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Found 53 results

  1. Rhykker’s Monthly Schedule Some amongst you wanted definite dates, times, and schedules for my activity on A’therys. Welp, here it is! The times I posted available are all hours I’m not asleep or working. If you try to contact me outside of these hours, I will not respond until the next day or unless I’m on Break at work. I will attempt to adhere to this schedule to the best of my ability, but I will have “cheat days” or there may be emergency situations at work where I am working different hours or days, so don’t judge me too harshly if I’m not perfectly following it! I may also have personal family situations that may randomly occur, and I will not be available on most American Holidays, but I will attempt to forewarn about those situations in this post. I also didn’t include PvP XP Days, Sellt Chats, Nation Meetings, or Military Meetings as A’therys Hours Online. During these times I will either be on Teamspeak or Discord. Most likely not in game, save PvP XP Days. Week One - Sellt Chat & A’therys Week Two - PvP XP Week & A’therys Week Three - Military Meeting & A’therys Week Four - Nation Meeting & A’therys Week Five? - Game’s Nights & A’therys Grand Totals - Monthly A’therys Hours: 116 Hours Max Game’s Night Hours: 35 Hours Max Personal Hours: 55 Hours Max A’THERYS! WHY DO YOU TAKE OVER MY LIFE!
  2. The First Shadowcloak Elections | Results Are In! To make this short, sweet, and to the point. The Election results are in! Below I have the exact results of the vote, with voter choices hidden of course. However, our winners are… GodofGales - Magister of Cinderweald And JynxInx - Minister of Internal Affairs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oBdCZusFB6Ya9L1syvNROhf3ZTblKHbxTSb6z09yU8o/edit?usp=sharing Thank you, all those who participated. This was a very successful election.
  3. The Society For New Growth Political Party Information and Registration Basic Information The Society For New Growth, or New Growth Party [NGP], is a political entity dedicated toward the ideals of national and economic self-sufficiency, agriculture, and the reclamation of the volcanic wastelands of The Daggerlands. Though similar in theory to the Reclamation Party, the NGP focuses use of modern technology to improve land fertilization, natural plant growth, and farmland infrastructure. Some in the NGP also encourage bending the will of the poisonous swamp lands on the southern and eastern coastline for human settlement and environmental safety. However, the Rammatites continue to counter their attempts to do just that, and instead, encourage the growth and spread of the deadly swamps of The Viper, Rammat. We tend to work closely with the Commonguard Party, since most of their proposals and strategies seem to mirror our own. However, many refuse to associate with the Reclamation Party, simply due to their opposing methods on how to reclaim the wastes with ancient magic, instead of modern technology. More information can be found here… https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/canon-lore/nations/daggerlands/political-parties/new-growth-party The Head of The NGP This season, the elected Head of the New Growth Party is, Rhykker Shadowcloak - @Rhykker State: The Outmaw How To Join To join the Society For New Growth, or NGP, simply fill out the application below. You will only be accepted if all information is filled out correctly and accurately. In Game Name: RP Name: State: Town: Plans or Ideas: Additional Information [Optional]: A Reminder All political parties are strictly for RP use only. Any excessive use of these parties to cause national divides, harm player freedoms, or any similar issue, will be met with a swift removal of legitimacy. There can be Magisters with party ties, but that cannot prevent the nation from working together to improve and benefit the whole. I’m hoping to use these parties to add more color and dynamics to the typical national roleplay whilst adding more reasons to why the party members vote or act a certain way in future Dagger specific events. Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously. It's just a game after all! To the other Party Heads, I encourage you to make similar posts, as long as they similarly follow the Forum Lore of each party accurately, which can be found here!
  4. The First Shadowcloak Elections | Time To Vote! As the title states, it’s finally time for democracy to shine within this fine nation. However, before we start, I’d like to apologize for the massive delay, but I fear it couldn’t have been helped. With this post, I revoke the temporary democratic pause and continue to encourage anyone and everyone to participate in the growth of our nation as well as give opinions, ideas, and thoughts on how to keep improving ourselves. However, we will still be under a State of Emergency until myself and the Magisters see fit to remove that National Status. The Ballot Ah, now that that’s over with, I’d like all of you to look through the list of candidates below and choose the one you most think deserves the job! If you do not see anyone fit for the position, you could always abstain, or vote to keep the position vacant for someone else to try for it later down the road. https://goo.gl/forms/6hqHPfIdbwcUGBw32 Positions Still Available
  5. The Office of The Pithkeeper | Executive Order I I hereby grant Ebano Sien, @Joey402MC, permission to lead and command the Homeland Defense Army at this time. He will be temporarily granted the position of Minister of Defense and lead in training and recruitment of the Homeland Defense Army and The Steam Knights. Along with that, Julius Arth'orn, @Jynxi, will step in as Minister of Internal Affairs. His role is national growth, projects, and interstate relations and communication.
  6. A National State of Emergency Due to recent events, some of the functionality of The Daggerland government will be suspended until the current situation is resolved. Sadly, this includes the current election process. As soon as the issue has been dealt with, all regular governmental functions shall be reinstated. With the definite approval of four out of the five current standing Magisters, this has been a tough call on my part, but I fear it most necessary for the continuation of our fine nation. I will provide more information as it arrives and update the citizenry in the next upcoming days. For now, simply bare with me here. If you have any major pressing concerns, send a letter to the Office of the Pithkeeper [PM @Rhykker]. No current standing leaders in the Dagger Government need worry about losing their governing positions, this is simply a temporary setback and has no direct or permanent implications, and does not affect any previously elected official. In essence, this is just a simple refocusing of current governmental actions. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. -Pithkeeper Rhykker Shadowcloak
  7. The Daggerlands | The New Vice-Pithkeeper With the upcoming vote soon to occur, I have decided it finally time to choose my next vice-pithkeeper. My assistant and friend while I and our fellow Magisters run this fine nation. I trust this Daggerlander above none other, and though he’s new to Dagger politics, I know he has what it takes to fulfill his role and help grow our numbers and strength further then it has been before. His name? Velyrion S. Skar He has been such a great help in The Outmaw, and I could find no other worthy of the title. Congratulations! I hope you’re ready for the trials to come! And thank you for all your service thus far. @Velskar
  8. The Daggerlands | The Military and Steam Knights The Homeland Defense Army Though not intended to pose a significant threat in the regard to manpower, the Homeland Defense was originally created to defend the Daggerlands from any outside forces, maintain the military installations and machinery of war, and pilot or man the airships located at one of the two cities, Monas Roth and Sablemarch. Though smaller in size than most national militaries, their superior technology easily make up the difference and loss in manpower. Ranks The Steam Knights An elite fighting force of The Daggerlands. Those that earn the title are skilled combatants capable of rivaling the strongest of enemies. With the combination of technologically advanced weaponry of war and their excessive skill in more traditional combative methods, these soldiers are the most experienced and destructive in the field of battle. How to Join It's quite simple actually. With little need for mandatory conscription, the nation absolutely requires volunteers to work in the military and assist in the defense of the nation and the maintenance of its military equipment. To join the Homeland Defense Army, all one needs is access to the nearest recruiter and for easy communication, access to the Daggerland Discord below. https://discord.gg/gWrZp3w If there is no recruiter present, simply contact the Minister of Defense @Joey402MC for any position openings. His Discord is Joey402#5042. If the Minister of Defense is unavailable, just contact me, @Rhykker, or Rhykker#2573 in Discord, and I’ll get it sorted out. The last alternative is to recruit here on this forum page. Fill out the application below if you do not want to do the Discord method. In Game Name: Forum Name: Any Heroes/PvP Experience: Town: Preferred Combat Role [Healer/Tank/Mage/Rogue]: Preferred Class [Not Required]: Access to Discord and Teamspeak [Yes/No]: In the future there will be a total of two Divisions in the Homeland Defense, but as of right now, all new military recruits will be automatically incorporated into the Monas Roth Division. How to Join the Steam Knights However, joining the ranks of the Steam Knights is another story entirely. To even be considered for the position, you have to be currently serving in the Homeland Defense Army, have access to the Daggerland Discord, and reach a specified rank. Many of the highest ranking members of the Homeland Defence Army are also Steam Knights, but that does not mean they are a rank only suited for the highest ranking officials. They are their own elite army with their own duties to uphold. Some lucky few might even earn the prestigious title without reaching any of the necessary rank requirements.
