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  1. Kingj's back! Altharia Return & Kastellon's demise.

    Hide your lapis, everyone
  2. Do dragon eggs behave the same way on A'therys as they do in normal MC?

  3. Honestly there is no better feeling than the satisfaction of finishing an art piece 


  4. Why the MOBA rework is unhealthy for PvP

    I'm not really a PvPer, but I'd just like to add my two cents that if the update does get overhauled into something better, I do hope they keep some of the new skills that were introduced in it, i.e.: Iceblock, possess, etc, since they were pretty cool. (Sidenote: My beef with the update is that conduit pretty much loses its entire previous purpose. No summon, no teleport, no portal. Ew.)
  5. A’therys Weekly Screenshot Competition #2

    Time to dig up the screenshot I took when you were AFK in the middle of Salacia and I pushed you all the way onto my bed @Sanders Nothing says friendship like a little kidnapping
  6. Unfinished doodle of what I think the Strovorach might look like. B8mpznG.jpg

  7. "Not sure what his role is as an admin"

    What creepy cursed items, where can I get these
  8. Myra's A'therys Weapon Pack

    The A'therys Weapon Pack provides alternate textures for the A'therys resource pack that replace various tools, so they appear more like the weapons they might be used as in A'therys. The textures were made to blend as seamlessly as possible with the original resource pack, and most are indeed simply edits of the original textures. Without further ado, please enjoy, and use as you like. Texture List The weapon pack will continue to be added to, mostly whenever I decide I'd like to add something to it. I do take suggestions for additional textures that people would like to see, however.
  9. Anyone who can help me find out what happened to my town after I left? It was called Eladia, and it was near the capital of Aloreh. (Probably got removed but I'm asking anyways)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      It was definitely removed plot wise but the buildings stayed there for a long long time.

    3. Myra Tawlhyn

      Myra Tawlhyn

      They were pretty good buildings, I was proud of them.

    4. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      They were nice and fit the area 

  10. An Oldie Returns, Maybe?

    Wow. It has been a long time. I think it's been the better part of a year since I've even looked at the forums, much less been active on this server. For those who have never met me, I'm Myra, though I'm sure many will remember me as Morgrim. I joined Atherys a long time ago, probably sometime in...2013? During my time on the server, I think most people knew me as one of the more vocal cultists of Shol, and indeed, I was a bit pusher for making Toothwizard a viable class, back when it still was a class. I like to think I was part of the reason they added that cannibalism skill to it, haha. And of course, for a time, I was the leader of the Mages Guild! While I was certaintly not the best leader, being of poor memory and little administrative skill, I still hold fond memories of those times, and offer my sincerest well wishings to the current head. I may pop by for a visit at some point, to reminisce. Moving past my nostalgia, though I was active for a long time on the server, eventually, I drifted away from it. Stress from school and a few personal issues led to decreased activity, and eventually, I stopped logging on at all. It's been a while since then, and I've got my life under some semblance of order. And so I thought, how about I go take a look, for old times sake? Wow. Things have changed so much while I was gone. The faces, the classes, even the website looks a bit different? And you know what? I love it. After skimming the forums, and peering through the newly reworked classes, I've decided to try and come back to this place. And who knows? Maybe this time I'll stay.
  11. It has been so long

    1. Eojinn


      Welcome back! Question is do you still worship Shol fanatically like in the good ol' days.

    2. Aurek
  12. Clydians Shameless Selfies MEGATHREAD (EVO VERSION)

    March 31st, Happy Trans Day of Visibility
  13. Country of Hazane RP Thread

    The child shakes its head, hissing softly. The forest gone, vanished as soon as it touched the odd shimmering. Craning its neck to look around the small area, it sniffs at the clothes. It knows it is no longer in the forest, but somewhere strange. Human, by the things surrounding it. With a wet tearing sound, it begins to change. Chalk white skin translucifies, and then splits open, human arms and human legs clambering out of the limp shell. Abandoning fangs and claws for rosy cheeks and dark curls, the child stuffs the husk of its previous form into the back of the presumed closet, wiggling into an oversized jacket before cautiously poking her head out the door.

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