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Found 81 results

  1. Event 3 : "For Science!" With elections settled, the minds of The Daggerlands turn away from politics and towards their true love : the tinkering of technology. It's Worlds' Faire season in the city of Monas Roth, the greatest minds of the nation have gathered to demonstrate inventions, innovations, and discoveries. Even old Aldric Ironstride and his latest airship have arrived in time for the season's occasion. Come join in the merriment, browse the wonders of the Daggerlands, but be wary - for someone has come for more than just the science... This Event, like "The Reacting Ruins" is an instanced event that will be run on timeslots. UNLIKE the previous two events; the results of this event will be factored to determine the next part of the story. This will be done by tallying the results of each instance's participation. The following playtimes are available for this event: Saturday. April 22 : 8:30AM A'therys Time, 10AM A'therys Time, 9PM A'therys Time Sunday, April 23: 11 AM A'therys Time, 3 PM A'therys Time, 6 PM A'therys Time, 10 PM A'therys Time This event is a "tower defense" type mob event; in that you must defend specific locations or against a set number of waves. Be mindful of additional objectives that may be given along the way; for they may yield bonuses!!!
  2. With Outmaw becoming a state, do you believe our agricultural needs are met and we may no longer need to focus on detoxifying the land within the Swamps of Rammat? Yes of course I do. I am proud of standing as a strong member of the Society for New Growth. There are far more worse things in this world that ‘detoxifying’ the Swamps of Rammat. Rather than straying away from nature and closer to the decimation of Golgorai Asthas and what he did to this land, and what we continue to do. We should put more effort into creating a sustainable healthy and greener environment. Toxic fumes stout the air, and a farm in the Daggerlands is little more than a joke or a myth. Oh how I envy those farmers that I have seen in my journeys, plowing the great many fields of Aloreh. When the time comes, and it is coming soon, that our resources in the ground run dry; what will we look to then? Science yes, but that is for the learnéd. What the everyday man needs is a land of his own to farm off and live off. That is what I want to see. How will you deal with the Swamps of Rammat as Magister Elect? Are there any plans you would like to share with the general populace regarding the swamps? I don't want the stereotype and ‘poisons’ to spread further. However as a pasture of the nation, it is pivotal we preserve what must be preserved. For many the swamps of Rammat is a habitat and a home, not something admired by our nation's history, no. However let me make this VERY clear. You think Rammat will shake her viper fist at us and unleash a horror upon us? Need I remind the belligerent MINOR gods who remained after the second calling what happens to those that seek our ruin? What happens to those who find it worthy to harm the sanctity of humanity and mortal kind? I am a tolerant woman, I believe in the beauty and power of nature, our lands were ravaged under a Tyrant God which many of you still follow his customs and creativity today, and continue to pillage our lands. I am no lover of the Goddess Rammat, but I am a lover of nature and all its awe. We MUST preserve the swamps and ensure the habitat and lifestyle is kept for those whom live within it, and respect is given towards those people. I am not to judge anyone on their lifestyle or the where they choose to live, only that if you are happy where you live, that will be any greater satisfaction that ruining it for you. As for the actual people in the Swamps, I do not believe your voice is heard enough; these people who build great inventions shout the loudest. However you should never be afraid to take a part in our politics and together myself, and the Society for New Growth can give a greater voice. We can look into the idea of creating a devolved government for the citizens of the Swamps of Rammat. Scientific research and engineering have always been priorities for progress, but who should fund it, and how much should be given to this? (I believe they are asking about taxes in regard to this question, though interpret it as you will ) This is very simple. The point of having a free market is the liberty to work and seek investors and create a stable economy. I do not believe that government should be funding research and engineering, but rather we fund academic institutions that will endevour in such research. It is the responsibility of those institutions to find major investors in private firms to take the risk of that opportunity. When the budget is lain our, promising research and engineering of a quality grade that has past verification and tests can be presented to government under the Financial Department of Disposable Government Expenditure. This will however only mean that government holds a 50% investment, the other 50% you will have to find in private firms. I will promote the idea of finding private firms to fund and invest in these opportunities, but at the moment we are at a point of economic instability, and my administration if chosen is not willing to take the risk of nationalization. We need profit driven companies that can create a stable economy, and a stable economy can mean more funding for projects in research and engineering. The Cleaners have made a massive difference in the lives of those in the western states, but they are a costly burden to maintain, and rarely travel further east than Harrow? Do you believe there are projects that should take greater priority? Straightforward answer: yes. It was inevitable that this job had to be done. We have lain waste to the skies, pillage the land. Good on them, I envy their work. Someone had to do it, IT WAS A PITY IT WAS NOT DONE SOONER BY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATIONS. The Swamps of Rammat have historically been a thorn in the side of progress. In this hypothetical situation; a resource has been discovered that only develops within the swamps. As Magister Elect, would you utilize this viable resource even in the face of controversy? This is absurd. It is not a ‘thorn in the side of progress’, I WILL TELL YOU WHAT IT IS. It is a people who are scared of expanding into a place they needn't expand into! Say that your hypothetical theory was the case, would it be the same if a Daggerlander found a rare mineral under Roreg Logh? No. The government of Roreg Logh would decide what would happen with that mineral. As I believe should be done with the people living in the Swamps of Rammat, if we held a referendum on this questions, we can all guess the responses from those places. It would not be fair if government or the rest of the Daggerlands made a decision that concerned THEM on THEIR behalf against THEIR own will. That being said, if such a resource is found and is so precious; it should remain buried. Somethings are not meant to be found, there are plenty of stories of those people and scholars that found things and got plenty of people killed. However, I am not against extract a precious resource, but it should only be done under consent of the correct people who reside in those place; I am aware this is a good opportunity to deliver jobs and employment.
  3. Rhykker’s Monthly Schedule Some amongst you wanted definite dates, times, and schedules for my activity on A’therys. Welp, here it is! The times I posted available are all hours I’m not asleep or working. If you try to contact me outside of these hours, I will not respond until the next day or unless I’m on Break at work. I will attempt to adhere to this schedule to the best of my ability, but I will have “cheat days” or there may be emergency situations at work where I am working different hours or days, so don’t judge me too harshly if I’m not perfectly following it! I may also have personal family situations that may randomly occur, and I will not be available on most American Holidays, but I will attempt to forewarn about those situations in this post. I also didn’t include PvP XP Days, Sellt Chats, Nation Meetings, or Military Meetings as A’therys Hours Online. During these times I will either be on Teamspeak or Discord. Most likely not in game, save PvP XP Days. Week One - Sellt Chat & A’therys Week Two - PvP XP Week & A’therys Week Three - Military Meeting & A’therys Week Four - Nation Meeting & A’therys Week Five? - Game’s Nights & A’therys Grand Totals - Monthly A’therys Hours: 116 Hours Max Game’s Night Hours: 35 Hours Max Personal Hours: 55 Hours Max A’THERYS! WHY DO YOU TAKE OVER MY LIFE!
