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  1. hppy birthday babe 

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      happy birthday

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      so congrats closet admin

  2. [Contest] Tower Build

    I was bored so I decided to participate. Didn't know that the bridge was supposed to have to ends seeing as the one in the picture doesn't, otherwise I probably would've put more of a curve on the walkway of the bridge. Oh well, here's my entry. Build can be found on Aston's Build Server at "/warp Bridge+Tower" Bridge: Tower:
  3. Notice on Name Changes

    Yora should be tied into your towny profile. The best way to get around this issue would be to simply run the following command to transfer all towny data from one profile to another. This should just be done by an admin so I suppose the players can just make a ticket. /ta res <old name> rename <new name> The real issue arises whenever a player changes his name to the same name but with different capitalised letters.
  4. The deal is almost settled. Soon I shall be known as the magnificent Chef Grimlock.

  5. There appears to have been a bit of confusion in regards to event times at Conquest, and with good reason. The event times were not what I had stated, due to the system time on A'therys using MDT instead of EDT as I had assumed it would've since that's what the Heroes Testing Server uses. That has all been fixed now, and the event times are as seen on the illustration:


    1. Eojinn


      Or you could add a timer beneath the GTZ. 

  6. Conquest has now been released on A'therys and I'll be updating it over the course of the next few days. A few things to note. Mobs and loot will be added over the next few days. Mobs will probably be tomorrow. Before playing make sure to pick the nation that you're fighting for. This is done on the ship where you spawn at the Commander downstairs. The capturing bar has been temporarily removed due to issues with Heroes 1.9. I was going to use the boss bar instead however that won't be possible before 1.10 due to a bug in the 1.9 version of Denizen that we're using. Once we update I'll implement the bar. As a replacement for the bar there's an extra timer in the sidebar called Interval. Once it reaches 0 points are granted for every player within the capture point. The area of the capture points have been decreased to a 7x7x7 square around the beacon to make it a bit easier to understand where you should be standing. When using /Conquest to return after dying. It will now inform you how much time is left before you can return. In case nobody participates in an event, nobody will get a point. If you happen to find any bugs or have any feedback, by all means share it with us! This can either be done in the comment section, in a forum message, a PM in-game, or a separate thread if you so desire. I will see you all on the battlefield. - Ambrius
  7. Small update on Conquest. I wanted to replace the old progress UI so that it would utilize the boss bar instead of the action bar due to Heroes 1.9 already using that for CDs. This however turned out to be possible until we update to 1.10, due to a bug in the current version of Denizen that we're using. In the mean time I'll be using a countdown in sidebar as a replacement. Seeing as I spent most of the day figuring out why the boss bar wasn't working, that'll be a project for the next few days once I have some time on my hands. As some of you know I'm currently really busy with work leaving little to no time for A'therys. 

    1. Edd


      Tyvm for the update Aller. And yes busy is an understatement, that long at work, in teh restaurant industry, well i get you 100%.

