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Dan The Derp

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  1. Very intriguing. Good job Admins!
  2. Funny! Good catch Chronus!
  3. Exciting!
  4. stfu it's the Taiwanese flag wtf racist
  5. @[email protected] pirates online is back up, you should play it with me. https://piratesonline.co/news/post/88/
  6. Can you confirm you left A'therys to do pranks now?
  7. Sweet! When's the next event?
  8. No, not really.
  9. why am I so suspicious 

    1. Xathas


      Because there's a bunch of political nutters in DC?

  10. Vrovona annexed Roreg a while back btw. But you make a good point, we've invested too much in your security.
  11. stop posting or I'll unfollow you

  12. Intense
  13. Soldiers Legionnaire Aitvaras Jharov - Jacobpanther Tyvius Jharov - Dawnslaad Lednik Moroz - Lednik_Moroz Asher Khovik - Coxter Mac Harvikin - Macwaw Alemor Harvikin - Alemor Falathren Morsen Harvikin - RandomStuff_ Reginald Harvikin - Megatex6 Valerak Harvikin - Valerak Daen Harvikin - Daen Tavion Ksavik - Cia98 Domari Jharov - Paladin_Rhyne Unnamed - Waterstriker Razryv Jharov - Razryv Jharov Borin Falathren - WACKOMUFFIN1 Ventri Penligo - Ventri_Penligo Puglas Heinrich - joeyp52 Elissar Harvikir - Tiger2215 Verity-Jane Visla - Gaming_Puppy Merak the Bear - CuriousMinds Erik Harvikin - Atregen Thorq Harvikin - xWartime Alexander Fellinnian - Alexandersg2 Enjorran Harvikin - Enjorran TBD - AM3 TBD - BritishBiscuit Aerith Oranor - Riftblade Varaug Shurtugal - BlackZues15 TBD - CosmosSage TBD - stitch-flower TBD - xWarChaos Víetski Yakóv - ViLyShD(Will be Vietxly again) Lech Dregfodt - HeadHunter111 TBD - Paulpan Drakais Ward - tigeriousmaximus Unnamed - Alecks63 Decanus Pita Harvikin - Pita_Bread Hans Heinrich - Hans_Heinrich_ Gressy Harvikir - Gressy Alush Dhe-Ravista - Ademola Dunikai Hatake - WindderArmy452XD Danith of Harvikir - 0989CODY Centurion Nulgrum Harvikin - Nulgrum Ullr Brahvnikh - vingilot99 Ish Folkung - Magni_rapax Imperator Rhyder Harvikin - Chadrian Legatus Jenz Vizla - SirBaskomWelford
  14. Vrovona: Rhyder Harvikin Björn Harvikin Jenz Visla Roko Visla Vrovonic Settlements: Harvikir Fellinheim Zurich
  15. atherys isn't a professional organization in anyway.
  16. People do not give proof becaus e they are worried that staff are just going to crackdown on whistleblowers. If proof is given they worry of being banned and blacklisted. They are afraid that their proof would be hidden and ignored.
  17. Nope. This was just part of the process of Vrovona taking Ithero.
  18. the goverment of Vrovona had learned that our long standing ally have betrayed us! there was a secret pact with the High Mediator Xinxet to hand over VROVONIC roreg to Aloreh and his goverement. Furthermore ithero has procured a slanderous screenshot which was clearly photoshopped. Therefore we ransacked the allied nation shop in calastore and have conducted a naval bombardment of the city of Salecia. The facade has faded. @ultravioletpixie Your move. Also I'm marrying @kingsransom cause politics.
  19. stfu your not funny

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