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Swyur Vierad

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  1. Whats with all these loyal community members now a days "smh"
  2. Now this guys got the in, name yer' price? arrrggg?
  3. Well this has been quite the entertaining read as a study break
  4. Swaglord from heaven
  5. Waiting on that Gazamo Games Server to come back up like o.O

    1. East101


      still unsure why there's a silent Y in your name

    2. Swyur Vierad

      Swyur Vierad

      This is Y we have to ask these questions

  6. dafuq is dis
  7. @braves4465 roasted
  8. conquest

    Photo Creds, @Swyur Vierad
  9. The only small fix here is your pink tie, rekt m8.
  10. This man knows.

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