  8. Conquest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VcB28aeQ60&feature=youtu.be Introduction: Hey everybody. With Conquest being right around the corner here’s everything you need to know about how it will work out and what is to be expected. While I did do a post on this in the past, that was in the earlier stages of development and there has been a few significant changes in game design since then. On top of that I’d like to address a couple of things a bit more in detail to avoid any confusion. Content: Conquest is a new piece of content on A’therys, consisting of a mix between PvE and PvP, with the main goal of promoting more PvP on the server. In short, it’s an island with mobs constantly spawning, however it differs from the PvE world by always having PvP enabled. To motivate players to level up in a PvP environment, mobs will be granting twice as much experience as the ones in the PvE world. Please note that this might change after release, depending on the pace of levelling. In addition to this, there will be a world boss spawning on a fairly regular basis granting a large amount of experience, but be weary taking him down is not an easy task and forces from enemy nations might be looking for a fight. Twice a day, there’ll be an automated event on the island. where the different nations compete against one another to conquer the island in a battle of dynamic capture point, that will take you around the entire island. At the end of each month, the nation(s), with the most wins will receive a reward, which will be decided on by staff. This reward could very well vary from month to month to mix things up. [Levelling] How to play: Preparation: Levelling on the island is pretty straight forward. To get to the island all you need to do is to gear up and go to your capital of choice. In every capital you will find an NPC called Recruit. Simply click the Recruit and type “Yes” in chat. If it doesn’t work try, make sure that you’re at least within 5 blocks of him. After dying on the island, you will not be able to use the Recruit within 90 seconds of your death. This is to prevent people farming kills for their KDR. Mobs and loot: The mobs are about as difficult as the medium difficulty ones in the PvE world, since the main focus is the PvP. For this very reason we recommend grouping up with a few of your friends in order to not get killed. On death they will have chance to drop a piece of loot from our new custom loot table. In total there are 9 different sets. One for each nation, 3 for the guilds, and on top of that a few random lore items. Durg The Deathreaver: Durg is our new world boss on the Conquest Island. We estimate that you’ll need roughly 5-7 people to kill him with a balanced composition. He’ll spawn in a cave once every 2 hours and consists of two different phases and a bunch of mechanics that you will need to counter in order to slay him. Upon spawn a global message will be sent out to notify everybody on the server. Beware though, since this is on the Conquest Island PvP will be on, and enemy forces might intercept you. That being said with risk comes reward, and upon slaying Durg you will receive a great amount of experience and a bunch of loot. Here among a chance to obtain Silktouch, Fortune and Protection items, all balanced according to server economy and PvP. [Event] How to play: The following is a recording with commentary of a complete event in case any of you want to see how it plays out rather than having me describe it to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1EP16SDDOE Preparation: An hour before and up until the event starts there will be set of server wide announcements to notify everybody that it’s about to start. 10 minutes before start, all mob spawning will cease and players will start keeping their items on death. At this time /Conquest will also be enabled, meaning that you can now warp to the island by typing the command, allowing you and your teammates to prepare yourselves. After having typed the command, you’ll be teleported to the a boat off the coast of the island after 10 seconds. The boat has PvP disabled, and on it are two NPCs, The Commander and The Captain. The Commander is used to select the nation that you’re fighting for through an interface. Once selected, your nation will be remain until changed. IMPORTANT: In case two or more nations are allied, they will have to choose one banner to fight under. This means that they will have to select the same nation to fight as even though they are actually from another nation. Wins of multiple nations will not be added up by the end of the month even though they are allied. This is to prevent multiple nations from simply allying during the last few days of the months and winning through that. Only the nation with the most wins will receive a reward and their nationhead is then responsible for distributing it. This hopefully also gives nations more of an incentive to ally as well as meaning to the various alliances. The Captain is used to choose between 18 different spawn locations across the coast of the island through an interface. The interface will display the coords of the respective locations and will prevent spawn camping. Map: The map is roughly 400 blocks in radius and features a norse type of terrain with hills roughly as steep as the ones in Aloreh. The specific locations that people will be fighting over will however be more flat. On the map there are 3 different capture point location with a different build for each capturing location. Each build will be favouring a different type of play style. Castle X:372 Y:108 Z:534 At the castle, people will be fighting in a courtyard, so as you can imagine that that’s be pretty close combat, which overall is going to favour zone control and melee classes, warriors in particular as they’re for the most part tanky and won't need to hop in and out of a battle. Village X:516 Y:70 Z:674 The ruined village will largely promote the mobility heavy play-style that rogues have to offer. With plenty of houses and high ground for rogues and archers to jump around on, this will be the ideal place to play a mobility heavy class. Shrine X:575 Y:84 Z:418 The Shrine is an open field with a simple structure in the middle similar to Stonehenge. As you can probably imagine, this will be good for the classes that generally rely more on peeling and kiteable terrain. Gameplay: The battle consists of 6 rounds. At the start of the event one of the three locations is randomly chosen, and from here it will cycle through the various locations with a new location at every round, always moving from Village, to Castle, to Shrine and back to Village. This means that you’ll be fighting twice at every location. Each round lasts for 5 minutes and is split up into two stages resulting in the entire event