  4. The First Shadowcloak Elections | Results Are In! To make this short, sweet, and to the point. The Election results are in! Below I have the exact results of the vote, with voter choices hidden of course. However, our winners are… GodofGales - Magister of Cinderweald And JynxInx - Minister of Internal Affairs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oBdCZusFB6Ya9L1syvNROhf3ZTblKHbxTSb6z09yU8o/edit?usp=sharing Thank you, all those who participated. This was a very successful election.
  5. Social and International Relations The final debate is focused on the policies related to domestic and foreign issues. The first question pointedly asks about the state of our diplomatic relations with our historic Allie, Aloreh. Aloreh was the first alliance the Daggerlands formed with a foreign nation, and I do not feel that dynamic can be changed so easily. While we must learn from the mistakes made during the War of the Eventide, specifically we must put our feet down and refuse to supply machines of war, I also feel that we cannot ignore the economic boon that such trading allowed. I believe that the Daggerlands should continue our alliance with Aloreh, but making it clear that it is an alliance trade and commerce; that we will not take part in hostilities. I believe in making an effort towards garnering alliances with each other nation, preparing for a position of neutrality and unification. The second question deals with domestic peacekeeping and right to privacy. In short, I believe it is only acceptable, and even then regrettable, to search a citizen without a warrant in situations where there is an immediate threat to the safety and wellbeing of other citizens or our officers of the law. In these cases, I also feel that a very strict and thorough investigation follow, determining whether such a heavy-handed approach was necessitated by the situation at hand. If excessive force or improper assessment of threat are found to be present, the officer responsible for the call shall be punished appropriately. The third and final question skirts dangerously close to inciting an international incident, asking about plans and preparations for dramatic changes in the international balance between nations. First, I must admit that I find the likelihood of total collapse to be quite low. Rather, I believe a drastic overhaul and restructuring is more likely. However, I digress… If such an event were to come to pass, I would like to see the Daggerlands respond through offering aid and sanctuary to refugees fleeing the conflicts, as well as stepping in to help provide stability and safety to allow for negotiations between parties to take place. If the region were to become hostile towards the Daggerlands or our efforts, I would see our borders still opened for those in need, but position with the other nations to form an international committee and organization to determine the best course of action moving forward.
  6. Now then, on to the questions posed in this week's debate. The first inquiry presented by our fellow Daggerlanders asks for an opinion on the condition of the Agricultural Infrastructure of the Daggerlands, specifically in regards to the newly formed state of the Outmaw Islands. Further, the question asks for a stance on continued detoxification efforts within the Swamps of Rammat. My answer to both of these points is: of course not! While the farmland of the Outmaw Islands certainly helps to offset our agricultural needs, they are hardly sufficient to provide for the entire nation with any degree of sustainability. The Islands are young; rather than stunt their growth by forcing over-production onto them, I feel we should allow them to grow naturally and freely as the first permanent outpost off the national mainland. For the time being, continued efforts towards trading with our foreign neighbors is essential to meeting our immediate foodstuffs needs. Addressing the second point, I believe that continued efforts in cleansing and taming the swamplands is vital to not only the agricultural industry, but to the security of our populace as well. As the Magister of the Cinderweald I have seen the threats the toxic swamplands pose first hand. Having traveled outside of the Daggerlands, I have also seen that wilderness and vegetation need not be as hostile as the Swamplands. I believe that with continued efforts it is possible to transform these lands to better fit the needs of the Daggerlander people. This ties in nicely with the next question, in which I will elaborate on my plans for the Swamplands. The second question of the second debate deals with plans regarding the Swamps of Rammat. I touched on this a bit in the response to the previous question, but allow me to elaborate. Despite the best efforts of the Mirekeepers and the Cleaners, we have made very little progress in taming the swamplands or eradicating the poisons, and what little progress was made was at great cost. Although we have learned much abut the Swamps over the years, and though the Mirekeepers do a fine job at keeping the citizenry safe, true security will only come with removing the influence and corruption of Rammat entirely. That is why, in addition to trading for agricultural goods, I propose an initiative to trade in knowledge as well; let us learn biology, horticulture, and ecology from our Loghan, Selukkite, and Alor brethren. Armed with a better understanding of the environment, more efficient headway can be made towards terraforming the Swamps of Rammat into lands hospitable to Daggerlander and farmland alike. My fellow Magisters of the New Growth Party claim that in a time before the Tyrant-God, the land of the Daggerlands was host to a flourishing forest, and they seek to return us to that vision. Personally I am uncertain that such a thing is viable, but I do believe that only good things can come from an attempt at replacing the swamplands with a tamer, more hospitable ecology. The third question inquires into the funding and support for research and construction. Although personal and private enterprise will always be welcome, I believe that state-sponsored research and development plays a pivotal part in advancing Daggerlander technology and knowledge. I feel that it is an endeavor that benefits all Daggerlanders, and so feel that all Daggerlanders have a responsibility to support these undertakings. Rather than separate and fragment into individual states competing with one another, I believe in a unified, national scientific and engineering community that receives a portion of state income to be distributed evenly. Funds generated through foreign and domestic trade can be used towards this effort, with grants and investments being awarded based on the recommendations of a democratically elected Research and Development committee. The next question concerns the importance and scale of the Cleaners and other maintenance projects dealing with the Swamps of Rammat. While the Cleaners serve an important role west of Harrow, in my home state of Cinderweald we barely notice their existence outside of national news outlets. That is not to say that we do not respect the noble men and women involved in these efforts, but from our perspective they are largely ineffectual. The Swamps expand at nearly the same rate as they are pushed back, and so the more profitable mining regions receive the better aid and support while frontier communities such as Ironfen or my own are left to fend for ourselves. It isn't that I feel there are more important projects that take a greater priority, rather I feel that there are more efficient and effective methods that may be utilized towards the same end. As touched on previously, I believe that our neighbors and allies of Roreg Logh and Ar-Selukk can teach us much in the ways of ecology and efforts in terraforming the less hospitable regions of the Daggerlands. The final question presents a hypothetical situation in which a rare resource can only be found within the Swamps. It is true that the Swamps of Rammat hold many mysteries, and a rare resource could certainly fall within that realm of possibility, so this question may not be purely hypothetical. However, the secrets the Swamps hold is precisely what makes them so dangerous. Still, this question tears at me, as such attention directed towards the Swamps would certainly see an increase in funding and public support in terraforming and containing the lands. To get into answering the question itself, I would certainly be open to utilizing such a resource, however I would look to contain and study regions producing the resource while working towards terraforming or cleansing the surrounding regions. The Swamps are dangerous and not to be underestimated, and so I would be hesitant to capitalize on such a resource without first ensuring the safety of those involved.
