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  1. Secret Santa gifts open

    The conclusion to the Secret Santa Event. All of the gifts around the tree in Monas Roth will be opened to their proper recipients. Chests will remain around for a few days after so you can claim your gifts in case you're not able to make it right away. Happy holidays!
  2. Secret Santa

    Signups are now closed. We had a nice 35 entries this year! Everyone who signed up here should have received a PM from me with the name of someone to get a gift for. Remember to keep it secret at least until the 24th! On the 24th all of the chests on the Monas tree will have their owners name cmodified to it so they can open it. Happy holidays! Note to staff: don't you go opening chests you're not supposed to or /cinfoing them for anyone. I will find you if you do ._.
  3. Secret Santa

    Reminder, there's only one week left to sign up! If you want to participate make a post here saying you're interested and your in-game-name.
  4. Secret Santa

    Fine with me
  5. Secret Santa

    This might not be the event for you if you don't want to give a gift in game You can put links in books if you want to give something like that, but you should make sure it's linking to a well known/reputable site and not a redirect like tinyurl or something similar if you want them to open it.
  6. Secret Santa

    You can, I think a couple people did that last year by putting redeemable codes in written books.
  7. Secret Santa

    Ideally no, opening links from anonymous chests is scary
  8. Secret Santa

    ~Secret Santa~ Hello everyone! To celebrate the holiday season, me and @Fin are arranging a public game of Secret Santa! Everyone is welcome to participate, and the rules are as follows: On December 17th I will send you a private message on the forums with the name of another participant you need to get a gift for. You don't need to tell your person who gave them the gift, but don't tell anyone until after they open it! You have until December 24th to get your person a gift. Once you have it, you put it in a chest inside the tree that has their name on it, or message me the coordinates to a chest in your town with their gift and I will come deliver it to the tree for you. If you fail to deliver a gift then you may forfeit the gift that was intended for you. On December 24th all of the chests will be opened to their recipients and you can go get your gift! Signups are now closed, thank you for everyone who will be participating! Happy holidays!
  9. So..  Apparently not enough people voted for snek

  10. #SmallStaff

  11. Notice on Name Changes

    Currently on the server there is a glitch where changing your name will remove all Yora from your account. To prevent loss from this, let a staff member or trusted friend that you will be changing your name and send them your Yora first. Once the change is complete they can send it back and all is well! That's all, have fun
  12. NPC Town Location Poll!

    Poll is closed, thank you for voting and letting us know which locations work best! Final locations that will have towns as voted by you: Aloreh 4, Ar-Selukk 1 and 4, Daggerlands 1 and 3, Ithero 1 and 2, Roreg 2 and 4, Vrovona 2 and 3 Will make an announcement once they're in and functional!
  13. NPC Town Location Poll!

    Quick notice, the poll will be closing in about 12 hours so we can get this implemented as soon as possible. If you or anyone you know would want to vote, now is your chance.

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