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  1. I guess PvP really contributes nothing to server population. I also guess they're making fat stacks off those RPers and builders still playing
  2. @MisChiv you're being baited, bud the unmistakable scent of curry should be giving it away
  3. I'm practically a seer my dudes source: which ape is gonna argue that point now? Yea boys RP and building really seem to be makin' people play this server.
  4. get a coder first
  5. my dude
  6. respek
  7. Bloodbending people into traps is absolutely an exploit. This shouldn't even be a question. The changes I made to the spell make it so it requires line of sight, but you can still do it to people through 1x1 holes into buildings. It is harder right now to trap people using it but its still possible. @MisChiv back me up on this babe @the_KINGsRansom
  8. thats insane
  9. tfw you want to but your sitting on ur laptop which doesn't have the photoshopped pic
  10. he actually came into ts a while ago and we made up (i think)
  11. it is flame, but the element of truth in it is hilarious

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