  7. After the withdraw of the Eventide, where do you see the alliance between The Daggerlands and Aloreh? In what cases, if any, is it acceptable to conduct warrantless search of citizens? A genocidal Queen ruling with an iron first, several dozen tribes warring over land, and no proof of yora in the government coffers. Most analysts believe it is a matter of time until something dramatic happens in Ar-Selukk. How would your administration prepare for and respond to the potential collapse of the government in Ar-Selukk? Dear Daggerlanders, thank you for once again posing such insightful questions. Sadly they take some time to answer properly due to the delicate matters they are about, but I will answer them to the best of my ability once more! This nations withdrawal from the Eventide has left our relations with Aloreh strained in some ways, but I believe that our relations going forward need not suffer from that. I think that our relations with Aloreh are very important however, especially considering that I want to closely work together with the other nations on issues like science and engineering in future. I do think that the political ecosystem of Aloreh currently is one that is more stable than during the Eventide, allowing for new negotiations. This next question is one that is very difficult to answer because we live in a world of non-perfect information. Sometimes our nation faces threats from within, and our intelligence is not always perfect surrounding the individuals that are put under slightly closer inspection than perhaps necessary. I hate to throw around the term 'national security' but only in cases where sufficient evidence has been found to warrant a closer interest should warrantless searches even be considered a approach to the problem, and even then it should only be considered if the threat is deemed to be acute and is deemed so by both our police and an independent party. The question of Ar-Selukks political landscape is one that has been an integral part of political debate for some time now. It is true that the structure, if one can call it that, of Ar-Selukk is one that many don't understand but it has worked for a long time, regardless of how we feel about it. Should the current government be overthrown, or even collapse, we are unsure what would happen. Some of the Selukkite tribes have talked about aggressively expanding their territory, others have talked of isolationist movements they would make. We don't know what would happen, so my personal approach would be to prepare for the worst: total collapse and aggressive expansion. Whether that future ever comes to pass, and I hope it does not, the Daggerlands will be prepared, together with out international allies. I am looking forward to hearing your responses!
  8. The Society For New Growth Political Party Information and Registration Basic Information The Society For New Growth, or New Growth Party [NGP], is a political entity dedicated toward the ideals of national and economic self-sufficiency, agriculture, and the reclamation of the volcanic wastelands of The Daggerlands. Though similar in theory to the Reclamation Party, the NGP focuses use of modern technology to improve land fertilization, natural plant growth, and farmland infrastructure. Some in the NGP also encourage bending the will of the poisonous swamp lands on the southern and eastern coastline for human settlement and environmental safety. However, the Rammatites continue to counter their attempts to do just that, and instead, encourage the growth and spread of the deadly swamps of The Viper, Rammat. We tend to work closely with the Commonguard Party, since most of their proposals and strategies seem to mirror our own. However, many refuse to associate with the Reclamation Party, simply due to their opposing methods on how to reclaim the wastes with ancient magic, instead of modern technology. More information can be found here… https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/canon-lore/nations/daggerlands/political-parties/new-growth-party The Head of The NGP This season, the elected Head of the New Growth Party is, Rhykker Shadowcloak - @Rhykker State: The Outmaw How To Join To join the Society For New Growth, or NGP, simply fill out the application below. You will only be accepted if all information is filled out correctly and accurately. In Game Name: RP Name: State: Town: Plans or Ideas: Additional Information [Optional]: A Reminder All political parties are strictly for RP use only. Any excessive use of these parties to cause national divides, harm player freedoms, or any similar issue, will be met with a swift removal of legitimacy. There can be Magisters with party ties, but that cannot prevent the nation from working together to improve and benefit the whole. I’m hoping to use these parties to add more color and dynamics to the typical national roleplay whilst adding more reasons to why the party members vote or act a certain way in future Dagger specific events. Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously. It's just a game after all! To the other Party Heads, I encourage you to make similar posts, as long as they similarly follow the Forum Lore of each party accurately, which can be found here!
  9. The First Shadowcloak Elections | Time To Vote! As the title states, it’s finally time for democracy to shine within this fine nation. However, before we start, I’d like to apologize for the massive delay, but I fear it couldn’t have been helped. With this post, I revoke the temporary democratic pause and continue to encourage anyone and everyone to participate in the growth of our nation as well as give opinions, ideas, and thoughts on how to keep improving ourselves. However, we will still be under a State of Emergency until myself and the Magisters see fit to remove that National Status. The Ballot Ah, now that that’s over with, I’d like all of you to look through the list of candidates below and choose the one you most think deserves the job! If you do not see anyone fit for the position, you could always abstain, or vote to keep the position vacant for someone else to try for it later down the road. https://goo.gl/forms/6hqHPfIdbwcUGBw32 Positions Still Available
  10. Surprisingly, few submissions this time around; we only have three questions for you on Social and Foreign Policy, but they're all good ones! Magisters, you are to answer the following questions! After the withdraw of the Eventide, where do you see the alliance between The Daggerlands and Aloreh? In what cases, if any, is it acceptable to conduct warrantless search of citizens? A genocidal Queen ruling with an iron first, several dozen tribes warring over land, and no proof of yora in the government coffers. Most analysts believe it is a matter of time until something dramatic happens in At-Selukk. How would your administration prepare for and respond to the potential collapse of the government in Ar-Selukk? @Torval Flintcaver @Almala Gemcrafter @Charlotte Bronzecaster @Orson Tindr @Ira Ashcaster @Gilliagan Blackwind @Maurice Steelheart @Marcus Sterling @Byron Highcastle @Edwin Pickston @Margaet Ironblood
  11. Hail, HateGonzo, The True High King! ~ ~ May his reign be glorious and everlasting. All that stand before him, be wary, for his blade strikes with fury.
  12. * With Outmaw becoming a state, do you believe our agricultural needs are met and we may no longer need to focus on detoxifying the land within the Swamps of Rammat? * How will you deal with the Swamps of Rammat as Magister Elect? Are there any plans you would like to share with the general populace regarding the swamps? * Scientific research and engineering have always been priorities for progress, but who should fund it, and how much should be given to this? (I believe they are asking about taxes in regard to this question, though interpret it as you will) * The Cleaners have made a massive difference in the lives of those in the western states, but they are a costly burden to maintain, and rarely travel further east than Harrow? Do you believe there are projects that should take greater priority? * The Swamps of Rammat have historically been a thorn in the side of progress. In this hypothetical situation; a resource has been discovered that only develops within the swamps. As Magister Elect, would you utilize this viable resource in the face of controversy? I was glad to see Outmaw get annexed as I believe, with proper guidance and planning, they are a great asset to The Daggerlands. They do negate the need to focus on detoxifying the Swamps of Rammat at this time. As Magister Elect, change to the Swamps of Rammat would be a low priority. They would require much resource and labor expenditure to alter and at this time in our history, our resources need focused elsewhere. Scientific investment is, and should remain, a national priority. It is what makes us great! It is what keeps us industriously ahead. From aiding our mining processes, honing our agricultural processes, to advancing our factories and building our military. As such, it is a national investment. Investment income can come from multiple sources. At this time, I don't believe a national tax is the answer. Our focus needs to be on strengthening our residents, our towns, not burdening them. So, we will increase promotion of merchant areas, bringing in fees for stall and shop rentals. We can warehouse and sell surplus items that The Daggerlands have and other nations do not. We will make this a national priority with mining resources being sold at a fair price to other nations and international companies, carrying a small export tax. The Cleaners should continue to be used and invested in. However, they are not a greater priority at this time. There are other areas to which our nation should focus first. And, in the hypothetical situation, it would depend on the funding and labor required to obtain the swamp resource versus the value and purpose of that resource. Of course, it would be worth an investment. The Daggerlands are about progress. ~Marcus Sterling~
  13. The Office of The Pithkeeper | Executive Order I I hereby grant Ebano Sien, @Joey402MC, permission to lead and command the Homeland Defense Army at this time. He will be temporarily granted the position of Minister of Defense and lead in training and recruitment of the Homeland Defense Army and The Steam Knights. Along with that, Julius Arth'orn, @Jynxi, will step in as Minister of Internal Affairs. His role is national growth, projects, and interstate relations and communication.