  9. The First Shadowcloak Elections | The Candidates Below are the candidates of this session’s election ballot. Read through their opinions, ideas, plans, and speeches and question them thoroughly! This is your one chance to get to know each candidate before the vote starting on the 21st of February, so make it count! Magister Candidates Position Magister of Cinderweald IGN: GodOfGales @GodOfGales Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: All of the above. RP Name: Tuan Vinh State: Cinderweald Town: Mirammat Campaign Text So it has been said that the Swamps are nothing more than a primitive part of The Daggerlands, consisting of primitive, blind-worshiping Rammatites. So it has been said that the Swamps yield nothing of use. So it has been said that the Swamps are a plague to our nation. However, we of Cinderweald, know otherwise. We know of the potential within the vast array of species in the Swamps. We know that that Swamps occupy just as much land as the stone. We know that the Swamps can thrive, if given the benefit of the chance. So, I tell you, wonderful people of Cinderweald; elect me as your Magister, and I will give you an opportunity scarcely awarded to the swamp dwellers- a chance to compete on the global and domestic stage. Plans Expand the infrastructure of Cinderweald, increase diversity even more in the government, and increase productivity on a state scale, to compete with wealthier states like Outmaw. Additional Information Monas Iaeon and Tuan Vinh are separate characters. Position Magister of The Outmaw IGN: Velskar @Velskar Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: Yes to all three. RP Name: Velyrion S. Skar Political Party (Optional): Society For New Growth [NGP] State: The Outmaw Town: Trachonos Campaign Text The beautiful isles of the newly annexed state of The Outmaw need work.The infrastructure almost non existent. The grasslands, not plowed, and the homes not built. As a resident of Trachonos, my primary focus above all else will be to strengthen the protection of the State. Such new lands lack even the basics in defensive structures and military might. However, military isn’t the only thing on my mind. With the growing food shortages on the mainland, the farms here in The Outmaw are absolutely paramount for the continuation and growth of the Dagger population. And my final, but not least, concern, housing. With the ever growing migration to the Isles, housing is near the top of the list on major concerns for the state. Encouraging economic trade with the other States here in The Daggerlands, whether it be for food or other goods, would greatly raise the wealth of the nation in general. These here are just a few of the major concerns on my list, and if I were to become the next magister of The Outmaw, I would dedicate as much time and effort as I can to focus on fulfilling these goals. Finally, I will be working with the Commonguard party on many important topics. I love their concept, and I feel that at this point in time, their philosophy is what is needed most in growing our nation further. Plans Continued improvement in the Agricultural sector, growing the defensive strength of the state, inviting more people, new or old, and training them on how to play A’therys if they need the help. Economic growth and trade. Etc. Additional Information I’m a bit new Dagger politics, but with the help of Rhykker and other government officials in The Outmaw, I feel I’ve quickly developed the skills to get the job done right. The people I’ve met since I’ve joined the nation have been great, and I could see no reason not to join in and help out when and where I can. Minister Candidates Position Minister of Defense IGN: Joey402 @Joey402MC Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: My discord is Joey402#5042, I am in the Daggerlands discord. My Skype is Joey402. MC and my TeamSpeak is Joey402. RP Name: Ebano Sien Political Party (Optional): N/A Town: Ville de Chevres Campaign Text As Minister of Defense, my main focus will be to encourage pvp in the nation. I will establish a ranking system in which your accomplishments shall be rewarded. There will be leveling parties to help players level up classes they want during double/triple exp. Additionally, I will set up organized fights between nations/towns. As Minister of Defense, I hope to bring lots of PvP to The Daggerlands and set up a military which inspires its members to pvp and more importantly, have fun. Plans If I got this position, one thing I would not do is organized raids. This is due to the fact that I think they have never worked and it's better just to say something like "raiding in 15 minutes" than setting up dates, which I've seen many other PvP leaders try to do in the past. I'd actively recruit to my town and instead of a "pvp town" of sorts, create something like an organization for Daggerlands residents. There would be ranks and how well you do would increase your rank. Additional Information I have very good pvp experience. I have played this server for more than 4 years and I was apart of some major pvp towns such as Winds of Thesse and Butterfly Haven. Position Minister of Internal Affairs IGN: JynxInx @Jynxi Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: Yes RP Name: Julius Arth'orn Political Party (Optional): N/A Town: Trachonos Campaign Text 'The Daggerlands never stops Improving' Plans Plan to return fun events in V2 and make them part of V3 again, when we need more Daggerlandic events. Help relations of new and veteran players in the Daggerlands to live and prosper. Bring back previous and willing Daggerlanders, encourage Nation growth, and Nations Relations. Additional Information N/A That’s all the candidates for this session of The Daggerland elections. In about two day’s time I will open up the voting booths, but before then, make sure to ask the candidates any questions you may have about them, and about how they will perform their duties. Make sure to @ mention specific questions to the candidate it relates to, or feel free to make general questions all candidates can answer. Thank you for participating in our democratic system! And to the candidates, good luck to you all.
  10. The Daggerlands | The Gold Exchange As of now, the nation of The Daggerlands is buying Gold Blocks, Gold Ingots, and Gold Nuggets! Come sell your Gold for Yora in return! With the inclusion of the new Economy Team, many changes will be taking place and we need YOU to help us grow our economy! So whether you just need a bit of pocket change, or sell heavily to the national bank, you will be greatly helping us improve The Daggerlands! Location Monas Roth, Capital of The Daggerlands. State: The Crucible Coordinates: X: 12,922 | Y: 85 | Z: 11,062 Current Gold Buying Prices Gold Block | 99 Yora Gold Ingot | 11 Yora Gold Nugget | 1.22 Yora *A big thanks to @Ravyhn for her help setting up the shop!
  11. Extended Deadline For Political Applications Due to multiple requests for an extended deadline, I’m allowing an extra 3 days of application requests to come in for any of the current positions below. Magisters Magister of Cinderweald - Running Candidates: 1 Magister of The Crucible - Running Candidates: 0 Magister of Ironlight - Running Candidates: 0 Magister of The Outmaw - Running Candidates: 1 Magister of Redcoast - Running Candidates: 0 Magister of The Scar - Running Candidates: 0 Ministers Minister of Defense - Running Candidates: 2 Minister of Internal Affairs - Running Candidates: 1 Magister Applications IGN: Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: RP Name: Political Party (Optional): State: Town: Campaign Text: Plans: Additional Information: Minister Application IGN: Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: RP Name: Political Party (Optional): Town: Campaign Text: Plans: Additional Information: Applications are ABSOLUTELY due by February 18, 2017. Please make sure to PM me your applications @Rhykker.
