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    A middle-aged fellow hailing from Vrovona, who for some time was an Elder of the Mage's Guild. He currently resides in Fort Razryv, Vrovona, where he practices his Candles magic and spends his days tilling the ground.

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  1. I say we just toss them into Gulags.
  2. Sign me up mate! I've been working on the ironic arts of ironimancy for some time, and wish to test them at the Proving Tree this year... XMeta_KnightX
  3. He wasn't. I believe he was in Ithero, but probably moved around a bit. I was, however, in the Mage's Guild mid to late v1, most of v2, and the beginning and middle of Evo to date. Just thought I'd ask, not many people remember that old 'legend'.
  4. Welcome back mate! By any chance, do you remember a fellow named GrandmasterSmexi?
  5. I may have lost $500 dollars in this election... But I can't say I'm not pleased with the results. 

  6. I hear they've also snuck into politics outside of A'therys... They've evolved to leave the Mortal Plane! Anvil had created a monster, and now Xathas has spread their influence.
  7. Vrovona has a way of reclaiming it's own.
  8. This old picture seems to sum up the reputation we had:
  9. At least it didn't end like the Flowers of Bermuda ended.
  10. You'd need to get someone to summon you into place, but yeah. Should work fine.
  11. I think it's one of those weird things over in the Alchemy Nation. Probably not too important.
  12. That island south of the Daggerlands looks like a whale.
  13. ((Hey man, I'm afraid that I can't really participate in this any longer. I know I haven't replied since... A long time ago, and haven't even been on the forums, save for a misclick on the tab on the 12th. I do apologize for leaving you hanging like that. Thing is, I just got quite a few more hours than usual, I may be getting a promotion soon (have already gotten quite a bit of training for it), and have picked up a number of books written by a couple economists of renown that I'm currently delving into. Essentially, real life is calling for me. Minecraft, or, A'therys more specifically, once grasped my attention quite well for those three years that I played. It has kinda died for me, though, as have any connections that once I had to her. So yeah. I thank you for the good times, and your goofy roleplays, despite my over-critical analysis of them occasionally. Take care bud. Keep doing what you're doing.)) ((@Storm))
  14. ((Hadovsanoe is another name for Ethaven?)) A raspy breath escapes Archibald's throat, his neck twitching a bit as it does. Somehow, deep in his mind, his focus shifts, slowly drawing his attention away from the library, to his more imminent surroundings, i.e., the books lying in front of him. It takes him a bit more time to completely regain control of his muscles and thought process, but he manages. "Li... libraries... are... are these places... common, here?" He quietly asks, his gaze wholly turned to the titles. (( @Storm))
  15. Nearly as soon as Archibald's brain processes the sight in front of him, he freezes, his head and eyes slowly turning as he surveys the massive room. Vaguely, he recalls mumbling something under his breath about RNGesus. ((Presumably libraries aren't a common thing in the future?)) He could probably stand like this for quite some time. (( @Storm))

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