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  1. I have no idea. @HaedHutner rise and shine little one
  2. Just a reminder on this as some of you have forgotten. This feature would be completely optional and not enforced by staff or rules at all. And if it is to be used, all people using it at the RP event would need to agree to use it. If you are just a PvPer who doesn't RP like myself, this won't affect you at all.
  3. And me and Crash shall build up the courage to read it!1!1!
  4. t h a n k y o u
  5. thanks
  6. I understand the position you are in Zorin, but our rules are in place to protect the whole community and not just a select few. Whether someone is a mum, a dad, a kid, if someone breaks the rules, they report it to staff asap. When making a thread about a topic, you should know that anyone on the internet can comment anything about it, whether it be good or bad. As staff we are here to remove the real nasty stuff, but if you put certain information out there for people to play on, it's gonna happen, and sometimes it can spread to social media etc, which is out of our hands. Another quick thing to realise: if you are getting threats by someone, you click that report flag next to the post immediately, (as did @JupiterRome @vehnehdapooh ) and a staff member will deal with it. We are always around. That will send emails to every admin even if you don't see any staff online. The staff are there to help you, so don't try and deal with it yourself, we will deal with the issues, that's why we are here. As for banning people, I haven't really seen anything with my own eyes which I would force someone to leave on. Just learn from this and we will get better at dealing with these situations. If anyone feels like they need to say something after this is locked, please can you PM and not create another thread. Much love.
  7. Replied to you in Discord.
  8. Just a word of warning, if you swear on the forums, staff reserve the right to replace it with whatever they choose. ;) 

    1. Muttgamer


      What the french fries? That's actually a fencing good idea, you cabbage. 

  9. Ehm. What did I say to you about a month ago?
  10. welcome dude
  11. IT'S YOU!
  12. If we wiped the ban list and allowed them all back 99% of them will do the same thing again guaranteed. The people who know they did wrong have and will make a ban appeal that the HR team will gladly read and acknowledge. The few who know they've done wrong but haven't and won't make a decent ban appeal are the people we don't want back on this server.
  13. If it's something like rock-paper-scissors you can count me in for some of this roleplay pvp stuff.
  14. Just "testing" some stuff
  15. Its the 21st birthday of our half phillipino half english neighbour! have a great day @redninja685
  16. twenny wun
  17. Yea it's great. You mean Curse? Yea, we can
  18. We are thinking of keeping with our custom launcher that @Ares Vendencia made (and continously maintained ) From what I heard Technic is a bit strange with updated and stuff
  19. hey, we have a discord now quayley you can join if you wish
  20. And we are back. -Money is fixed from what I can tell, if there is something I've missed be sure to raise it. -Portals will be back soon, for now "/golevel" is our replacement. Head is really busy working on our sponge plugins! Thankyou
  21. Hi all. I know the server is pretty quiet at the moment, but this saturday we will be fixing the long-waited money bug once and for all. This patch should also help with the lead up to working on Horizons as Evo will no longer be bungeed and will all be on just one server, which means 50% less issues more of less In short: PvE world gets moved to the main server Money bug will get fixed No bungee server Nether portals will just switch you to the pve world Many thanks.
  22. Ima get Head to adjust the way they work, existing ones will be fine tho
  23. Emails are now working. Thanks @Jessica

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