lasting for a total of 30 minutes. At the end of the 6th round, the team with the most points will win. The first stage lasts for 3 minutes and allows the various teams to move to the capture point location and ideally prepare to defend the location against enemy nations to gain an advantage. While testing it did however become apparent that waiting out this duration and then rushing in at the start of the second stage to surprise the enemy and push them off the point is definitely also a viable strategy. It is however important to note that you will not be able to spawn back immediately after dying. Once dead you will have to wait 90 seconds before being able to spawn back. Killing an enemy right before the second stage is therefore a fantastic way of ensuring your victory, as he/she will be locked out of the second stage. The second stage lasts for 2 minutes and is where the points are distributed. This is done in intervals of 15 seconds. At the end of each interval each nation will be rewarded with 1 point per player from the nation, meaning that each player has the potential to earn 8 points per round for their nation of choice. For a player to obtain a point for he/she has to be within the capture point zone, which is 10 blocks around the beacon. As you can probably imagine chasing the enemy team away is therefore not a smart idea in the second round. It’s all about defending the location. GUIs and Messages: During a Conquest event there are several GUIs and messages to help you better understand what’s currently happening. To the right of your screen you will see a sidebar displaying a whole bunch of information. At the top you will see the amount of rounds completed. Below that that you’ll see the current time. Again, note that the second stage of a round starts at 120 seconds, which is also announced to everybody on the island through chat. Lastly there’s the objective, simply indicating which location is currently being fought over. At the start of the second round you will also notice progress bar right above your hotbar, but only if you’re within a conquest points. When it reaches 100% points will be given out. This is a good way of making sure that you are within a capture points. Alternatively you will also be notified through chat every time you enter and leave a capture point. Aftermath: Once the event is over the winner will be announced globally, and the winning nation will have a point added to their overall monthly score, as well as the beacons of all capture point locations colored accordingly to indicate who won the latest battle. 3 minutes after the event has ended, mob spawns will be enabled again and you will drop your inventory on death. Event Times: As previously stated, the automated events will happen twice a day. Once around EU peak time (4pm EDT/9 pm BST), and once more at NA peak time (7 pm EST/12am BST). Note that these times might change depending on feedback, and that they follow system time, which means that the time of the events will always be based on EST. So keep that in mind as the difference in time changes over the course of a year. Stats: Kills, deaths and your overall KDR is being counted at all times on the conquest island, but not anywhere else. What’s special about this system though, is that whenever you die all players whom were in combat with you will get a kill. This effectively means that even though you’re playing a support class, you will still be gaining kills to make a more accurate representation of how much you’ve been fighting. There is also a leaderboard displaying the top 5 players with the highest KDR and let me now already say that any attempt to abuse this system to be at the top by simply killing your friends will be punishable. Obviously the respawn system is in place to prevent this sort of thing, but as always there will be that somebody. Commands: /ConquestHelp Displays a list of the various commands. /Conquest Warps you to the Conquest Isle Will only work during the Conquest events. /ConquestStats Displays your nation, kills, deaths, KDR and streaks on the Conquest Isle. /ConquestReset Resets your stats in Conquest - If OP you can type in a playername to reset his/her score. /ConquestLeaderboard (Reset) Shows the 5 players with the highest KDR. Resets the leaderboard and all player stats - Requires OP. (Will probably lag the server due to large player database) /ConquestNations (Reset) Displays a leaderboard for all of the nations. Resets the all nation stats - Requires OP. Release date: Conquest is set to be released as soon as possible, after we have done the last bit of testing. Currently we’re just looking to test a few new mechanics and sort out some mob spawns. Once it has been released on A’therys some changes might still occur until 1.9 hits, where it will be officially added. Staffing: Overall Conquest won’t bring much extra work for the staff, but what they will need to do is the following: Come up with a prize to be given out to the winning nation each month. Reset the KDRs once a month. (/ConquestLeaderboard Reset) Reset nation wins once a month (/ConquestNations Reset) Monitor player stats of the KDR leaderboard in case of abuse. Not to shut down the server during the events as it will cancel them. Restart the event in case of a server crash/restart during one of them. Final notes: Last but not least, I’d like to thank the following people for helping with the production of this piece of content. Without their help I doubt that it would’ve ever been finished. And of course a big thank you to all you guys from the community who decided to take the time to help test for numerous hours. Coding: Ambrius Map: Chrisblox Building: Ambrius, Aston, Chrisblox Mobs: Brady & Dannie Loot: Ambrius, MisChiv & Brady3211 Balancing: Valaen, Aroth, Tachanka, MisChiv, Brady & Ambrius Video: Dannie In the weeks to come after the release, we’ll be monitoring how it plays and make adjustments accordingly. It goes without saying that you, the community, of course are more than welcome to come with feedback as well, as it is always very helpful. There will probably be a thread in the future for that sort of thing. Once again thank you for all of the support that you guys have been giving us. Let’s make PvP on A’therys every more enjoyable! - Ambrius, Admin of the Closets
  9. Thought that I'd give people a quick update on Conquest. As most of you probably know Full Effect Hosting has merged with PureVoltage Enterprises Inc. meaning that we're currently without a Testing Server. As a result of that, we're currently unable to do any work. With that being said, we're very close to a release. All we need is to test a couple of new mechanics and sort out the mob spawns. This is all doable in a day or two, but until we get our new testing server up and running, we have our hands tied. 

