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  1. Sjielt Co. Official Charter The Following Is The Official Charter Of Those Who Deem Themselves The Descendants Of Sjilea: Preamble: Our Goal: Current Branches And Their Heads: Ranks By Branch: (keep in mind requirements and jobs are simply a guideline to follow. Just because you meet the requirements does not mean you will be promoted, and vice versa.) Mercenary Branch: Mercantile Branch: Productions Branch: Squads Squads and Divisions are our way of keeping a sense of discipline in the company, helping settle in new recruits, and creating a competitive atmosphere, through skill in battle, mercantile, or politics. Each new player will be assigned to a Squad, where the Squad leader will assign jobs and roles and take the recruit under their wing. Each squad should be between 4-8 people, but can have at most 10. Squads exist in some form in each branch, but are most prevalent in the mercenary and productions branch. Members may be in multiple branches at a time, but only in one squad. Their loyalty should lie first to Sjielt Co, second to the squad, and third to their home nation. Currently, only Mercenary Squads have been established. Divisions are the Squads rank among the company. First Division is the top two Squads in the company, Second is the next three down, and Third is the next five. Any squads below that are listed as fourth Division Mercenary Squads Squad One "Risen Squad" Division: First Leader: Bytheburnside Other members: Crimson_Savior, Cj3052, patyt, okanomihonda, Apex_Omega Squad Two "Bladed Squad" Division: First Leader: Tommo Other members: _jeffery, Sywave, Hamsterboy If You Would Like To Apply, Fill Out The Following Application In A Private Message: Mercenary Services Price Sheet The One Hundred And Eighteen Verses:
  2. Surprisingly, few submissions this time around; we only have three questions for you on Social and Foreign Policy, but they're all good ones! Magisters, you are to answer the following questions! After the withdraw of the Eventide, where do you see the alliance between The Daggerlands and Aloreh? In what cases, if any, is it acceptable to conduct warrantless search of citizens? A genocidal Queen ruling with an iron first, several dozen tribes warring over land, and no proof of yora in the government coffers. Most analysts believe it is a matter of time until something dramatic happens in At-Selukk. How would your administration prepare for and respond to the potential collapse of the government in Ar-Selukk? @Torval Flintcaver @Almala Gemcrafter @Charlotte Bronzecaster @Orson Tindr @Ira Ashcaster @Gilliagan Blackwind @Maurice Steelheart @Marcus Sterling @Byron Highcastle @Edwin Pickston @Margaet Ironblood
  3. We have received your submissions; and the top five questions were chosen! Magisters, you are to answer the following questions! With Outmaw becoming a state, do you believe our agricultural needs are met and we may no longer need to focus on detoxifying the land within the Swamps of Rammat? How will you deal with the Swamps of Rammat as Magister Elect? Are there any plans you would like to share with the general populace regarding the swamps? Scientific research and engineering have always been priorities for progress, but who should fund it, and how much should be given to this? (I believe they are asking about taxes in regard to this question, though interpret it as you will ) The Cleaners have made a massive difference in the lives of those in the western states, but they are a costly burden to maintain, and rarely travel further east than Harrow? Do you believe there are projects that should take greater priority? The Swamps of Rammat have historically been a thorn in the side of progress. In this hypothetical situation; a resource has been discovered that only develops within the swamps. As Magister Elect, would you utilize this viable resource even in the face of controversy? The Third and Final Questionnaire will be in regards to Social and International Relations. As before, please submit your questions to the Crucible Gazette! We look forward to your responses! @Torval Flintcaver @Almala Gemcrafter @Charlotte Bronzecaster @Orson Tindr @Ira Ashcaster @Gilliagan Blackwind @Maurice Steelheart @Marcus Sterling @Byron Highcastle @Edwin Pickston @Margaet Ironblood
  4. ╔═══╗╔╗───╔═══╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔══╗╔═══╗╔═╗─╔╗╔═══╗ ╔═══╗╔═══╗╔═══╗ ╔╗─╔╗╔═══╗╔═══╗╔═══╗ ║╔══╝║║───║╔══╝║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╣─╝║╔═╗║║║╚╗║║║╔═╗║ ║╔═╗║║╔═╗║║╔══╝ ║║─║║║╔══╝║╔═╗║║╔══╝ ║╚══╗║║───║╚══╗║║─╚╝╚╝║║╚╝─║║─║║─║║║╔╗╚╝║║╚══╗ ║║─║║║╚═╝║║╚══╗ ║╚═╝║║╚══╗║╚═╝║║╚══╗ ║╔══╝║║─╔╗║╔══╝║║─╔╗──║║───║║─║║─║║║║╚╗║║╚══╗║ ║╚═╝║║╔╗╔╝║╔══╝ ║╔═╗║║╔══╝║╔╗╔╝║╔══╝ ║╚══╗║╚═╝║║╚══╗║╚═╝║──║║──╔╣─╗║╚═╝║║║─║║║║╚═╝║ ║╔═╗║║║║╚╗║╚══╗ ║║─║║║╚══╗║║║╚╗║╚══╗ ╚═══╝╚═══╝╚═══╝╚═══╝──╚╝──╚══╝╚═══╝╚╝─╚═╝╚═══╝ ╚╝─╚╝╚╝╚═╝╚═══╝ ╚╝─╚╝╚═══╝╚╝╚═╝╚═══╝ ╔═╗─╔╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔══╗╔═══╗╔═╗─╔╗ ╔═══╗╔═══╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔═══╗╔════╗╔══╗╔═══╗ ║║╚╗║║║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╣─╝║╔═╗║║║╚╗║║ ║╔══╝║╔═╗║║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║║╔═╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╣─╝║╔═╗║ ║╔╗╚╝║║║─║║╚╝║║╚╝─║║─║║─║║║╔╗╚╝║ ║╚══╗║║─╚╝║╚══╗╚╝║║╚╝║║─║║╚╝║║╚╝─║║─║║─╚╝ ║║╚╗║║║╚═╝║──║║───║║─║║─║║║║╚╗║║ ║╔══╝║║─╔╗╚══╗║──║║──║╚═╝║──║║───║║─║║─╔╗ ║║─║║║║╔═╗║──║║──╔╣─╗║╚═╝║║║─║║║ ║╚══╗║╚═╝║║╚═╝║──║║──║╔═╗║──║║──╔╣─╗║╚═╝║ ╚╝─╚═╝╚╝─╚╝──╚╝──╚══╝╚═══╝╚╝─╚═╝ ╚═══╝╚═══╝╚═══╝──╚╝──╚╝─╚╝──╚╝──╚══╝╚═══╝ Always ready with the latest news, this Daggerlander loves nothing more than his national elections. Needless to say, when the Gazette said "Skip, we've an opening for a Political Correspondent this year." I was on it faster than ugly on a Quarxotl. This season's magisterial candidates are vying not only for the esteemed position of representing their states, but also to fill the gap that will be left by Ms. Genedi Coldhaven as she reaches her term limit. If any election counts, it's this one! With eleven states this year, instead of ten, a shift of power is certain to be expected! While the topic has turned off of war, with the conclusion of the Eventide, a great deal of debate on profiteering still lingers; and the focus of the toxic swamps still remains with Rammat seemingly no closer to leaving than the day the Tyrant breathed his last. Labour and industry is a hot topic, as it always has been; with several companies in the outer mining regions having fallen under the radar of what some now are calling "safety standards". While this reporter could not touch base with the West Anvil Trading Company for details, there are still memories of the Wrought's End canyon collapse in 7C-254, and the scandalous bankruptcy audit of foreign company, Blackstone Trade and Sundry, in 261. As Kolm the Witted, may he rest in pace, once said; "Memories grow longer, and wounds do not close with the passing of those who inflicted them", nearly a decade has passed with such issues unresolved, and only Astor himself knows when the kettle could boil over. Outmaw residents, be sure to check in with the policies and procedures of your newly built polling offices; and to our veteran Daggerlanders who were voting via absentee whilst Outmaw was a colony, remember that you're in a different state now!
  5. A warrior awakens

    Dgaan awakens from his slumber to wander the lands of Daggerlands once more. He has slept for a long time and much has changed. He searchs for his old home of Narshe but can not find it. So he begins wandering the lands seeking his old friends and neighbors. Hi All. Dragonprincess9 here. Now known as Dgaan in Minecraft. I have been away for a long while. but i was getting home sick for A'therys. Bare with me as i catch up on what has been going on.
  6. A speech was given recently to the people of Skridfinne by Chief Marquis Juusev. His cabinet published the speech and quickly spread copies across the land to the few unabandoned towns of Ithero. = The People's Populist Party of Ithero, speech to the people of Skridfinne by Chief of State of Skridfinne, Juusev. = The Elite class representing the people of Ithero, while being quite careful and gracious to spreading out resources of personal and physical, have great misunderstanding of how we shall make this nation great once more- it is through means of pumping productivity, again physical and personal, into a single body that we will grow powerful. The People's Populist Republic of Ithero calls all people of Ithero wanting to forge and nurture golden age of military and economic power to come join us in our home of Skridfinne. Through means of greater political efficacy, internal and external, as well as an enormously large growth of social productivity we can build up a populace great enough to take on any nation from a single heartland. We must centralize and unite. The current state of the Nation, frankly, is that we are spread too thin. We have few moderately powerful cities, more that are less powerful, with a good supply of people and resources for their own good, but not enough to affect the nation greatly. The People's Populist Republic of Ithero theorizes that if we all come to one home, bring our wealth, our resources, or families, our warriors to one city and work together as a whole, that city could take on any other city in all of the realm with great ease- we go as far to say that we could take on any nation as a whole, as each nation suffers from the same problem- a lack of centralized co-operation and social productivity, and political efficacy. Social productivity is defined as the additional social value that can be created through better relationships between citizens, society, business and public services. Meaning the people's of a land with great social productivity will thrive morally, happily, and work together on a greater level without sacrificing freedoms to the level of becoming a socialist or communist state. Simply everyone works together on their own means, moving resources around and trading between each other and physically laboring together; this all pushes to a rapid growth of productivity in the state. Take our great walls into figure, they span multiple kilometers along the coast of our land in Skridfinne, we all worked together and amassed resources and constructed them within a single daylight. If we all amass as one and work together, our social productivity would shoot through the clouds and we will quickly and easily become the most powerful party to rule in the realm. Political Efficacy is the people's faith and trust in the governing parties and their trust that they can make an affect and their actions will be felt within the government as a whole. The People's Populist Republic of Ithero proposes that working together with limited political and social stratification, as we already have, we will all be able to accomplish more together. Uniting among a very similar level vertically when it comes to power. Administrative roles in the People's Populist Republic of Ithero have very limited powers, all of the power goes to the people except that of annexation and few matters that compromise state security as a whole. Us in the Administration work along with the people of the republic, we labor just like you, we fight just like you. We are all one, we hear your cries and pain and we work together with you to repair your wounds; always together. We have no elite class, only a small and limited administrative cabinet led by myself, Chief of State, Juusev. I, Chief of State in Skridfinne, Chairman of the People's Populist Party of Ithero, call to all men of our realm. Monarchs, Governors, Captains, Merchants, Farmers, Laborers alike, come join the party and have your words and actions felt on a level beyond comprehension. We will house your families in our great City Skridfinne, our homes large and safe inside our impenetrable walls protected by the southern oceans of the Daggerlands. Work with us to make Ithero great again, work with us to bring prosperity to your family, to our state, and our nation as a whole. We must unite together if we want to forge and nurture a golden age similar to the ones in many years past. For men of power, governors, aristocrats, monarchs of other cities, come join my Cabinet. For your powers will not be as heavily weighted as previously, but will be valued on a much higher level for the nation as a whole- we shall lead our society to greatness. For Captains of the Navy, bands of warriors, fleets of sailors, come bring your men to our military and let us amass a fighting force to reckon with! Our people of Ithero, let us work together to make Ithero great again.
