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Galindaan Thewisy

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Galindaan Thewisy last won the day on November 27 2016

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    (D) South-Western Aloreh -- Lector General -- Supreme Justice
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    Galindaan Thewisy V
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    Born to a noble with great wealth and power he made a name for himself through his extensive work in the Justice Department of Aloreh as Supreme Justice, by rooting out corruption by reforming laws, and he also currently commands the Air Navy. Lector general.

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  1. What the heck is going on in the Daggerlands
  2. I love Chronus' only contribution X D
  3. thank you generous people Dan The Derp we have in our community Like this
  4. Good job papi
  5. With Anastasia out of the house, want me to come over with some popcorn  

  6. How the bloody hell are we supposed to get quartz now. Edit: It has since realized it is still there.... though we need a better way to acquire quartz @netherisland
  7. Oh gosh this guy again, good luck Daggerlands, be prepared for frustration.. I've been there. 2/6 Nation Head spots down, where will Doom go next? Find out next time!
  8. "Wow these deals are just inshane" - Customer satisfied with the deals.
  9. @Galindaan Thewisy jk maybe
  10. lol idk what any of this is <3
  11. @Rhykker only 4 more nations to be head of after daggers

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