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    Name: Selett Galewind
    Age: 32
    Nation: Daggerlands
    Home: Aedlinn the Wheel-City
    Occupation: Vice-Pithkeeper / Magister of The Scar / High Archon of Aedlinn
  1. Hello A'therys! Yesterday we had the Sellt Chat where I introduced what will happen with A'therys and where we are going. In two words: A'therys Horizons Yes, we are working on a new A'therys, it wont just be another iteration with small changes, it will be basically a new game. First, the bad things that will happen: All player data will be wiped, everyone will start new. This means no towns, no money, no exp and nothing that was sold in the Store. Now, the good things and why we have that wipe: Atherys will go modded. For what we want to do we can't stay with just plugins, but need to expand and going modded was the logical step. This also means a switch from spigot to sponge, which means our old plugins will not work anymore (no Towny and no Heroes). But don't fear, @HaedHutner is already working on our own custom town plugin (which incidentally allows us to have a town plugin that doesn't have a tonne of stuff that we do not need and also could possibly slow down the server!). Same will happen with the pvp plugin. Classes and skills will be entirely new, as will be the way you level. Store bought items, including towns, will not be available anymore for real money. All these things you will need to play for in order to obtain them. We will have some things we will sell, however, they will be entirely cosmetic. Towns will be more restricted than it's now. You will need to fulfill some requisites to create a town (how many players join, resources etc). Titles will also not be buyable from the store. You will earn titles through playing which also gives a lot more meaning to a title than it is right now. Map One of the big mods we will have is ConquestReforged which will add over 6000 new blocks. Luckily, we got one of the best ConquestReforged map-makers to make us a custom map and from what i already saw it will be fantastic. Size wise it will be smaller, while the landmass will be about the same, (a lot of ocean has been remove). A big part of the map will be the Adventure Zone (Shattered Lands) and so the actual land where you can build your towns will be about half of what we have now. Nations Another big thing: We are turning the globe and will move to another part of A'therys! You will be able to choose between 5 new nations and explore a sixth one that fell into ruins. The last one also will be the Adventure Zone with mobs, traps, dungeons, quests and an expanded Conquest System (for all the pvpers). The 5 new nations: Gennaian Islands: The Gennaian Islands are a collective of Kingdoms under a single national banner; akin to Ancient Greece. Daidama: Daidama is a ‘paradise’ of walled cities; where crime is swept away by justice, and atonements are swiftly dealt out. Dalkun-Tir: The lands of Dalkun-Tir are lowland scrub and rocky steppes, inhabited by the spurned and exiled; hardened nomads who navigate the harsh landscape. Atvoria: Once ruled by the god Nalageos, Atvoria is a land saturated with glamour due to the dragon Zahatmos’ tampering with fate. As such, the people are involved within a constant story, where superstitions and fables come to life. Harugraun: Rugged terrain of mountains and forests; a land that pioneered gunpowder and rivaled only by the Daggerlands in ingenuity. It is a shame, therefore, that they happen to take five steps back every generation from sheer spite and strife. More Information on the Nations will be forthcoming, including their buildstyles. My (your) Story We heard you and we want to give you more influence on the story of this world. As such, each player will get a profile page on the forum connected to the A'therys server. If you achieve something, (slaying the evil endboss, becoming Nationhead etc), you will get you an entry in your personal timeline and if appropriate in the Nations Timeline (Nationheads, Wars etc). You also will be able to add your own personal entries to your own timeline (only difference will be that the official stuff will have a "official" sign). Depending on all these things and our own ideas the world will also evolve. How far and in which direction, I can't say. Release Date We don't have a deadline. We don't want to do another Evo and actually take the needed time to implement everything we actually planned. Further Information I will resume my weekly diary where I will keep you all up to date. Additionally posts will be made to go into more details of what we are doing, what mods you can expect and what we are planning but didn't mention here (several things, but we need to be a bit further with it before it will be revealed). Callout If you are a coder, builder, artist, pr specialist etc. and you want to help. Contact me or use one of the forms (builders) to join the team! I can't promise your money but i can promise you to work on a fantastic game and the pride that will go with it -Sellt Pictures
  2. Hi Atherys! So to make this a bit more visible. This Friday we will have a Sellt Chat where I will disclose some news about the future of Atherys (don't worry, its good stuff :D). So if you want to be one of the first to hear it join the Chat! The chat will be held on teamspeak in the sellt chat room. ip is chat.atherys.com -Sellt
  3. Oh please... is this about the rumors going around? Already told you and others.. you can always ask me and i would be honest to some point. But doesn't matter, see calendar. Friday will talk openly about them and tell everyone whats actually true and what not
  4. until
    Topic: The future of Atherys! (a good one!)