  7. [Daggerlands] Mistmarsh

    Nestled away in verdant swamps, far from the bustling industrious cities of the Rusted Dagger of the Tyrant, sits a town built entirely upon the vast Misty Lakes in the state of Stonemere. A town comprised of Rammat-worshipping Swampdwellers, former city-folk who found an escape from the nation's overcrowded concrete jungle, and immigrants from across A'therys who looked for a new life; a town of one thousand Gods and none; a town with more democracy in it's mere conception than in the entirety of the rest of the Daggerlands and it's bureaucratic government. This town, this anomaly, is Mistmarsh; the Light in the Darkness. HISTORY While the recorded written history of Mistmarsh dates back only to the dawn of the Seventh Cycle, and the mass-censusing of the Daggerlands which followed the fall of the Tyrant-God, the oral records go back much, much further, as early as the Second Cycle or even First Cycle. It is widely accepted by most historians that the first Swamplanders were descendants of Daggerlanders who had managed to escape the clutches of Golgorai-Asthas by entering a realm he dare not try retrieve them; that of Rammat. While many fell to the allure of the Thicket-Viper, some managed to remain free of her taint; especially those who managed to reach the alluring Misty Lakes. Early Swamplanders soon found that the waters of the lake were not tainted by the swamp, but were instead - through magical arcane forces - imbued with healing magic, in addition to being anti-venom to most of the Swamps poisons. This made the Lakes antithetical to Rammat, and prevented the tribes which lived around it from falling to into her eternal grasp. Indeed, there are many tales and stories of the Misty Lakes far earlier than the Second Calling. The Tribal Mothers oft speak of the Battle of Hallowed Ground; a confrontation for control over the Misty Lakes. Initially, they say, the battle was fought between two rival Swamplander tribes, the Arturites and the Olohawks, but soon turned into a fight against the forces of the Rammat Cultists and the Tyrant-God's machinations. Soon enough, the Arturites and Olohawks fought side-by-side, as blood brothers would, against their greater threat. The Arturites' martial prowess and pure courage, supported by the archery and agility skills of the Olohawks, saw the Cultists and machinations both defeated. In the aftermath of the battle, in roughly 3C140, the two tribes came together and united; the Confederacy of the Misty Lakes was born, with it's meeting place on the shores of the largest of the Misty Lakes. Their alliance would not only stand the test of time, but would grow further. Three other major tribes, the Krannogs, the Erakee and the Yewlars, would join the Confederacy, and together they would defend against outsiders. The Confederacy of the Misty Lakes would not be as mighty as the Alor Empire, nor as industrious as the Machine-City of Monas Roth, but was capable of holding it's own within what currently existed of Rammat's swamps. In the eternal fighting between the Thicket-Viper and the Tyrant-God, the Confederacy managed to survive. Against Cultist and machination both, the Confederacy survived. But it only survived through a meek existence. That, however, would all change in 3C436, when the town of Mistmarsh was first founded. Tired of fleeing from Rammat and Golgorai-Asthas, the Confederacy settled down on the Misty Lakes, building Mistmarsh upon it's sacred waters. Wood was used to build make-shift huts and bridges across the waters of the lakes; huts and bridges that, for the most part, still exist today. All tribes of the Confederacy, not only the five major clans but also the countless other smaller ones, settled on this floating wooden raft, or in the swamps directly surrounding it. The age of nomadism was over for the Confederacy, and a new sedentary age was about to begin. Mistmarsh and the Confederacy would continue to exist well into the Fifth Cycle with no major events of note in the oral records. However, the Fifth Cycle was home to the Siege of Mistmarsh, one of the bloodiest conflicts fought in the town. A rival tribe pledged to Rammat known as the Ludetians, unbeknownst to the men and women of the Confederacy, had been preparing for a siege for years, and had been waiting for the right time to strike. And they found that time in the year 5C671. While Mistmarsh was suffering from one of the worst famines that the town had ever seen, due to the horrid combination of crop failure and overfishing, the Ludetians revealed their intentions, and from the outer swamps sprang great machinations - stolen from the Tyrant-God and twisted with Cultist magic - and thousands of Ludetian warriors. The outer settlements were overwhelmed quickly, and soon only Mistmarsh itself was left to be conquered. As the siege began, the Ludetian cannons fired their poisoned cargo; rats carrying horrendous infectious diseases. Mistmarsh, first starving, was now experiencing plague. However, all was not lost. It was in this dark hour that the Sachem at the time, Cadrig of the Arturites, was approached by members of the Ludetians that had betrayed their Chief. They pledged themselves to Cadrig, and at that moment the Verdant Guard was formed. As the Cultists prepared to board the wooden bridges that made Mistmarsh's streets, the defenders sallied out and, with help from the traitor Ludetians, quickly beat back the Cultists. Many of the defeated Ludetians, long disillusioned with their overzealous Chief, joined the traitors, and settled down in Mistmarsh. During the late Sixth Cycle, around 6C33 when the Mortal Heroes were first spotted, Mistmarsh pledged itself to the Daggerlander cause. Having seen for many moons the machinations of the Tyrant-God, and many of the townsfolk having been those that escaped his grasp, there was no love lost between them and Golgorai-Asthas. When news reached the town that the Mortal Heroes had landed in the Daggerlands, the Verdant Guard launched it's plan. For the first time in the history of their people, the Swamplanders of the Confederacy of the Misty Lakes - of Mistmarsh - did what many thought impossible: they sallied out of their swamps, and into the stone desert. As the Mortal Heroes crusaded towards the capital, the Verdant Guard did too everything in their power to disrupt the Tyrant-God's war effort. Many mining outposts were liberated by the Verdant Guard in those early weeks, and many disturbing machinations defeated. In the end, however, it was the Mortal Heroes and the citizens of Monas Roth who would topple the Tyrant-God, and the Verdant Guard would continue to be seen as a rag-tag band of brigands and Cultists, much to the utter dismay of its members. Nevertheless, Mistmarshers cheered at the fall of Golgorai-Asthas. In 7C14, Mistmarsh and the Confederacy of the Misty Lakes submitted to the central Daggerlander government in Monas Roth, becoming part of the state of Stonemere. The fact that the Confederacy was not granted it's own swamp-state is a cause of anger for many citizens of Mistmarsh. Regardless, the town was effectively left to govern itself, so long as it adhered to Daggerlander law and helped to elect a Magister for Stonemere. Much to the dismay of the Swamplanders, in addition, the illustrious, ancient and veteran Verdant Guard was not offered any real position in the Daggerlander military other than as a town militia. In 7C48, many Mistmarshers joined the Umberites in their crusade against Vrovona. Most would not return. The town would continue to exist without many events until 7C259, when Mistmarsh would supply Alor soldiers with deadly poison during the War of Eventide, and in 7C261 when Mistmarsh Dark Oak would be used to help with the reconstruction of Monas Roth. Finally, in 7C265, Kaelaerys 'Kale' Direstone is elected as Sachem of Mistmarsh. CULTURE AND RELIGION Mistmarsh, and the swamps surrounding the Misty Lakes on which it is situated, has a unique culture. Being a town within the vast swamps of Stonemere state, Mistmarsh has a majority population of Swamplanders, with large immigrant communities from the stone states and across A'therys. All of these groups have influenced the town's culture. Mistmarsh has oft been described as "tribalism meets modernity", and this adage does is not in any way a false truth. As explained above, the Swamplander population of Mistmarsh settled down on the Misty Lakes after having previously being a nomadic tribe, and many of their traditions continue to this day in the town. For example, the title of 'Sachem' is used in place of 'Mayor', and the high levels of gender equality in the town stem not from the Daggerlander government, but from ancient tribal beliefs. Although the townfolk now speak A'therian Common, in times past they spoke their own tongue, known as Misterian, which though while no longer spoken directly, has influenced the local dialect heavily, and has led to the use of many words unique to the area. While tales of all Swamplanders being Rammatite Cultists is almost certainly false, the Cult of Rammat does have it's followers within the town. In general, there is a feeling of begrudging acceptance towards the Cultists at the present time, if only because they provide the town with many of the deadly poisons which have maintained it's very existence. That being said Rammatite Extremists, those who are too open about their faith and call for the overthrow of the Daggerlander government, are shunned and usually forced to leave Mistmarsh. That being said, the Cult of Rammat can at most claim that 10% of the total population are followers, and many of those are likely not devout in any sense of the word. The main god worshiped in Mistmarsh is in fact Baphus, with other gods such as Vrovona, Thesse and Sav-Synav worshiped by the large immigrant communities in the town. Like the rest of the Daggerlands, however, a large percentage of the population, roughly 48%, is Godless. MILITARY AND POLICING In the harsh yet verdant Swamps of Rammat, the prevention of crime and peacekeeping are difficult tasks. While police forces and Steam Knights from the capital or other stone-state cities may find difficulty in tracking down criminals or keeping the peace in such a, for lack of a better word, green environment, the home-grown Verdant Guard find no difficulty in this. Born, or having grown up in, the swamps, they are as experienced in it's tricks and quirks as the criminals which they track. Considerably less armoured than their Steam Knight counterparts, the Verdant Guard generally shun heavy armour in exchange for agility and mobility. Indeed, many eschew armour altogether, and instead charge into battle naked, their bodies painted in blue or green in order to break enemy morale with their pure courage. It is not uncommon for a Verdant Guard to utilize a bow or magic more than a sword, though all class of warrior are accepted into her ranks. As well as providing policing and peacekeeping, and as their name would imply, the Verdant Guard is also a military force. They are well-equipped to fight in the deep Misty Lakes and the hostile swamps which surround it. They are, unlike Steam Knights and other Daggerlander forces, well versed and trained in almost all poisons, and can use them to deadly effect. A popular saying regarding the Verdant Guard is that "it is not the slash that kills you, but the tip", referring to the fact that most blades and arrows carried by the Verdant Guard are tipped in poison in order to maximize effectiveness. The Verdant Guard are widely regarded across the swamp states, however the Steam Knights and other stone-state forces consider them brigands or, worse, Cultists. GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS It has been said that there is "more democracy in the soul of Mistmarsh than in the entirety of the Daggerlands". This likely refers to the system of direct democracy, supplemented by a few elected officials, which is present in the town. Most decisions are decided through referendum, with direct democracy an important part of the town's overall character. Even when officials are used to debate and ultimately decide on certain issues, these are elected officials with relatively short terms. The highest elected position in Mistmarsh is that of Sachem. A position mostly of great honour rather than great power, the Sachem is responsible for the administration of the town, and is the one responsible for announcing any referendums, while also acting as a figurehead which the township can unite behind. The current Sachem, since 7C265, is Kaelaerys 'Kale' Direstone of the Stonemere Civic Union. As briefly touched on above, Mistmarsh is home to a Daggerlander political party which is most often overlooked or labeled as 'independent' on the national scale. It is the Stonemere Civic Union, or SCU, and it's primary aim is to end what it sees as the unjust oppression of the Swamplanders, which it says are treated as second-class citizens within the Daggerlands. Additionally, the party has in general a more leftist political outlook, advocating more communal ownership and workers' cooperatives in addition to laxer immigration laws. It is led by Kale Direstone. In general, Mistmarsh as a town has a similar political outlook to the SCU, hence the popularity of the party there. Additionally, the Society for New Growth, Umberite Union and the Irontrust Party have support among some of the population, but all have been eclipsed by the popularity of the SCU in recent years. IMMIGRATION AUTHORITY When compared to other towns, Mistmarsh is reputed for a relatively lax immigration policy. Regardless, there are certain forms which need to be filled out by any prospective citizen. Below are the appropriate forms. Form of Immigration (Foreign) Name: [Full Name] Age: [Age] Country of Origin: [Aloreh/Roregh Logh/Ar-Selukk/Vrovona/Ithero/Other] Reason for Immigration: [Print Reason] Profession: [Print Profession] Skills: [Print Skills] Form of Immigration (National) Name: [Full Name] Age: [Age] Town of Origin: [Print Town] Profession: [Print Profession] Skills: [Print Skills] ARCHITECTURAL AUTHORITY Regulation requires that any construction in Mistmarsh is confirmed and approved by the Sachem, in addition to adhering to the 'Preservation of Swamplander Culture Act'. In order to adhere to the act, all new constructions must match the style of the older Mistmarsh buildings. This can be achieved through the use of the following regulation materials; wooden planks of the spruce and dark oak variety, dark oak logs, purple stained glass, dark oak fences and dark oak doors. Below is an image of all approve material. Any additional material to be used must be approved by the Sachem, and must not overwhelm the existing design. DISCORD https://discord.gg/TDyTnC6
