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  1. Hey, dark rooms were fun stuff back in the day. Sanctum and Mare Lupus top of the charts, met quite a few people grinding together. Still find it mind boggling that people would come from outside Roreg Logh just to grind at Sanctum.
  2. Being hunted in the wilderness was always a blood pumping event. How you remember that still is beyond me, but now that you mention it's coming back to me. I want to say that was the push that made ParkerM6 donate one of his town purchases to us for startup, which was awesome. I remember the first time I came on the server and outside of Dorrod Muth was the gate to Mare Lupus with all sorts of warning signs about not entering, KoS, and what not. Made me sneak for the first half of my journey until I wandered into Crossroads and Exodus. The signs worked, I stayed away, but was also semi paranoid about dying in this world I've just awakened in.
  3. I should probably start counting how many times I pop on and off of the forums throughout the day. If I did, I can only guess that the number would be well over a lot and somewhere under too much. Now, the reason I do this dates back to when there would always be something new to read, and I mean always. Anyone call back to Buy/ Sell/ Trade forums? All the political theater? Anyone? Yeah, I know you're there, just like me, lurking in the shadows. It's time to stop that. Bring out your dead. Converse and have a good time. Talk about the old days, the new days, I don't care, just talk. Give me something to read, and maybe even come on A'therys and see all of the improvements that have been made. The conquest system is pretty sweet from what I'm told, and there's a problem with that line, I myself haven't even gone to see the system in action on the live server yet. We can talk about playing and what's good and what's bad, but if we don't actively engage with what's there, we're just couch quarterbacks or backseat drivers. Not sure why I really wanted to write this, just wanted to see something in the new threads spot I suppose, but I also really want to see how many of you are there watching, waiting, and sitting idle. Maybe push a few of you to come back into the fold and chat a bit. Edit: Just checked and in the past 24 hours there have been 80 people on the forums. That's a hefty number. Let's talk, reminisce a little.
  4. A labor of love, time, and blood. We present to you the first Content Team build, Dorrod Muth. After a long design and development phase, Dorrod Muth is ready to be unveiled. The plague will be fought back, and the sacred mountain where Dorrod Muth resides shall belong to Roreg Logh once more. Produced by @InsanibleLector and @mercymike Build designed by @mercymike Built by @InsanibleLector, @mercymike, @Altairas, @Scickar, and @Aller. Special thanks to @AkilaTajar, @redninja685 for access to build server and @Chrisblox for cavern terraforming.
  5. They were not submitted that way, no. I sorted them alphabetically myself in excel.
  6. Our winner has been chosen, @irlp was victorious with 86 forms of transportation. 4 Wheeler Active transport in cells Bike Boat Bus Canal Car Carriage Carried by human Cart Catapulting Conveyor Belt Crane Crawling Diving dolphin ride Dragonriding Drone Elephant Elevator Escalator Falling Flying broomstick Grappling hook hamster ball Hanglider Helicopter Horse Hot air balloon Jet pack Jumping Ladder Legs Levitating Magic Carpet Merry go round Mine cart Montaging Motorcycle Orbit Oxen Parachute Parasail Parkour Passive transport in cells Plane Pogo stick Pulled/Towed Pushed Rocket ship Roller skates Rollercoast Rolling down a hill Rolly chair Scooter See saw Shot out of a cannon Skate board Ski Ski lift Sled Slide Slingshotting Slipping Slithering Snowmobile Snowshoe submarine Subway Surfboard Swimming Swinging on vine Swingset Teleport Timemachine/TARDIS Train Tram trebucheting Tricycle Trucking War-Pigs/boars Wheel chair Wings Wormhole X wing fighter Zipline Thank you for all who entered and have a great week.
  7. Hello once again, A'therys. This contest is simple. PM me, InsanibleLector on the forums the following... "List all the forms of transportation you can think of." Please list all items on separate lines in your message. Ex. Train Bus Teleport The person who PM's me the most transportation methods by Saturday, February 4th, 10pm EST will receive 500 Yora in-game. Winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday, February 5th. Good luck to all. I look forward to reading your lists.
  8. This guide would be helpful if Brewry was a plugin. Brewery though is what this guide works for.
  9. To be fair a large portion of groups having their own TeamSpeak or Discord chats doesn't help for population in our TS either. At the end of the day it's a group effort for people to push using the A'therys TS, and for others to respect a groups channel and not drive them off to their own strip of the web. The initial barrier to entry doesn't increase the population, but it allows a filter from unwanted spam, keeping quality highish. If people truly want to join and have a drive to be part of A'therys' community, they'll ask around and seek the proper channels for entry.
  10. Oh' wise one, what do you see with your ninpō eyes?
  11. Hello all ye who are able to read. I'm looking for Gazamo's adventure map "Reverie - The Uprising" that was released a while back but all links appear to be dead. If anyone by chance has it saved sending it my way in a link or for all to see here would be fantastic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuDXi8NBrKc Cuddles
  12. The prodigal madman has returned, or has he?
  13. @Ghost8797 The winner of this competition is Ghost8797! They were the only one to file a submission. Ghost, you've been contacted in regards to your 777 Yora winnings! Cuddles

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