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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration

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Found 2 results

  1. Modpack Update!

    Awesome news, guys! Thanks to @Ares Vendencia, we have a new modpack ready for you to use! This pack contains many useful mods that will help you enjoy your A'therys experience to the fullest extent. We recommend it for new and veteran players alike! The current modpack is for 1.10.2, though one for 1.11 has been developed and is a work in progress. Below, you can click the spoilers to find what each pack includes. To download the modpack, go to our home page at atherys.com, click on modpack, then hit the download button! It's as simple as that. 1.10.2 1.11 NOTE: The server is not running 1.11 yet. This modpack is a work in progress for when we do update to 1.11. You can keep up with Ares' work at the following thread:
  2. [Official] A'therys Modpack

    ~|The Modpack|~ The A'therys Modpack is designed to help optimize and improve your gameplay experience on the A'therys Server. We Currently have three versions of the modpack, a standalone launcher version, a Technic version (Recommended) and a Manual Installation version (See bottom of the post for more information). Current Polls: ~|Mods Involved|~ ~|Download the Modpack|~ ~Atherys Modpack Launcher (Beta)~ So this is something I've been working on as a sorta recommended option as opposed to Technic. I can do a lot more with this than I could with the other two options. This will be in beta as there is most likely some stuff I have to fix. So if you see a bug let me know and I'll try and fix it. It will generate a folder within the My Documents folder where it generates the files, so if you need to modify something go in there. (Huge thanks to sk89q for making the program) Download: Link ~|Support|~ Comment below for support or private message me on the forums *Big thanks to Benattack for helping formating the post

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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