  12. The Daggerlands | Discord, Skype, and Teamspeak The Daggerlands’ National Discord https://discord.gg/gWrZp3w The Daggerlands allows outsiders and members of the nation both to reside on the Daggerland National Discord. I will provide Forum Alerts or important information notifications, host government meetings, and provide communication, raid alerts, and rank promotions for the Daggerland Military. A private chat will be created for Daggers specifically, so if you do reside in the nation and want to be given access to the Dagger chat, make sure to PM @Rhykker or message Rhykker#2573 in Discord for access and what town you live in. The Dagger Discord chat will be updated over time as ranks and needs arise. The Daggerlands Nation Chat It is much harder to gain access to our Skype page due to the way Skype is built. Here, we only allow Daggerlanders to talk together. We prefer important conversation, but a little bit of spam happens every now and again. For access, the only way is through PM here on the forums. PM @Rhykker and if you are within the nation, I will add you to the chat. A’therys Ascended Teamspeak This last one is for those that somehow managed to miss out on the forums what the A’therys Public Teamspeak is or what the IP is to connect. We use this for on the spot chatter while in game, to coordinate raid parties, host events, or for what I hope will become a weekly or monthly Pithkeeper chat to other Daggerlanders. These chats will be focused on discussing the progression of the nation, even plans, player opinions, etc. To connect, simply download Teamspeak at… http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads.html And in the connections at the top left, click connect, and the server address should be… chat.atherys.com You will have to PM an Admin for permission to talk in any of the chat channels however.
  13. The First Shadowcloak Elections Ulmhei, 99 Ascension 268 Starting my first term as the newly chosen Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands, many positions remain unfilled. Though many of those in positions now only just recently won their elections to office, new positions have opened up that must absolutely be filled. Those actively pursuing their duties and goals in the government have no need to run for re-election with how recent the previous election had taken place. But anyone interested in filling one of the many open positions below must first make an application and run as if a typical election session. There may be more than one candidate for the position you request, so make your speeches impressive and win the hearts of as many Daggers as you can! It is them that will ultimately decide the fate of the next in charge. Current Office and Position Vacancies https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/canon-lore/nations/daggerlands/dag-govt/ Magisters Each state will have a Magister to represent them at future Summits. They must be from the state they wish to apply for. These individuals are to represent the populous of their State and are typically chosen from the best amongst them. Magister of Cinderweald Magister of The Crucible Magister of Ironlight Magister of The Outmaw Magister of Redcoast Magister of The Scar Ministers Ministers work directly with the Pithkeeper and Magister Elect to run the nation’s most important departments. They must be dedicated and know what they are doing in the fields they sign up for. Minister of Defense - Leader, Trainer, and Head Recruiter of the Military. Minister of Internal Affairs - Head of event coordination and project planning. Magister Applications IGN: Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: RP Name: Political Party (Optional): State: Town: Campaign Text: Plans: Additional Information: Minister Application IGN: Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: RP Name: Political Party (Optional): Town: Campaign Text: Plans: Additional Information: Applications are due by February 12, 2017. Please make sure to PM me your applications @Rhykker.
  14. The temperatures are rising in the Daggerlands, and it will have fatal consequences to the enviroment and wildlife! The temperatures in The Daggerlands are rising at an exponential rate, shows new study from TobCo, which has been ongoing for the last decade. "The enviroment has always been a big concern here in TobCo", says Tobber Flame-Oath in his heavily ventilated office. The study has observed the temperature over a long time and shows these stunning results. V1 had an outside temperature of 308.15 kelvin V2 had an outside temperature of 309.15 kelvin EVO has an outside temperature of 311.15 kelvin "That's double the increment as last map!", states Flame-Oath, "If we do not do something soon, it will have dire consequences to our beloved, rocky wasteland". The study further elaborates, that the rising temperature also increases the heat of the lava. As the lava becomes hotter, the more stone it melts. This means, that in the future we can expect rising lava levels, which will flood towns on low terrain. "The study is foolproof", says anonomous TobCo scientist, "We can see the increased heat have influenced even doomsayers". Truthfully, the study also shows a change with doomsayers, who used to be able to take a nice swim in lava for eternities, however, the increased temperature now only allows doomsayers to stay in lava for puny 10 seconds. Terrifying. "TobCo wants to change this, because we don't believe the nature should control itself. We have to operate." exclaims Flame-Oath, "Our first measure has been to use half the coal we used in our famous candy product, TobBar". Do you have what it takes to change the enviroment? Buy your future products from TobCo and ensure a better path to a colder tomorrow! If you want to be part of a creative, innovative and hard-working crew, contact TobCo today and see if you fit in with the misfits and their brand new mayor @Cookie!
  15. Fellow Daggerlanders, I am your new Pithkeeper, Rhykker Shadowcloak! Or as many know me by the name, Branden (This isn't an RP post FYI). I've worked in the Dagger government for a few months now, and with your help, I've had the privilege of becoming Magister of the new Dagger state of The Outmaw. At the beginning, I helped @GodOfGales become the nation head he was, teaching him a few thing here and there, but he had a natural talent, and speed of learning I could not compete with. He quickly surpassed my meager skills in leadership and proved how a true leader of the Dagger people should act, do, and lead. Its with great regret that I had to eventually witness him leave his position so soon, but he served admirably, and I couldn't be more proud to know someone so dedicated to the nation as he was, and still is. But when he left, I knew I couldn't simply sit and await a new nation head to be chosen, so I offered to take up the role once again. And so now the question is, what's next? Sure sure, many of you know I once lead Aloreh as Lector General once, but in no way do I intend to change the governmental system here in The Daggerlands. In fact, I was one of the only highly democratic Noble Houses in Aloreh, and I can say for certainty that irritated many an Alor Noble... @Galindaan Thewisy No, in fact many of you don't know I once played in The Daggerlands V1 under the name Captain_Doom. So I'm actually more Dagger then Alor affiliated, but I can't convince all of you I'm not an evil dictator trying to turn the Daggerlands into a Imperial Kingdom! Ah well, at least I tried. I do have a lot planned for the future of the Nation, but it can only get completed with both national cooperation and through democratic polls. Maybe I should scratch that last bit and put mandatory decrees? So my goals are, well simpler said then done, but its a video game, so nothing's impossible. Weekly Nationwide meetings in TS to discuss events or changes in the nation and to discuss the nation with the citizenry of the nation. Monthly Summits for both RP and actual governmental decision making, votes, and event fun. Filling up all the Magister and Minister positions, if there are any current vacancies (Impossible I know). Encouraging more Political Party Head events or discussions, something to bring it into the limelight and add some RP. Choosing a new Registrar of Monas Roth (City Coordinator) to assist in training and housing new players to the nation. The National Military, Steam Knights. I will be working with the Minister of Defense on improving, growing, and development. @Kurgis Foreign Affairs, sadly all previous documentation will have to be re-approved under the new administration. @HelloImWeird ALL THE FORUM POSTS! The worst part! I have to update and fix and replace Gale's old posts. Sad Day. Updating and advertising the Dagger Discord Chat with the Dagger player-base and informing both the Skype and Discord chats about national events. The Railways! Have to make sure everything such as funding, labor, and materials is provided and figured out. The Society For New Growth, I will still attempt to lead this party along with my other duties. New Magisters! There are a few people asking for positions, and I may have to forfeit my Magister of Outmaw title to focus more on the nation. New Dagger citizen training and recruitment program. I may be contemplating making a Department of Intelligence or something with a better name to simply keep me informed of issues, rumors, forum posts, etc. I'm a busy guy and could use all the help I can get. Finance, so much to discuss! My brain hurts right now thinking about it! @Athyna Who do I choose for Vice-Pithkeeper? Who knows! Gotta figure that one out. Okay I'm stopping there, the list is literally endless but that is a small preview. Lots to do, lots to think about, lots to maybe procrastinate on for the last minute and stay up till 6am trying to accomplish last second (And a lot of this will take time to organize and get going, so bare with me). But I can't wait to get started and am glad to have such a great community of players here in the nation keeping things together. I'll attempt to get to know each and every one of you in any possible spare time I will have left. PS - I completely procrastinated on making this post, forgive me!