  14. A National State of Emergency Due to recent events, some of the functionality of The Daggerland government will be suspended until the current situation is resolved. Sadly, this includes the current election process. As soon as the issue has been dealt with, all regular governmental functions shall be reinstated. With the definite approval of four out of the five current standing Magisters, this has been a tough call on my part, but I fear it most necessary for the continuation of our fine nation. I will provide more information as it arrives and update the citizenry in the next upcoming days. For now, simply bare with me here. If you have any major pressing concerns, send a letter to the Office of the Pithkeeper [PM @Rhykker]. No current standing leaders in the Dagger Government need worry about losing their governing positions, this is simply a temporary setback and has no direct or permanent implications, and does not affect any previously elected official. In essence, this is just a simple refocusing of current governmental actions. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. -Pithkeeper Rhykker Shadowcloak
  15. The Daggerlands | The New Vice-Pithkeeper With the upcoming vote soon to occur, I have decided it finally time to choose my next vice-pithkeeper. My assistant and friend while I and our fellow Magisters run this fine nation. I trust this Daggerlander above none other, and though he’s new to Dagger politics, I know he has what it takes to fulfill his role and help grow our numbers and strength further then it has been before. His name? Velyrion S. Skar He has been such a great help in The Outmaw, and I could find no other worthy of the title. Congratulations! I hope you’re ready for the trials to come! And thank you for all your service thus far. @Velskar
  16. The Daggerlands | The Military and Steam Knights The Homeland Defense Army Though not intended to pose a significant threat in the regard to manpower, the Homeland Defense was originally created to defend the Daggerlands from any outside forces, maintain the military installations and machinery of war, and pilot or man the airships located at one of the two cities, Monas Roth and Sablemarch. Though smaller in size than most national militaries, their superior technology easily make up the difference and loss in manpower. Ranks The Steam Knights An elite fighting force of The Daggerlands. Those that earn the title are skilled combatants capable of rivaling the strongest of enemies. With the combination of technologically advanced weaponry of war and their excessive skill in more traditional combative methods, these soldiers are the most experienced and destructive in the field of battle. How to Join It's quite simple actually. With little need for mandatory conscription, the nation absolutely requires volunteers to work in the military and assist in the defense of the nation and the maintenance of its military equipment. To join the Homeland Defense Army, all one needs is access to the nearest recruiter and for easy communication, access to the Daggerland Discord below. https://discord.gg/gWrZp3w If there is no recruiter present, simply contact the Minister of Defense @Joey402MC for any position openings. His Discord is Joey402#5042. If the Minister of Defense is unavailable, just contact me, @Rhykker, or Rhykker#2573 in Discord, and I’ll get it sorted out. The last alternative is to recruit here on this forum page. Fill out the application below if you do not want to do the Discord method. In Game Name: Forum Name: Any Heroes/PvP Experience: Town: Preferred Combat Role [Healer/Tank/Mage/Rogue]: Preferred Class [Not Required]: Access to Discord and Teamspeak [Yes/No]: In the future there will be a total of two Divisions in the Homeland Defense, but as of right now, all new military recruits will be automatically incorporated into the Monas Roth Division. How to Join the Steam Knights However, joining the ranks of the Steam Knights is another story entirely. To even be considered for the position, you have to be currently serving in the Homeland Defense Army, have access to the Daggerland Discord, and reach a specified rank. Many of the highest ranking members of the Homeland Defence Army are also Steam Knights, but that does not mean they are a rank only suited for the highest ranking officials. They are their own elite army with their own duties to uphold. Some lucky few might even earn the prestigious title without reaching any of the necessary rank requirements.
