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  1. Thankyou for your time and commitment as staff Aston! Keep in touch! :) 

  2. Hi all been awhile sense I posted anything, with work and a busy life I didn't get the most time to play on A'therys, I have decided to retire now that I have someone I can trust to do my former job. I will still be around doing things for A'therys but not in Staff capabilities. Thank you all for some wonderful times as a Staff member. Aston
  3. Day time! Night time!

  5. http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/canon-lore/nations/ithero/ithero-govt Just for reference.
  6. Welcome to the Mages guild Gift shop, home of rare oddity's! Accessible from the portal room in the Cyridon Spires! Purpur blocks, End rods, Beetroot seeds, and Chorus flowers are sold here!
  7. I have hidden everything that is not a submission or a endorsement, keep this thread free of anything else.
  8. Podzel (Vrovona) and Mycelium (Roreg) have been added to the admin shops, I will think about reducing Ice costs for those who want to buy it. Repairable Silktouch Pickaxes will not be in this version of A'therys as they were broken in V2 and they would be broken in Evo. The staff will be adding additional ways to get Silktouch in the future. Thank you, have a nice day.
  9. I'm fine with putting in silk touch but it will not be repairable and it will cost a lot of yora. We are working on other ways besides the caches to get silk touch. The only arguments i'm seeing for silk touch from anyone on this thread is for stone, with the amount of lava in this world that point is mute so spend the extra 10 and gather some lava and boom done stone easy peasy.
  10. Its not easy to get seeing as you need a silk touch pick to get it, that is what this topic is about not the price of ice.
  11. Yes you can make infinite money out of wood but gathering a DC of wood can take up to an hour, a dc of ice is about 15 minutes and it sells for 3 times as much. You want silk touch for stone but others will use it for its money making potential and I have to worry about the implications of adding a silk touch pick will do to the economy. Also the amount of furnace fuel in this world is unreal hundreds of millions of buckets of lava and tons of coal.
  12. Then it becomes a way to make infinite Yora.
  13. Silk touch if implemented would have to cost an exorbitant amount of money and be unrepairable because it can be used to gather items that have large selling costs to them such as packed ice and ice, now lets do some fun math to figure out how much in theory how much a pick would cost. An average number of blocks a unbreaking 3 diamond pick can break is around 6500 multiple that by the price of packed ice (3.12) which is all over Vrovona and you get 20280 yora, so to make sure the people cannot make a profit or a very small one the price would be set around 22 to 25k. So are you willing to pay 22k for a pick just to mine stone when we have endless rivers of lava to use as fuel?

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