  8. Classes are starting... And everyone wants to know just what we have up our sleeves. So as a handy guide, here is the Mage's Guild F.A.Q. regarding upcoming classes, credits, and eligibility! How Are Credits Tracked? The Arcane Council will keep a record of who has attended classes; and note both the credit's value - and the class's category (for ranks which require a credit focus) Class Categories? For the sake of dividing up class topics; there are 7 Lower Arts and 3 Higher Arts. The Lower Arts are: Alchemy: The study of potions, poisons, and herblore Metallurgy: The study of metalwork, alloys, and magical infusion Metamagic: A study on the physics of magic. History: The study of past and current magical events. Combat: Dueling training, and tactics studies. Rhetoric and Logic: Mathematics, Geometry, and Philosophy Linguistics: A study of the archaic languages and poetry The Higher Arts are: The House of Candles The House of Eyes The House of Harps Will I need to Read Required Materials Beforehand? Most classes will give their required knowledge in-class. For the more inquisitive student; some classes will offer comprehensive textbooks on the subject for a small fee. All reading material will, of course, be available in the Library for Mage Guild members. In some cases; the class will be a continuation of a previous class. In which case, a prerequisite class will be noted in the roster. I'm not a member of the Guild; what can I do? As non-guild member have not sworn to the oaths; there are several limitations. Permission. You have to ask the Arcane Council for permission to attend. Once permission has been granted; we will note you in our records. Fees. There are no class fees for participation. However; for classes that will be providing materials to use - such as many of our labs - we will request a 'Materials Fee' from non-members. Alternatively, a prospective classmember may bring their own materials. Disruptions. Should said outsider cause any problem for anyone of the college, their acceptance will be in jeopardy of being revoked. Limitations. Outsiders may only take classes in the Lower Arts. What classes can I primarily expect fees from? The money from these fees are used to fund events, purchase materials towards classes, primarily these fees will be found in Alchemy and Metallurgy labs. During combat classes that utilize sparring gear - there may be an applied fee as well. Where can I find a listing of upcoming classes? In the lobby of Cyridon Spire; we have The Big Board; which lists all of our upcoming classes for the week. In addition; weekly posts will go out on which classes the college will be offering. Can I be a teacher?! Guild-Members of Adept rank or greater are permitted to teach classes of the Lower Arts, provided they meet the necessary qualifications. A Full Arcanist may teach the Higher Arts, provided they meet the necessary qualifications. Outsiders are permitted to host Non-Credit Guest Lectures, provided there is both an open timeslot in the guild's schedule and an overseeing member of the Arcane Council in attendance. I've heard rumors about a Test? In order to advance from an Adept to a Full Arcanist, one must pass The Test. The Test was created to weed out those who are not serious about the art of magic. Those who fail are often left with burning images in their minds; if they survive. Not only is it a manner to find and halt the progress of those who could misuse that power, but it is also a means to teach the aspiring mage something about her/himself. Those who do not take The Test are never allowed to learn anything more than beginner's spells.
  9. The Principality of Valzanttar

    reserved, new glorious thread coming soon. Index: Culture Legal System Nobility Diplomacy Religion Trade
  10. The Daggerlands is a desolate and harsh volcanic landscape home to a widely diverse people who are all united by the common goals of freedom and progress. Ever since the Great Revolution, ask any A’therian where to find the most innovative and progressive people and they’ll point you toward a Daggerlander before you can so much as blink. Their technology dominates the world, their airships are a common sight from Vrovona all the way to Qhul-Rahav, and their people know that each and everyone of them has the power make a difference. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ They fought and fought and fought again, untill they reached Old Golgarai’s den. Then the Heroes struck him down, and they made us all free men! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -Excerpt from a ballad written in celebration for the first Revolution Day celebration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The volcanic wastelands of the Daggerlands) Life Before Revolution Before the Mortal Heroes slew Golgarai-Asthas and paved the way for the building of the nation, The Rust Tyrant had held sway for centuries. Under his rule, Daggerlander society (if it could even be called that) was divided very strictly between people who chose to submit to the Tyrant’s will and become Overseers for the enslaved workers and those who didn’t and were forced to toil endlessly for the Rust Tyrant’s will untill their death for their choice. Those who toiled worked to preserve a cultural and social foundation through the generations so that their sense of unity would not disappear. They were not allowed to speak as the Asthas-Lord feared speech as a weapon against him, so the slaves used his own mathematical equations and symbols that they needed to know to go about their tasks in his machines as a rudimentary language. This system of numbers and proofs is incredibly inventive and useful and is the foundation for nearly all modern mathematics. Several communities (mostly located on the island of Fracture) developed their own almost non-verbal language made up of unique hand gestures, body language, and rapid syllables that were almost more grunt-like than real words. While the language has since died out and is seen as a painful memory of a dismal past, it nonetheless is distinct part of the native dialect, with Fracturians typically speaking with sharp and harsh consonants and using lots of expressive body language. While the slaves were encouraged to reproduce, family bonds and connections were forbidden with workers from camps and settlements being constantly moved around according to the Tyrant’s will, and a highly intricate system was developed to recognize and catalog family and community groups. While this amazingly efficient system was created to help make sure families were not ever "broken" it did little to help ease the emotional sorrow that came from being separated. The few benefits the Rust-Tyrant offered his slave overseers included better shelter, better food, the opportunity to keep their families together, and most notably protection from being thrown into a soul furnace. One of the great amazement for Daggerlander historians is the first time they realize just how many people were willing to sacrifice their own people in order to selfishly protect themselves and their families. While the position of Overseer was not hereditary, the overseers worked hard to make sure that their the Asthas-Lord would let their children replace them. Ultimately however Golgarai-Asthas saw little difference between his overseers and his slaves and when it was necessary he was just as likely to choose an overseer as he was a slave for dark and cruel experiments. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “My concluding message for ALL Daggerlanders, whether they be old or small, Aristocrats or Junkies, is that we are a nation that dedicated itself to the destruction of tyranny and the never ending progress of society, and that for the entirety of my term will the upholding of these values be my first and primary concern!” -Oscelle Ashwalker’s inauguration speech for Magister Elect ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Land of Freedom Considering the continent had only recently been freed from Golgarai-Asthas, the Daggerlanders managed to create a basic society of law and order incredibly quickly. While it would continue to evolve and improve for over a century afterwards, the basic foundation was nonetheless quite stable. This is explained by researchers to be a result of the fact that Daggerlander society already had a very entrenched and efficient social organization system and the work camps scattered around the continent made able foundations for towns and cities. Since revolution the Daggerlander government has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of its citizens and to give each and every one of them equal and prosperous opportunities in life despite their origin. The government of 10 Magisters is elected purely by popular vote from each state and extensive protections exist to stamp out corruption and equalize each person's vote. Everyone may petition their grievances to their state’s Magister who are required to address them all. The government’s meetings are always done in public, and private dealings at all in fact are generally frowned upon by Daggerlanders. Because of the extensive liberties guaranteed to every Daggerlander citizen, the immigration rate is incredibly high from other nations. As a result the process to become a Daggerlander citizen is incredibly difficult and rarely does anyone pass through customs. In fact many Daggerlanders have adopted an almost xenophobic approach when it comes to their homeland and foreigners, with foreign industry being almost expressly forbidden and public harbours strictly regulated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It was just amazing. Never before had I even dreamed that we could experience flight, but since that first flight on the Providence I feel that even the birds must feel jealous! The speed! the handling! The sheer beauty of the damn thing! If this is not the greatest invention of our time, I don’t know what is!” -An Itheri’s account of sailing on a Daggerlander airship ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Center of Engineering Every single A’therian who has graduated from the Ralenair Academy of Engineering in Aloreh with top honors for the past 50 years has been of Daggerlander birth. 