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    Vashtan E. Rada
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    He has 58 years, but only the last 3 can be recalled. Not long ago he washed up out of the seas near Calastore where he was discovered by the locals. With no memory he started a new life, training on the high seas. Once ready he embarked on his own journey west, to the edge of the world, where he planned to found a bustling outpost.

    This got him into the trade business which led him all around the A'therian world to gather raw materials. Along his journey he discovered something oddly familiar. . .a people whose semblance was not unlike his own. Poor and oppressed, in a desolate land, with towering machines and innovative mechanisms. He did not like it there though. . .too much despair for one so full of hope. So he returned to the seas, welcoming the fresh ocean breeze that he had come to love, as he made the long journey home.

    But no sooner had he begun his work when he received an ominous message. . .war had come. So he joined the Itheri Navy and fought the cold powers that threatened to freeze the land and seas. These battles led him again to the far east, where he would be destined to fight alongside the Daggerlanders in protecting their lands of fire and industry.

    It would be a one way journey though, for he was much too old and inexperienced in the arts of war. He sustained serious injuries during the battle of Sablemarch and was left behind to rest and recover. But it was a slow recovery, and by the time he was well enough to even perform daily activities, the war was over; the icy powers defeated.

    So, unfit to travel, he looked for local work. Sablemarch, a bustling commercial town on the Daggerlands' coast was the perfect place for a merchanter, so he came into an agreement with Stoneharbor to set up shop selling small crafts supplies. Business was good, but he was not satisfied for long. He still yearned for adventure. During his time in Sablemarch he realized that his heritage did indeed lie in the Daggerlands, though the clouds in his mind were still thick as the smoke over Monas Roth.

    His ambitions led him to the big city, where again he looked on the poor, and could not help but want better for them. He studied the machines, he studied the architecture, and then he studied what memories he had of his travels across the world. He made designs for massive buildings blending grace and power. He surveyed the wastelands. . .the lava fields. . .and the great volcanoes, searching for strong foundations. He formed new friendships and prepared to burn his mark into history. . .at last, feeling at home.