  17. The First Shadowcloak Elections | The Candidates Below are the candidates of this session’s election ballot. Read through their opinions, ideas, plans, and speeches and question them thoroughly! This is your one chance to get to know each candidate before the vote starting on the 21st of February, so make it count! Magister Candidates Position Magister of Cinderweald IGN: GodOfGales @GodOfGales Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: All of the above. RP Name: Tuan Vinh State: Cinderweald Town: Mirammat Campaign Text So it has been said that the Swamps are nothing more than a primitive part of The Daggerlands, consisting of primitive, blind-worshiping Rammatites. So it has been said that the Swamps yield nothing of use. So it has been said that the Swamps are a plague to our nation. However, we of Cinderweald, know otherwise. We know of the potential within the vast array of species in the Swamps. We know that that Swamps occupy just as much land as the stone. We know that the Swamps can thrive, if given the benefit of the chance. So, I tell you, wonderful people of Cinderweald; elect me as your Magister, and I will give you an opportunity scarcely awarded to the swamp dwellers- a chance to compete on the global and domestic stage. Plans Expand the infrastructure of Cinderweald, increase diversity even more in the government, and increase productivity on a state scale, to compete with wealthier states like Outmaw. Additional Information Monas Iaeon and Tuan Vinh are separate characters. Position Magister of The Outmaw IGN: Velskar @Velskar Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: Yes to all three. RP Name: Velyrion S. Skar Political Party (Optional): Society For New Growth [NGP] State: The Outmaw Town: Trachonos Campaign Text The beautiful isles of the newly annexed state of The Outmaw need work.The infrastructure almost non existent. The grasslands, not plowed, and the homes not built. As a resident of Trachonos, my primary focus above all else will be to strengthen the protection of the State. Such new lands lack even the basics in defensive structures and military might. However, military isn’t the only thing on my mind. With the growing food shortages on the mainland, the farms here in The Outmaw are absolutely paramount for the continuation and growth of the Dagger population. And my final, but not least, concern, housing. With the ever growing migration to the Isles, housing is near the top of the list on major concerns for the state. Encouraging economic trade with the other States here in The Daggerlands, whether it be for food or other goods, would greatly raise the wealth of the nation in general. These here are just a few of the major concerns on my list, and if I were to become the next magister of The Outmaw, I would dedicate as much time and effort as I can to focus on fulfilling these goals. Finally, I will be working with the Commonguard party on many important topics. I love their concept, and I feel that at this point in time, their philosophy is what is needed most in growing our nation further. Plans Continued improvement in the Agricultural sector, growing the defensive strength of the state, inviting more people, new or old, and training them on how to play A’therys if they need the help. Economic growth and trade. Etc. Additional Information I’m a bit new Dagger politics, but with the help of Rhykker and other government officials in The Outmaw, I feel I’ve quickly developed the skills to get the job done right. The people I’ve met since I’ve joined the nation have been great, and I could see no reason not to join in and help out when and where I can. Minister Candidates Position Minister of Defense IGN: Joey402 @Joey402MC Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: My discord is Joey402#5042, I am in the Daggerlands discord. My Skype is Joey402. MC and my TeamSpeak is Joey402. RP Name: Ebano Sien Political Party (Optional): N/A Town: Ville de Chevres Campaign Text As Minister of Defense, my main focus will be to encourage pvp in the nation. I will establish a ranking system in which your accomplishments shall be rewarded. There will be leveling parties to help players level up classes they want during double/triple exp. Additionally, I will set up organized fights between nations/towns. As Minister of Defense, I hope to bring lots of PvP to The Daggerlands and set up a military which inspires its members to pvp and more importantly, have fun. Plans If I got this position, one thing I would not do is organized raids. This is due to the fact that I think they have never worked and it's better just to say something like "raiding in 15 minutes" than setting up dates, which I've seen many other PvP leaders try to do in the past. I'd actively recruit to my town and instead of a "pvp town" of sorts, create something like an organization for Daggerlands residents. There would be ranks and how well you do would increase your rank. Additional Information I have very good pvp experience. I have played this server for more than 4 years and I was apart of some major pvp towns such as Winds of Thesse and Butterfly Haven. Position Minister of Internal Affairs IGN: JynxInx @Jynxi Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: Yes RP Name: Julius Arth'orn Political Party (Optional): N/A Town: Trachonos Campaign Text 'The Daggerlands never stops Improving' Plans Plan to return fun events in V2 and make them part of V3 again, when we need more Daggerlandic events. Help relations of new and veteran players in the Daggerlands to live and prosper. Bring back previous and willing Daggerlanders, encourage Nation growth, and Nations Relations. Additional Information N/A That’s all the candidates for this session of The Daggerland elections. In about two day’s time I will open up the voting booths, but before then, make sure to ask the candidates any questions you may have about them, and about how they will perform their duties. Make sure to @ mention specific questions to the candidate it relates to, or feel free to make general questions all candidates can answer. Thank you for participating in our democratic system! And to the candidates, good luck to you all.
  18. The Daggerlands | The Gold Exchange As of now, the nation of The Daggerlands is buying Gold Blocks, Gold Ingots, and Gold Nuggets! Come sell your Gold for Yora in return! With the inclusion of the new Economy Team, many changes will be taking place and we need YOU to help us grow our economy! So whether you just need a bit of pocket change, or sell heavily to the national bank, you will be greatly helping us improve The Daggerlands! Location Monas Roth, Capital of The Daggerlands. State: The Crucible Coordinates: X: 12,922 | Y: 85 | Z: 11,062 Current Gold Buying Prices Gold Block | 99 Yora Gold Ingot | 11 Yora Gold Nugget | 1.22 Yora *A big thanks to @Ravyhn for her help setting up the shop!
  19. How important is the mining industry to the current economic status of The Daggerlands? How can we preserve the industry while pursuing a better life for the miners themselves? Our second biggest export alongside our ground breaking technologies are: coal, iron, and other such minerals which is mined here within the Daggerlands. We show in comparison to most of the world to have a greater yield of raw materials. It is obviously thriving and sustainable industry as we still have strong trade agreements both home and abroad. Is this industry important? Yes of course it is, not only does it add to our GDP, but also represents the hard labour of the average Daggerlander in a society that is rapidly moving forward with the world. However that being said, the mining industry is only sustainable on the short term. We are becoming increasingly aware that the raw resources we yield are becoming sparse and finite; we have worked this land for many a millennia and maybe ravishing it dry. There is a harsh reality; in order to improve the quality of life for the miners, we would risk toppling a fragile system. We have endangered the land we live upon and most natural greenery is somewhat of a scarce resentment due to the stereotype you have all come to know that is the swamps of Rammat. However I myself have seen first hand the lush verdant greenery of the other nations such as Roreg Logh, Ithero, and Aloreh and aim to see the Daggerlands host that very image too. So how do we make this work for both parties? Let me make this VERY clear. As I said for many a millennia we have mined our own resources and also exported them to other nations. But as ours resources begin to dissipate, we forget that there are plenty of raw resources buried below the other nations. What I propose is not disseminating our industry but begin to slowly close it down and begin returning the Daggerlands vegetation and greenery; making expansive farms in the process. Meanwhile we will begin trade agreements in other nations for exporting our technology and CURRENT workers to begin mining their lands in a single package. In this process we will fight for better living and working standards. This will allow us to fight for a sustainable industry where our nation's workers and technology maintain the quality of mining and contributing to our industry as well as aiding other nations. This will also allow workers to have a better quality of life, whilst being away from the toxid arrid landscape of the Daggerlands, and influence their expertise on new generation miners from other nations; and hopefully decrease health issues. The Daggerlands has been known to enforce their ideals and