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Found 10 results

  1. Welcome all nations of the Atherian World! Today Redninja and I present to you the first International Atherys Beauty Pageant! Here is how it works; Every nation/guild will nominate a single person, girl/boy, to represent their people and fashion. The nation-head or guild leader will submit their model's name to AkilaTajar via Forum Pm by Friday Jan.6 This single person will walk the stage in the outfit of their nations choosing. (Skin designs from PMC are not allowed) 5 judges will judge the models based on: 1. Walk 2. Outfit 3. Speech 4. How they address questions asked by the judge Please come support your nation members participating in the pageant!! (If you're interested in becoming a judge, we have 5 spots open, feel free to pm me) The prize is to be determined. EVENT WILL BE HELD IN THE A'RAVHAR AMPHITHEATER ON SUNDAY JANUARY 8 @ 7pm EST ALOREH NOMINEE: @Goddess AR-SELUKK NOMINEE: @the_KINGsRansom ROREG LOGH NOMINEE: @carlthealien DAGGERLANDS NOMINEE: @_JailBr3aK_ ITHERO NOMINEE: @BlueChaos VROVONA NOMINEE: @Dan The Derp MARCOLO BRIGANDS NOMINEE: MAGES GUILD NOMINEE: @ThickerDragon2
  2. Ithero Nation Meeting

    Lady Admiral @ultravioletpixie will host a nation meeting at 2:00PM ATZ on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in TeamSpeak. Topics for this meeting will include: nation road and Tier 2 city development projects, the economy and merchanting, and more! As always, please come prepared with your questions and ideas, as player input is a HUGE part of what drives goals for the nation. Only Itheri may attend Event will take place at 12:00 PM Pacific/2:00 PM Central/3:00 PM Eastern Location: TeamSpeak, in the Port Admiral's Office (Ithero) If you are late, poke a staff member or @ultravioletpixie to get moved in--try not to miss the meeting!
  3. Ithero Nation Meeting Summary (3/18/2017)

    General · Meeting was set later to allow for Australians to attend, but they all blew us off (so rood) Events · Burnside's festival will take place on the 11th of every month · Mob event will happen after update to 1.11 · Barnie will be in charge of tossing down the mob eggs · exact time/date TBD Merchanting · Quickshops have been disabled as of 3/17/17 · Anything custom/brewery will need to be handled through /ah · Itheri Nation Shop has been expanded · Ithero Nation Shop has been reintroduced as Allied Nation Shop · Do not try competing with the Allied Nation Shop; it will always be cheaper than market rate · Please consider selling gold to Allied Nation Shop, rather than other merchants; the money will be spent to develop the nation, rather than to accumulate in player pockets · Check shop signs @ Allied Nation Shop; buying increments may have changed · Introducing the IMU: Ithero Merchant Union · You would have to be a member of the IMU to sell items/buy shops in Calastore · If interested, send ultravioletpixie your availability Updates · Goldmines have been placed in the nation · it has PvP on 24/7 · contact Pixie for coords · PvP-training village hasn't been placed under Calastore yet due to admins being unavailable Conquest · Ithero will have a Conquest point, near the center of the nation/goldmine · Ithero requested for NPC town on mainland to be used; this proposal has not yet been approved · It will be put into effect sometime in coming weeks; Pixie will keep us UTD Initiatives · Pixie would like to develop designs for surface nation roads · will most likely be worked on on Pixie's server · Pixie would like to start hosting classes at the Cartwright Academy · Inoh will be rebooted as a supply town · Trance will need help with mining out his town to bedrock, so contact Trance or Pixie to volunteer
  4. Help Us Help You

    Im reaching out to you Atherys. What kind of events do you want to see? RP? PVP? Building Battles? LET ME KNOW! Comment your idea in FULL below! Me and the team will try and make it happen! Much much love!
  5. Hey everyone! So, I bet a few of you have heard me whip out my ukulele on TeamSpeak a time or two, or try ever-so-failishly to play my piano as well. Well, I've come to notice that I'm not the only one with some instruments lying around, or a real itch to play! So, that's why I am going to be starting... Calastore Karaoke! To be held for the very first time on Friday, Jan. 13th at about 5:00PM A'therys Time (5 Central, 6 Eastern) we will make a private channel on TeamSpeak and allow people in. You'll need to poke me if you are not added to the channel and ask for permission first--let me know if you are bringing an instrument or want to sing or both. The setting will be very loose--we'll play and sing to whatever we want, let instrumentalists share their skills, and just have a good time. This very first karaoke night will be a trial, and if all goes well then we will schedule more karaoke nights hopefully every week or so. Expectations I do not want this to be a mess. And as much as I'd like to let a ton of people into the channel to participate--if a lot of people even want to xD--I want to make sure it doesn't get chaotic. I expect everyone who participates to be respectful of both people playing instruments and singing--please don't laugh too hard when Sally breaks your eardrums with her screeching voice. She's just having fun! I also expect there NOT to be constant chatter when music is being played. If you know the lyrics to the song or want to Google them and join in, you're more than welcome to do so! But do not talk over the music unless it is necessary. To those playing instruments, be flexible and open to letting other people play with you. People who join the channel and are disruptive or unkind will be removed from the channel. They will find it not very easy to join future karaoke sessions, should there be any.
  6. Ithero Nation Meeting

