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  1. The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

  2. For Jupiter/Heroes team. They closed the other post.

    Choked? lmao but none the less sick meme m8
  3. How's It Going?

    Oh lord typical Marine. Gotta shit talk everyone else. You know why they call you guys Jarheads right? Because your heads are empty, like jars just figured I'd fire back against the whole "killing machine" remark. Just friendly banter. But other than that welcome back! I don't know if you remember me but we used to PvP against each other like town v town and what not. Never really hung out with you I don't think. And yeah I know ARMY = Aren't Really Marines Yet, but yeah yeah. takes 12 on the ASVAB to be a grunt takes a 70 to do my job (construction mechanic) I'm in the National Guard though back in good ole Mississippi. Hopefully gonna go active after I get my degree and be an apache pilot providing you jarheads with some CAS and saving the day like we always do but again, welcome back old buddy Edit: forgot to tag so you'd get notified @WarLordK
  4. Made me laugh in American

    The reason communism is in those countries today is because the communists took over AFTER we left. Like I said, they were "conflicts" not wars. So I mean still undefeated
  5. Made me laugh in American

    Vietnam was never declared a war. So you can't lose a war you never declared. Neither was Korea until like 5 years ago, and we didn't lose technically either. So I mean, MURICA
  6. Made me laugh in American

    we fought em in Nam we fought em in Korea we'll fight em again. MURICA
  7. Returning Player

    If you were just "laughing" at this whole thing at this point, you wouldn't bother to continue posting. But for some unforeseen reason you keep thinking people want to hear your "theories". And yes, YOU ARE a conspiracy theorist. All you have done is "the staff has done this" (with no proof) "the staff has done that" (also, what a shock, with no proof) The whole point of conspiracy theory is acting as if you have proof, when you don't, which is what you are doing. You may not have proof, or it may not be "your job" to provide "proof", but if you're just gonna blabble about stuff you've heard or whatever, take that elsewhere. Conspiracy theorist are considered insane for a reason. Hence the Alex Jones meme's that have seemingly gone right over your head.
  8. Returning Player

    Literally perfect Kid needs to get some and take a chill pill.
  9. hello

    much much worse my young padawan
  10. hello

    Don't you talk about bae like that. She is probably one of the few girls ever on this server that can kick your shit in. <3 Its a whole new era baby.
  11. hello

    HOLY COW BURNING BBY <3 its tater bby. where's Cath. We need to hang again. I remember when I was like 15 and you guys were like 13 and we used to run around in Ithero. Good ole days.
  12. A'therys Appreciation Thread

    Best moments of mine in A'therys was when I could solo raid as a Troubadour and destroy everyone with my rotten potato. Also, when paladin could tank 15 people with a door. Shoutout to Wolfpack from old Pandos. And when I used to play Vagabond before t3's came out, everyone said it was shit, but they couldn't kill me. Another sick memory, some kid at WOT (winds of these) the town, built a huge charlatan death tower from like 2k blocks in the sky. Would Death From Above from the top, and kill like 8 of us with it. Never laughed so hard in my life. And good ole butterfly haven with their 11 million traps around the town When we had an event at Valinta Carte where we kidnapped the admiral of ithero or someshit. They tried to come "rescue" em with like 40 people. And we won like a 20v40 cause op strats. Was pretty sick. (they were supposed to win) (but we secretly wanted to not let them ) In v1 where an admin took control over an alt account and gave it its own super op class and we had to hunt it down in a like a 1v15 and kill it. Also when the enderdragon was release in Ithero and we chased it all the way to Aloreh and killed it. And towards the end of evo or whatever, we figured out you could transfer passive skills over with Rhet I believe. You could give other classes undeath, spines, etc. Pretty dank 4/20 blaze it. Also, when I built the server's first submarine at Pandos and kiddies would come from all around to see the giant wooden dildo in the ocean. Then I would kill them.
  13. Goodbye

    This whole thread is just cancerous. Let the kid talk his crap, and just let him leave then delete the post. You guys are trying to argue against these obviously stupid posts that clearly have no background information to them. It's pointless. Stop putting forth the effort to try and convince people who clearly have no clue what's going on. The real supporters of the server know that the staff are doing what needs to be done, nuff said. For all the other people, screw em honestly. New players will come and go and those kids will be forgotten about.
  14. A'therys Appreciation Thread

    Is this old CW? like Safo's old CW? so many good memories D: back when pvp was unbalanced yet too fun.

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