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  1. rainbow mummy necromancers...

  2. Plus its actual headquarters is technically Port Roslund in Vrovona (to take advantage of a more neutral location as well as the honorable reputation of its Zhuvosk landlords.) the Merchant's Guild has always been much more international than any of the other guilds.
  3. Other great resources I love include Datafortess2020 and the Android universe.
  4. As a NorCal-ian I feel so conflicted. Davis, Gaels, Cal... so many home teams to root for!

    1. Captain Sjielt

      Captain Sjielt

      I am also a norcalian and have no clue wtf ur talking about lol

    2. Razrivon


      March Madness

    3. Captain Sjielt
  5. Looks really nice so far!
  6. That production value though.... I rate 6/10, noticeable lack of helicoptors.
  7. It might be interesting to see if dungeon series' could be created where like each week a new "wing" opens or something. Or maybe there are some that are like "Choose Your Own Adventure" or something
  8. Razrivon
  9. well there goes my afternoon...
  10. I REALLY like this dystopian future you've presented! I think you've also managed to find the right balance of OOC and IC voice to it as well, it was really enjoyable to read. I just love this side of lore you're offering!
  11. party

    I love the logo, awesome work!
  12. Might want to fix your username :P

    1. Victor Blackwell

      Victor Blackwell

      i didnt do nuffin

      Wait, change what

    2. Razrivon


      minecraft username part of your forum profile still says Automatiic.

  13. Hi

  14. @Xathas

    Do you remember who it was in V1 who actually came up with "A Tale of Zeroes"? All I remember is that I'm pretty sure it wasn't OA

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Xathas
    3. Omega_Iota


      Anvil and his hate for shol events ;_;


      made me cri erytem


    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      It's about how Solodav died right Raz?

  15. ...because I'd totally frolic in your garden if you know what I mean.

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