  16. The Ilthilien Summit

    The Ilthilien Summit The Daggerlands government will convene at Ilthilien for the third Summit of the Progressive Campaign. The event is tomorrow, January 20, 2017 at 5PM ATZ. All are welcome to attend. The following is the agenda of events for the evening: 1. A discussion on the current state of the national railroad. 2. State of the Nation 3. ~Magister Request~ 4. A discussion on The Daggerlands' internal affairs. 5. ~Public Forward~ 6. The Economy 7. ~Public Forward~ 8. ~Press Reply~ The Magisterial Procedure As Magisters may or may not know, Magisters are required to adhere to the rules of the Summit and the Magisterial Procedures. These procedures have been set forth by Pithkeeper Monas Iaeon and will remain active until proposed otherwise through Summit vote. The Role of the Pithkeeper and their Vice The Role of the Pithkeeper and their Vice remain the same. Due to the seat of Pithkeeper being vacant, the Vice-Pithkeeper will seat in their place. These procedures have been set forth by Pithkeeper Monas Iaeon and will remain active until proposed otherwise through Summit vote. The Role of the Citizens Citizens will have the opportunity to speak throughout the convention. During the two Public Forwards, citizens have full speaking power. The Pithkeeper and his Vice will summon any citizen who wishes to be on the Speakers List. Any citizen who has failed to put himself on the Speakers List will have to wait until the end and send a message the the Pithkeeper, and the Pithkeeper will strongly consider to allow the citizen to speak. The citizen will most likely be allowed to, granted there isn’t a time crunch. If the Pithkeeper unrightfully denies the request without reason, an appeal may be filed. The Press and Foreign Attendees The Press and Foreign parties are to adhere to the rules of the Summit set forth by Pithkeeper Monas Iaeon: Enrollment to the Speaker and Press Lists Please follow the instructions listed on this form. ~ Thank you for your time and effort. We look forward to your attendance. - The Daggerlands Central Government
  17. Hello, fellow Daggerlanders. I am Foe, currently a resident of Gearwork and helping the Minister of Construction (@lnShane) catalog the number of active towns we have. Would you kindly please fill out this form: Thank you for your time, effort, and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you all very soon. - foe
  18. The Daggerlands is a desolate and harsh volcanic landscape home to a widely diverse people who are all united by the common goals of freedom and progress. Ever since the Great Revolution, ask any A’therian where to find the most innovative and progressive people and they’ll point you toward a Daggerlander before you can so much as blink. Their technology dominates the world, their airships are a common sight from Vrovona all the way to Qhul-Rahav, and their people know that each and everyone of them has the power make a difference. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ They fought and fought and fought again, untill they reached Old Golgarai’s den. Then the Heroes struck him down, and they made us all free men! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -Excerpt from a ballad written in celebration for the first Revolution Day celebration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The volcanic wastelands of the Daggerlands) Life Before Revolution Before the Mortal Heroes slew Golgarai-Asthas and paved the way for the building of the nation, The Rust Tyrant had held sway for centuries. Under his rule, Daggerlander society (if it could even be called that) was divided very strictly between people who chose to submit to the Tyrant’s will and become Overseers for the enslaved workers and those who didn’t and were forced to toil endlessly for the Rust Tyrant’s will untill their death for their choice. Those who toiled worked to preserve a cultural and social foundation through the generations so that their sense of unity would not disappear. They were not allowed to speak as the Asthas-Lord feared speech as a weapon against him, so the slaves used his own mathematical equations and symbols that they needed to know to go about their tasks in his machines as a rudimentary language. This system of numbers and proofs is incredibly inventive and useful and is the foundation for nearly all modern mathematics. Several communities (mostly located on the island of Fracture) developed their own almost non-verbal language made up of unique hand gestures, body language, and rapid syllables that were almost more grunt-like than real words. While the language has since died out and is seen as a painful memory of a dismal past, it nonetheless is distinct part of the native dialect, with Fracturians typically speaking with sharp and harsh consonants and using lots of expressive body language. While the slaves were encouraged to reproduce, family bonds and connections were forbidden with workers from camps and settlements being constantly moved around according to the Tyrant’s will, and a highly intricate system was developed to recognize and catalog family and community groups. While this amazingly efficient system was created to help make sure families were not ever "broken" it did little to help ease the emotional sorrow that came from being separated. The few benefits the Rust-Tyrant offered his slave overseers included better shelter, better food, the opportunity to keep their families together, and most notably protection from being thrown into a soul furnace. One of the great amazement for Daggerlander historians is the first time they realize just how many people were willing to sacrifice their own people in order to selfishly protect themselves and their families. While the position of Overseer was not hereditary, the overseers worked hard to make sure that their the Asthas-Lord would let their children replace them. Ultimately however Golgarai-Asthas saw little difference between his overseers and his slaves and when it was necessary he was just as likely to choose an overseer as he was a slave for dark and cruel experiments. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “My concluding message for ALL Daggerlanders, whether they be old or small, Aristocrats or Junkies, is that we are a nation that dedicated itself to the destruction of tyranny and the never ending progress of society, and that for the entirety of my term will the upholding of these values be my first and primary concern!” -Oscelle Ashwalker’s inauguration speech for Magister Elect ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Land of Freedom Considering the continent had only recently been freed from Golgarai-Asthas, the Daggerlanders managed to create a basic society of law and order incredibly quickly. While it would continue to evolve and improve for over a century afterwards, the basic foundation was nonetheless quite stable. This is explained by researchers to be a result of the fact that Daggerlander society already had a very entrenched and efficient social organization system and the work camps scattered around the continent made able foundations for towns and cities. Since revolution the Daggerlander government has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of its citizens and to give each and every one of them equal and prosperous opportunities in life despite their origin. The government of 10 Magisters is elected purely by popular vote from each state and extensive protections exist to stamp out corruption and equalize each person's vote. Everyone may petition their grievances to their state’s Magister who are required to address them all. The government’s meetings are always done in public, and private dealings at all in fact are generally frowned upon by Daggerlanders. Because of the extensive liberties guaranteed to every Daggerlander citizen, the immigration rate is incredibly high from other nations. As a result the process to become a Daggerlander citizen is incredibly difficult and rarely does anyone pass through customs. In fact many Daggerlanders have adopted an almost xenophobic approach when it comes to their homeland and foreigners, with foreign industry being almost expressly forbidden and public harbours strictly regulated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It was just amazing. Never before had I even dreamed that we could experience flight, but since that first flight on the Providence I feel that even the birds must feel jealous! The speed! the handling! The sheer beauty of the damn thing! If this is not the greatest invention of our time, I don’t know what is!” -An Itheri’s account of sailing on a Daggerlander airship ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Center of Engineering Every single A’therian who has graduated from the Ralenair Academy of Engineering in Aloreh with top honors for the past 50 years has been of Daggerlander birth. 