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  1. Ingame- no I'm afraid. We want the chat basically cleaner lol, and the titles to make sense for the people and to the server. Titles will be earned from ingame events and happenings. If there's an event where a vegan is involved: then maybe, lol. We release when the product is there and when we are done. Let's say, Horizons won't be out until after summer. Your suggestions have been noted and will be taken into consideration
  2. We have been working on 2 projects basically, so we are having to divide up time for Evo and Horizons. However, we haven't forgotten about Evo. @Xathas has some events planned for the summer so there's that. I've got a bit more time this summer so I can start doing the organised battles again. @Ishaan If you're bored, fancy helping me build the battle ground? Edit: If it's ok with @MisChiv maybe we could even set up some more hero classes. Don't think I've ever tagged that many people in a post before, lol
  3. That was really nice Wolf. Means alot from such an old veteran.
  4. Believe
  5. With the community on board and each staff member working closely together I am 100% positive we can make this a great and successful iteration for everyone. Keep an eye on the diary entries as those will be starting again soon which all you people can comment on each week!
  6. I'm on it. Inspirational wall of quotes coming right up Sir
  7. Bloody hell thats sooo mean. Hmm, maybe red could be your victim if that tickles your pickle
  8. Might need to dumb that down for me. I have no idea what you just said. I wanted to be a duck in evo. I followed my dream, I believe you can too c:
  9. I think that's the case with real life too. I sat on the top of my car washing it down in the street with a pirate hate on cos of the sun, and I think 10 people went past and didn't utter one word. Must say though, pirate hats > sun caps. Brilliant. Shield the eyes AND the neck.
  10. The old nations will remain on our wiki and I think there is reference in the new nations of the old, so I don't see why not. That's a @Xathas question tho.
  11. Yeah I'm excited too. As staff, not even we know what all the nations consist of. It's going to be a great new adventure! I just have images of you wanting to open a bank in the middle of a desert now and a tumleweed rolling around. And then you are sitting at your chair counting your doe. lol.
  12. I'll keep a note of that purchase (I got the details on buycraft) and we can sort you out with one or multiple of the new cosmetics (which will be equal value) when Horizons launches. Don't panic!
  13. Those pictures.... new collection to have as my desktop slideshow
  14. Hello. We recently added the sidebar back. Would just like to collect some feedback with it to see if the community prefers this or the healthbar we had above player heads.
  15. That post was directed at Kieran who just came back to the server. No, the ball isn't in the player's court, but we are currently adding features to 2 different iterations. Even if Horizons isn't released yet, staff are working on it and the least you could do is less moaning. If you don't want to play, I obviously am not forcing you, but please don't just come onto the forums to just down the server. As Staff, we are working hard and when we see those comments it's hard. If you do play atm, (not so sure you do or not) then maybe you see areas on evo you'd like change to, suggest ideas. If you can't make suggetsions to go along with your criticism, then you will be ignored because we are busy working on A'therys and making it the best (possibly the first) modded rpg server done right. That might sound.. however you call it.. but we are passionate about A'therys, no time for people who just talk utter rubbish with no backbone. Many thanks.

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