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    Born into Noble House lanouette, Aeolos was raised to be a strong warrior and bright minded person. At a young age war brought destruction to his home, and House Lanouette fell, he was then taken into House Kastellon and henceforth became as one born a Kastellon. Aeolos many years later is now Prince Orator of House Kastellon, Advisor to Patriach of house Kastellon, and Co Mayor of Kastellons capital Altharia.

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  1. I'm good, thanks. Same I hope?
  2. Was that him? I remember someone doing that xD. From Now On I Will Type Like This To Annoy You, Ok?
  3. Welcome back!
  4. I wanted to be a werewolf in V1... Some lore "fanatics" broke my dreams lol
  5. My goal will be again to be the wealthiest person on A'therys as it was when Evo was announced, and V2... Did I ever make my goal? No. But goals are still fun to have
  6. Exciting.
  7. Before you say goodbye for ever you should remember the good times on Atherys. I myself have quit atherys a few of times in the past, twice because I had no internet and once because I just grew tired of minecraft. But I always remembered the good times which is why I'm still here, you may think atherys is dead but I can tell you it isn't. You may say how is it not dead when only a few people are online at a time, well because I am in a few staff chats that are and have been working at ways to revive the community. To say atherys is dead is to say that the Administration and moderators are gone, if that were the case then I'd agree that it's dead. But no, the staff teams haven't given up and don't plan on it even if there are 0 players online at times. I just say have some trust in sellt, be patient and good things will come.
  8. New world order
  9. It was 6 months smh
  10. Hey, just wanted to let you all know I'll be away for a couple of weeks mainly to study for a couple of upcoming tests. So that is why you won't see me online much other then forums and Skype. I also have a visit with a university with an amazing science department to go to. Well anyway that's why you won't see me online. -Jon
  11. I am actually making mob spawners today, until I can find out the real reason for the low spawns.
  12. Heya Nice to see you!!!

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