3 out of the last 5 major scientific achievements of the modern Age have been attributed primarily to a Daggerlander. The nation’s reputation as the industrial capital of A’therys is well-earned. Naturally the nation has a reputation for being a center for ingenuity and innovation. While the Tyrant Clause’s declaration that “no pre-Calling artifacts containing or relating to Soul Furnaces or other similar diabolical devices may ever be used in ANY fashion by the Daggerlander government” would imply that almost any form of Asthasi technology would be off-limits as nearly everything was powered by Soul Furnaces, the law has been interpreted fairly loosely since it’s inception, and a great many Daggerlander advancements in technology have been based of off reverse-engineering minor Asthasi-tech. Nearly everyone in the Daggerlands goes to some basic schooling and has a proficient understanding of engineering. In fact almost 50% of jobs in the Daggerlands are somehow related to sustaining and improving the machines that power and supply society. (A rainy day in Monas Roth) Social and Cultural Divisions At its best, the Daggerlands is a haven of social equality and civil society. At its worst, it can seem xenophobic, overly-nationalist, and incredibly quick to judge. Social class and standing is predominantly tied to wealth and geography. These are not the by all end all distinctions within Daggerlander society, they are merely the largest and most “active” socio-ethnic groups. Wealthy urban Daggerlander industrialists with extensive Alor ties... Nickname/Slur: “Daggercrats” -Entomology: “Aristocrat” is a word typically used to describe a noble of Aloreh. “Daggercrat” has come to mean the Daggerlander equivalent of this Alor social class. -Background: “Daggercrat” has entered the Daggerlander vernacular to mean an industrialist whose chief wealth is tied heavily to their relations with the Alor nobility. In the eyes of the Alor these wealthy individuals and families will never be “true” nobility and most less well off Daggerlanders mock them for their attempts to try to be a part of this foreign “club.” Middle-class Daggerlanders who work to maintain the nation’s infrastructure... Nickname/Slur: “Steam Junkies” (often shortened to just “Junkies”) -Entomology: The scrappy attitude and messy working conditions of the countless engineers and mechanics keeping the nation afloat earned them the nickname of “Steam Junkie” -Background: The vast majority of Daggerlanders live a slightly uncomfortable middle-class lifestyle working to maintain the massive lavatech infrastructure that the nation relies on. They typically lack the incomes necessary to increase their social standing, and so generation to generation, they spend all their working days on operating the Lavatech generators. Swamp-dwellers who were never subjugated thanks to their isolation... Nickname/Slur: “Gators” -Entomology: Most urban Daggerlanders are quick to judge their swamp-dwelling brothers and sisters as a sly and shifty folk, not unlike the cunning Salt Gators that infest the nation’s swamps. -Background: Because they were never subjugated, Gators have a culture that is distinctly different than that of the rest of the Daggerlands. One with different social values, cultural habits, and so on and so forth. They are often criticized as backwater resource sinks and stereotyped as rebels, criminals, and cultists. Foreigners, both rich and poor, who immigrate to the Daggerlands... Nickname/Slur: “Claim Jumpers” -Entomology: An ancient mining phrase to refer to someone who unlawfully pulled ore from someone else's land repurposed to describe foreigners who are perceived to be doing that exact thing. -Background: The phrase has been re-purposed to describe anyone not of Daggerlander descent who has come into the nation seeking economic gain. Daggerlanders are very protective of their homeland and dislike outside manipulation. This slur has also been used however by swamp-dwellers to describe urban Daggerlanders who come into the swamps seeking to industrialize them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ “Round and round the gears we dance, Little Daven’s got sumthin’ in his pants. clink clank! tick tock! the golden tooth strikes twelve, and round and round the gears we dance Untill it stops and we all... Drop!” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -A Gear Dance song as sung by adolescents ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marriages Marriages in the Daggerlander tradition are done following the ways they were done during the days of the Rust-Tyrant and are a strange, yet beloved, part of modern culture. They are completely and utterly silent, with the bride and groom exchanging their vows purely through expression and emotion in a process that the longest of which has taken over 30 minutes. After they embrace the whole audience will make as much noise as possible and typically party well into the night. Anyone and everyone in the community is invited as long as they bring something for the celebration. Schooling All Daggerlanders enter basic schooling at age 7 and at age 11 enter a 7 year program meant to primarily teach them engineering skills. After this, Daggerlanders may elect to enroll in a further 4 years of study at a local university to enhance and fine-tune their skills. Most Daggerlander institutions are strictly math and science based and rarely cover liberal and performance arts. Only a few cover these other topics and those that do are more research institute than actual learning center. Daggerlander students who choose to attend the 4-year university program are more likely to get jobs outside of the country than those who don’t. Most students upon graduation from any local institution will find work in the national infrastructure where directed to by the government based on necessity. The Daggerlanders who can afford it however will tend to enroll their students at age 11 in prestigous Alor boarding schools where they gain a more “rounded” education while making connections with the sons and daughters of Alor nobility. Those that graduate will then typically go to a prestigous foreign university and return home ready to run for public office or take over the family business. Government The Daggerlander government is strictly a democracy that has over time also developed into a meritocracy. Magisters and Ministers are elected to public office by direct voting by the Daggerlander population. Magisters are chosen by their specific state to represent them, and Ministers are elected by the population as a whole to do their assigned jobs effectively and responsibly. The Magister Elect, elected by the Magistrate from within their number is meant as the bridge between the two councils. Terms are typically a set number of years, and the Pithkeeper of Monas Roth has the power to shorten or lengthen those term limits as they see fit based on the achievements or lack thereof of the elected official. Typically national government positions are held by the wealthy in Daggerlander society largely because there political campaigns are well-funded and well-managed. This makes them very hard to compete with for anyone but a fellow aristocrat. However local government positions in each town or city tend to be much more diverse, with individuals getting elected regardless of social class. Military Ever since the Landau Decree in 56AU, the Daggerlander government has been very reluctant to engage itself in wars that do not pose a threat to Daggerlander soil. There exists a relatively small standing army made up strictly of volunteer engineers who, rather than fight in the common way as other nation’s soldiers do, protect the nation by maintaining the ships and shore guns that make up the Homeland Defense. There are harbour installations at nearly every major port and along most of the landable coastlines. The Homeland Defence Army is made up of two fleets of airships, whose bases are Monas Roth and Sablemarch. The Military is also starting to experiment with ironclad ships and rudimentary jet propulsion. (The Steam Knights standing in formation) The Steam Knights There does however exist a separate division of the Military that is solely dedicated to fighting the Daggerland's wars abroad. Called the Steam Knights because of how much steam their machines of war exhale, they utilize both the most advanced technology the Daggerlands has to offer as well as their own skill with a blade. Made up of some of the toughest and experienced fighters in the Daggerlands, the Steam Knights, while very small, are an order to be feared. Religion Because of their history with the Rust-Tyrant, the Daggerlands are very strictly secular and tend to view most Cults and religious orders unfavorably. This is part of the reason the local Cult of Rammat, and by extension the swamp-dwellers, are so discriminated against by the rest of the Daggerlands. The difficulties for foreigners to enter the Daggerlands in any real number has stopped the vast majority of Cults and faiths from spreading to the Daggerlands. There are rumours that an Asthasi cult exists and are seeking to repair the Soul Furnaces to working order, but these are for the most part seen as completely ridiculous by the majority of the Daggerlander population and the government does rigorously guard the Furnaces from being tampered with as they have not yet found a way to safely disassemble them. Recreation As mentioned before fads in the Daggerlands come and go quickly. As such Daggerlander hobbies are always shifting around. However a few that seem to stick permanently include “Gear Dances”, where some 24 individuals dance around a spinning gear untill it stops and they try to find a tooth to sit on, that seems to be a local adaptation of the Itheri “Spin The Bottle” and Alor “Musical Chairs”, a genre of music called “Freedom” where musicians attempt to create harmonic sounds through leftover Asthasi-tech at incredibly high volume, and the internationally popular game of “Stratagem” where two players face off on a board with each side controlling individual pieces. Clothing The fashions in clothing tend to change rapidly, with different colours and styles being all the rage for a few weeks and then all of a sudden changing. This trend is followed most closely by the middle and lower classes, who when off-work tend to engage in a very vibrant and active social life. When on-duty however, most Daggerlanders will wear very utilitarian clothing that is best