technology on foreign entities world-wide. If you were Magister Elect, how would you justify or stand against this stark imperialistic movement? What plans do you have for the future of Daggerlander trade and commerce? Any international entities you look to work strongly with? Daggerlands imperialism of technology does not only represent our view to help a world venture out of the midst of the Second Calling; but also to aid humanity as a whole. Our great inventions can help improve standards of work, ease of operations, and make way for a more integrated world with stronger relations. This is our major bargaining chip to the rest of world, where both our political influence, and other nations reliance rests upon these particular exports. I would continue to trade our innovations with other nations so long that it benefits our economy and the formal political interest of the Daggerlands. I am a firm believer in the League of Progress and the importance of humanity venturing together in this Age of great Uncertainty. I would want reassurance that our technologies would not be aid to escalating wars, detrimental conflicts, and with any form of malicious intent. Human life is important, the Gods taught us/ made us realise that the hard way. As I said in response to my first question, I believe in expanding the mining industry under the professionalism and quality of work that the Daggerlands people and our technologies can offer. These would be secure long term investments that would not only benefit our workers and economy, but also the other nations. We should always remain outward looking and find a friend in every naiton where applicable. However I won't be afraid to impose sanctions on those nations that seem to find it adequate to escalate or be aggressors in conflicts and war. We will always look forward to future trade agreements with other nations, particularly with Ithero where we believe in introducing our new class of exploration submarine vessels and trade ships which would benefit their own trade and learning. I am very passionate about education, and therefore I want to work closely with the Crestwright School of Navigation in Ithero, by offering a discount A Class submarines in return for them opening up an outpost for educational purposes in Monas Roth. I am also keen to work with the Atherys Monetary Fund, as more and more nations move towards a gold standard currency; something that we as Daggerlands can captivate with a quality yield of gold. Furthermore, I would also work with the League of Progress to ensure that trade we do commence in remains ethical, particularly with turbulent nations such as Ar-Selukk. Employee interest groups, such as regional and federal unions, are very active in many different industries. Do you believe their influence hurts or helps employees and the business environment? To put it bluntly, what is your belief on the power of unions? I believe in the importance of voicing your opinion, and the integrity of democracy and rights for all. However, the unions time and time again find it befitting to annoy us with unnecessary actions. Who cares where you throw your rubbish, or how long your shift is? Hmm? Who cares? Not my problem, not my neighbor's problem, its OUR problem, THE GOVERNMENT'S problem. Are the unions going to help you with this? No. Instead they think strikes will aid the matter more. And to that I say: No. No. No. If you do not have faith in OUR democracy; a form of government and ideology that is a child in eyes of the other nations, but something we as Daggerlanders are PROUD of. Then why have faith in us at all? We are your voice, not the unions who seek to drive terror and ambiguity across the face of this nation. Have faith in us that we will do everything that is within your interest and in my administration we take issues of the hard working class very seriously. Let me end it like this: If you want something to CRY about, you go to the unions. If you want something DONE, go to the government! Why are you a better choice than your opponents to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money into the pockets of the Daggerlands' workforces?” Long have we been people that have championed a cause so integral to our society after the Second Calling. We say this often, and imprint the ideologies of the League of Progress where we can. But I must say we are a lot of ‘talk’ but not enough action. I will deliver that action, increasing our imperialism of technology and reaching a helping hand to the world out there. As a mother of three, 39 years old, between the veil of the aspiring young and the elderly. I know the importance of worklife and a being caring mother after the passing of my husband. This has not compromised my resolve; if anything it has made me more passionate and stronger about the causes I believe in. That being said, I am not someone who is a major fan of this profession, yes it puts food on our table; but what I admire above all is the hard work that our working classes do. I dream of one day being a farmer sowing the fields, which is vision I wish to see within the Dangerlands. I hope this clarifies that my resolve is not for ambition, but the only reason I remain in this profession is because I believe in the things that I fight for and I would do nothing more nor greater than to be a humble servant to our great nation. Most of you know me for my political aspirations of increasing internal education and preparation of the next generation of youngsters during my three years in office as Magister of Ironlight. This is vital in a society where our ideologies are questioned. That is why I am reaching out to educational bodies such as the Crestwright Academy. The education of our youngsters are important, and we can create a skilled and capable workforce, whilst nurturing talents within our nations, and not throwing them abroad to other universities and educational bodies. This would help create more jobs and more schools. My final response to this question is that I am no ordinary woman. I can truly see the passion and emotion in everyone and though your opinions may not be the same as mine. I am willing to respect. I rather get the measure of someone myself, than through word of mouth or reputation; revealing me to be more open and understanding. I can assure you now I wish nothing more than to the serve the people. If you are chosen as Magister Elect, what are your intended investments over the next year? Very simple: Agriculture - reinstating farms and new ways to innovate farms to increase yield and either improve or introduce this industry to the Daggerlands. Education - As I said I am well known for wanting to prep the next generation and expand/ make new educational bodies within the Daggerlands rather than sending our children abroad. This would mean the creation of more schools and universities. External Mining - Begin the external mining trade agreements which would also mean investment for the technologies we would also send abroad. Thank you for putting aside time in reading my responses to these questions. I wish the very best of luck to all candidates and may this democracy champion is victor. With all my best wishes, Ira Ashcraster Magister of Ironlight
  20. How important is the mining industry to the current economic status of The Daggerlands? How can we preserve the industry while pursuing a better life for the miners themselves? The Daggerlands has been known to enforce their ideals and technology on foreign entities world-wide. If you were Magister Elect, how would you justify or stand against this stark imperialistic movement? What plans do you have for the future of Daggerlander trade and commerce? Any international entities you look to work strongly with? Employee interest groups, such as regional and federal unions, are very active in many different industries. Do you believe their influence hurts or helps employees and the business environment? To put it bluntly, what is your belief on the power of unions? Why are you a better choice than your opponents to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money into the pockets of the Daggerlands' workforces?” If you are chosen as Magister Elect, what are your intended investments over the next year? These are indeed important issues, all, and I appreciate our esteemed Mr. Steamwhizzle for inciting this public conversation.. The mining industry of the Daggerlands has always been the main piece of infrastructure that allows our great nation to be top knotch above the rest! It is the source of all materials for our great technology and industry. And now, with the AMF shifting nations to a gold standard, it's of even more importance to every aspect of economy and to national economic growth! My stance has always been this way. It's because of that and because of my utmost respect for the fine men and women in the industry that my primary focus has always been for the safety of our national mines and our national miners! As you know, many years of my career have been spent pursuing better safety standards for our miners. Following successful campaigns in safety, I've since focused on the economic benefits of our miners. They are providing the backbone of all our industry and should be guaranteed a comfortable retirement! My views on enforcing our technological standards on other nations... Well, I don't feel we should. The Daggerlands has worked long and hard to be what and where we are, and there is no need to share that beyond our borders! As far as trade and commerce, our products speak for themselves. They are advanced in a way that no other nation has been able to equal. That is an advantage to us and should be a benefit to us. I do not look to function with any international entities beyond the primary lines of communication and the basic lines of trade - we willl always have items that no one else can provide, so trade will continue and will provide an economic benefit. However, it will not be sought out. I have been a forerunner in the establishment of miner union set up! Indeed, I enjoyed a place on the front lines of that advance!! And I'm proud to say it has changed the industry for the better. Without companies investing in their prime resource, the men and women who make their industry possible, there would never have been room for the industry to grow! Therefore labor unions are of utmost importance! I bring to this campaign a history of work for the people! My policies have brought standards and safety to an industry that is our primary economy! It is because of this that our nation is in such a place to grow. With my election, we will be a stronger, more secure, indeed a richer Daggerlands than we have ever known! As Magister Elect - I plan to continue internal focus on the nation. I will work to strengthen us intrinsically. When we focus on ourselves, we focus on our future!! ~Marcus Sterling~