3 out of the last 5 major scientific achievements of the modern Age have been attributed primarily to a Daggerlander. The nation’s reputation as the industrial capital of A’therys is well-earned. Naturally the nation has a reputation for being a center for ingenuity and innovation. While the Tyrant Clause’s declaration that “no pre-Calling artifacts containing or relating to Soul Furnaces or other similar diabolical devices may ever be used in ANY fashion by the Daggerlander government” would imply that almost any form of Asthasi technology would be off-limits as nearly everything was powered by Soul Furnaces, the law has been interpreted fairly loosely since it’s inception, and a great many Daggerlander advancements in technology have been based of off reverse-engineering minor Asthasi-tech. Nearly everyone in the Daggerlands goes to some basic schooling and has a proficient understanding of engineering. In fact almost 50% of jobs in the Daggerlands are somehow related to sustaining and improving the machines that power and supply society. (A rainy day in Monas Roth) Social and Cultural Divisions At its best, the Daggerlands is a haven of social equality and civil society. At its worst, it can seem xenophobic, overly-nationalist, and incredibly quick to judge. Social class and standing is predominantly tied to wealth and geography. These are not the by all end all distinctions within Daggerlander society, they are merely the largest and most “active” socio-ethnic groups. Wealthy urban Daggerlander industrialists with extensive Alor ties... Nickname/Slur: “Daggercrats” -Entomology: “Aristocrat” is a word typically used to describe a noble of Aloreh. “Daggercrat” has come to mean the Daggerlander equivalent of this Alor social class. -Background: “Daggercrat” has entered the Daggerlander vernacular to mean an industrialist whose chief wealth is tied heavily to their relations with the Alor nobility. In the eyes of the Alor these wealthy individuals and families will never be “true” nobility and most less well off Daggerlanders mock them for their attempts to try to be a part of this foreign “club.” Middle-class Daggerlanders who work to maintain the nation’s infrastructure... Nickname/Slur: “Steam Junkies” (often shortened to just “Junkies”) -Entomology: The scrappy attitude and messy working conditions of the countless engineers and mechanics keeping the nation afloat earned them the nickname of “Steam Junkie” -Background: The vast majority of Daggerlanders live a slightly uncomfortable middle-class lifestyle working to maintain the massive lavatech infrastructure that the nation relies on. They typically lack the incomes necessary to increase their social standing, and so generation to generation, they spend all their working days on operating the Lavatech generators. Swamp-dwellers who were never subjugated thanks to their isolation... Nickname/Slur: “Gators” -Entomology: Most urban Daggerlanders are quick to judge their swamp-dwelling brothers and sisters as a sly and shifty folk, not unlike the cunning Salt Gators that infest the nation’s swamps. -Background: Because they were never subjugated, Gators have a culture that is distinctly different than that of the rest of the Daggerlands. One with different social values, cultural habits, and so on and so forth. They are often criticized as backwater resource sinks and stereotyped as rebels, criminals, and cultists. Foreigners, both rich and poor, who immigrate to the Daggerlands... Nickname/Slur: “Claim Jumpers” -Entomology: An ancient mining phrase to refer to someone who unlawfully pulled ore from someone else's land repurposed to describe foreigners who are perceived to be doing that exact thing. -Background: The phrase has been re-purposed to describe anyone not of Daggerlander descent who has come into the nation seeking economic gain. Daggerlanders are very protective of their homeland and dislike outside manipulation. This slur has also been used however by swamp-dwellers to describe urban Daggerlanders who come into the swamps seeking to industrialize them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ “Round and round the gears we dance, Little Daven’s got sumthin’ in his pants. clink clank! tick tock! the golden tooth strikes twelve, and round and round the gears we dance Untill it stops and we all... Drop!” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -A Gear Dance song as sung by adolescents ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marriages Marriages in the Daggerlander tradition are done following the ways they were done during the days of the Rust-Tyrant and are a strange, yet beloved, part of modern culture. They are completely and utterly silent, with the bride and groom exchanging their vows purely through expression and emotion in a process that the longest of which has taken over 30 minutes. After they embrace the whole audience will make as much noise as possible and typically party well into the night. Anyone and everyone in the community is invited as long as they bring something for the celebration. Schooling All Daggerlanders enter basic schooling at age 7 and at age 11 enter a 7 year program meant to primarily teach them engineering skills. After this, Daggerlanders may elect to enroll in a further 4 years of study at a local university to enhance and fine-tune their skills. Most Daggerlander institutions are strictly math and science based and rarely cover liberal and performance arts. Only a few cover these other topics and those that do are more research institute than actual learning center. Daggerlander students who choose to attend the 4-year university program are more likely to get jobs outside of the country than those who don’t. Most students upon graduation from any local institution will find work in the national infrastructure where directed to by the government based on necessity. The Daggerlanders who can afford it however will tend to enroll their students at age 11 in prestigous Alor boarding schools where they gain a more “rounded” education while making connections with the sons and daughters of Alor nobility. Those that graduate will then typically go to a prestigous foreign university and return home ready to run for public office or take over the family business. Government The Daggerlander government is strictly a democracy that has over time also developed into a meritocracy. Magisters and Ministers are elected to public office by direct voting by the Daggerlander population. Magisters are chosen by their specific state to represent them, and Ministers are elected by the population as a whole to do their assigned jobs effectively and responsibly. The Magister Elect, elected by the Magistrate from within their number is meant as the bridge between the two councils. Terms are typically a set number of years, and the Pithkeeper of Monas Roth has the power to shorten or lengthen those term limits as they see fit based on the achievements or lack thereof of the elected official. Typically national government positions are held by the wealthy in Daggerlander society largely because there political campaigns are well-funded and well-managed. This makes them very hard to compete with for anyone but a fellow aristocrat. However local government positions in each town or city tend to be much more diverse, with individuals getting elected regardless of social class. Military Ever since the Landau Decree in 56AU, the Daggerlander government has been very reluctant to engage itself in wars that do not pose a threat to Daggerlander soil. There exists a relatively small standing army made up strictly of volunteer engineers who, rather than fight in the common way as other nation’s soldiers do, protect the nation by maintaining the ships and shore guns that make up the Homeland Defense. There are harbour installations at nearly every major port and along most of the landable coastlines. The Homeland Defence Army is made up of two fleets of airships, whose bases are Monas Roth and Sablemarch. The Military is also starting to experiment with ironclad ships and rudimentary jet propulsion. (The Steam Knights standing in formation) The Steam Knights There does however exist a separate division of the Military that is solely dedicated to fighting the Daggerland's wars abroad. Called the Steam Knights because of how much steam their machines of war exhale, they utilize both the most advanced technology the Daggerlands has to offer as well as their own skill with a blade. Made up of some of the toughest and experienced fighters in the Daggerlands, the Steam Knights, while very small, are an order to be feared. Religion Because of their history with the Rust-Tyrant, the Daggerlands are very strictly secular and tend to view most Cults and religious orders unfavorably. This is part of the reason the local Cult of Rammat, and by extension the swamp-dwellers, are so discriminated against by the rest of the Daggerlands. The difficulties for foreigners to enter the Daggerlands in any real number has stopped the vast majority of Cults and faiths from spreading to the Daggerlands. There are rumours that an Asthasi cult exists and are seeking to repair the Soul Furnaces to working order, but these are for the most part seen as completely ridiculous by the majority of the Daggerlander population and the government does rigorously guard the Furnaces from being tampered with as they have not yet found a way to safely disassemble them. Recreation As mentioned before fads in the Daggerlands come and go quickly. As such Daggerlander hobbies are always shifting around. However a few that seem to stick permanently include “Gear Dances”, where some 24 individuals dance around a spinning gear untill it stops and they try to find a tooth to sit on, that seems to be a local adaptation of the Itheri “Spin The Bottle” and Alor “Musical Chairs”, a genre of music called “Freedom” where musicians attempt to create harmonic sounds through leftover Asthasi-tech at incredibly high volume, and the internationally popular game of “Stratagem” where two players face off on a board with each side controlling individual pieces. Clothing The fashions in clothing tend to change rapidly, with different colours and styles being all the rage for a few weeks and then all of a sudden changing. This trend is followed most closely by the middle and lower classes, who when off-work tend to engage in a very vibrant and active social life. When on-duty however, most Daggerlanders will wear very utilitarian clothing that is best suited to the environment they are working in, commonly made of inexpensive yet durable material that can wash well. Upper class Daggerlanders tend to ignore the local trends and usually follow the fashion scene as it is in Aloreh, no doubt trying to elevate themselves to a higher level of prestige by doing so. (the poison swamps of the Daggerlands) The Underground While the Daggerlander government strictly controls foreign trade and traffic into the nation, there exist miles and miles of dense and dark swamp shore where small smuggler ships can come up undetected to drop off their cargo. The most common items to be in that cargo include: foreign goods from other nations that might be heavily tariffed by the Daggerlander government to support local industry. Anything from Alor furniture to Itheri spirits ends up on the Daggerlander black market. This black market trade is dominated by numerous Rammatite river gangs, and a few, more urban-centric crime syndicates. A few names that have come up in the Gazette include the Ratcatchers, the Bridge Burners, and the Asile Cartel. Soul Furnaces A study of the Daggerlands would be wholly incomplete without mention of Golgarai’s Soul Furnaces. The enigmatic Soul Furnaces were some of the most terrifying technological marvels that Golgarai Asthas ever developed. A massive, hulking iron sphere in which slaves would be thrown in live only to be immolated and have their souls be released to be converted into energy to fuel the Rust-Tyrant’s diabolical machines in the process creating a lot of excess exhaust that needed to be flushed out. Because of the Tyrant Clause, the Daggerlander government cannot use them to provide power, and yet doesn’t know how to take them apart properly either, so the known Soul Furnaces just simply dot the landscape and are fiercely protected by the Daggerlander government lest someone try to reactivate one. