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  1. I approve of this message.
  2. In case anyone is wondering why we have to discuss these issues in public forum threads, that's because the people throwing the accusations never contacted any staff or administration about these issues in any direct way whatsoever. Honestly, the only bit of communication we've had about this is through the public forums, so we're having to deal with it like this. Personally, I don't mind, but I hope this gives everyone a better idea as to why we keep replying. Ah, but until you do have more concrete evidence, you're doing the absolutely logical thing and spewing nonsense on the forums. Additionally, the fact that we've had to deal with your nonsense publicly, on the forums, for a good week now, should speak loads against your argument on censorship. If we were so harsh and so terrible on free speech around here, don't you think you would've been muted long before the multiple warnings we gave you, AND way before Sellt, on multiple occasions, offered you contact him directly to talk about this?
  3. Hey Edd, glad you could stop by. As you can see, we've got our resident crazy on the loose, and he's going on about conspiracy theories or something. We're not completely sure either. I'd like to say thanks for the encouraging words and that, yes, you are very much correct. I've repeated the same thing a couple of times now on this forum as well, A'therys is only as dead as the people working on it. I'm happy to see you still drop by to check in on us every once in a while
  4. That's a generous amount of proof and argumentation you have provided there. Stay strong, Alex Jones. Can I be filled in too? I seem to have missed a few of the last secret atherys freemason meetings, so I'm kind of behind on all the evil plots we have going on. Need to get informed by someone as woke as yourself.
  5. Holy shit And you call us paranoid? Tell me, honestly, do you believe we'd go through the trouble to create fake accounts just so we can claim old players are coming back? To what end? Where's the pay off for this? I genuinely can't even. The ignorance and outright paranoia in this post baffles my mind to a degree that it has never been baffled to before.
  6. Nice
  7. The Adeptus Mechanicus requires toasters.

  8. rational conversation
  9. The server population does not reflect upon the well-being of A'therys. Here's how it works in my mind. A'therys is only as dead as the people working on it. Meaning, that as long as there are people to produce new content for the server and the community ( as small as it may become ), then by definition it is not dead. Yeah, we can't keep you guys entertained all the time. That's true. The server gets stale, it gets boring, for no other reason than because people get their fill of it and leave. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't. That's the nature of all games, not just A'therys. Thinking to my own gaming experience, I can recount more than one time where I've quit a game like WoW only to come back to it some time later. I can't stand to play the same damn game without a break. Are there things that can be changed to squeeze a bit more life out of a player wave? Sure. But you must also remember that we're here to create the game we want to play. It's unreasonable to believe that we're expected to deliver on every single demand you guys make. We're not blind, we see the issues present on the server just as well as others, but there is a limit to what we can do to fix them. Our dream is to have a flourishing server too. We're not here to milk A'therys for the money and then take it out behind the garden shed and shoot it. And then there are people who claim that one single fix, just the tiniest thing ( like toggling PvP to permanently on ), will save us from our low population count and breathe life into the server once more. That's not true, lets not pretend that will ever be true. If a single fix brought us back to a population count in the hundreds, do you honestly believe we'd be stupid enough to ignore it? Are we discouraged that the server is at a low right now? Well, I haven't spoken to others about it, but personally it makes me more motivated if anything. I remember the times when we regularly had tonnes of players on too. I'd very much like to go back to those times. And I, personally, fully intend to work towards that goal. The only thing left for you guys to do is just check back in every now and again. On the forums, on the server, wherever. At the end of the day, that's what defines a community, a group of people who gather around similar interests. Do they have to actively engage in these interests all day every day? Of course not, that's unreasonable. People have jobs, they have lives, they have other interests as well, and A'therys can't possibly hope to ever engage the consciousness of it's community for every waking hour of the day. People say it's dead, I'm not convinced. Edd said this way back when as well, multiple times. We ( the remaining staff ) might be the last people in this damn forum or on that almost-empty server, but god damn it, it'll always be our server and we'll always work to better it. You guys just need to stick around and enjoy. Or not. Your choice.
  10. This is hot
  11. Joke's on you guys, it's not Selukk we're wiping, it's Roreg. And we're not so much wiping it, as we are putting it under Vrovonic occupation. Now, for any loghecs reading this, you need not worry. Your new Vrovonic overlords will be merciful, and as long as you throw away your outragous reverence for that damp cave you call Dorrod's realm, and adopt Vrovona's teachings within 14 working days, you will be left relatively unharmed. Additionally, please note that any sort of organized or military resistance to the occupation will be taken most seriously and any conflicts will be resolved with the wiping out of whole regions of the jungle, starting with the most-populated ones. Signing off, Your friendly neightborhood General Secretary of the Occupational Government in Roreg Logh.
  12. Oh hey, a vnthy thread. Right then, moving right along...

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