  21. How important is the mining industry to the current economic status of The Daggerlands? How can we preserve the industry while pursuing a better life for the miners themselves? The Daggerlands has been known to enforce their ideals and technology on foreign entities world-wide. If you were Magister Elect, how would you justify or stand against this stark imperialistic movement? What plans do you have for the future of Daggerlander trade and commerce? Any international entities you look to work strongly with? Employee interest groups, such as regional and federal unions, are very active in many different industries. Do you believe their influence hurts or helps employees and the business environment? To put it bluntly, what is your belief on the power of unions? Why are you a better choice than your opponents to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money into the pockets of the Daggerlands' workforces?” If you are chosen as Magister Elect, what are your intended investments over the next year? Dear Daggerlanders. These are fine questions to ask of those aspiring to a seat of governance, and I shall do my best to answer them in full beginning with the question of the mining industry. The mining industry has historically fuelled our technological progress, and continues to do so every passing year. With the opening of the Gold Exchange this importance continues to be evident. If we seek to advance our technology further we will need the conductive metals that lie beneath Daggerlands soil as well as the gemstones used for lenses and other purposes in our laboratories. As for the second part of the question the focus is on the wrong part of the economy. The lives of the miners are the most important part of the mining industry, yet in the search for ever increasing financial gain it appears that the owners of our mining companies have forgotten who does all the hard work providing them with their money. My way of circumventing this flaw with our current system would be to incentivize improving the working conditions of miners. As a government we have the power to approve legislation that makes this possible. One example of such an incentive would be to make investments into improving the quality of life of miners part tax deductible, allowing for a greater freedom of owners to invest in this while conserving the industry as a whole. In so doing it will lower the cost of healthcare for miners as well as increase productivity. A happy employee is a more productive and healthier employee. The second question is one I can answer quite easily, in part. The problem we have currently is that our technological advancement has not been as rapid as it could be if all nations worked together. I am well aware that the technological advancement under the yoke of Golgorai-Asthas has a very negative connotation for not just Daggerlanders but everyone. Yet we cannot deny that the advances made have helped us in our everyday lives one way or another, and developing those should be a priority as we strive towards a better, cleaner future. I would agree that forcing those ideals on others is not a step we should be taking, but we should rather set up meetings with especially the wealthy merchant caste of all nations to develop international trade agreements and research agreements. It is undeniable that nations outside of the Daggerlands have access to resources that differ from ours, and that developments have been made that can be beneficial to both parties in these agreements. I personally wish to seek out a better understanding with the academics of Ithero, trying to improve both our naval capacities to more easily allow for commerce into and out of the Daggerlands. I also wish to seek out our Loghec allies more and discuss a research agreement, their expertise in biology and our expertise in geology could potentially make for a great mix of cultures. In an ideal society, unions need not exist. Our society as it stands however is, though a beautiful and diverse one, one far from a Utopia. Whether or not they hurt or help employees and the business environment is yet to be seen, our information so far has been incomplete. It is important that employee interests are communicated to management through a single central channel because it allows management to streamline the process of systematically improving existing systems. I would however argue that it would be beneficial to have a single union per sector, e.g. the Miners Union, rather than separate unions per region and per organization. In so doing I would even suggest a monthly exchange of managers in the Daggerlands to talk about improvements that have been made and suggestions for each other in an effort to improve the business environment as a whole. We need to realize that the common man, the hardworking man is central to a functioning economy. When we realize that we realize the importance of unions, for their voices to be heard. A question like this is always a dangerous one to answer, for all my opponents are qualified for the position and have plenty of experience governing. I do believe however that I am better qualified in providing for jobs to put money into the pockets of our fine Daggerlanders, because I have a plan. I answered earlier that I see the Mining Industry as central to our economy and that was part of the answer to this question, for it makes us wonder. How will improving conditions of miners create jobs and increase the overall quality of life in the Daggerlands without negatively impacting the economy as a whole. The question of ‘the kind of jobs that will put more money in the pockets of the Daggerlands’ is one without meaning, for the jobs exist already. The problem we have right now is that there is no incentive to increase the pay to employees nor to increase their living conditions. I have seen some of the horrible conditions our miners live in for example, living in a bare-bones camp just outside the mine, working 16 hour shifts to scrape the earth clean of its resources. But the process of mining stopped at the mine, it didn’t expand beyond there. What we need, is to invest into our infrastructure, improve our methods in refining ores and gems, incentivize managers and owners of companies to invest into their workers, improve our naval and aerial merchant fleets and most importantly: seek a less polluting alternative for our current refineries. Yet it all begins in one central place: our educational system. We need to educate our youth. If I am chosen as magister elect these elections I will invest into three central parts of our economy. I want to build a central university in our beautiful capital alongside setting up various schools throughout the Daggerlands. I will urge to slightly increase the taxes on those companies in our economy that wish not to invest in improving the conditions of their employees. Another important project will be an overhaul of our current infrastructure, making travel easier so as to improve internal commerce. I have outlined some other plans in my previous answers, but if you wish to hear something more you are free to ask me further questions! Yours Faithfully, Almala Gemcrafter
  22. Extended Deadline For Political Applications Due to multiple requests for an extended deadline, I’m allowing an extra 3 days of application requests to come in for any of the current positions below. Magisters Magister of Cinderweald - Running Candidates: 1 Magister of The Crucible - Running Candidates: 0 Magister of Ironlight - Running Candidates: 0 Magister of The Outmaw - Running Candidates: 1 Magister of Redcoast - Running Candidates: 0 Magister of The Scar - Running Candidates: 0 Ministers Minister of Defense - Running Candidates: 2 Minister of Internal Affairs - Running Candidates: 1 Magister Applications IGN: Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: RP Name: Political Party (Optional): State: Town: Campaign Text: Plans: Additional Information: Minister Application IGN: Access to Discord, Skype and Teamspeak: RP Name: Political Party (Optional): Town: Campaign Text: Plans: Additional Information: Applications are ABSOLUTELY due by February 18, 2017. Please make sure to PM me your applications @Rhykker.