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ “Red is the coast, but Crucible’s the most and Stonemere is across the bay between the Scar and Cinderweald it lay Anvil and Harrow, Fracture’s across the Narrow and Ironlight is a big swampy fright” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -A school song to remember the states ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Daggerlander States The Daggerlands is divided into 10 governing states. There are no restrictions barring travel between the states and the only real purpose for them, at least in theory, is to proportionally divide the nations people in order to more fairly elect 10 Magisters. The states have since their inception been typically organized as either a “Swamp State” or a “Rock State” based on their geography. The “Swamp States” typically have a much higher Rammatite population concentration and are located mostly along the mainland’s southern coast. These states are very much the breadbasket of the nation and most of their citizens are either farmers or lumberjacks. These states are Ironlight, Blackshear, the Scar, Stonemere, and Cinderweald. The “Rock States” are predominantly middle-class industrial hubs for the Daggerlands. Their smooth and deep coastlines have led to most of the Daggerlands port cities and thriving international trade being along the mainland’s northern coast (Fracture’s rough coastline makes it a difficult harbor). These states are very much the manufacturing center for the nation and most of their citizens are either merchants, factory workers, or other industrial workers. These states are Harrow, Anvil, Crucible, Fracture and Redcoast. Daggerlander Inventions and Innovations The Daggerlands had a very interesting basic infrastructure available to it upon Revolution. Throughout the nation's development, old machinery of Golgarai-Asthas was continuously used, adapted, and fixed in order to provide for the ever-growing society. The only problem was that it seemed that without the Rust-Tyrant their to work his craft-work, this technology was falling apart and becoming otherwise unusable. Since so much of Daggerlander civilization's foundation is made up of these machines a significant portion of the Daggerlander population works for their entire lives on both maintaining the current Asthasi-tech that still exists and is necessary for society, as well as trying to improve the technology so that when it eventually deteriorates completely it does not leave the Daggerlands stranded. Of course other Daggerlanders are at the same time developing other technology that is independent of national need and instead more focused on international progress. Behind the scenes of all Daggerlander civilization are immense power requirements for home lighting, factory machinery, and all the other necessities of a modern society. These power requirements are met by a complex system of extractors, turbines, and harnessers that acquire geothermal energy from lava. More commonly referred to as "Lavatech" by the engineers who operate these systems. Lavatech is perhaps one of the biggest scientific achievements for the Daggerlands because it represented the first major success in improving and modifying an Asthasi design to work indefinitely. Unfortunately no other nation in A'therys has the lava deposits necessary to make use of lavatech energy. The Daggerlands are most notably known for their complex mechanical airship designs which have phased out the older Alor skyships as the masters of the skies. While the skyships were powered by magical crystals, the Daggerlander craft use hot air balloons for lift, engines for thrust, and wings for control. They tend to be faster and more versatile as well. Airships are so common in the Daggerlands that nearly every town has some kind of docking tower and air travel is steadily beating out the trains and the national roads as the way to travel. Only recently has the Daggerlander military begun experimenting with incredibly powerful, yet difficult to manage, technologies. The first is the creation of a sailing ship whose hull is made up primarily of iron panels instead of wood. The only source of lumber readily available to the Daggerlander population is from the trees in the poison swamp, and their wood is no good for making large-scale sailing ships. While the idea for an ironclad ship was based mostly upon having to find an alternative for wood, it is also worth nothing that an ironclad is nigh on indestructible when fighting a similarly-sized Itheri Carrack, which is at left for the moment considered the undisputed king of the seas. The second is the development of a rudimentary jet propulsion to propel airships at never before heard of speeds, even negating the need of a balloon for lift entirely. Based primarily off of gunpowder research that the Itheri navy had done several hundred years earlier, Daggerlander engineers have tried to create a more longer-lasting compound with similar thrust capabilities. The latest rumor is that they have so far been unsuccessful in creating a practical version. (a typical lavatech generator beneath a Daggerlander city)
  11. The Roleplayer's Region

    The Roleplayer's Region Welcome to the Roleplayer's Region, a universal system designed to bring together the various RP communities on the server. We hope with this system to progress, build up and retain the roleplayers on the server act out immersive story lines and events. I hope that you will enjoy what we are trying to build and will lend your advice and help to make this project a success. There is still more information that i will be adding throughout the next few days so please keep checking in for new updates. You do not have to apply to come Roleplay with us but there will be significant benefits and incentives to those who do. I would like to thank @Galindaan Thewisy for his help on this project. I would also like to thank @Altairas for her help as well. Rules Creating a Character Requirements: Race: Only humans exist in the current canon lore. Min. Age: 12 Max. Age: 65 Gender: Only Male or Female No ridiculous or non-realistic titles. Killing A Character You can not kill a character to escape roleplay punishments. (Doing an Avis) To legitimately transfer your property to a new character i.e. a successor, you must create a will and get it notarized by your local government. All items in the will must already exist, you cannot will yourself items you do not own. See “How To: Creating A Will” Gaining Property Your local government can grant you property rights to the area to construct structures, such as an inn, farm, or tavern. Must be a registered roleplay applicant. Towns can strip your property in the event of an execution. AKA: You kill your character to get out of a rp punishment. (Doing an Avis) To register items as property of your character, you must get your character’s “inventory” approved by your local government, this is to prevent characters from carrying around an unrealistic amount of diamond blocks, etc. Godmodding All characters must have a realistic occupation, to become a noble you must get it approved, not everyone can be the son of a lord. No deity or ascendants roleplay characters. Applications No troll characters and applications. Adhere to the character requirements. Metagaming Metagaming is taking knowledge you have gained outside of your character, and acting on it in-character, despite your character having no knowledge of it or reason to act on it. Also, it is disclosing information learned in RP to someone else out of RP. Roleplayers found metagaming may be banned from roleplaying in the future. Local Law Towns are allowed to enforce their local and national laws so please make sure to inform yourself on local law. If found to be breaking local law the local town is capable of enforcing trials and punishments. Magic No godmodding magic. Magic has its drawbacks, to magically enhance your age or abilities you must take away from your character’s health or ability, you can not be 100 years old and the most powerful magician alive yet still be able to outrun a twenty year old bandit, not that you should claim to be the most powerful alive. Class Usage Please keep to a realistic class. I.e. if you are a peasant you obviously should not play a mage. Please keep to realistic skill usage, because of the time period, all able bodied male characters can use a sword and bow, as well as most lower class females. A farmer probably would not be launching fireballs. Application
  12. Classes at the Mages Guild Week of September 6th... Our Guest Lecturer this week is GodofGales! A special thank you goes out to him. For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Governments of A'therys: The Western World @Mullt-il Dabii Credits: History, 5 Credits Date & Time: Wednesday, September 7th, 5:00PM EST ((9:00PM GTZ)) Location: Main Lecture Hall Join us in Welcoming our Guest Speaker! The Other Majors Gods Teacher: @ThatGuy_777 Credits: History, 5 Credits Date & Time: Saturday September 10th, 4:00PM EST ((8:00PM GTZ)) Location: Main Lecture Hall Join us in Welcoming our Guest Speaker! Basics of Potions Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 5 Credits Date & Time: Sunday, September 11, 4:00PM EST ((8:00PM GTZ)) Location: Main Lecture Hall Learn the basics of Potions and the Equipment needed to brew them!
  13. Before we begin... It has been a quiet week at the Mage's Guild as we prepare for some of our Elders to be away with travel. But never fear, classes will continue, with a possible guest lecture or two. For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Swiftness Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 2 Credits Date & Time: Thursday August 25th, 7:00PM EST ((11:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Potions' Lab Learn the secrets of faster travel without a horse. Yeor & the gods of the Six Nations Teacher: @ThatGuy_777 Credits: History, 5 Credits Date & Time: Saturday August 27th, 3:00PM EST ((7:00PM GTZ)) Location: Main Lecture Hall Join us in Welcoming our Guest Speaker! Upcoming Classes Combat 103 : Understanding Counterpicks Teacher: @Equitem Credits: Combat, 5 Credits Date & Time: TBD Location: The Arena Learn to know if you're being counterpicked; and how to handle it! Field Trip : Lore Shrines - Aloreh Teacher: @Exaeson Credits: Fieldwork, 2 Credits Date & Time: TBD Location: Meet at Cyridon Spire Lobby Come on a field trip to see the lore shrines of Aloreh - great for those seeking the Loremaster in-game title!
  14. Welcome to Ethaven is a sci-fantasy roleplay thread taking place on a planet called (you guessed it) Ethaven, carried over from the old forums. Couple of rules: Happy roleplaying! :3 [email protected] The story:
  15. Before we begin... As of Saturday, August 20th; I will be returning to at-sea status; in which I'll have limited internet connection once again. The Elder Council have all made arrangements, and classes should be well covered. To those who have volunteered time, materials, and even their attendance to these events - thank you. I hope that you will continue to support the guild and its activities even when my presence is not quite as common as it's been over the summer. To my fellow roleplayers and writers; please look at this topic for our quest to expand magical lore; and to those seeking to Guest Lecture topics; the need is even more relevant now that I am going to be unreliable schedule-wise. With that out of the way; This is the list of upcoming Mage Guild classes for the week of August 16th, 2016! For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Please note that Materials Fees noted only apply to non-students who are not bringing their own supplies for specific lab classes. Metallurgy - Working With Gold Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metallurgy, 2 Credits Date & Time: Thursday, August 18th 3:00PM EST ((7:00PM GTZ)) Materials Fee: 100 Yora; or please bring 5 Gold Ore. Location: The Forge We'll be working with Gold, understanding how to craft battle-worthy alloys, and make our own gold crowns. Gillyweed? Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 2 Credits Date & Time: Thursday August 18th, 7:00PM EST ((11:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Potions' Lab Okay; so not really Gillyweed; but let's learn to brew some waterbreathing potions! Intro to Magic Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metamagic, 5 Credits Date & Time: Thursday, August 18th 5:00PM EST ((9:00PM GTZ)) Location: Large Lecture Hall A lecture of the metaphysics behind Magic, its source, and the difference among those who perceive it. History 108 - The Rise of Alchemy Teacher: @Xathas Credits: History, 5 Credits Date & Time: Friday August 19th, 3:00PM EST ((7:00PM GTZ)) Location: Large lecture hall. Learn the discovery of Alchemy in the western world, historical alchemists of the cycles, and of modern alchemists in the world. Combat 103 : Understanding Counterpicks Teacher: @Equitem Credits: Combat, 5 Credits Date & Time: TBD Location: The Arena Learn to know if you're being counterpicked; and how to handle it! Field Trip : Lore Shrines - Aloreh Teacher: @Exaeson Credits: Fieldwork, 2 Credits Date & Time: TBD Location: Meet at Cyridon Spire Lobby Come on a field trip to see the lore shrines of Aloreh - great for those seeking the Loremaster in-game title!
  16. This is the list of upcoming Mage Guild classes for the week of August 9th, 2016! For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Please note that Materials Fees noted only apply to non-students who are not bringing their own supplies for specific lab classes. Regeneration Potions! Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 2 Credits Date & Time: Thursday August 11th, 7:00PM EST ((11:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Potions' Lab Let's make some regeneration potions! You'll be given the ingredients to make a potion; and must complete your work before the time is up! The Eventide War, an Overview Teacher: @Xathas Credits: History, 5 Credits Date & Time: Friday August 12th, 5:00PM EST ((9:00PM GTZ)) Location: Large lecture hall. A history review of the Eventide War, Its key battles, and figures. Intro to Magic Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metamagic, 5 Credits Date & Time: Friday, August 12th 7:00PM EST ((11:00PM GTZ)) Location: Classroom 1A A lecture of the metaphysics behind Magic, its source, and the difference among those who perceive it. Delving the Big Dungeon!!! Teacher: None Credits: Fieldwork, 5 Credits Date & Time: Sunday August 14th, 5:00PM EST ((9:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Potions' Lab The big dungeon crawl!!! Hosted by the mage guild!! Check the Events subforum for more info!!!
