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  1. I miss u


    1. Dannie


      I miss you both

  2. Goodbye

    Whats with all these loyal community members now a days "smh"
  3. Goodbye

    Now this guys got the in, name yer' price? arrrggg?
  4. Goodbye

    Well this has been quite the entertaining read as a study break
  5. My Final Post.

    Swaglord from heaven
  6. Waiting on that Gazamo Games Server to come back up like o.O

    1. East101


      still unsure why there's a silent Y in your name

    2. Swyur Vierad

      Swyur Vierad

      This is Y we have to ask these questions

  7. Clydians Shameless Selfies MEGATHREAD (EVO VERSION)

    dafuq is dis
  8. Clydians Shameless Selfies MEGATHREAD (EVO VERSION)

    @braves4465 roasted
  9. [Conquest] Release And How To Play

    Photo Creds, @Swyur Vierad
  10. Small Fix

    The only small fix here is your pink tie, rekt m8.
  11. Since The Dawn Of Time

    This man knows.
  12. Since The Dawn Of Time

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