suited to the environment they are working in, commonly made of inexpensive yet durable material that can wash well. Upper class Daggerlanders tend to ignore the local trends and usually follow the fashion scene as it is in Aloreh, no doubt trying to elevate themselves to a higher level of prestige by doing so. (the poison swamps of the Daggerlands) The Underground While the Daggerlander government strictly controls foreign trade and traffic into the nation, there exist miles and miles of dense and dark swamp shore where small smuggler ships can come up undetected to drop off their cargo. The most common items to be in that cargo include: foreign goods from other nations that might be heavily tariffed by the Daggerlander government to support local industry. Anything from Alor furniture to Itheri spirits ends up on the Daggerlander black market. This black market trade is dominated by numerous Rammatite river gangs, and a few, more urban-centric crime syndicates. A few names that have come up in the Gazette include the Ratcatchers, the Bridge Burners, and the Asile Cartel. Soul Furnaces A study of the Daggerlands would be wholly incomplete without mention of Golgarai’s Soul Furnaces. The enigmatic Soul Furnaces were some of the most terrifying technological marvels that Golgarai Asthas ever developed. A massive, hulking iron sphere in which slaves would be thrown in live only to be immolated and have their souls be released to be converted into energy to fuel the Rust-Tyrant’s diabolical machines in the process creating a lot of excess exhaust that needed to be flushed out. Because of the Tyrant Clause, the Daggerlander government cannot use them to provide power, and yet doesn’t know how to take them apart properly either, so the known Soul Furnaces just simply dot the landscape and are fiercely protected by the Daggerlander government lest someone try to reactivate one. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ “Red is the coast, but Crucible’s the most and Stonemere is across the bay between the Scar and Cinderweald it lay Anvil and Harrow, Fracture’s across the Narrow and Ironlight is a big swampy fright” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -A school song to remember the states ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Daggerlander States The Daggerlands is divided into 10 governing states. There are no restrictions barring travel between the states and the only real purpose for them, at least in theory, is to proportionally divide the nations people in order to more fairly elect 10 Magisters. The states have since their inception been typically organized as either a “Swamp State” or a “Rock State” based on their geography. The “Swamp States” typically have a much higher Rammatite population concentration and are located mostly along the mainland’s southern coast. These states are very much the breadbasket of the nation and most of their citizens are either farmers or lumberjacks. These states are Ironlight, Blackshear, the Scar, Stonemere, and Cinderweald. The “Rock States” are predominantly middle-class industrial hubs for the Daggerlands. Their smooth and deep coastlines have led to most of the Daggerlands port cities and thriving international trade being along the mainland’s northern coast (Fracture’s rough coastline makes it a difficult harbor). These states are very much the manufacturing center for the nation and most of their citizens are either merchants, factory workers, or other industrial workers. These states are Harrow, Anvil, Crucible, Fracture and Redcoast. Daggerlander Inventions and Innovations The Daggerlands had a very interesting basic infrastructure available to it upon Revolution. Throughout the nation's development, old machinery of Golgarai-Asthas was continuously used, adapted, and fixed in order to provide for the ever-growing society. The only problem was that it seemed that without the Rust-Tyrant their to work his craft-work, this technology was falling apart and becoming otherwise unusable. Since so much of Daggerlander civilization's foundation is made up of these machines a significant portion of the Daggerlander population works for their entire lives on both maintaining the current Asthasi-tech that still exists and is necessary for society, as well as trying to improve the technology so that when it eventually deteriorates completely it does not leave the Daggerlands stranded. Of course other Daggerlanders are at the same time developing other technology that is independent of national need and instead more focused on international progress. Behind the scenes of all Daggerlander civilization are immense power requirements for home lighting, factory machinery, and all the other necessities of a modern society. These power requirements are met by a complex system of extractors, turbines, and harnessers that acquire geothermal energy from lava. More commonly referred to as "Lavatech" by the engineers who operate these systems. Lavatech is perhaps one of the biggest scientific achievements for the Daggerlands because it represented the first major success in improving and modifying an Asthasi design to work indefinitely. Unfortunately no other nation in A'therys has the lava deposits necessary to make use of lavatech energy. The Daggerlands are most notably known for their complex mechanical airship designs which have phased out the older Alor skyships as the masters of the skies. While the skyships were powered by magical crystals, the Daggerlander craft use hot air balloons for lift, engines for thrust, and wings for control. They tend to be faster and more versatile as well. Airships are so common in the Daggerlands that nearly every town has some kind of docking tower and air travel is steadily beating out the trains and the national roads as the way to travel. Only recently has the Daggerlander military begun experimenting with incredibly powerful, yet difficult to manage, technologies. The first is the creation of a sailing ship whose hull is made up primarily of iron panels instead of wood. The only source of lumber readily available to the Daggerlander population is from the trees in the poison swamp, and their wood is no good for making large-scale sailing ships. While the idea for an ironclad ship was based mostly upon having to find an alternative for wood, it is also worth nothing that an ironclad is nigh on indestructible when fighting a similarly-sized Itheri Carrack, which is at left for the moment considered the undisputed king of the seas. The second is the development of a rudimentary jet propulsion to propel airships at never before heard of speeds, even negating the need of a balloon for lift entirely. Based primarily off of gunpowder research that the Itheri navy had done several hundred years earlier, Daggerlander engineers have tried to create a more longer-lasting compound with similar thrust capabilities. The latest rumor is that they have so far been unsuccessful in creating a practical version. (a typical lavatech generator beneath a Daggerlander city)
  19. The Travels of Chuck Wood

    For the best quality, darken your room and play the music below as you read alone. Headphones are strongly recommended. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYgAjI1gy0s "I have lived a simple, quaint, and victorious life. Not many could rival my lumberjack skills, and I soon grew to the hobby of architectural and mechanical engineering." He boasted, raising his pitcher of ale. "So how did it begin then?" The man who sat beside him belched. "My life really started to matter in the Daggerlands, when I moved to some outpost named Bandit's End in the swamps." He slammed his pitcher down and poured another mug full of the godly nectar. Adjusting his lucky flannel, he turned to face the man, who was grotesquely obese, and strangely lacking a shirt. "It had started about four to five months back..." "This dung heap on the map is my new work place?" Chuck asked, turning with a scowl to the so called mayor. "Boy, you better wipe that look off your face before I do it for you." He said raising his hand as if he was readying to slap him. Chuck shrugged, and walked down the hill towards the site of construction. He looked at the hatchet he was given, and snapped it in half by the handle upon seeing the terrible quality. Reaching to the harness on his back, he freed his personal axe. Sizing up a tree which stood before him, he pushed the workers out of the way. "No, no. You don't chop at my level. Make sure the blade is at waist level to get the full force of your weight on a swing." He said, winding his up. With a mighty swing, he put his hips into motion and pierced the tree. Not only did he chop it, but he cleanly severed the tree from the stump with one chop. "That's how it's done." He said recovering his strength. Surveying the area, he could see a saw mill almost fully constructed but grown over. Off in the distance he could see a man standing with a blueprint of a fort and crudely stealing it onto a piece of parchment with a feather. "Right, before you continue working, we do need to work out your living arrangements." Came a thin man in two jackets. "Yeah sure. Over there." Chuck pointed towards the decrepit mill. The man simply looked at him and sighed, then sprinted off. Days of chopping and building turned into weeks, and then to a month. Everyone had learned of Chuck's unmatched skills, and thus an entire industry began to sprawl around that simple mill. One day, however, Chuck had gathered all of his belongings and was at the gate with a cart. "Oi! And just where are you going, Wood?" One of the soldiers came from the crowd. "I have places to go. It's time for my one month rotation to an