  17. Sorry for the delay. Had some IRL issues and had to resolve it. This is the list of upcoming Mage Guild classes for the week of August 2nd, 2016! For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Please note that Materials Fees noted only apply to non-students who are not bringing their own supplies for specific lab classes. Basic Steelworking Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metallurgy, 2 Credits Prerequisites: Metallurgy 101 Date & Time: Wednesday August 3rd, 3:00PM and 10PM EST ((7:00PM and 2:00AM GTZ)) [[Second class to be rescheduled]] Materials: 2 Iron Ore, 1 coal, Protective Clothing Location: The Forge Learn to smelt iron into steel, and forge a steel sword. Tracking the Summer Sky Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metamagic, 2 Credits Prerequisites: Astronomy 101 Date & Time: Sunday August 7th, 3:00PM EST ((7:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Gardens' Observatory Tower. Learn the summer constellations, and track their progress across the evening sky! Intro to Alchemy 3/3 Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 1 Credit Prerequisites: Intro to Alchemy, 2/3 Date & Time: Sunday August 7th, 4:00PM EST ((8:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Potions' Lab Testing time! You'll be given the ingredients to make a potion; and must complete your work before the time is up! Intermediate Potions 201 Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 2 Credits Prerequisites: Intro to Alchemy 3/3 Date & Time: Sunday August 7th, 5:00PM EST ((9:00PM GTZ)) Location: The Potions' Lab Time to make some night vision potions! Careful; else the effect will overload your eyes and blind you! Are you ready for the challenge!? - A few more classes to be added as the week goes on -
  18. This is the list of upcoming Mage Guild classes for the week of July 26th, 2016! For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Please note that Materials Fees noted only apply to non-students who are not bringing their own supplies for specific lab classes. Astronomy 101 Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metamagic, 2 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Wednesday July 27th, 5PM & 10PM EST ((9PM & 2AM GTZ)) Location: The Gardens' Observatory Tower Learn the basics of astronomy, star charts, and their use in tracking the planes of A'therys. Intro to Alchemy - Part 2 / 3 Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 2 Credits Prerequisites: Intro to Alchemy - Part 1 / 3 Date & Time: Thursday, July 28th, 7PM EST ((11PM GTZ)) & Sunday, July 31st, 4PM EST (8PM GTZ)) Materials Fee: 25 Yora, or please bring the noted equipment below Required Supplies: 3 Glass Bottles, 1 netherwart. Location: The Alchemy Lab An introductory lab class to potion making. Dungeon Delving 101 Teacher: @Exaeson Credits: Fieldwork, 2 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Saturday, July 30th - 4:00pm EST (8:00 pm EST) Location: Cyridon Crypts Learn to identify, evade, and disarm several of the most common traps. Perfect for the aspiring archaeologist, crypt delver, and engineer! Reflex, Aim, and Evasion Teacher: @Equitem Credits: Combat, 2 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Friday, July 29th, 4:30pm EST (8:30pm GTZ) Location: Dueling Grounds Learn to aim on the fly, react at a moment's notice, and evade incoming skillshots! Intro to Metallurgy - Part 1 / 2 Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metallurgy, 3 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Wednesday, July 27th; 7pm EST (11pm GTZ) Location: Classroom 1A What is the correct temperature at which to temper steel? What is magical burnishing? These questions answered, and more! This class is a repeat of Intro to Metallurgy 1/2 from last week, for those who wish to participate in Intro to Metallurgy part 2/2 Intro to Metallurgy - Part 2 / 2 Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metallurgy, 2 Credits Prerequisites: Intro to Metallurgy - Part 1 / 2 Date & Time: Sunday, July 31st; 12pm and 7pm EST (4pm and 11pm GTZ) Materials Fee: 150 Yora, or please bring the noted supplies below: Supplies Required: Protective Equipment - either Leather or Scale[[chainmail]], 5 Iron Ore, 5 pieces of coal. Location: The Forge What is the correct temperature at which to temper steel? What is magical burnishing? These questions answered, and more!
  19. The Arcane Mandate Revised 48th of Tide's Flux, 7C-267 Adorned in the top center margin with an arcane wax seal bearing the insignia of the Mage’s Guild Purpose I. This document is to serve as an updated Charter from the offices of the Mage’s Guild, Headquartered at Cyridon Spire of the Mistral Downs, for the clarification of its mission, rules, and rankings. Mission II. The Mage's Guild exists to train and maintain the highest standards of arcane knowledge and ability within A'therys. The College of Mages of the Collective Lands of Known A’therys provides benefits to scholars of magic and established laws regarding the proper use of magic. The College is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and distribution of magical knowledge within its membership. Operational Details & Hierarchy III. The Mages Guild may maintain one embassy within each nation; which will operate functionally and financially independent from Cyridon Spire. These embassies are to recognize the Archmage as the highest Mage within the realm, and default final word regarding contested Guild matters to the Archmage’s judgment. IV. The Arcane Council will elect from among themselves one among them to act as head of the Arcane College, who will be recognized by the title Chancellor. The heir apparent, should the above stated leader become unable to perform their duties through death, disability, or other unforeseen circumstances, will be selected by the Chancellor in-office. V. The Arcane Council will consist of senior membership of the following. A. Masters A minimum of two Full Arcanists, identified as Masters of their Arts will be retained upon the council at all times. B. Factotum The Factotum is the Mage's Guild's first response in the investigation of magical incidents; including rifts, fluxes, rogue magi, dangerous artifacts, and the investigation of those believed to have magical potential. C. Arcane Archivist The Arcane Archivist is the keeper and protector of the knowledge within Cyridon Spire's libraries. Books contain knowledge, and knowledge equals power, which is to be maintained under the control and teachings of the Arcane College. D. Guild Liaison The Guild Liaison is an ambassador to the nations, and between the Mages Guild and its embassies. The Liaison is the guild's first diplomatic force, and often settles disputes before they have the chance to meet the Archmage personally. The College and Its Teachings VI. The Ranks within the Mage's Guild Student Body; As set forward by the current Chancellor, Obsus Ashseer A. Tryo Accepted for teaching by the Arcane College, the Tryo is a probationary student and may be removed by any of the Arcane Council at any time, with or without reason. A Tryo is expected to learn the very basics of the craft of magic, and is limited primarily to the study of magical theory, and the practice of minor spells, potions and cantrips. The Tryo is expected to attend two classes per week. Non-attendance to duties for a month or more are grounds for automatic expulsion, unless notice is given. B. Neophyte (10 Credits Earned) The Neophyte is primarily concerned with practical magic, with a focus on a maximum of two of the lower arts (specialist areas of study, as listed below); attaining at least 20 credits within these areas of study; in addition to a 5-credit elective. As a part of furthering their training, a Neophyte must participate in two global events of a magical nature in order to advance. C. Aspirant (50 Credits Earned (Must complete one Lower Art Mastery Class) Mages approved for this rank have become adept at their chosen arts (areas of specialist study), and may take on an apprenticeship from among the Arcane Council. D. Adept (100 Credits; Complete a two-week apprenticeship under one of the Arcane Council) The rank of Adept denotes a magician who has achieved mastery over at least three of the lower arts and have entered study of at least one of the higher arts. Once they have mastered a particular higher art, they may attempt The Test. They may also apply to teach the Lower Arts. E. Full Arcanist (300 Credits; pass The Test) A Full Arcanist is one whom has passed The Test, and has been granted full rights as a wizard; and given their graduate staff as a symbol of that achievement. A Full Arcanist is considered a master of at least one of the Higher Arts, and may apply to teach classes within them. VII. The Lower Arts A. Alchemy Instructor Requirements: Must possess a natural and keen interest in the discovery and production of poisons and potions that may be deemed useful by the college. Must be sufficiently specialized in the area of Alchemy. Must hold at least the rank of Adept in the Mages' Guild. B. Metallurgy Instructor Requirements: Must possess knowledge of the properties of metals and their production and purification; and be able to demonstrate them before the Arcane Council. Must be sufficiently specialized in the area of Metallurgy. Must hold at least the rank of Adept in the Mages' Guild. C. Metamagic Instructor Requirements: Must be extremely learned magical theory and the practical applications of sigils and enchantments. Must be able to identify and track the constellations. Must be sufficiently specialized in the area of Metamagic. Must hold at least the rank of Adept in the Mages' Guild. D. History of Magic Instructor Requirements: Must have knowledge of past and current magical events that the college deems to have significant importance to the field of magic. Must be sufficiently specialized in the area of History. Must hold at least the rank of Adept in the Mages' Guild. E. Magical Combat Instructor Requirements: Must have participated in at least five combat-oriented events: including tournaments, Conquest, and global events. Must be sufficiently specialized in the area of Combat. Must hold at least the rank of Adept in the Mages' Guild. F, Rhetoric and Logic Instructor Requirements: Must be versed in the areas of philosophy, mathematics, and geography. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge before the Arcane Council. Skills in the art of poetry; and in the archaic languages. . Must hold at least the rank of Adept in the Mages' Guild VIII. The Higher Arts A. The House of Candles The House of Candles teaches the talents of Pyromancy, Cryomancy, Stormcalling, Terramancy, and Evocation. These arts are projections of external force, driving from a direct channeling of the cosmic mesh. B. The House of Eyes The House of Eyes not only deals with visualizing what lays beyond plain sight, but is concerned with the development and application of these skills to briefly overlay their 'vision' upon the world. Talents within this house include Illusion, Abjuration, Alteration, Teleportation, and Divination C. The House of Harps Those of the House of Harps read the strands of fate; listening for the silent music of a thousand unseen instruments along the lay-lines. Strumming these strands to influence the influence of fate; and the connections between people and objects; those of the house of Harps are versed in spells that affect the Intensity at which things happen, and the speed at which they will happen. Other talents include Empathy, Conjuration, and Compulsion. IX. The Earning of Credits There are four primary ways to earn credit. If you feel you deserve a rank higher than that which is currently held, you may approach the Arcane Council to double-check your credits and advancement progress. A. Class Credits Attending classes will automatically earn you credits for participation. Additional credits may be rewarded for skillful demonstration of knowledge before the professor. B. Task based Advancement in rank can be achieved by completing specific tasks of merit at the request of the Arcane Council. C. Fieldwork Demonstrating the ability to utilize creative and powerful magics in situations where quick thinking and adept skill are required. D. Battle Proving oneself in combat against notable adversaries may catch the attention of the Guild Leadership, demonstrating that your skill has obviously surpassed the rank you currently hold. X. Rules and Procedures. A. Crimes of the following nature will not be tolerated i. Theft -- The unlawful ‘borrowing’ of another member's belongings without consent, regardless of intent to return will result in expulsion from the college ii. Trespassing -- Any instance of entering a restricted area without proper clearance, benefits can be had by solving crime scenes or exploring. However, consider the severity of where you enter. iii. Due to Theft being highly illegal it is law that in this new age of accepting ideals you will share all knowledge by leaving all chests and doors unlocked. iv. Violation of any of the above crimes will result in a punishment