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  1. Welcome back to the cool kids!
  2. ;o
  3. The Human Follow is @Zorin This is a real place on A'therys that really has a chest full of human meat...
  4. It was a cold day in the world of A'therys. A panda King and his loyal human follower were traveling to the nation capital of Vrovona when suddenly a horrible snow storm came out of no where. Desperate to find a warm place to set up camp, they searched around when they found a odd looking cave. They explored the cave and found that someone was recently there. Inside the cave there was a still burning fire and a lot of chest of loot. The greedy human follower decided to open one of the chest to find a horrible discovery. The chest was full of rotten meat.. But it wasn't normal meat, it was HUMAN MEAT!! In fear of being the next victim, the two ran as fast as they could to find a new place to set up camp. The END~
  5. Moo

  6. Trance Loot'e Shop in the Ithero player market will be having a sale on DarkOak Logs! Who likes to stand gather logs just to get splinters all day..? Well... Trance has a lot of logs to give out!! The sale will only last for a couple days so get it while its cheap.. Normally the cost of a single log y1.5 per log, but the sale brings it down to a low of y1 per log!
  7. "Every seaman is not only a navigator, but a merchant and also a soldier"

    1. Dannie


      I always get the wrong end of the stick...

  8. The rum seems to always be gone...
  9. Burn the RED! Burn the RED!
  10. Mate the servers been down X3
  11. You better have used Marcus
  12. Hiiiiii!! .. I mean.. yarr?
  13. Yes my RP pirate name is Marcus Valdaren! ^^ Trance is a good name BTW!! D: X3

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