industry elsewhere." He said shooting him a disgusted look. "Nah mate, nobody ever just up and leaves. I'm here to show you why." He said pulling out a short sword whilst his leather cloak waved in the wind. Chuck let go of his cart, and reached for his axe. "Alright then, I'm right here for ya." He said extending out his arms. In a flurry of dizzying strikes, the soldier zoomed towards him and began feigning hits left and right, flickering in and out of view. As Chuck finally prepared to strike, the blade dug into his cheek, and ripped up a palm sized piece of flesh. Chuck, now enraged, waited and watched his attack pattern. Counting under his breath, he was waiting for the right underpass. "Three!" He said, thrusting out the handle of his axe. It nearly went flying out of his hand as the soldier smacked his jaw right into the hickory wood handle, fracturing the bone and knocking loose a few teeth. "With the wound you gave me, you're lucky I don't split your head in two like a birch log." Chuck said, tossing the axe back into the cart. The soldier was still reaching for his sword in the grass when Chuck's steel bottom boot came down on his hand with an audible crunch and a roar of pain. "Don't." The journey was long, but eventually Chuck had made it to his next workplace. A small town in Roreg Logh named Medis Dvasia. Most of the time the people were out of town, but he had just happily continued to log and hack his way through the jungle. He had set up his own house, with a forge down below in which he spent most of his time. One day, however, he saw a man in blue outside (with blue eyes and blue hair) and a man in a rainbow colored suit that almost looked like pajamas. The two were fighting outside, throwing fierce magical spells whilst some random penguin with a bag of bread loafs and a fat bag of yora watched from the edge of the jungle. Before Chuck could brush it off, an orb struck the side of his house and blew apart a wall, causing part of the upstairs to collapse. "Oh, really then?!" He said, taking off his crocks and putting on his work boots. Reaching for the cabinet, he pulled out his axe which he freshly whet last night. Storming outside, he stood between the two in the middle of the field. "Which one of you two did this?" He said pointing to his house. "Not me, my dude." The man in the pajamas claimed. "Get out of my way you useless lumberjack!" The man in blue shouted. Chuck's face contorted with anger, and he began snorting. Another orb was lobbed, and Chuck batted it with his axe back at the man in blue. He went flying into the dirt and stopped next to the town hall. Only now that Chuck was standing over him did the bulging muscles really show. He dropped his axe and picked the man up by the throat, thrusting him into the side of the building over and over. The planks of wood began to split from the sheer force. The man in blue tried to form another orb, but Chuck grabbed the orb out of his hand, and crushed it by clenching his fist in front of him. Chuck hurdled him over to the jungle, where he landed head first into a tree. "Making all the money for this place and I get called Useless? I'm out of here!" He said. His trek took him to a resting stop within the deserts of Ar-Selukk, where a Dheran had been conveniently been located, too. He wore fancy plates of gold and bronze, and had a banner tied to his head with a rope. He also had two people starving being dragged by chains with him, presumably pet heretics. Chuck attempted to pay no mind to him, but he got minimal sleep as all he heard in the next room over was the Dheran shouting about Water, Rice, and other random things. In the morning, Chuck walked by the room on his way out to find the Dheran rubbing his feces on the wall as if he actually felt it was cleaning it. Chuck made no hesitation to get far away from this man, and back on his journey he went. After a full month of travel, he finally reached his next work place. Istabulero.
  20. Good day once again to the people of the Daggerlands and Aloreh, As you may have seen on various town and city noticeboards across the nations ((here)), the "Oraror" Court of Aloreh (A purely clerical error I'm sure) have issued a statement declaring that Aloreh has withdrawn from all formal treaties with the Daggerlands, thus bringing an early end to the three day grace period offered to them in an attempt to keep our nations at peace. As per their declaration, Aloreh is now no longer allied with the Daggerlands. All towns and citizens of Aloreh are free to raid and pillage by Daggerlands citizens and parties. (This is with the implied exception of those who do not wish to associate themselves with the Alor government's actions any longer such as the independent democratic island state of Dracorvus.) In the event that the Alor do attack us again I urge all of you to help defend against them, and to aid in removing the attacking party from our nation - either through diplomacy or force. Our Minister of the Military ((LoveGonzo)) would be best to consult on where your personal or group military efforts should be directed. I'd also like to draw your attention to a few points in their response: ((We can play this like politicians if you want... )) Ignoring the questionable spelling and grammar in this official statement, the first aspect I'd like to point out is the completely closed nature of their 'court order' - they are refusing all replies, comments and public queries ((locked thread)), clearly in an attempt to prevent healthy public discussion. I'd like to, once again, invite all of you to reply freely to this post with any of your concerns, comments or queries regarding the recent events. As a democracy, the Daggerlands will always try to listen to everyone. The next point is the date - they clearly haven't taken the care to update their letterheads in the last year. The current day is Ulvei, on the 41st of Sun's Might 267 ((http://atherystime.github.io/)) as I'm sure you all should know. In addition to that, the fourth of Ascension (and the fourth day of any season or week for that matter) isn't a Toldei - that would be the third day. ((This official lore mechanics page, although that's technically no longer what Anvil wants the calendar to be.)) I have also come to understand that Ares Vendecia's signature on their statement had been placed there without his permission or even having been consulted on the matter. It saddens me that such a government can exist where its own officials aren't even given a choice in whether or not to agree to distributing a declaration of this gravity. Regards, Gauth Ironstaff, Daggerlands Minister of Foreign Affairs (All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of the Daggerlands unless stated otherwise.)
  21. Daggerlands - Aloreh Alliance

    Greetings, people of the Daggerlands and Aloreh, The Alor town that goes by the name ‘Donovan Citadel‘ has recently been repeatedly attacking the people of the Daggerlands, completely against the terms set by our alliance with Aloreh. Due to this gross and continued disregard for the alliance, and the current inaction from (and state of disarray within) the Alor government, The Daggerlands government has decided that in three days, if the Alor government does not move to prevent Donovan Citadel from attacking us, we will revoke the privilege of being our allies from Aloreh. We do not take this lightly, and this decision has been made with significant deliberation regarding the value of the alliance as it stands and the future of the Daggerlands. Please note that until the Alor government (or anybody wishing to represent them) move to defend the alliance, or their time runs out, we will be in a state of complete neutrality - we ask that all parties refrain from attacking anybody without it being in direct self defence. After the period of three days is up, Aloreh will no longer be allied with the Daggerlands and all terms of the alliance will be null and void. Due to these events, the Daggerlands Government will soon be negotiating a contract with the Marcolo Brigands. They will be able to assist our military in training and defence against raiders and enemies, and will be able to accompany us or attack on our behalf during our counter-raids on those who choose to attack us. If anybody from any nation has concerns or comments regarding this, please reply to this or send the Daggerlands government a message. We would like to make sure everyone is listened to. Regards, Gauth Ironstaff, Daggerlands Minister of Foreign Affairs (For reference, here are the previous treaties: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/57-the-daggerlands-aloreh-joint-declaration-of-alliance/ http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1405-current-state-on-the-treaty-of-methes-avonthes/) (The three days will be up this Thursday at 20:00 GTZ)
  22. In the recent events of 2 ministers leaving. We need to have a election for those postition. Please fill out this form if you want to run for a minister position. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rKHZAb3ei8eABQ3KqYZPyxisBF55gE5erYJskdFnXkc/edit?usp=forms_home You can apply until May the 4th. Rules for running for election: -Must apply using an Active Daggerlands account. -Must not be blacklisted from the government. -Each player can only run for election of a single position, -Each player can only run for election with a single account at a time. -Players are to only run for election with the intent to do their job and help the nation as a whole, and not for person gain or simply for power. -Anyone found breaking any of these rules will be removed from running for election and blacklisted from The Daggerlands Government. No Exceptions.