befitting the situation of the crime, the victim, the voice of the Arcane Order, and lastly and ultimately, the ruling and judgment of the Archmage B. The following crimes are grounds for expulsion from the College and its premises: i. The teaching of Artificing, Blood Binding, Toothwizardry, or Soul Imbument. ii. Fraternization with dismissed members without expressed consent from the Archmage and the Arcane Order iii. Betrayal, Disclosure, or Sale of guild information and secrets; including (but not limited to): a. PVP Team Composition and Strategies b. The copying and/or distribution of any books within the Arcane Archives c. Passing information discussed in guild meetings to outsiders. C. Activities of the following nature will result in immediate detainment i. Use of, or teaching of, Pact Magic, and similar 'Old Ways'. D. All cases of member’s infractions, students and staff alike, will be reviewed by the Arcane Order and Archmage, as extraneous circumstances can result in a minor infraction being treated as a major infraction. i. Petitions must present themselves in a manner that clearly expresses the understanding of the crime committed, the reason the judgment was passed, proof of future strict adherence to the Arcane Mandate, and the sponsorship of two members of equal rank or one member of a higher rank. E. All petitions brought forth by members, students and staff alike, must be done so in a timely manner in relevance to the time of judgment and must be done so in a formal manner. F. Whether a member may receive a reprieve on their punishment or regain their status in the College is determined by the Archmage and the Arcane Council. XI. Guild Membership Requirements: Anyone who wishes admission to the Mage's Guild must be devoted solely to the arcane arts. New applicants should contact a current member of the Arcane Council. Those wishing to be admitted at an initial rank higher than Tryo must contact @Equitem or @Exaeson directly, and provide due evidence that they are worthy of such ranking. XII. Student Agreements A. I vow that magic is the greatest, and most dangerous, of all arts. B. I agree that only those trained under the Arcane College have the means and the right to teach and harness the might of magic. C. I vow to abide by the rules and regulations of the Arcane College and the Mage’s Guild as set by the Arcane Mandate. D. I vow to follow the suggestions and commands of the Arcane Council on issues regarding and dealing with the Arcane College, the Mages Guild, and her Oaths. E. I vow to never claim titles beyond my skill, or willingness to prove it. F. I understand that those who leave the guild, either by removal or choice, must return their Guild Items to the Arcane Council. G. I understand that sharing any information learned specifically through guild membership, either before or after leaving, will result in dire consequences for such traitorous actions. Signed, Archmage, Ravas av-Haresh Chancellor, Master of Combat, Obsus Ashseer @Equitem Factotum, Heir Apparent, Ignatius Lux @Exaeson Master Alchemist, Ravyhn [email protected] Arcane Archivist, Xathas nyr-Kharajin @Xathas
  20. This is the list of upcoming Mage Guild classes for the week of July 19th, 2016! For information on classes, please refer to our FAQ. Intro to Magic Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metamagic, 5 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Thursday July 21st, 5PM & 10PM EST ((9PM & 2AM GTZ)) Location: Large Lecture Hall A lecture of the metaphysics behind Magic, its source, and the difference among those who perceive it. Intro to Alchemy - Part 1 / 3 Teacher: @Ravyhn Credits: Alchemy, 2 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Thursday, July 21st, 7PM EST ((11PM GTZ)) & Sunday, July 24th, 4PM EST (8PM GTZ)) Location: Classroom 1A An introduction to the foundational principles of Alchemy. History of Magic - The Seven Kingdoms of Aruuvan Teacher: @Xathas Credits: History, 2 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Sunday, July 24th, 2PM ((6PM GTZ)) Location: Large Lecture Hall Who was the great sorcerer Aruuvan? What were the seven kingdoms? What happened to them and their descendants? Relations With Outsiders Teacher: @Exaeson Credits: Rhetoric & Logic [Philosophy], 2 Credits Prerequisites: Guild Members Only Date & Time: Sunday, July 24th, 6PM EST ((10 PM GTZ)) Location: Classroom 1A Unsure how to interact with the outside world? Outsiders can be both awed and threatened by the presence of magicians. Know how to interact with local village populaces, and how and when to exert your authority as magi. Dueling 101 Teacher: @Equitem Credits: Combat, 2 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Friday, July 22nd, 4pm EST (8pm GTZ) Location: Dueling Grounds A practical introduction to magical dueling. Intro to Metallurgy - Part 1 / 2 Teacher: @Xathas Credits: Metallurgy, 3 Credits Prerequisites: None Date & Time: Saturday, July 23rd; 12pm EST (4pm GTZ) Location: Classroom 1A What is the correct temperature at which to temper steel? What is magical burnishing? These questions answered, and more!
  21. A'therys Roleplay Guide

    How to use character cards on A’therys! We use a custom plugin on A’therys called Character Cards; which helps players roleplay, this guide will show you how to use it to the best of your ability so that you and your friends will have knowledge on how to roleplay properly. Commands to Use: Commands to use in chat: How to Use: Simply type out the commands, then hit enter to run the command, also remember you can change your character card at any time you want. A'therys Time Tool: http://atherystime.github.io Thanks for reading the roleplay guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!
  22. Inquisition Recruitment!

    “The mission of the Imperial Vrovonic Inquisition is to extinguish dishonorable and illegal activity through quiet and calculated devices. We work in the shadows to shine a light on those who commit crooked acts, whether they be in spite against fellow Vrovonics, or for their own personal gain. We hold evil-doers accountable for their actions. We are the Vrovonic Inquisition.” Do you like roleplay? Do you like honor? Do you like the idea of arresting law-breaking scumbags and torturing them in RP for information and/or punishment :D!?!? Then the Vrovonic Inquisition is just the place for you! Greetings and hello, friends! I am Puppy, Praetor of Vrovona's Inquisition. I'm here today to eagerly announce that our group is now accepting applications for players who are interested in activities revolving around roleplay, investigation, and policing and want to join the Inquisition. Our task, as stated above, is to enforce the laws of Vrovona within our nation and stamp out dishonorable scumbags who dare to smudge the name of our great land. If you think you'd be interested in joining the Inquisition, please PM me an application (template will be down below) or feel free to reply to this thread with any questions or concerns. As I said before, we are looking for players who are primarily interested in the roleplay/getting into roleplay, intelligence-gathering, investigation, etc. I also cannot stress enough how much I really want people who join this group to have a willingness to uphold honor, whether that be in or out of character. Because, essentially, that is what the Inquisition will be doing. We will be holding people accountable for their actions and upholding honor within Vrovona. So, interested in joining the Inquisition? Fantastic! However, we will only be accepting a few people, as I would like to keep this group rather small and tight-knit for now. Please feel free to fill out the application :3 In-Game Name: RP Name: Town: Introduce yourself! Why do you want to join the Inquisition? What makes you qualified/what could you bring to the table if you joined? Anything else? And that about sums it up! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Huggles!!!! \ o / -Gaming_Puppy Praetor of the Vrovonic Inquisition, loyal servant to Vrovona
  23. Out of Character Contact Gwyr Oleuct via private msg if you have any questions regarding Lanthres Calon or are interested in joining the town. Mission: To create an enjoyable atmosphere for players on A’therys. Lanthres hopes to create and support a diverse community of members who interact together consisting of all types of players; Builders, Role-players, PvP’ers, Redstoners, Merchants, etc.… Concept: Lanthres Calon is a religiously active town deep in the Jungle of Roreg Logh. Lanthres Calon, which in Hauad Logh,-our native language- means Forgiving Heart, is a group of players creating a community of all aspects of A’therys, Roleplay, PvP, building…etc. to make A’therys, and the nation of Roreg Logh a place where people can enjoy themselves. The backstory of the town is that they withdrew from society centuries ago to focus on their godly worship. It has finally come time for Lanthres to rise to teach the old ways of the Cult of Dorrod Muth. Rules · Respect those in charge · Do not disrespect or talk down to ANYONE in any town, nation, or guild. Everyone deserves respect. · You are expected to uphold the official “A’therys Ascended Server Rules” and “Gazamo Teamspeak & Website: Rules & Guidelines” · Remember you are a representative of Lanthres Calon and if you are creating a bad name for the town you will be removed · You are NOT required to roleplay extensively or participate in Roleplay events, but you must respect those who do and you may not discourage anyone from doing so · You may not attack fellow Loghec towns · To keep the town organized and running smoothly, all building must be approved before construction begins Lore Short Summary: Deep within the shrouded jungles of Roreg Logh an ancient priesthood of Dorrud Muth remains. The small Logharan priesthood of Lanthres Calon, meaning "Forgiving Heart" in Haud Logh, they hold one of the last copies of The Book of Echoes, which guilds them through life and beyond A’therys. Headed by Gwyr Oleuct, the clergy strives to follow the teachings of their god and enlighten the world in the old ways of their worship. Their holy mission is to expand the Cult of Dorrod Muth across the land and garner more power. Abhorrent of Shol’s followers and minions, these priests perform burial rituals taken directly from The Book of Echoes to protect them from Shol as they reach the afterlife. Burying the deceased in the spiraling catacombs under the priesthood’s towering library to lay them close to the underworld. The monastery has never known other occupants and is said to reside on holy ground. Besides being loyal priests of Dorrod, the inhabitants of Lanthres Calon are also scholars, architects, scribes, builders, and soldiers, among others. The priests are ever spreading the old ways of Dorrod Muth. Full Lore Deep within the dense and foreboding jungles of Roreg Logh, an ancient Cult of Dorrud Muth remains, the monastery of Lanthres Calon “Bedd Decruh yn Siras Logh O’r y Teer”. Seldom seen and always alone, shrouded under their dense cowls. Hidden in their foreboding monastery, they teach eternal peace to an unwilling world, stewarding those unlucky enough to come in contact with The Cult to an untimely demise. Following an ancient copy of the Book of Echoes, one that holds the true words of Dorrod untainted by the quills of the priests of old, the ancient scriptures guilds them though the path to the underworld where they join the ranks of Dorrod Muth as his Holy Battalion, dedicated to him in everlasting service. The monastery holds one of only two known remaining copies of this ancient text, issuing a strict regime of obedience and service. Through a long and bloody history they persevered and garnered a fearsome reputation from even their fellow Loghecs. They look upon the current cult of Dorrod Muth with some degree of distain, but in time all will come to see their truth, and so, an uneasy peace has fallen over Roreg Logh. Led by Gwyr Oleuct and his Conclave, Lanthres has stirred fear in some that they may disrupt the fragile balance of the nation and A’therys as a whole. All eyes have fallen upon this small priesthood, to see when they will show their hand, and to whom their favor shall fall. Structure At the top sits the holy Conclave, chosen by Gwyr Oleuct they assist the High Priest in all endeavors. Dealing with daily running of the monastery, providing council, and overseeing that all rules and procedures of The Book Of Echoes and The Cult are abided by. Accepting nothing but complete obedience and compliance to The Cult, The Scripture, and The Holy Priest, disobedience is not tolerated and printed on the first page of the Book of Echoes, the “Account of the Faithless” provides respective punishments for The Five Crimes against The Cult. It is as follows: (Expert taken from A’therys wiki & altered) 1. To disgrace the Hallowed One is to disgrace Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of disloyalty. 2. Dorrod Muth protects you in the depths of the Urth, as he does your kin. To cast your flesh and blood into the light or forsake those in your faith is to forsake Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of treachery. 