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  1. This is the best post I've ever seen
  2. It's old mondenburg. I don't think I have any pictures of Safo's CW
  3. can u rollback my town again while you're at it please? see the future not oops thread
  4. thanks for nether island
  5. So I got bored with building new new new new new Mondenburg already mostly because it is way too expensive and also way too big. I've been planning a new town in single player recently but I probably wont build it until the summer when I can play for long periods of time without feeling guilty for procrastinating. I'm thinking about changing the name to the option listed in the poll, but the reason it's there is because I want to know if it a good enough name to succeed the legacy of Mondenburg. Thanks in advance.
  6. As long as Mondenburg exists nothing will replace the Duck. And Mondenburg has existed since 2012.
  7. I completely agree that the heroes system needs to go back to its roots from V1. This isn't just the nostalgia talking, rather it's clear in hindsight that the player count was higher when heroes wasn't more complicated than it needed to be. The reasoning for this is varied, but I think it has to do with the fact that new players, like Cloud said, get burnt out when they have to level forever in order to get on a basic level with everyone else (meaning leveling conduit, mountebank, and a combat class just to be on the same operational level as other players). There's a few points that I want to make that I don't think merit their own post: Conduit seems like a prerequisite these days to do anything so addressing that is a great first step Reinstate a nether island since almost everyone needs quartz and it would also be a place for PvP like it used to be Reintroduce in some form the classes that less hardcore PvPers can play like Baphus. I played that class because I wanted to have fun with the skills like Tree. Now all I do with heroes is repair, port, sprint, and jump. This point is a little less urgent but I personally feel that because of the stagnation in players, the map itself has an issue with suppy and demand. For the player base as it is now, the map is just too big. Back in V1, 151 players fit on that map fine--in fact the intimacy made it feel more like an actual RPG instead of like an actual planet. The V2 map was good, but it had the issue that heroes has now in my opinion--over complication. The map designer(s) went too far in making the map realistic to the point it turned off new and old players used to the vanilla style of V1 and other servers. This map now for whatever reason took that problem and emphasized it 10 fold for the sake of Planet Minecraft screenshots. Also in the unlikely event this is done, please make the map more intimate. You won't need to port as much if you can reduce travel time from half an hour to 5-10 minutes. Roads too. Obviously leaving that up to each nation didn't work.
  8. just join mondenburg malachi I know it's your life long dream.
  9. I believe Mondenburg was the best town in Ithero. Easy mistake.
  10. When we have mob events 40 people make the server unplayable. We used to be able to have 151/150 with people fighting with no problems. I'm curious what was the change that caused this slowdown. Did someone downgrade the server expecting that there will never be more than 40 people online at once anymore?
  11. why does it have to be so complicated
  12. Update 2: Still need quartz and glowstone so can someone bring back the nether island already
  13. Update:
  14. Thanks for the offers everyone. I'll just answer a few of the questions... Probably Ya Only the coolest town ever The reason we need all the dirt is because the part of town in the photos is flat but the land is not. Since the main reason I stopped my 4th iteration of Mondenburg was because of this same issue but I instead attempted to dig my way to a level surface, I am hoping to instead build it this time.

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