    1. Chronus


      Oh well that sucks but good to hear conquest I'd just about done, I am looking forward to it.

    2. Timbobuhler


      That's unfortunate about the servers, but nothing to be done about that. But I'm sure many, including me, would prefer to wait and get a really good expirience!

    3. InsanibleLector


      Thank you for the update. Looking forward to this when it's ready to go.

  10. New Rule Addition.

    It's really not as simple as you make it out to be. As a matter of fact, it's quite the opposite of what you might think. People starting to use drastic measures to get into towns that have been completely closed off, is more of a reaction to an ongoing issue, as opposed to simply being the distasteful behaviour that less informed players within the community believe it to be. Perhaps some people remember back when PvP was togglable in towns. Amongst PvPers it was, just like in this case, considered distasteful behaviour to actively raid other towns, yet have PvP toggled off in your own town. What certain towns on A'therys has decided to do here, is exactly the same thing. They're creating their own little shielded community while actively dissociating themselves from the bigger one by hiding from any sort of raid, yet doing the exact thing they're trying to prevent to others. Now you can say a lot of things about how a large portion of the A'therys PvP community are a bunch of hypocrites, but this to me is just a prime example of it. Especially considering that some of these people will be the first to complain when a remotely new player dies, and then have the boldness to go raid other new player towns on the server who aren't shielding their players from the surrounding world in one way or another. To me it's a matter of mutual respect, and while I will admit that the players who go out of their way to get into these enclosed towns definitely also need to have their attitude adjusted; this sort of hypocritical behaviour is just fuel on the fire and only causes more of a dispute. The best advice I can give these towns is to try and open up a bit more. If they weren't doing all of this and dissociating themselves, it'd be a lot easier to have a modest conversation going. However if you choose to call a mod over at every chance in order to attempt to get people banned. You're only putting bandaid on the wounds at best.
  11. Arena Design Input Needed.

    I'll try to keep it short and sweet, but you know me. Make the arenas diverse. Both design-wise and thematically. There's nothing worse than to fight in the same generic arena over and over again. Stick to relatively symmetrical maps. You don't want maps favouring one side. Seeing as this isn't super competitive, it won't matter if the map is slightly asymmetrical, but you never want to give one side the advantage of being able to get to a key location way earlier than the other team. Size matters. Don't make them too small nor too large. Make them too small and you ruin chance of kiting. Make them too large and you'll clearly favour range classes. Especially if it's an open map too. Keep the designs simple. While it's nice to have pretty arenas, functionality is key when it comes to a good design. Try and avoid making them too cramped. This also applies to structures. Be minimalistic when it comes to structures. Pillars, tiny structures and whatnot should be sufficient at keeping things interesting. Flat maps are overall the best. Seeing as you have to jump to move up one block, fighting in rough terrain more often than not just becomes tedious. Having slight differences in levels is more than fine, but don't overdo it. Attempt to keep them as balanced as possible. While this, for obvious reasons, is not completely possible, you still don't want them to favour one particular type of class or skill set to a degree where it just ruins the match. In this case it's important to especially keep mobility in mind as a bad design could allow for infinite kiting. Do your best to avoid anything that classes might be able to utilise mobility skills to get on to, resulting in the opposing team not being able to get to them at all. This effectively resets the fight and generally just leads to trolling and other distasteful behavior. Do NOT mess too much around with ground clutter. While snow and grass is a nice finishing-touch to builds, it's quite frankly obnoxious to fight in since it messes with skills e.g. Web and blocks projectiles like fireball. You can have a little here and there but be reasonable about it. Avoid any sort of match changing terrain design that potentially can screw over one of the teams e.g. lava, water, and cobwebs (Having them up under the ceiling isn't a bit deal).
  12. More Interesting Gear Options

    Actually it's not too bad, seeing as you can limit effects to specific classes or class trees. The only problem with doing something like this is resources. Having only one coder means that the Heroes Team needs to prioritise what they want finished at a relatively low pace, seeing as Jess is the only active coder currently on the team. If something like this is to be implement you'd therefore need to do more generic buffs like slight increases to health, mana regen, melee damage, you get the idea. That way you'd be spending the code time most efficiently by reaching a broad number of classes in terms of viability and balance. Another thing would be availability. For people to actually wanting to use this gear, you'd need to make it either fairly easy to obtain, or remove item loss on death. Otherwise you will for the most part just see the exact same thing as when it comes to custom lore items. People will hoard them, but not actually use them because of fear of losing them.
  13. New A'therys Guides

