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  1. I think if they just change up the timelines in history for each game, then it won't feel like your playing the same thing over and over again(Black Ops 3,Advanced Warfare,Infinite Warfare) True
  2. I've been waiting a long time for Call of Duty to come back to World War 2, that time has come and it looks gooooood
  3. if you want it for your signature. could only do 700 x 300 ( did 700 x 200 ) 725 x 200 would show it good but we have a sig size limit. But yeah there ya guys go.
  4. OMG..... 4 years.... 4 long years..... LETS GOOOO
  5. sorry about that, had some suggestions on reddit/discord and added them in and re-uploaded. should be good now
  6. First time doing one of these. The EU IV(Europa Universalis IV) community does a lot of these and it encouraged me to try to make one of these. You can't really understand whats going on in the video unless you played the game. But yeah thought i'd show ya guys
  7. i'm gay for Jon Snow i'm straight for Daenarys Targaryen i'm a torturer for Cersei Lannister ( screw that lady )
  8. The days draw nearer brethren. Winter has come, and with it comes THE LONG WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO BEGIN LIKE WHAT IN TARNATION MATE. July 2017... The time is upon us nonetheless. Time for Daenarys and Jon Snow to rek that Lannister whore. THE BLUE EYED GIANT MACUMBER IS WATCHING
  9. sweet
  10. If anyone is interested, Twitch is releasing a Desktop App on March 16th. You can follow and read all about it here - https://app.twitch.tv/

    1. Victor Blackwell

      Victor Blackwell

      Kind of looks like discord. But like for twitch. I can assume they can make more features since they aren't limited by a browser.

  11. Don't forget, The Brotherhood without Banners is headed North! The Hound is with them. Most expect Arya is headed to Winterfell. Reunion am i right? The Red Woman is headed south? This is so predictable hahaha
  12. Excuse me for the TL:DR paragraph of the whole GoT plotline. I saw this on the Facebook livestream they had about an hour ago and i got extremely excited. Nothing excites me more than thousands of Northmen rallying back their loyalty to the Starks for the most important war of their era. <3
  13. The time has come my brethren. Eddard Stark warned us all. Winter has come, and with it, the white walkers march again. Only Fire & Ice will repel the darkness headed to the Wall. While they continue their petty squabbles, Westeros is clueless to the dangers that head their way. The Northmen have rallied behind the white wolf, the king in the north! They along with what's left of the Nights Watch are all that realize this threat now. Daenarys heads West with the largest fleet in history, the first Dothraki to cross the narrow sea, and three dragons. What will she makes of it when she finds out that the White Walkers have returned? She will need to unite Westeros quickly if she wants to have a chance against them. Maybe she'll need just..... the North? Maybe Marriage?? Azor Ahai shall rise again! The Great War begins my friends, it has finally come <3 <3 <3
  14. this is my kind of dude

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