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  1. I have an inkling that they chose 13 to leave room for expansion, and perhaps as a milestone/goal of sorts to try reaching. It is once there are 13 leaders that the grand quest is triggered, so perhaps that is an event they have in mind should we reach that point of wellness for the server again. Odds are they will indeed limit it at first, but it's nice to know that the future may hold more options should one guild grow boring. Can always lower the bar later depending on where the populations pool.
  2. Hmm. . .I'm liking the mystical feeling of Atvoria. Could make for a fun new character to tie back to my current one. Daidama could work for me too, though the whole justice thing could be a big problem. Gennaian Islands and Harugraun KilnHoldt would be a close 3-4 for me, with Dalkun-Tir being the least appealing for me atm. Will need more lore details before I make a final choice. Gov. and people personalities and such will play a big part in my decision. Plenty of time to think about all that though! Ignore the spoiler, msg for staff.
  3. Oh look, someone else who joined during Bdubs! That makes 2 again now!! But yeah, things have been a bit busy irl lately as people are wrapping up school and changing into their summer routines, however development on the server hasn't been this good since the Summer Rime! Good time to be getting back into things and experience the changes, so welcome back!
  4. Part of the issue is that qs broke, so half of the shops have lost their inventory/functionality due to this. Also, the transition into a gold based economy has not gone nearly as well as I am sure was the plan. Still waiting/working on pushing out some sort of jobs package that does not rely soley on the gold mines/mob farming. Unfortunately this part has a lot to do with the efforts of individual nations, of which most are quite busy irl and have seen several quiet leadership changes over the past month. Hopefully things will settle down come summer and we will see some renewed governmental/economic activity. Sadly can't say much more then this, have also been waiting for fixes and activity to swing back this way. Heard rumor that Jess might be close to working out the qs issues, so hopefully that can help some. Make sure you have some stock ready to go for when the summer activity rolls around. Otherwise, just enjoy all the new stuff with NI and mobs that's going on now!
  5. Yeah, came down to that 50/50 guess, I also used the original storyline/character background to assume that Ahlanna would use a scepter since she had some relation to the Mages College, and they would therefore be greatly concerned about her disappearance.
  6. Solution, meme on your private wall rather than cluttering the public forums. This isn't tumblr/reddit/4chan/etc. ((Or perhaps request a memes subforum)) I agree that staff could be a little more proactive about informing people of reasons, rather than being reactive. You give reasons when people are kicked/banned, same should go for posts. Just common courtesy and eliminates the guess-work and rumor-mill.
  7. Also Helghrian's wiki mentioned his drinking of wine . Fun event! Gratz to all the winners and even those who just came to explore and get some loot!!
  8. Fantastic event! Highly recommend for anyone who has not had a chance to play through yet! Be sure to pop on tomorrow during one of the time slots!
  9. Updated for March Madness Specials! in Valzanttar. New Catch of the Week in Llan Ruth. Yora restocked for your coal selling pleasure in Monas Roth. Coming soon: Methes Avonthes Thanks for your continued support of lnShane Merchanting!
  10. Eyyyyy, made sure I didn't fall out of the world this week!!
  11. There are so many flavors, it's hard to choose just one. Moose Tracks/Rocky Road are great, but I also like Neopolitan and Mint Chip a lot as well. Lately I've been craving that Ben & Jerry's Im Peach Mint though, kappa.
  12. It's actually not as big a jump as you think, because you forget to account for the weapons used for each subclass, which is where that additional variety comes from. The primary weapon/means of damage determines the specific class/play style: shotgun=cq berserk style classes assault=close-mid range AoE style classes with continuous damage pulse/cannons=burst fire, push/pull mid range fighters snipers=long range damage and cc Combine these with the various individual Destiny skills such as charges, blinks, stun-melees, smokes and silences, heals or whatever else, and you get extreme variety that is still pretty easy to balance. The only real issue I've had with games like this in the past is one-shot kills. Obviously in a game where you re-spawn quickly, such issues are rarely taken into consideration, so this is the main difference in balance that we would need to account for.
  13. I appreciate the more thorough response, shows you put a lot more care and thought into this answer. I don't tend to take things personally, so no worries there. I get some of the points you are making, and it is obvious the votes are in your favor, so trying out your solution seems to be the next logical step. I will remain skeptical though, because the way I see it, these actions are like putting a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches. It might stop the bleeding, but it won't create the best healing results. I like that you realize it will take some major restrictions to even have an effect, but I don't know how much they do to solve the base problems. The fact that you think making people run around to switch classes will deter switching, but blocking access to the info needed to make switches won't, is confusing to me. Both take extra effort to work around, but you seem to acknowledge that neither situation fully stops counter-comping. To me it seems to be an issue of people being so concerned with losing that they take crazy extra steps to try and gain the edge. This is what draws things out and we all realize this being the issue. However, I don't think this is necessarily a problem with the system, so much as the mind-set of the players. We'll see how these changes might affect behavior though. MOBAs are about having a balanced team comp which protects the individual weaknesses while supporting individual strengths. Team fights should see little change to play if they were focused on building the best team comp. I dunno, if the planning for these team fights has led to counter-comping somehow, I guess it's just something I wouldn't understand. It's true, I haven't PvPed for quite some time now; the only main I've ever had has been among the most broken/buggy classes over the past year (Trueshot), so I'll admit I don't know what all goes on before a fight these days. To me any counter-comping only seems to take place if you announce your raid, which is then not a raid, but rather just a planned team fight. And I'm not even sure how these issues all tie together based on group size or stealth vs. planned raids, seems like a very strange and illogical issue to me. If you have a good team comp, what does it matter how the other team comps? Maybe it's just a matter of needing better class balance and this whole argument is pointless. Whatever the case may be, I would still continue pushing the suggestion for level-boosts/perks/more class specialization and depth, but I guess that idea can wait for a later thread.
  14. First of all, thanks for ignoring the majority of what I said. I provided a suggestion where someone is marked for death if they try to switch classes mid-fight and you took it as me saying switching is a good thing. Really impressive spin. Secondly, this server is absolutely based around counters and comps. Let's take your rogue vs exemplar example. Should someone really be punished for liking rogues just because their rival always plays exemplar? Unless you are suggesting the heroes team change it so every class can take on anyone, this makes no sense. In your scenario, who would ever want to change to a healer except when they were prepping for a group fight, and then people would still be wasting 20 minutes each getting ready to prepare because now the only difference is they have to run 1000 blocks to switch classes. There will always be obvious counter-classes and metas that players migrate towards, so this process should absolutely be as fluid as possible. So again, my point is that you need to make it more beneficial to not switch, rather than adding inconveniences to switch, because people will not waste their time if they know they will lose. I get it, you hate the chess match of moves and counter-moves that takes place before a raid. If you want to stop counter changes in raids, perhaps we just need to remove access to /hero who & /hero whois. Then the advantage will always depend on the knowledge and preparation of the raiders, should they properly assume or gather intel on the mains of the people they raid.
  15. I still think this solution goes in the wrong direction. It adds a barrier to switching, which will be an inconvenience, rather than just making it more beneficial to not switch. If anything bring back the health/nausea/slowness de-buffs that used to happen whenever you switched, so players will be put in immediate danger if they try to switch mid-raid. I would also re-iterate my suggestion from the last thread of creating level-boosts/prestige classes which can be leveled to gain improved skills/perks/specialization, but which are not permanent. This way players are discouraged from switching, because they would lose these class bonuses and have to grind to get them back again. This keeps a player's ability to quickly switch and provide utility in comps without having to waste anyone's time in preparation.

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