    Ithero Nation Meeting On Saturday, January 14th, there will be a nation meeting held for Ithero. Topics will include: upcoming events, nation projects, recruitment and starter town updates and opportunities, and more! As always, please come prepared with your questions and ideas, as player input is a HUGE part of what drives goals for the nation. Hope to see everyone there! Only Itheri may attend Event will take place at 2pm ATZ Location: TeamSpeak, in the Port Admiral's Office (Ithero) If you are late, poke a staff member or @ultravioletpixie to get moved in--try not to miss the meeting!
  7. Classes are starting... And everyone wants to know just what we have up our sleeves. So as a handy guide, here is the Mage's Guild F.A.Q. regarding upcoming classes, credits, and eligibility! How Are Credits Tracked? The Arcane Council will keep a record of who has attended classes; and note both the credit's value - and the class's category (for ranks which require a credit focus) Class Categories? For the sake of dividing up class topics; there are 7 Lower Arts and 3 Higher Arts. The Lower Arts are: Alchemy: The study of potions, poisons, and herblore Metallurgy: The study of metalwork, alloys, and magical infusion Metamagic: A study on the physics of magic. History: The study of past and current magical events. Combat: Dueling training, and tactics studies. Rhetoric and Logic: Mathematics, Geometry, and Philosophy Linguistics: A study of the archaic languages and poetry The Higher Arts are: The House of Candles The House of Eyes The House of Harps Will I need to Read Required Materials Beforehand? Most classes will give their required knowledge in-class. For the more inquisitive student; some classes will offer comprehensive textbooks on the subject for a small fee. All reading material will, of course, be available in the Library for Mage Guild members. In some cases; the class will be a continuation of a previous class. In which case, a prerequisite class will be noted in the roster. I'm not a member of the Guild; what can I do? As non-guild member have not sworn to the oaths; there are several limitations. Permission. You have to ask the Arcane Council for permission to attend. Once permission has been granted; we will note you in our records. Fees. There are no class fees for participation. However; for classes that will be providing materials to use - such as many of our labs - we will request a 'Materials Fee' from non-members. Alternatively, a prospective classmember may bring their own materials. Disruptions. Should said outsider cause any problem for anyone of the college, their acceptance will be in jeopardy of being revoked. Limitations. Outsiders may only take classes in the Lower Arts. What classes can I primarily expect fees from? The money from these fees are used to fund events, purchase materials towards classes, primarily these fees will be found in Alchemy and Metallurgy labs. During combat classes that utilize sparring gear - there may be an applied fee as well. Where can I find a listing of upcoming classes? In the lobby of Cyridon Spire; we have The Big Board; which lists all of our upcoming classes for the week. In addition; weekly posts will go out on which classes the college will be offering. Can I be a teacher?! Guild-Members of Adept rank or greater are permitted to teach classes of the Lower Arts, provided they meet the necessary qualifications. A Full Arcanist may teach the Higher Arts, provided they meet the necessary qualifications. Outsiders are permitted to host Non-Credit Guest Lectures, provided there is both an open timeslot in the guild's schedule and an overseeing member of the Arcane Council in attendance. I've heard rumors about a Test? In order to advance from an Adept to a Full Arcanist, one must pass The Test. The Test was created to weed out those who are not serious about the art of magic. Those who fail are often left with burning images in their minds; if they survive. Not only is it a manner to find and halt the progress of those who could misuse that power, but it is also a means to teach the aspiring mage something about her/himself. Those who do not take The Test are never allowed to learn anything more than beginner's spells.
  8. Just a quick reminder the carnival is still on for today at 5PM EST be there or be square hope to have some fun NOTE: We are removing sign-ups from the jousting tournament and @Edd I would like to make some last minute changes to the carnival stuff if possible nothing to big though. Note the prize of 80 loot crates is still on <3 Link below mates! http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1854-monasroth-carnival-event~celebration-of-lars/
  9. ~The Gathering at the Tavern~ -It is a dark and stormy night, you are traveling through west Aloreh, heading to the Selukkite city-state of Nandar, you decide to stop at a local tavern for the night. There is a fire, you are not alone in the tavern, there are many gathered around a table, drinking and sharing stories. "Why not join them???" Introduction: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1562-the-travelers-tavern/ Event will begin April 10th at 20:00 GTZ (around 4:00pm EST) There will be drinks, rp, stories, and most importantly, fun!
  10. Welcome After recent events involving the problems in the Daggerlands we are going to try and make something good of this. To do so we are going to make a event chain spanning across all types of events to try to increase activity. I am asking you go to the form below and fill it out with your ideas I am going to work with some others on picking good events to show to staff there will also be a poll on the topic about times. Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11_Uqh7o3DRe9N-8H9GsQxGcmhoEVzvrxsrdvyCOrPP8/viewform Time Calculator for voting http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Note I would also be open to hearing opinions about times and ways to hopefully have the events and what you would like to hear in the comments without flame. Good luck guys

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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