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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but did we not for a short period of time have a /roll command that would roll a 20 sided dice? There are arguments to be made on both sides and I understand the hesitation of some people. Looking at LOTC, their RP system is mandatory. Does that detract from actual PvP? Most certainly. I know a lot of our PvP community would not or does not enjoy that server because of it. The purpose of the lore, the universe, the story of A'therys is to provide players with a consistent setting for their imagination to take over - we as a server provide the scene, you are the actors. At a base level, PvPers are also RPing - the formation of towns, buildings, raids, etc contributes to that story. The question then is, is an alternative system to PvP detrimental to PvP overall? If we do it in a similar manner to LOTC, yes, yes it it. I say this as someone who has always leaned towards the RP side of the community more. The way they do their system essentially makes it more difficult for RPers to actually fight than it is for them to RP fight. So many circumstances have to be fulfilled for players to actually be able to attack each other using combat mechanics, and this detracts from PvP. RPing a fight is easier in that system. If we made such a system here, RPers would find the alternate PvP system easier than an actual combat system - encouraging them not to actually PvP out of convenience. But that isn't what is being suggested here. What is being suggested here is simply a framework where we (or someone) explains an optional, non-binding system for combat. One that isn't default, one that doesn't take preference to picking up a diamond sword and bashing someone's face in. If its done in a way that the more natural of the two combat systems is still to actually fight, this wouldn't take away from PvP at all. Can that be done? I don't know, it's not something I have the time to play around with. If anyone in the community wants it, they can take the initiative to do it. I don't want a mandatory RP framework. I don't want a mandatory PvP framework. I don't want a server where members of either group feel like they have to RP/PvP a specific way. A'therys has always been the middle ground between LOTC and a server like Herocraft. You have the choice to engage in either side or both side. Or none at all. Mandatory systems for any aspect are silly if not done right, and that's why we don't generally do that beyond a page or two of server rules.
  2. I may actually not be around this Sunday, or for the next 3 weeks actually. I'll be checking in with sporadic internet connection, but I'll be back the first week of July. I'll let you guys know my thoughts in the nation chats But everyone should come!
  3. Your concerns are fair! I'd also want to know where my money is going no matter how much I care about any project. Unlike the Heroes team, which was generally kept separate from the staff team, the Horizons project is lead by the staff with oversight into pretty much everything we do. While I'm not aware of anything to do with Heroes donations, you can look at the list of things Sellt posted to see what the Horizons donations will go to. The process of moving to a new version does involve losing our previous work and purchases, and shutting the store down now is our way of showing to you that we aren't going to be taking money for no reason. There are many months ahead in Evo for you to enjoy your previous purchases. When the time comes, we will not be porting over titles, plots, etc. This was mentioned in the Sellt chat if not the official post. I know not everyone was present at the Sellt chat, but rest assured regular updates will be coming as the process moves along. Lots of work to be done, but also lots of opportunities to showcase what we're working on - if you like what you see/hear from these, then feel free to donate. Or don't, that is alright too! Your presence is enough contribution to the well-being of the server
  4. Nah I've always liked Omega Iota as a name. Gives like, early Yugioh vibes. Also, Raz, it's just Dani nav-Vercin now.
  5. Yikes. We may set up a repository, I might have the old ones somewhere. Otherwise maybe not.
  6. So thoughts so far? We're obviously finding that players have clever ways around the traps we set for them, and that's alright! We learn and adjust for the next time. As long as you guys are having fun!
  7. JOHN hello hello
  8. Ah but here is the thing! The rework of the economy includes a new source of inflation (printing of new money as you put it). There is an organization called the AMF, headed by staff (it's official). @Chronus Blazebringer is in charge of it. The A'therys Monetary Fund has the sole right to print new yora. You may have seen some nations offering to buy gold. This is because the AMF is operating a gold exchange program where they offer nation banks a price for their gold, which the nations are obliged to buy from their nation members for (a minimum) of 9 gold per ingot. The AMF of course will offer an amount higher than that, ensuring nations receive profit. The player with gold is also guaranteed profit at 9 yora per ingot. So there will be a continuous flow of money from the AMF to the player (providing you have gold). If you do not have gold, there are still many millions of circulatory yora already in the economy. The nations will also be gaining profits monthly which will be distributed to the players through national projects and initiatives (up to the nation heads, but we will have some safeguards in place to make sure it isn't a failed "trickle-down" economy). Inflation is healthiest at around 2% annually. Chronus is aware of that and will be working with the rest of the team to ensure that this rework happens properly. There will be an overall post about the AMF and the other initiatives soon.
  9. Hello everyone, welcome to the Daily Event megathread! This thread is meant for general inquiries, discussion of previous day's riddles, explanations, questions, screenshots of loot, of adventure, stories about fighting people at that location, whatever. This thread is NOT for posting, asking, or soliciting tours to the location of the current event!. Do not mention today's riddle or attempt to solve it in this thread. This will be moderated heavily and posts will be removed if they break these rules. You are free to discuss yesterday's event, and how you solved it, but not today's. You can also post any questions about the purpose of these, or how they work. Contact @redninja685 or @Dani (myself) if you have any further questions!
