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  2. AYEEE! Pirate Captain Trance! I dont see yer ass no more!?
  3. everybody be like... "How can this thing hurt me" ahahha...
  4. Wildstar is too much of a grindfest, Yeh try trove MMORPG with building and crafting. Also has pvp and dungeons and also different classes to master.
  5. @Aronbear Aron do not fear you can win!!! BelIeve!
  6. It aint over till its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well.... see ya thanks for helping me out
  8. killriot24 because I have killed 24 ants and started riots around schools
  9. What time is 8 GTZ in your timezone Dannie?
  10. @Aronbear Where have you been? You've been on my mind for the whole day. Come on bb!

    1. Aronbear


      ok mr "i was born in 1999"

    2. killriot24


      Well You're too young to understand! Poshal Naruhi Suka

    3. Aronbear


      Poshel nahoi syka

  11. I vote for @Aronbear
  12. How do you play Lurker against Trueshot?
  13. Cany anyone help me out, I cant figure out how to convert 8pm GTZ to AEDT Edit: oh gawd nvm i figured out that it is Gazamo Time Zone... stoopid..
  14. Thank you very much!

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