  23. The Following Election will be between _Gauth and LoveKermit for Minister of Foreign Affairs. Both Players have prepared an Address to the Public, with the hopes of conveying what they each plan to do, if elected. The following are their exact words, as literally copy and pasted what they sent me direct into this post: @Gauth Ironstaff: "To all Daggerlanders, I am Gauth Ironstaff, applicant for the vacant Minister of Foreign Affairs position. When I first joined A’therys, the Daggerlands was flourishing - we were at the forefront in international relations and affairs, with many people from a range of backgrounds with a great range of interests coming to us to enjoy their time. However, you may have noticed that recently our relations with many of the nations, groups and organisations of A’therys have been strained, and in some cases even broken. This is driving people away - who wants to be part of a nation that can’t protect itself, maintain peace and communicate with its neighbours? If you choose me to become Minister of Foreign Affairs I’d like to change that - as I’m sure you’ve heard from me before, from my time as a Magister I know that communication is incredibly important. As Minister of Foreign Affairs my job will be to communicate quickly and effectively with everyone. I will be making sure we have ways to talk to other nations, groups and organisations when necessary, regarding international projects and events, trade, peace and even war. If you elect me, I promise to represent the interests of the Daggerlands and all of us Daggerlanders to the rest of A’therys, make sure everyone knows exactly who we are and what we stand for and to help build and improve the the Daggerlands’, our, future. Thank you, Gauth Ironstaff" @LoveKermit: "I’d like to publicly announce that I am running for Minister of Foreign Affairs. Many of you in the nation have seen the excitement I’ve expressed for this position and during my time in the Daggerlands I’ve seen the giant potential and possibility behind this position. I’ve been in the Daggerlands for 3 years, and I’ve stayed very loyal to this nation no matter how much of an underdog it is. I’ve experienced being an underdog on this server at every turn from my time in Outcast Cove with conveniently my current mayor LoveGonzo and from my time in BullsRidge which was built from the ground up by the hard work by me and LoveGonzo. If I am elected I intend to FULLY use my given powers and spark a nationwide discussion among our people as to what is best for our nation regarding Foreign affairs. My opinions are very flexible, up to discussion, and I will be taking any and every suggestion as equal. The foreign affairs of the nations are in my opinion the most important role and overall should be treated delicately. I would like to firstly reach out to other nations and possibly ally ones that are seeking a positive, mutual, relationship. Now, lots of people will say the words “reach out” are horribly vague but do not panic. I am not going to be lazy or inactive in doing my job within the nation and I will lay out the specifics for my plans below. I would like to first off propose that we reach out to Roreg Logh for a possible relationship and help each other out educating the new players of both nations and creating a strong military front. Secondly I want to start meetings between the two Nations to sort out people who are negatively affecting our relationship and make sure that small vendettas do not turn into large conflict or all out war. This proposal extends to other nations such as Aloreh, Ithero, and any towns of Selukk willing to work with us. My main goal working with other nations is to create a sense of community not just for our nation but for the server." Feel free to ask the Candidates any questions here, and make sure to tag them like so: @Gauth Ironstaff @LoveKermit, and I am sure they will be more than happy to answer your questions. After you decide who you want to vote for, submit your vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/xVu1qnMFAs Voting will end on April 29th, @11:59 PM EST. Basic Rules: - Must vote using an Active Daggerlands IGN. - You may vote with only one IGN per person. Ballot stuffing will not be tolerated. - Any votes that are found to have a Non-Active and/or a Non-Daggerland IGN will be thrown out. - If anyone is found voting using multiple account, the first vote by that person is counted and all following votes will be thrown out.
  24. Applications for Elections have now been closed! The following Applicants ran unopposed, and will assume their positions immediately: Magister of Fracture: Shizuku92 (Name wasn't coming up on the Forums. Sorry) Magister of Blackshear: ParkerM6 @Parker Magister of The Scar: Sellt @Sellt Magister of Ironlight: TheShadower7 @TheShadower7 Minister of Education: darker1126 @darker1126 Minister of The Military: LoveGonzo @LoveGonzo Minister of Internal Affairs: Equitem @Equitem Minister of Construction: Gelmir @Gelmir Minister of Finance: Vnthy @Vnthy The following position had multiple applicants, and will have an election hosted. The Election begin right now, and will continue until Tues. April 26th @11:59 PM EST. Each Applicant will have what they stated they would do if elected (These are the candidates' exact words). Magister of Harrow: - KhaosLeper @KhaosLeper: "As I have done in the Harrow since I was first elected to its Magister position. Seek to the better the state by any means. I currently spend a large amount of my time in Erebus, the only Daggerland city in the Harrow, building and enhancing the city's structure in hope that in completion it will appeal to many new Daggerlanders and they will look to migrate to the Harrow from Monas Roth. I have worked on my previous state of growing a large number of crops in the Harrow to assist in feeding the country and from time to time when my paths have crossed of Daggerlanders have given them food from our ample stores, since no citizen should go hungry. This project will be expanded upon in due time and I will expand my goal beyond the Harrow to feed all of the Daggerlands if re-elected!" - _Gauth @Gauth Ironstaff: "Good day, people of Harrow. There is one question to answer here - why should you choose me to be your Magister? Firstly, and most importantly, it would be my job to communicate with all of you and the rest of the government, ensuring you all can have as much fun in the Daggerlands as possible. I promise to listen to all of your concerns and suggestions regarding the region and the nation - after all, isn't A'therys meant to be a game, a way to enjoy yourselves? On the topic of communication, I'd like to see if setting up a state-wide place to communicate while not in-game would be viable. While we have our own town-wide places to talk and the national Skype chat, there isn't any one place for us to get together as a state and discuss our issues or what we want to do next yet. Harrow is a large region with three relatively large towns, but transport between them and to key locations such as Monas Roth and Sablemarch is still harder than it should be. I'd like to remedy that by starting the construction of a state-wide railway (RP-style tracks with minecart rails on top) that will link us all together, easing personal and goods transport hugely. I already have a track design ready, all I need are places for it to go and people to help build it. While my initial plans only extend to our state and the other major locations, I feel that a national rail system would be one of the next steps onwards into a better Daggerlands for us all. Thank you for taking the time to read my application to become Magister of Harrow. Regards, Gauth Ironstaff, Mayor of Gearwork." *(A Friendly Reminder, you MUST be within the State of Harrow to vote for Magister of Harrow)* For those of you within Harrow, Feel free to ask KhaosLeper and _Gauth any questions you want to help you decide on who you want to vote for. After you make your decision, submit your vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/CIG07UpzwT The Following Positions had no applicants, and will remain Vacant. The incoming Pithkeeper, whomever they may be, will decide what to do with these Vacant positions, and whether or no to fill them: Magister of Redcoast Magister of Cinderweld Magister of Stonemere Magister of Anvil Minister of Foreign Affairs
  25. Applications for running for any Magister or Minister position are now being accepted. I you wish to run for election, please fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/EtmHRL3QaK Applications will be accepted until April 19th, and elections will begin as soon as applications end. If you want to change whichever position you want to run for, simply send in another application and PM me on the Forums and I will make sure it is set up right. Rules for running for election: -Must apply using an Active Daggerlands account. -Must not be blacklisted from the government. -Each player can only run for election of a single position, either Magister or Minister. -Each player can only run for election with a single account at a time. -Players are to only run for election with the intent to do their job and help the nation as a whole, and not for person gain or simply for power. -Anyone found breaking any of these rules will be removed from running for election and blacklisted from The Daggerlands Government. No Exceptions. _______________________________________________________ UPDATE 4/12/16: - Minister of Justice will be merged with Minister of Internal Affairs. Anyone who applied for Justice will be considered applying for Internal Affairs. If you applied for Justice, and want to re-apply for another position, simply send in another application and Pm me on the forums and I'll make sure it is set up correctly when elections come around. - Minister of Education has been edited to account that the Minister should be online often and ensure New players always have a town to join. - Removed the Department of Justice, as the entire job has merged into Minister of internal Affairs.

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