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  1. Boo effing hoo. The suggestion in question wouldn't even be that hard to implement. We wouldn't police it, and normal pvp still happens plenty more than this probably ever will. Just one more feature that people can use in their time on the server. Hell, this wasn't even meant to be a pvp v rp thing, but somehow it always comes back to that. Stop that by the way. All of you. It's pointless.
  2. Honestly, banning/unbanning isn't harder either direction. That and bans get decided by HR solely. But that's beside the point. My question is why people think wiping the ban list is helpful. Because a blanket wipe doesn't really appeal to me. If you really wanna come back, make an appeal. It's easy to do and it gives me a chance to see a change in the person since the ban. Or not, it works both ways.
  3. A history? Well we had V2. Then we had our current version, Evo. And now we're making a brand new version. Yea, not much of a history persay, but a lot of things happened. It all kinda blends after a while.
  4. *Internal Screaming*

    1. MisChiv


      Is this in response to the lovely events with Zor...Athena the wolf? I heard that was a right laugh for you to clean up!

    2. Crash


      Yes. And yes. 

  5. Maybe you should go read this.
  6. I know that feel from boot camp in texas. San Antonio in June is Hell. We don't have anything like the sugar cookie here at Macdill. Sounds kinda fun though.
  7. I will grant you that, you do sweat much here and it does not go away
  8. Dude, it's Florida. It's just as hot here. Plus the inside of the planes is a literal oven.
  9. Now where did I put my boot of firing? Yea, can't complain. Much. Parking is a bitch though.
  10. Tampa, Florida. Macdill.
  11. Indeed. Where ya stationed?
  12. Ah. I should have guessed. I forgot the marine boot camp is longer than ours.
  13. Can't complain. Joined the Air Force, work on planes, and got no rent. Life be good. That and with A'therys heading in a good direction, it's looking up I'd say. Also 13 weeks of hell? Da hell did you do?
  14. Well I would hope so. It's being built with Conquest Reforged in mind, so it's gonna look damn epic, that's for sure. And Sellt and Xathas are in constant contact with the mapmaker, so I would bet yes, it will be custom and epic.

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