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  1. Hey, was just having a quick lil forum browse, noticed the thread. Spent many years smashing our heads against a wall regarding server lag, did probably most of everything you can do with a server to try and make it all work together. The one constant through it all was too many entities = lag, that never changed. As for garbage collection, Ben way back when wrote really efficient scripts for that but not sure if that would have transferred over when everything was swapped to Sellt, so worth checking. You may also want to check the DB settings as we found its quite easy to bog it down, depending how much and how frequently they are being written to. This was an issue figured out at the start of EVO. Good luck with it, I feel your pain.
  2. Hello A’therians and season’s greetings. Figured I’d pop my head in and say hello and wish you all a happy holiday season (at 2.42am apparently). Hope all is well with you all, great job with the server, extremely happy to see it all work out! All the best, Edd (Vorske)
  3. Wow you have been out for a good while. FEH is long gone from me bud.
  4. You stand as part of A'therys, so forever with me.
  5. Just over 1/6th (almost 5 years) of my existence has been dedicated to A’therys. Crazy to think that one decision way back in 2011 would last for so long. Yet the time has come for me to move on but ensure A’therys is taken care of, as I promised I would in such an event. As of today, I will be freely handing the server/website and all the bits over to Sellt, who because of his situation has the means to support it, ensuring that A’therys continues. The staff will remain and Jess who every day is becoming more experienced in coding, will continue to provide A’therys with what it needs. It’s a time for new ideas, a new drive, understanding and enjoyment of what A’therys is but striving to make it better. I have full confidence the loyal A’therians can make that happen. Thank you to staff and players, past/present, it has been one hell of an experience, one that I have learned so much from. I will still be around somewhat, have to transition the server over fully and make sure everything is setup. After that, new adventure awaits. I appreciate you all and how much A’therys has impacted my life, -Edd
  6. People, I understand the weight of the situation here, I fully own where I failed. We know what needs doing and the moment we get a chance, its jumped on. Play, concentrate on that, forum lurkers well you keep doing what you do. A’therys needs some re-working, work on god dam player retention and figuring how the hell to attract people and get across information at spawn. And again, if a promotion opportunity is there, it will be taken.
  7. Create it, run and establish it and like i say to others who have proposed the same thing, if it turns out to be something great, exceptions can be made but need to see the proof. More power to you! Also really love that reference image.
  8. Am away till Saturday, got eye stuff to take care of, oh joy...

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    2. GodOfGales


      How'd it go? 

    3. Edd


      The op i had has done its job, cornea has regrown, so now i can have a lense and should be back driving

    4. GodOfGales


      Glad to hear it!

  9. Not sure what went bang. Is being looked into, no ETA at this time.
  10. Looks like the MMK is a giant in the pic, great perspective. Definate winner. Will send your winings today.
  11. I guess it is kinda n obscure theme.
  12. Well thats a shame, would have thought there would be at least 1 submission.
  13. not me dude, Jess only on this one.
  14. Regarding Health / Mana Regen and what is happening there – For some reason, the code is borked in the way of, we set things to 5 and it defaults to 25, basically you are regening at 5x the amount you should. So the first fix / attempt will be to figure out the % and up health / mana regen, damage and skill cost by that amount. This levels it all out and boom, back to normal. If that does not work, jess is trying to get hold of an older version of heroes and rebuild it maybe solving that problem along with the whole arrow thing at the same time. If all of that fails, well we will be in a rather smelly creak without the aid of propulsion. Or will we…. There are other options but it would mean rather drastic change but given how things are we may be left with no choice. Either way folks, we got your back and are extremely focused on making everything good again. We are fully aware PvP needs to get good again and quality needs to be restored. We have every intention of doing so.

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