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  1. New world order
  2. It was 6 months smh
  3. Hey, just wanted to let you all know I'll be away for a couple of weeks mainly to study for a couple of upcoming tests. So that is why you won't see me online much other then forums and Skype. I also have a visit with a university with an amazing science department to go to. Well anyway that's why you won't see me online. -Jon
  4. I am actually making mob spawners today, until I can find out the real reason for the low spawns.
  5. Heya Nice to see you!!!
  6. Thanks Aston for your dedication to A'therys! Maybe now we may see your town finished
  7. Hey Guys, So we reached our 500$ Goal for the mob event. It will be held this Sunday at 2pm ATZ time, be there at least 10 minutes before to get ready. It will be held in the PVE server this time so the lag will be considerably less for those who do not participate and for those actually fighting the mobs. Thank you for supporting the server, we hope our little gift to you is enjoyable. About the 1000% Goal we reached in December and now in January we will be holding those soon. -Jon (and the rest of the admins)
  8. Darn, I like both of the last options.
  9. When feeling stressed by the burdens of being nation head, just go out and get yourself a Crunchwarp, Chalupa and a Baja Blast and all will be well again! Good luck.
  10. Anyone noticed the server down for a few minutes and heroes going haywire?

    Well blame Shol for that, no I'm not joking we tried removing Shol class and things broke. Guess he didn't want to be removed xD 

    1. Vnthy


      Shol denounced you jon, you shall not be saved by yolu this time! 

    2. Dannie


      Bloody darn thing! D:

    3. Myra Tawlhyn
  11. Glad to see Vrovona getting back on its feet!
  12. I attended as an Alor (perks of being friends with nation heads), really was a productive meeting 10/10
  13. I have a history of spamming Global, or Nation chat when I mess with macros.

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