as well. I was glad you helped keep him alive after I left. Maybe I'll see you around soon.
  4. There is been some info about why you shouldn't plant these. Some of the flower included can be invasive species in certain areas and cause some major problems. I can't remember the specifics but for the most part its not a good idea.
  5. I did some testing with it by binding ShadowOrb to it and I think it did make a difference farming mobs. More drops and it did kinda seems like more caches dropped as well. Not 100% sure though.
  6. So I got this from a cache a few days ago. Still not sure if I want to sell it yet, depends on what its worth. Also not sure if it can be repaired so if anyone knows how to tell that I would be very appreciative.

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