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  1. What if someones goes out their way to be a vegetable?
  2. And you still are
  3. Yep some people are born to become minecraft pvpers
  4. roleplay pvp? may I suggest a dice system? *rolls for attack*
  5. How old are you now? 12?
  6. Is it good and easy?
  7. Quick question, will the mods be available as a modpack in the techniclauncher?
  8. Ching Chong Cheng
  9. Are you saying that atherys is a business and it needs to have a clause in order to legally wipe playerdata?
  10. So its illegal to wipe playerdata?
  11. Why was I not aware of this meeting?
  12. This is Ar-selukk
  13. Dan Wtf you doing mate?
  14. J2 is only 15
  15. Edit: do we have an official pic of the map?
  16. frankmat and losthero making a grand return?
  17. Wtf this was made in 2015, what is wrong with you guys
  18. Ye lets say so buckaroo
  19. Arent we all a bit confused...
  20. This is not okay
  21. Pretty neat +1
  22. I will be famous
  23. I like that you have to "earn" a town, makes it much more of an achievment
  24. Oh, Mime is fumble? well this just makes everything he has said stupid then.

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