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  1. any chance to shit on him i will use to the fullest extent
  2. My brother would play some crap games like warface and such so it doesn't really matter.
  3. Not a dutchie rather a belgian bit he doesn't want to build one, I myself will build one when my old PC dies but he doesn't want to go through the "trouble"
  4. My little brother would like to buy a laptop but I want to make sure it is of decent quality and it can run actual recent games. Any comment is welcome. Here is the link: http://www.mediamarkt.be/nl/product/_asus-vivobook-f556uq-intel-core-i7-7500u-f556uq-dm657t-be-1596788.html Thanks in advance.
  5. Town Name: DresdenType of town it is: GEN/EVTTown Mayor:MichiegamerWhat Nation its in: AlorehLink to the town post if any:
  6. Sign me up! I have a ton of great custom armor and weapons. Whoever gets mine is gonna be spoiled Ign: michiegamer (no capital letter)
  7. I never really knew him well but he was a great person as far as I'm concerned. condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.
  8. are there copyright complications?
  9. official

  10. official

    1. When we held a party for the staff which turned into a cake eating contest 2. Repetitive, the day to day grind for classes. 3. I have taken part in alorehs internal affairs. 4. I've worked on an rp character who is a humble farmer/hunter (still WIP). 5. I have fought as a pyromancer and as a conduit.
  11. By means of a giveaway I aquired a small town named dresden. Right now I am the only town member,if anyone wishes to join me they can. Promotions will happen fast if you prove yourself worthy. (For now there are no real buildings,we will have to build everything up) All you have to do is fill in this application: IGN: Age: former towns(optional): interests(for example:events,building pvp etc.): mastered classed(if any): Skype username(if you have skype):
  12. I would like +/- 30k yora to build up my starter town. My town is not interesting enough for new players so they don't join. Which leaves me in a perpetual cycle.
  13. Beware people of a'therys!!! Take out your very best horror stories and get ready to frighten your peers On the 30th October (1PM GTZ) we shall gather at a yet undisclosed location to test our skills as storytellers,to prove our bravery and to test your cleverness. As stated above we will have a small halloween event on the 30th,we will make a bonfire and tell our spooky stories to each other. we will have an event warp to set you up. we will be in the community event room on teamspeak.
  14. will he take my firstborn child? will he take my firstborn child? will he take my firstborn child?
  15. Welcome back jon

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