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  1. Justice rains above above Experience tranquility
  2. The classes that have lower base mana values also have relatively lower mana costs, and all mana regen is locked at 25 per 5 seconds. That means Siphon/ManaBomb will be annoying for mana-reliant classes in the shortrun, but not so much in the longrun, when classes regen a larger portion of their mana quicker. So, you're not missing anything numbers-wise, it's more that classes can't be run out of mana for extended periods to time via mana drains.
  3. We're still at looking Sylvanite, and it will receive at least one more skill before release Terramancer has Tackle, Berserker has Rampage, Doomsayer has LivingBomb (which means you cant be knocked away), Urthkeep has LungingStrike and Pull, Adjudicator has Jump and Retaliate, Tactician will be able to ride a horse in combat. That leaves Exemplar and Overlord with no gap-closer. These classes are meant to be defensive, damage-mitigation style classes, and giving then gap-closing abilities would walk the line of overshadowing the more offensive-style classes. Otherwise, most warriors do in fact have gap closing abilities Seems to be a small complaint, I'm surprised you don't see a 10 second cooldown PartyBlink as a good thing, given the in-fight utility it offers. You and nearby party stuck in a web or bad position? Partyblink has you. Yes Mountebank lacks CC. With a only 2.5 slow on its first melee, it won't be singlehanded locking people down. However with a Speed 4 Sprint on a low cooldown, it doesn't have to. Bring a knockback sword and melee the enemy the direction you want them, because they won't be outrunning you. Tempest has a 4 second cooldown ArcanePulse to use when singled out. Maybe you missed that Most Pyro's aim at the ground or walls adjacent to enemies to prevent them from being deflected. Pyromancer also has FireVolley as a backup. Also as another note, the skills listed on the wiki are only the in-combat skills. Hope that clears some things up.
  4. Can we ban this guy already? af11d2c820839e75357f22b03eabb407.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MisChiv


      He even posted a picture of himself [email protected]@!NG

    3. Crash


      To his credit, I've fired him like three times already today 

    4. jonathanbak


      Ye this be true, must be some record. 

      Admins bully me for having totally normal and simple ideas. Like changing oceans to lava and mountains to Chasams opening up to the void. But it's there loss if they don't want em awesome ideas.

  5. This thread is now under RP investigation. You all have the right to an RP attorney
  6. will rp reasons be covered?
  7. No plans to add attributes at the moment. Also this belongs in the Heroes Discussion forum
  8. i reserve that right
  9. Endergaunt and Haruspex out on the dev server!

  10. Would be cool if it were possible. too bad
  11. hewwo my name is thundoshot eigh nein nein and today, i will b doing the ALS ice bucket challeng. I wuld lik 2 nominate word forewy, jinxinx, and zasthas. u hav 24 howars, good luck.





    1. Velkas
    2. BlackRuins


      Ahhh its cooooold, its coooold 

  12. / / / /
  13. Hmm... Meme thievery at its finest... df4d47ca25973470235c97ae920f8b6f.png:thinking:

    1. Velkas


      no meme thieves allowed


      meme thieves get crucified under the blazing sun

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