    Good job Sanders. I'll make sure the script for the /Guides command is put on A'therys and it'll be broadcasted on a regular basis to help out new players
  14. Hey guys, it's time for another discussion. Do me a favour and read the post before voting! This time around we'll be talking about how to get a larger part of the community to PvP. Here it's important to note that I'm not talking about hardcore PvP where you'll be fighting for several hours a day. For those of you that remember V1, you'll probably also remember that it seemed like there was much less of a diversion between players when it came to what they did on the server. This is what we would be aiming for. More of an incentive for your average player to spent a bit of time helping with defending his nation every now and then. Earlier today Valaen and I came up with a system that we think could be largely beneficial to everybody on the server, PvPer or not. As always it's important that you keep in mind that this won't necessarily happen. Even if a majority of the community wants it to. After all resources etc. also come into play. Motivating More PvP: When talking to players about why they don't PvP, it often becomes apparent that a large portion don't like losing their items and as a result of that choose to completely avoid it. What we therefore propose is a compromise between keeping items and losing everything. Rather than dropping all of your items you will instead will keep all of your armour and everything in your hot-bar. Now this could also be altered to only be tools in your hot-bar, but for the sake of this argument, let's just say the entire hot-bar. This affectively means that you will only be losing the contents of your inventory, but to make the penalty slightly more harsh, all items you keep that have durability will have let's say 50% of the current amount removed. So let's say I'm wearing a golden helmet with 50% of its durability left and I then die. Then that would drop down to 25% of its total durability. You get the idea. Obviously I'm just using 50% as an example, but the value is not completely off. Essentially the penalty for dying is lowered while still remaining to some degree. As previously stated this means that we have a much more forgiving system, which I can see both benefitting new players as well as those who simply don't have as much time to play and get lots of items and resources. Overall it just makes it a lot easier to get into PvP and do it on a more regular basis. Now let's talk worlds, because I personally see it having different benefits depending on which world that you apply it to. First there's the regular world. This is where I believe a system like this to be very effective for reasons I've already stated. I'd also argue that the levelling world could be slightly more forgiving, especially to new players. Implementing a system like this surely would mean that new players are less likely to give up before even getting started, while still maintaining that fear of death. As for the Conquest world, I'm personally against adding a system like this as I believe it should be high risk, high reward, but some of you might disagree and say that it would encourage more people to try it out the PvP there too. The argument that the people against this system would use, will most definitely be that they like obtaining loot by killing other players, and to this I can only say that you're bringing up a very valid point. Yes, you won't necessarily be able to obtain loot by killing other players. This is a part of the reason why I wouldn't implement it in the Conquest World. People who're really into PvP would then still be able to gain loot from other players. I really just think it comes down to what people value the most. I know that I personally value having a good PvP experience with a larger group of people over getting more items. To me it really seems like it would be a win win situation for both the people who PvP on a day to day basis as they ideally would see more of it, and to the people who don't PvP much as they would have an easier time getting into it. I also suppose it also means that people will be using more of their cool custom gear rather than just keeping it locked away in a chest. This of course could be implemented along with a few changes to repairing making it more costly to repair for example by making the cost scale on the amount of durability missing. That way you're also creating more of a use for materials through out the world instead of having people excessively save up on them in their chests. Anyway, I'm curious in hearing what you guys think. Well really I'm mostly interested in hearing what the PvPers think as I think I already know what most players who don't PvP will say. As always I encourage you to ask question and come up with suggestions in the comment section below. - Ambrius
  15. [Conquest] What is to be expected?

    As Aroth said, it's for the most part not being made by staff. There're a couple of staff and heroes team members helping out with the building and balancing, but apart from that it's just me, who's coding the scripts and building. Chris, who's creating the map and building. Brady who's doing the MythicMobs. So yeah, more or less just me who took the initiative to get together a few friends and create some content for you guys. Most of us however have some experience in creating content for A'therys in one way or another. Yeah, this was just me being tired and not thinking. I meant KDR but wrote KDA. KDA is "Kills, Deaths, and Assists". You can expect it to be released some time soon after the new Heroes patch. If that ends up being released late, then maybe at the same time. If I had to guess I'd say that's going to be some time within the next two weeks to a month, but nothing is certain yet. In the meanwhile, we'll be doing lots of testing on the Heroes Testing Server, so keep an eye out for that. After all, all of the code is already done so right now we just need to finish the builds and mobs and then just test until we're satisfied with the product. Anyway, I'm glad many of you are looking forward to this. A lot of work has gone into creating this.

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