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  1. Is this old CW? like Safo's old CW? so many good memories D: back when pvp was unbalanced yet too fun.
  2. Did I legit never post in this red? Here, I shall bless you with my sexiness.
  3. I just eat wild game fried or cooked on the grill. All that other junk is too complicated. Green stuff is for the birds.
  4. #FortKnoxIsEmpty tbh I like this idea, even though I don't play much atm, gold backed currency has always been a good idea to me, even IRL.
  5. Old redrocketjj and his Sav-Synav and old @Orita with his Baphus. And superasiaman with the Cevolo before it was widely played. And old Wolfpacks paladin was the best around. Those were the days.
  6. "spastic crayon eaters" I think I just died laughing.
  8. I'm just asking haed because everything he posts seems to be condescending to me so just checking
  9. Sarcasm or nah? Can't tell. If it's sarcasm I really don't see why. He clearly stated "back in my day" so it seems he was staff before and has knowledge of said occurrences.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me all tbh. All the stuff about the staff/etc.
  11. UMMM why was that post about security issues removed? The people should definitely know when their information is available for anyone to see.

    1. HaedHutner


      What do you mean? The post is still very much there.

    2. TaTer120


      It disappeared for a bit. Then it came back idk.

  12. Jinxy baby. Ily <3
  13. I think a really easy way to fix the "comping" issue is to create a party size limit. 5-10 players max in a party, except for events. 2EZ Also, another misconception with this whole MOBA pvp style that everyone thinks JUST BECAUSE THERE'S 4 SKILLS, DOESN'T MEAN THEY HAVE TO BE LOW COOLDOWN A LOT of these issues can be fixed with proper balancing so they aren't absurd.

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