  10. Just like in real life, you shouldn't stockpile items that aren't going to be in demand. That's exactly what it means. That was part of the issue with admin shops. People selling things at an unlimited demand. If there is no market for an item, don't invest in it. It's simple economics that applies everywhere. If I buy seven kilos of sand in the middle of the Sahara, I cannot reasonably be mad that I can't sell it to anyone. As it was, people got around that by selling to admin shops. This introduced an unlimited faucet of money pouring into the economy, money that had no place being there. The admin shops were intended to be done in a much more thought out way, but were rushed as were many things around the Evo launch. The original intent was to have admin shops exist as a market regulator like you said. They were to sell items to you at exorbitant prices, like 10x inflated, if you were that lazy. This was also in case resources became so scarce or difficult to mine that building became difficult to do. Think, "I can pay the admin shops 50k for quartz, or find a player willing to do it for less". It meant no building bottlenecks, but also would make next to no sense to buy from in any other circumstance. The money they offered you for YOUR items was meant to be pennies on the yora. Peanuts, figuratively speaking. Nothing near market value. This was to theoretically give players a last resort for making "some" money, but also to encourage players to make literally any trade offer in hopes of getting a better deal. Meaning not getting involved in trade would be losing you money, even if you were shorting that item for below it's regular market price. This would have pegged market prices roughly based on rarity with the spikes coming from players not being bothered to find better deals. The way the admin shops WERE implemented meant that they offered you too much and limited the prices too low. This created a very narrow gap of potential prices for an item. Why bother wasting time with a) finding a buyer, b) meeting a buyer, c) agreeing upon a price, d) making sure there was enough volume of product, etc when you could just pop into the admin shops and pay a "convenience tax"? Yeah it was a hefty tax in some cases, but in others we saw players plan their builds and gameplay around admin shop prices. This killed player shops. If you have a narrow band in which to compete with other players for, you're inevitably going to hit the bottom and prices will stagnate. And for those prices, people weren't gonna bother traveling to get "deals". Don't get me wrong, there were exceptions. There were players that drove merchanting communities, etc. But it wasn't really working for the rest of the server. Add in caches and we had a very strange economy that had little player to player trading going on. If you walk into any store in the world and buy something without checking to see the general price for it, that's no one fault but your own. What that price is is now up to you, not us. We want to see a more player driven economy, more incentive to have shops, to have a reason to buy from players. New players will have resources to find out how to get involved in merchanting, and can always verify in chat or by seeing more than one shop selling the same item to get a general idea. NOTE: This is my personal opinion, with some experience and behind the scenes insight. I'm not on the econ team and I'm not speaking for them.
  11. The removal of admin shops has been brought up for months. It was communicated to players that these shops would be removed. It wasn't written down as a separate post for many reasons. The primary one, and the reason the removal was done without fuss or big post (it has been mentioned in some) is to avoid the influx of players draining their chests and selling them in that moment to beat us to the punch. We did however drop many hints, tell people openly in all Sellt chats since the beginning of time, and anyone else in TS channels. Was also talked about in the various economic summits. Bank heads for the AMF system were also aware of it, and would have told their nation leaders. There wasn't a set date we planned on surprising people with, like "haha gotcha!" It was long overdue and meant to be done ages ago. Players have had ample time to make money this way.
  12. Of course if you're willing to give up an alt account just to troll then there's only so much we can do, but it does deter a good amount of people. It's worked pretty well so far, in my opinion. We'll discuss the best way to help new players on Sunday.
  13. I'd say it's very very rare that there isn't a staff member online that can't verify your in-game IP. We've had problems in the past where players not tied to an account would log on with VPN's to troll and harass members. Banning those members from TS did nothing, and they didn't care as it wasn't linked to an in-game account. This way at least we have collateral, we know who you are, and we know that you're not just gonna switch up a million IP's to be an idiot to others. It's a form of authentication by verifying your true identity. Many games do this nowadays, and it's definitely caused a decrease in misbehaviour. The locked channels have also been very popular. If there is someone you wish not to talk to, in the past you would have to make a big scene about getting them removed or moving channels, asking a staff member to move you to a pre-locked channel etc. This way we can allow for some streamlining of that - just make a channel for the people you want to talk to, no drama, no awkward interaction. You can always poke them and ask to join their channel, or open a text chat inviting those people to yours. Yes this is a little daunting for new players that aren't part of these little groups, but there are usually enough people in the public chats to rectify that. There are some solutions that we can discuss like Dannie said on Sunday. Perhaps a guest friendly room, or a new player room. Where you would be able to pop in to talk with new town members in the case that a mod/admin wasn't online.
  14. May the fires of Raviyna's soul consume and engulf the bones of any traitor found guilty of such crimes! Remember, there are spies everywhere. Did anyone see you smuggle the gold to other nations? Was anyone eavesdropping during the transaction? If so, you won't have much time before the gates to Sav-Synav's garden close forever on your soul! Ask yourselves - is an extra hundred yora worth betraying the sands upon which you were born? The sands stained with the blood of your ancestors, who died protecting the interests of the dunes? If you are willing to take silver for your loyalty, then the sands will not be your home much longer. Make the right choice. Ingratiate yourself in the eyes of the capital, and our one true god. (Real talks though, don't do it. It's not worth the hassle for a few extra yora. There are other benefits to selling it to us. )

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