3. To defy those superior to you is to defy Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of insubordination. 4. Dorrod Muth grants what you need to endure. To embezzle from your family is to embezzle from Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of avarice. 5. To disallow a mortal to journey with Dorrod Muth to the Underworld is to refuse the precepts of the Umtrahd. Care must be taken, and last rites performed in all cases. Death shall be the price of apostasy. The Concave consist of a small elite class picked by Gwyr to aid him in his endeavors, always subservient to his word. The Cult is open to any who wish to join its ranks, though few survive the initiation. Locked in a labyrinth for several days without food or water, each initiate wander aimlessly until, if the Hallowed One believes them to be worthy, He reveals to them the exact moment their existence on A’therys will come to an end and they will join Him. If He deems them unworthy, they are left to rot in the labyrinth, never to see the light again, for only those who the Hallowed One so chooses, may emerge and begin seeking enlightenment with the Urth and study in the ways of Priests of Dorrod Muth. As they renter the light, the High Priest shall shed them of their past name, to pass upon them their enlightened christening in the name of The Hallowed One. Upon passing the entrance trials, the fledglings receive a copy of The Book, and must recite The Oath that binds them to The Cult. The true transcription in Haud is closely guarded by The Cult, but the rough translation of the oath is as follows: (Expert taken from A’therys wiki & altered) “Through the depths of the Urth I move, unseen and unknown. My brothers stand with me, but my choices are apart, the final sleep my own. The Depth I follow, the Hauad Logh I revere, a son of death boundless in power. Death is the only certainty, its stewardship my own, the peace and beauty of the dark are mine to give and receive in His name.” Monastery The Monastery has stood, unaltered for centuries, standing against the strongest of storms, its roots built firmly into the dense soil of the Jungle. The foreboding temples rise out of the ground, towering over all who visit its. They seem to exude a dark presence, silencing any who approach. Some say the dark magic and constant presence of death has seeped into the very Urth itself. But it is underneath the massive temples, that the true heart of Lanthres Calon lies. Under the sweltering surface of the Jungle, lay the massive caverns that house the priests. Composed of many connecting caverns, so old it is lost to time whether they were carved by man or nature. Anyone unfamiliar with the caverns has much to fear, for the winding tunnels are quick to take advantage of a lost soul to claim. The Cult’s spiraling catacombs reach so deep into the Urth it is said only a fine wall separates the living from The Underworld. The catacombs hold priests from long before even the Second Calling. If it were not for many of the priests, a large history of A’therys would have been lost forever. Positions House Of The Dead Triad of the House of the Dead: For said in the Book of Echoes, needed in the preparation for the rituals to assist in ones’ journey to the underworld, one to represent the Patriarch [Dorrud Muth], the Handmaiden [Yolu], and the Mouth of the Void [Shol], the Triad of Teir Ts’uk (Three Tasks). Each holds special positions within the workings of The Cult. Tawlhyn Miluth: The title of Tawlhyn Miluth, or Black Warrior, goes to the Acolyte who assists The Cult rituals as the Patriarch. Aside from the ceremonial meaning the title comes with the responsibility to insure all rituals and dealings are properly prepared to ensure all souls successfully sent to the Long-abiding and ensuring the protection of the souls in their journey to their final resting place. Tryth Vevejh: The title of Tryth Vevejh, or Sad Guardian, goes to the acolyte who assists in The Cult rituals as the Handmaiden. Aside from the ceremonial meaning the title comes with, the Tryth Vevejh is responsible for insuring the longevity of The Cult, though cultural assimilation within the nation and assisting the newly converted to adjust to the regime of Lanthres. The Tryth Vevejh is possibly the only approachable member of The Cult. Cudd Rhumon: The title of Cudd Rhumon, or Hidden Serpent, goes to the Acolyte who assists The Cult ritual as the Mouth of the Void. Aside from the ceremonial meaning the title calls for the Cudd Rhumon to keep track of necromancers and their dealings with Shol, the Cudd Rhumon have special quarters for their dealings with Shol. These quarters have obsidian lining the rooms and halls; the hope is the obsidian, the hardest moveable resource known to man, may help contain the foulness that may come from their dealings with Shol’s minions and how to defeat them. They also try to keep any plans from idiotic Shol cultists, from causing any major trouble involving A’therys as a whole, and to a larger extent, The Cult itself. Other Positions Tyfrath Oleuct: When there should come a time when the High Priest, Gwyr Oleuct, should need a second to assist him, he shall choose from those among him, one to stand by his side. The Priest chosen is rechristened as Tyfrath Oleuct, or Prosperous Light. Oriydol Wolle: The Head Scribe at Lanthres Calon, Oriydol Wolle, or Eye of Wisdom, is another sacred role, the select group of scribes that are elevated to the position are rechristened Oriydol Wolle. Pul Vevejh (Zoktobian): The last of the christened positions, Pul Vevejh, or Humble Guide, receives the duty to keep the day to day tasks of the town taken care of and running smoothly ……little else is known of the inner workings of this mysterious enigma that has stood for centuries, but who can know of the coming times and of the new age of A’therys and what it will bring. And always remember “Bedd Decruh yn Siras Logh O’r y Teer”. -Gwyr Oleuct
  24. Introduction The presses of Halion creak violently as they shudder to life. The Scribes and their employees bustle like mites, shuffling papers. From a small balcony, the editors yell at their underlings to whip them into action. The once-quiet warehouse is filled with the sounds of urgency. The ideas of the Common Tongue were soon to be spread across all of the mortal plane, from the blizzard-wracked heights of Vrovona to the blazing sands of Ar-Selukk and the depths of Roreg Logh. The Common Tongue is a newspaper published by the Scribes of Order that will be released on the 20th of every month, both ingame in written books and in a forum post. HOWEVER, THIS MONTH IT WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 29th. This newspaper will be an RP dramatization of ingame events, from battles between nations and transitions of nation heads to changes in A’therys gameplay. It may or may not also provide hints to quests and introductions to ingame events. COLUMNS Editorial Articles Articles written by the editors or guest authors about general issues in A’therys. This can be about culture, religion, the economy, the state of PvP/Heroes, or anything else, and does not have to be set in a specific nation. Some of them may not be RP writing, but rather opinions expressed about the server in general. Editorial writing is never published in the in-game version of the Common Tongue. Mortal Sentinel Articles These articles are the true substance of the Common Tongue. Mortal Sentinel articles are dramatized and lore-based descriptions of ingame happenings. For every edition of the Common Tongue, there will be at least three Mortal Sentinel articles. For example, we are planning on writing an article about the Celebration of Vrovona, an ingame event that we will describe in a roleplay manner. These are the names of the Mortal Sentinel columns for all the nations: Selukkite Oracle (Run by @Dani) Daggerlander Parlance (Run by @Rynelf) Vrovonic Sun (Run by @HaedHutner) Itheri Edict (Run by @vintners) Loghec Specter (Run by ***needed***, temporarily by @vintners) Alor Pinnacle (Run by ***needed***, temporarily by @vintners) HOW TO GET THE COMMON TONGUE The Mortal Sentinel columns will be published in-game as written books copied by the Endergaunt librarians of the Scribes of Order. So, there will be a written book for the Itheri Edict, the Vrovonic Sun, the Selukkite Oracle, and etc. Only 5 of each article will be published total each month (this number may be increased if people buy premium subscriptions or the article is very popular). Each article costs a minimum of 150 yora. They will be sold in auctions to the highest bidder. Ten days after the Common Tongue is published in-game, it will be published on the forums. Want to be certain that you receive the Common Tongue? Buy a subscription! To receive a chest full of the Common Tongue articles every month, buy a subscription for 500 yora/month. To buy a subscription, send a PM on the forums to @vintners with a screenshot of your 500 yora payment to Vintners on the A'therys server and the coordinates of the location you want the Common Tongue chest delivered to. DISCLAIMER: The Common Tongue articles do not at all represent or indicate the opinions of the A'therys staff, the Scribes of Order, or any nation's government. Articles may not even represent the opinion of the author.
  25. [Daggerlands] Gearwork

    Gearwork Gearwork: a compact and industrial town situated on the Blisterloch, the largest lava lake in the Daggerlands. Gearwork was founded recently by Gauth Ironstaff with the support of Amos Gypsum and Vashdan E. Rada, built in order to harness the great energy potential of the Blisterloch lava lake and power the nation onwards in a modern, safe and efficient manner. Aside from providing a stable supply of electricity to much of the nation, Gearwork currently houses, feeds, entertains and provides work for many Daggerlanders of all professions - with our extensive and modern facilities, transport systems and industry, Gearwork is thriving and helping the Daggerlands to forge onwards into a new age of industry, prosperity and plenty. Building While maintaining the tall, industrious themes of the rest of the Daggerlands, Gearwork was built around efficiency and comfort for the modern Daggerlander - moving from your home to your workplace amongst the great machinery that keeps Gearwork and the nation ticking is but a short walk or cart ride, every house has central heating and running hot and cold water and every citizen has full access to the town’s healthcare, recreation facilities and fresh air by the coast. The colossal machinery that encompasses and underpins the town was initially designed by Gauth and built by Vashdan with their teams of engineers and architects, using the colossal power of the volcano beneath to power Gearwork and much of the nation. Without the vision and engineering of Gauth, the architecture of Vashdan, the financial and political support of Amos and the hard work and effort of the many workers, Gearwork would not have come to be such a large and impressive town. The rail station is a masterpiece of modern Daggerland design, using some of the finest materials available to become a transport hub for the new age. In addition to allowing access to the whole of Gearwork by cart, it provides a connection to the national Daggerlands rail network, offering easy access to all the contributing towns and cities including the capital, Monas Roth. (Please note: this is currently under development. We have a Monas warp sign though!) You may see some of the great cogs or mechanisms as you walk around the industrial sectors where local industries can use our smelting, refining and manufacturing machinery for any of their needs. Together with access to the national rail network through the transport hub, Gearwork makes an ideal location for starting or expanding an industrial business. Roleplay Gearwork will be a primarily roleplay focused town, with player-run events on a semi-regular basis. Much of the building is done by the members themselves, and everyone can choose to design their own house, as long as it conforms to the general style. Every town member is encouraged to participate in town-wide, state-wide, national and international events and contribute to national goals. We are currently in the planning phase of a national railway system for both players on minecarts and full-size RP trains. (Expect this section to expand as we do more things.) Current Lore Town History - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/player-lore/town-history-lore/gearwork-r76/ If you’re interested in being involved in Gearwork’s future in any way, want to become a member of the town or have any questions there are several ways to contact us: Talk to @Gauth Ironstaff (_Gauth), @Rynelf (coding13) or @lnShane (uinShane) in-game. Discord: https://discord.gg/0ad3ZiOqrJd9FkrS - include "@Agatheus" to make sure I see you. Skype: https://join.skype.com/bpzeNZ4vKc1t On the forums via PM to me or as a reply to this thread.

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