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  1. Due to the amount of problems VM configs are causing I will be removing them shortly. Sorry for my absence, I've been extremely busy and haven't had time to do much of anything
  2. Ah, so that may have been everyone elses issue. Try this if you are having problems launching
  3. Can you verify your Java version for me?
  4. Many people have said there is an issue when they try and launch the modpack. Install this http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html and it should fix your issue. -1.10.2 -Fixed Java Arg issue -Updated JEI> -Updated FoamFix 0.4.3->0.5.3 -Updated Optifine D4->D6 -Replaced WAILA with Hwyla 1.8.9-B23_1.10.2 -Updated VoxelMap .15->.21 -Edited Configs -1.11 -Fixed Java Arg issue -Updated BetterFPS 1.3.3->1.3.4 -Updated FoamFix 0.4.3->0.5.3 -Updated Hwyla 1.8.5-B19_1.11->1.8.9-B22_1.11 -Updated Optifine B2->B6 -Updated Schematica .1.5.6->.1.5.7 -Added TabbyChat and dependencies -Updated VoxelMap .16->.21 -Updated Macro Mod .1->.3 -Edited Configs -1.11.2 -Starting to build... Let me know of any issues and I will fix when I can
  5. So, regarding Technic. For some odd reason they locked me out of my account and I cannot get back into it. I have tried to contact their support but no luck. To be honest the one I have now is A LOT better in quite a few ways, such as being able to change certain files without re-downloading the whole thing, along with an interface I can change at will, and finally I can make it moduler like it is now instead of creating 4 versions that I have to maintain I'm fixing the java arg now, I do apologize for the delay
  6. Sorry about that, I'm fixing that now. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with life and haven't had time
  7. Do you know if your Java is up to date and running 64-bit, if you dont we can check?
  8. Not sure if this is how I'm gonna keep doing updates in a new thread in the future, but for now Ill do it like this ChangeLog: -1.10.2 -Updated FoamFix 4.2->4.3 -Added WAILA -Fixed Liteloader (Hopefully) -1.11 -Added Macro Mod -Updated FoamFix 4.2->4.3 -Updated Schematica .155->.156 -Updated JEI> -Added HWYLA
  9. I will be pushing an update soon that will fix it hopefully, so you wont have to do it yourself
  10. Oh, sorry, didnt know you meant that. That's how you do it basically
  11. I'm looking into it now, might have been just an error on my part when I built it
  12. I made the entire thing modular, so you choose what you want
  13. When I built the pack Macros wasn't out yet for 1.11, I will make an update and add it when i can
  14. Hello all, so I finally managed to finish rebuilding the modpack from the ground up. Ill post a change log here, as well as one in a dedicated thread. Here is the link: http://atherys.com/Atherys Launcher.jar. There will be a link here, the first post on this thread, and the main website page. There maybe problems and I will fix them when they appear, I will try and have a dedicated bug report page soon Edit:
  15. Yes, I am including it in this update. As for 1.11 it is not up to date to that yet, but its at least 1.10.2

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