  23. ╔═══╗╔╗───╔═══╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔══╗╔═══╗╔═╗─╔╗╔═══╗ ╔═══╗╔═══╗╔═══╗ ╔╗─╔╗╔═══╗╔═══╗╔═══╗ ║╔══╝║║───║╔══╝║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╣─╝║╔═╗║║║╚╗║║║╔═╗║ ║╔═╗║║╔═╗║║╔══╝ ║║─║║║╔══╝║╔═╗║║╔══╝ ║╚══╗║║───║╚══╗║║─╚╝╚╝║║╚╝─║║─║║─║║║╔╗╚╝║║╚══╗ ║║─║║║╚═╝║║╚══╗ ║╚═╝║║╚══╗║╚═╝║║╚══╗ ║╔══╝║║─╔╗║╔══╝║║─╔╗──║║───║║─║║─║║║║╚╗║║╚══╗║ ║╚═╝║║╔╗╔╝║╔══╝ ║╔═╗║║╔══╝║╔╗╔╝║╔══╝ ║╚══╗║╚═╝║║╚══╗║╚═╝║──║║──╔╣─╗║╚═╝║║║─║║║║╚═╝║ ║╔═╗║║║║╚╗║╚══╗ ║║─║║║╚══╗║║║╚╗║╚══╗ ╚═══╝╚═══╝╚═══╝╚═══╝──╚╝──╚══╝╚═══╝╚╝─╚═╝╚═══╝ ╚╝─╚╝╚╝╚═╝╚═══╝ ╚╝─╚╝╚═══╝╚╝╚═╝╚═══╝ ╔═╗─╔╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔══╗╔═══╗╔═╗─╔╗ ╔═══╗╔═══╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔══╗╔═══╗ ║║╚╗║║║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╣─╝║╔═╗║║║╚╗║║ ║╔══╝║╔═╗║║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╣─╝║╔═╗║ ║╔╗╚╝║║║─║║╚╝║║╚╝─║║─║║─║║║╔╗╚╝║ ║╚══╗║║─╚╝║╚══╗╚╝║║╚╝║║─║║╚╝║║╚╝─║║─║║─╚╝ ║║╚╗║║║╚═╝║──║║───║║─║║─║║║║╚╗║║ ║╔══╝║║─╔╗╚══╗║──║║──║╚═╝║──║║───║║─║║─╔╗ ║║─║║║║╔═╗║──║║──╔╣─╗║╚═╝║║║─║║║ ║╚══╗║╚═╝║║╚═╝║──║║──║╔═╗║──║║──╔╣─╗║╚═╝║ ╚╝─╚═╝╚╝─╚╝──╚╝──╚══╝╚═══╝╚╝─╚═╝ ╚═══╝╚═══╝╚═══╝──╚╝──╚╝─╚╝──╚╝──╚══╝╚═══╝ Always ready with the latest news, this Daggerlander loves nothing more than his national elections. Needless to say, when the Gazette said "Skip, we've an opening for a Political Correspondent this year." I was on it faster than ugly on a Quarxotl. This season's magisterial candidates are vying not only for the esteemed position of representing their states, but also to fill the gap that will be left by Ms. Genedi Coldhaven as she reaches her term limit. If any election counts, it's this one! With eleven states this year, instead of ten, a shift of power is certain to be expected! While the topic has turned off of war, with the conclusion of the Eventide, a great deal of debate on profiteering still lingers; and the focus of the toxic swamps still remains with Rammat seemingly no closer to leaving than the day the Tyrant breathed his last. Labour and industry is a hot topic, as it always has been; with several companies in the outer mining regions having fallen under the radar of what some now are calling "safety standards". While this reporter could not touch base with the West Anvil Trading Company for details, there are still memories of the Wrought's End canyon collapse in 7C-254, and the scandalous bankruptcy audit of foreign company, Blackstone Trade and Sundry, in 261. As Kolm the Witted, may he rest in pace, once said; "Memories grow longer, and wounds do not close with the passing of those who inflicted them", nearly a decade has passed with such issues unresolved, and only Astor himself knows when the kettle could boil over. Outmaw residents, be sure to check in with the policies and procedures of your newly built polling offices; and to our veteran Daggerlanders who were voting via absentee whilst Outmaw was a colony, remember that you're in a different state now!
  24. You read correctly folks! After a grueling ten days of polling, the state ballots have been counted, re-counted, and systematically confirmed by the office of the Pithkeeper. Here in Crucible, a record turnover time extended poll hours well past midnight, and Market Street took to action as all merchants do, selling everything from food and blankets, to souvenirs and "I voted!" pins to the queue. Rumor had circulated that Kurrik Flint might be entering the political scene this year, but he abstained from running yet again and could not be reached for comment. With a batch of young blood seeking to debate among our finest, the state of Crucible was at the edge of its seat throughout the bitter chill of Ascension, and as polls opened on the first of Forgefire, people rushed to ensure their voice was heard! The following, in no particular order, are the members of your 7C-268 Magistrate! As they transition into office, expect the Gazette to publish statements from these fine men and women as soon as they release them! As per Title 209.A, when in transition - the current Magister Elect will retain public face for affairs while the newly elected Magistrate votes upon a new Magister Elect, requiring them to complete the transition by the close of Forgefire. The Gazette will be accepting question submissions over the next few weeks for the new Magistrate, as they debate amongst themselves; before a public debate to be held in the capital city. Our first questionnaire relates to our National Industry and Commerce! Mail your question submissions to : Crucible Gazette Office of Political Affairs 1241 N. Fleet St. Monas Roth, Crucible @Torval Flintcaver Magister of Crucible Irontrust Party (ITP) @Almala Gemcrafter Magister of Redcoast The Reclamation (RCP) @Charlotte Bronzecaster Magister of Anvil Commonguard Party (CGP) @Edwin Pickston Magister of Harrow The Reclamation (RCP) @Ira Ashcaster Magister of Ironlight Society for New Growth (NGP) @Maurice Steelheart Magister of Cinderweald Irontrust Party (ITP) @Margaet Ironblood Magister of Fracture Commonguard Party (CGP) @Gilliagan Blackwind Magister of The Scar Society for New Growth (NGP) @Orson Tindr Magister of Blackshear Irontrust Party (ITP) @Marcus Sterling Magister of Stonemere Society for New Growth (NGP) @Byron Highcastle Magister of Outmaw Umberite Union (UU) -Disclaimer : These are roleplay characters for the purpose of story only, and are not kicking out any existing player magisters!
  25. The Daggerlands | Discord, Skype, and Teamspeak The Daggerlands’ National Discord https://discord.gg/gWrZp3w The Daggerlands allows outsiders and members of the nation both to reside on the Daggerland National Discord. I will provide Forum Alerts or important information notifications, host government meetings, and provide communication, raid alerts, and rank promotions for the Daggerland Military. A private chat will be created for Daggers specifically, so if you do reside in the nation and want to be given access to the Dagger chat, make sure to PM @Rhykker or message Rhykker#2573 in Discord for access and what town you live in. The Dagger Discord chat will be updated over time as ranks and needs arise. The Daggerlands Nation Chat It is much harder to gain access to our Skype page due to the way Skype is built. Here, we only allow Daggerlanders to talk together. We prefer important conversation, but a little bit of spam happens every now and again. For access, the only way is through PM here on the forums. PM @Rhykker and if you are within the nation, I will add you to the chat. A’therys Ascended Teamspeak This last one is for those that somehow managed to miss out on the forums what the A’therys Public Teamspeak is or what the IP is to connect. We use this for on the spot chatter while in game, to coordinate raid parties, host events, or for what I hope will become a weekly or monthly Pithkeeper chat to other Daggerlanders. These chats will be focused on discussing the progression of the nation, even plans, player opinions, etc. To connect, simply download Teamspeak at… http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads.html And in the connections at the top left, click connect, and the server address should be… chat.atherys.com You will have to PM an Admin for permission to talk in any of the chat channels however.

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