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  1. Thats just the name of the font. Grow up
  2. I like the end animation with the dude and the machinegun. Perhaps choose a style of font for your channel and use it for the previous montage etc. Also, in my opinion just having the thanks for watching line in the description rather than the vid would look more appealing. Other than that that is some solid footage. Good job bud
  3. no problem
  4. K

    There is only so much you can know bud. We have said this many times: A'therys isn't dying anytime soon. We've been around for what, 5 years and we arn't stopping at that milestone. You might think its over, that's your opinion. We are still fighting as a staff team to continue A'therys for as long as possible and we have no intent to stop. Heavy comments, people trying to prove us wrong - it just makes us stronger. Also you arn't the first person to say that its fun to see the server die. Most people we ban, who have 0% chance of coming back on their banned accounts, say that too! I think it must be the common comments to make when you don't get your own way. But, please do give me some examples of things we have 'shut down' without a reason, I am curious.
  5. BlackChancery.
  6. K

    For anyone wondering, due to this spoon and his lack of context and non-existent efforts to actually title the thread, he is screenshotting the 0/300. Thanks for sharing
  7. pinned
  8. pinned
  9. Yea that would be a good idea. Will talk about it on sunday
  10. The thing is with jailing is it could be taken as a staff punishment rather than a roleplay type punishment. A jail demonilises a player just like a ban and that could cause players to moan if they arnt breaking a necessary rule. I will bring it up at the meeting and in our chats and I'll get back to you
  11. Ummm.. yea they could be done without any extra plugins. @Dan The Derpp My question is whether this would be a proper punishment thing or a roleplay thing? I understand for roleplay if you want to punish someone's rp account but then my next question is for what reason? And whether the reason is against actual server rules, and if it is then we cant sanction them through jailing, would need to be a proper punishment . If it isnt against actual server rules, then what will the type of things people could be jailed for?
  12. Ah so you mean jail people for not cooperating I thought you meant for breaking server rules. I guess we can talk about it at the next staff meeting
  13. yea, just not sure how to work with it. it's not a gimmic because you are totally demobilised when jailed and so whether it becomes a steward's thing or staff thing.. not sure.
  14. Hi A'therians!! Today I'd like to announce we are reintroducing a new staff role: Helpers, but as a more responsible role than before. The Helper role was brought up once already by Edd last year and worked really well for a couple weeks until the people who signed up to be a Helper ran out of things to do and things to work with! Before, the role was solely just a game title and a event start permissions, etc. Now, we are reintroducing it as an actual staff role with its own set of perms and responsibilities! Here is the role broken down for you: Helper Role Responsibilities & Requirements To be online and actively engaging with the community through use of the event plugin, and our conquest plugin. To aid players ingame with questions by answering tickets. Highlight problems to Mods which will then sanction individuals. and much more. Why are we doing this again? We are in need of more staff as always and want special people who can dedicate time to A'therys and want to become a true legend of the server. When we see those people shine through, they will be commended and possibly promoted. A'therys is always undergoing new updates and features and with most of our Mods being highly involved with A'therys development, it comes a time where we need people online and ingame helping out! How to join We have edited the staff application form slightly so players can apply as a Helper rather than Mod. After the initial application has been accepted, new applicants will be given an interview by Sellt, Crash or myself, and if that goes well then a small crash course will be given to get you up to speed. Many thanks.
  15. Welcome to the team! :)

    1. Iris93


      <3 Thank you sweetie~

    2. Darklore123


      team to the welcome...who are you


    3. Iris93


      Darklore, You know exactly who I am.

  16. Welcome to the team! :)

  17. I've got an A'therys banner that some crazy staff member gave time to do so just message me when you are on and I'll give you one.
  18. Yiss
  19. https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/123-memes-dedicated-to-sundvallo/ Deal is you keep public threads clean.
  20. Posts are removed if they are pointless, spam, show ignorance and/or disrespect. If staff get disrespected, you can espect the same back. If you need a reason to something being removed/ being punished then politely message the staff member or me. Asking in a public thread about a reason for a punishment is against the guidelines as staff as things like that are not for the public ear, only the person who breaks the rule and the staff team should know, unless given permission. As for abuse of power, can assure you we watch that like a hawk. You've seen how quick we remove staff. Annnd lastly, no we have more players than staff actually. Around 50 people visit the forums every 48 hours. Many thanks. P.S. We are always open to listening to new ideas or suggestions the community has. And aslong as it's executed in the right way, e.g. in the suggestions forum, we will very much use your ideas. But, what we hate most is when people make a huge discussion thread listing many many many many things we have done wrong and then tearing us to shreds. If you think something isn't right, report it by using the correct forum. If you want to suggest something, use the correct forum. If you have found a bug then use the correct forum. Just because this forum says "General" Discussion doesn't mean you can post all the problems.. you have with.. everything. Use the right forums and please explain your points. This isn't being rude, this is being to the point.
  21. Zero is Sanders' brother, so he helps alot with some recent things and because he owns a hosting company (I believe). He isn't equal to someone working on Atherys PR, just a direct contact of ours. The one and only exception if you like. Do you have any other questions Sir?
  22. Hey Try this Same should work if you are on Windows.
  23. If players want to apply they can in the proper place, not here. I wasn't shouting down to Dan what so ever, I was clearly stating that only staff work on the PR team. Also, if Dan applied for staff I'm sure he'd have a few several good things said about him, and thats the same for everyone else. No one gets an interview for just being loyal. You also have to stand out and tell us why you should have such role. As for me, you can ask that in a private message if you want and I will explain there. I think we should keep this on topic as much as possible.
  24. It would be a great security risk to give players access to all our social media. I am sorry that there isnt a secure method, but that's just how it is.

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