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Galindaan Thewisy

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    (D) South-Western Aloreh -- Lector General -- Supreme Justice
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    Galindaan Thewisy V
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    Born to a noble with great wealth and power he made a name for himself through his extensive work in the Justice Department of Aloreh as Supreme Justice, by rooting out corruption by reforming laws, and he also currently commands the Air Navy. Lector general.

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  1. But how do you become in charge of one of these kingdoms, was my main question. Is it chosen by staff, or even of staff, or what?
  2. So for the Isles, the High King starts as a moderator, okay. But, what about the Kings of the individual states-things? Are those players? Are the number of kingdoms subject to change i.e. one per town of x size, are towns required to be part of a kingdom? Etc. (Though my thinking is based on the evo concept of towns Idk how they work now) Edit: basically how quickly can I achieve autonomy
  3. Y'all waste no time, very efficient X D
  4. Who wants to be a babe and let me use their build server

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      Oh you sexy thing

    3. Dannie


      I know

    4. Crash


      Don't call him sexy. It's just setting him up for disappointment later in life. :P

  5. Well no point in not giving it a try
  6. Will Pay: I need someone to world download my town.. its decent, its called Sommeil Paix, and its at 6576 13451 -ish. Please download a large area around it, thanks <3

  7. Uh excuse me, lets not forget our almighty and benevolent Lady Thesse... there is a fascinating explanation of proper bathing methods and table placements out there, in the form of The Breath of Life, published by the High Priestess and I.
  8. What the heck is going on in the Daggerlands
  9. I love Chronus' only contribution X D
  10. thank you generous people Dan The Derp we have in our community Like this
  11. Good job papi
  12. With Anastasia out of the house, want me to come over with some popcorn  

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