  5. Mhm... as the time i asked you to talk to me cause I would have loved to hear it and you then wrote me "ykw, no. Ima drop it. Not giving you any ammunition later." I'm still not sure what you mean with ammunition.... Nobody ever got punished in any way for telling me what they think and what they see as issues... For all the others reading and to make this post worthwhile. My door is always open and there are absolutely no bad feelings from me when you tell me negative things As you can see we let everyone speak their mind (what he means with muted is that his posts are locked until reviewed by staff (for reasons i don't need to lay out here). I think almost all get through (as you can see)). And hi edd! good to see you!
  6. Quote from Staff Chat: "wow losing one of the best players" Yes we recognize how great a player and Nationhead pixie was and we will miss her dearly. You brought an energy to a nation that i never saw before in all my time on Atherys. Thank you for that and good luck on what ever you plan to do! -Sellt PS: what promises weren't kept? send me a pm. maybe i forgot something?
  7. And not telling us will lead to it being not known... same as ignored. So these people who would have the proof have no right to complain.... And i mean there isn't one case were we did anything against someone who delivered me proof... the one time i got it from players a staff member got fired. I mean i have no reason to ban someone for bringing proof of bad staff... on the contrary. And you have no idea how often people promised me to bring the proof they have and then never ever did and ignored me when i asked for it again...
  8. Added you (i hope). And i would love to hear what "this one" is
  9. 1. LOL 2. yeah. after i took over we first needed to get organized again. Many staff members (me included) were down. We started with planning.. a lot of sellt chats to hear the community, more planning based on that and then turning that into features. That sadly always takes a lot of time, even more when the people involved have RL jobs/school. We didn't start working on all this content when we saw people leaving. All this stuff you see was started last year in some way. Even the nether island was in the planning phase back then. 3. Even stuff we plan and work on for the future has started in some way about shortly after i took over.
  10. I can honestly say that i never once lied to any player about anything regarding Atherys. I can also say with absolute certainty that I didn't spy on anyone. Or that i planted wrong rumors. Why else would i say in post after post that if you hear a rumor you should just ask me instead of assuming its right and go mad about it.... And i never denounced anyone.. not in a post, not in ts or skype chats... just reminded people to not believe rumors and instead asking me or just believe what is posted on the forum by admins.. there isn't really any need to spread false rumors and denouncing people.. doesn't make sense. So whatever made you think i lied (when and about what??) you may have gotten bad information. You on skype? maybe you can explain to me what happened that you think i lied to the community... And i didn't try to detract.. just handling several things at the same time...
  11. 1. That was a huuuuge player wish. New Map / Map reset / similar comments. So this isn't just staff. This is a wish from the community. 2. All the that stuff is rumors you heard from somewhere and you didn't even bother asking me if they were true. 3. Do you truly think i would rip you all off? Wow. I take that as a massive insult against me personally. Thanks for that. 4. And no i have no plans to rip anyone off. 5. As i already said in another post. Don't believe rumors. Only facts posted by admins in this forum. I once asked you to send me a pm with examples so i could rectify it. You never did. So i assume they don't exist. To make it clear to everyone: Don't. Belive. the. rumors.
  12. Goodbye Burnside, Just a few FYI's. Basically all advice or ideas (which were technically possible) that were brought to me by the playerbase found their way into the server. So i have no idea where you are coming from with "and if you weren't too much of a mule to take advice". Censorship, we never ever hid posts with opinions. Only posts with hate against someone or senseless memes on important posts. The big problem there are people like you yelling out loud "CENSORSHIP" and others believing you and repeating it and then you hearing it from them and so on. While in fact its just not true. Since i took over no genuine opinion was ever hidden. If i didn't agree with it i made an answer post. Even to the worst ones. And secrecy? Looking at all Games, MMORPG's etc out in the world, we may be one of the most open ones discussing plans etc. While i see every player as part of this community its impossible to go forward to anything if we open up everything to discussion. Hell, look at the two polls i did (and then gave up). Both were 50/50. Atherys right now is one of very few MMO's where players can have so much impact on the development as you guys have. Friday Chat is all about that too. And as i stated above. We always listened and stuff got implemented because of what you (the players) wanted. That's basically how it works. You guys tell us what you want, like, hate etc. And we who pay and work hart for it try our best to fulfill that and what we would like to see. If you hate us because of that then i wish you a good life. And for all the others. Atherys isn't dead. Just because Burnside doesn't get what he wants doesn't mean we closing down. He has absolutely no competence to close Atherys. That, in the end, is basically up to me. And as i said a while ago. There is no doubt in my mind that next year this time we still will be here and better than ever. -Sellt PS: btw. we don't hate or distrust the playerbase at all i love most of you guys.
  13. that looks hot
  14. In this form it helps us a lot. The barrier to become staff is now lower and while you are a helper we can assert how well you do and either fire you or upgrade you to a "real" mod with time.

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