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    Name: Selett Galewind
    Age: 32
    Nation: Daggerlands
    Home: Aedlinn the Wheel-City
    Occupation: Vice-Pithkeeper / Magister of The Scar / High Archon of Aedlinn
  1. that looks hot
  2. In this form it helps us a lot. The barrier to become staff is now lower and while you are a helper we can assert how well you do and either fire you or upgrade you to a "real" mod with time.
  3. Its only dead when there's no player anymore! We even got new players over the weekend. But yeah, we are working on stuff and a far away from even thinking about giving up. Like that's so far beyond the Horizon we can't even know that it exists.
  4. Yeah about informing i agree. We can do that.
  5. Maybe you got the point or not. But now imagine all your posts get an answer like this. Do you think you would like it? Probably not after a while. Even less if you talk about serious stuff and that's all you get as an answer And its also not our job to endure jokes on our costs. We have the off topic section for stuff like this, and a joke once is still ok.. but dozens after dozens isn't ok anymore. Even we has people have our limits
  6. You sure that's it? i can give you another two cents for another post!
  7. Small Addition: if we really would be so oppressive none of your last 20 forum post would still be there. None of them are anywhere near a quality post and most try to poke fun at the main topic. Deleting or hiding of posts (in a percentage wise way) has drastically decreased. Doesn't mean we don't hide hurtful or attack-posts. There are sadly still a few people around that love that Atherys isn't faring well at the moment and love to make fun of it. And this topic here again... Did you try to reach me to show me that a post of you got removed unfairly? no you didn't. So that already disqualifies you and makes this topic again just a try to hate against staff. If you actually think one got removed unfairly send me a pm. I will look into it gladly.
  8. Hi Atherys! Today we talk a bit about rumors and why you shouldn't believe them. In the last two days i heard: 1. Monday a map reset happens <- seeing its Tuesday already and still same old map.. clearly a wrong rumor 2. Ar-Selukk gets deleted <- i can't even begin to wonder why someone came up with this and why you even believe it a little... if we ever would do something that monumental you would see posts from admins and me way in advance. That said, no plan to delete Ar-Selukk exists. 3. We are letting the server go into the darkness quietly. <- hell no. A while back i promised the server will still be around in a year. That hasn't changed. 4. All towns get wiped and only 5 per nation controlled by staff <- uh no. Just no. Player owned towns are part of atherys and will ever be. 5. Everything else <- if you didn't read it in a post from me or another admin look at it as wrong. About point three: Right now we are still working on getting the nether island out with all the features and there is still other things planned. Short post from me to point out some wrong rumors. Sadly still in the most active time at work right now (2-3 weeks to go. Then i get a lot of time back yay). But i'm still around, you can still hit me up on the forum, skype, when i get time to play or are on TS. If you heard a rumor ask me. I will tell you the truth. -Sellt
  9. How is my swiss sweetheart?

    1. Sellt


      Good :D and you?

  10. @Eojinn Yeah you explained your reasoning very well
  11. i'm so sorry thank you. what do you mean with rebranding?
  12. Hello Atherys! The Original Post can be found here: View full record
  13. Hello Atherys! The Original Post can be found here:
  14. Hello Atherys! 1.11 So, finally we got 1.11 out! Sever seems a lot more stable, but can’t say for 100% certain until we had a bigger fight. But the timings are better and server starts in about half the time it did in the past. We also tried to run around spaming skills and whatnot and it looked good. Right now the two new animals (polar bears and llamas) are not obtainable but we are about to add them to the Admin store for the same price as horses. Econ Bug Ok, this is a weird one. On the test server this was solved and for the few first days after we upgraded the main server it did work too. But it looks like its back since at least yesterday. The Tech Admins are on it and should have a solution soon. My apologies for the circumstances. Conquest & New Capital Man, I’m looking forward to this weekend. The addition of Conquest AND as its planned atm, the opening of the new Capital. I hope you all can come and have some fun! Nether Island And then its only one more week till we most likely get the nether island with all the new resources. As far as I can see the build team (the same that did the new capital) is working on finishing it and what I saw looks really good. And let this be the first warning: The Nether Island will be deadly. Correction: The overland part is planned for in one week. The Nether part a bit later (more to do there). I was slightly misinformed. Sorry. What comes after I can promise you right now that we will be still around in 1 year (and most likely way beyond that). What that means will be revealed in the next few weeks/months. But don’t worry. We are working on a future for our beloved server. Sellt’s Kitchen Uiuiui… I’m here at work writing this diary entry and I have all my notes and recipes at home. So for this week you will need to survive without a new one. I’m sorry.
  15. Please show me where i didn't say pvp is important. As i always have? All the work we did right now is basically for pvp.... so good job on being informed About Guilds. We are slowly processing to only having one "Guild" that being halion where all the players can go who don't want to be part of the nations. The other two "active" ones are only Steryon and Mage Guild and when they go dead they will stay as such. If you want to run your own group/"guild" do it in your nation or in Halion, the city of Guilds.

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